European Gold Nears Brexit Highs As Elections Loom

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While gold prices in dollars has been on a tear - almost erasing its post-Trump losses - the price of the precious metal in euros has soared as European elections loom.

As Bloomberg notes, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party is holding a slim lead in polls before elections next month, and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has campaigned on overturning France’s ruling elites.

February is set for the biggest gains (almost 6%) since June 2016 (pre-Brexit) nearing the Maginot Line of EUR1200 once again.

It's not just precious metals that are bid as a safe-haven. Short-dated German bonds are seeing an avalanche of safe haven flows...

And equity protection costs are soaring...

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The perfect storm is brewing for gold. As I see it, the yellow metal's price should skyrocket before the end of 2017 due to several factors, including the upcoming Euro elections. But, again, to understand what is happening with gold, in a nutshell, you just need to familiarize youself with 5 concepts and read 3 articles.

Once again, these are as follows:


1) A corrupt "Synod" of banks manipulates gold prices in the manner described in the novel "The Synod" by the same name;
2) The ability of the Synod to hold prices below the level physical buyers are willing to pay, starting in 2013, came from the Obama administration's willingness to throw away the US Gold Reserve and, before that, from the willingness of pro-EU liberals in Europe to throw away western European gold reserves. The era of government subsidized downward biased gold manipulation is about to end (although upward biased manipulation may soon commence to replace it as a source of profit to same corrupt banksters!)
3) The election of President Trump signaled that the free-for-all was over, and a cut off from access to the US gold reserve has either already happened or is in the works;
4) Because the Trump administration refuses or is expected to refuse to sign any more swap liens on Ft. Knox gold, there is no longer any gold in London to fill the vast difference between gold supply and demand;
5) There is a possibility that President Donald Trump will make America great again, in part, by moving to a gold standard, after dramatically devaluing the US dollar.

B. ARTICLES (to be read in sequential order - Andrew McGuire's information is actually audio...):

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He ain't winning the dollar devaluation war with Ol' Yeller

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Really good on oil and equities too.

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Here r some good charts and predictions.

Only analysts I know of who prove their calls with time stamped charts.

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I use them too. Actually heard of them from Zerohedge. No question they are the most precise on market pivots.  One question. Do you use them for trading options. 


They have been spot on and I am about ready to trust their calls on some options plays. Just wanted to see what some of the others on ZH had to say. 


Thanks in advance.

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Hmmm. I don't understand.