North Korea Executes Five Officials With Anti-Aircraft Guns

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One week ago, following news that China had banned coal imports from North Korea in retaliation to Kim Jong Un's latest ballistic missile test, we mused that North Korea's regime appears to be in jeopardy, even though we had no explicit knowledge of tensions inside the top echelons of the country's political system. It now appears that those concerns may have been justified.

According to AP, North Korea executed five senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns because they made false reports that "enraged" leader Kim Jong Un, South Korea's spy agency said Monday.  The spy agency told lawmakers that five North Korean officials in the department of recently purged state security chief Kim Won Hong were executed by anti-aircraft guns because of the false reports to Kim, South Korean lawmaker Lee Cheol Woo said. It's not clear what false reports they allegedly made, and the NIS didn't say how it got its information as South Korean spies have a spotty record when reporting about high-level events in its authoritarian neighbor to the north.

North Korea fired Kim Won Hong in January, presumably over corruption, abuse of power and torture committed by his agency, Seoul said earlier this month. The fallen minister had been seen as close to Kim Jong Un. North Korea has not publicly said anything about Kim Won Hong or about the alleged executions in his department. Lee also cited the NIS as saying that Kim Won Hong's dismissal was linked to those false reports, which "enraged" Kim Jong Un when they were discovered.

The comments by South Korea's National Intelligence Service in a private briefing to lawmakers come as Malaysia investigates the poisoning death of Kim's estranged elder half brother, Kim Jong Nam. That investigation is still going on, but South Korea says it believes Kim Jong Un ordered the assassination, which took place Feb. 13 at Kuala Lumpur's airport. According to an earlier report by CNN, Kim Jong-un ordered two North Korean ministries to orchestrate the plot.

"The assassination of Kim Jong Nam was an act of systematic terror ordered by Kim Jong Un," South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung-kee said in a televised address. "The operation was conducted with two assassination groups and one supporting group." Kim Jong-nam was killed earlier this month in a Malaysian airport. Two women were seen on video smearing a substance, identified as VX nerve agent, on his face in the airport.

North Korea has said it was not involved in the murder of Kim Jong-nam and claimed South Korean media is putting out "fake news." That said, since taking power in late 2011, Kim Jong Un has reportedly executed or purged a large number of high-level government officials in what rival Seoul has called a "reign of terror."

Furthermore, this isn't the first time Kim has resorted to such a dramatic form of execution: in May 2015, the country used an anti-aircraft gun to execute its defense minister who had been caught napping. That particular execution was witnessed by hundreds of people, and was meant to send a clear signal by the country's ruler. It has been speculated that Kim Jong Un brings out the "heavy artillery", so to speak any time he feels particularly threatened and uses this dramatic method of termination to subdue any perceived growing opposition. Which in light of recent events, would be understandable, and would suggest that the risk of a North Korean coup is substantially higher than some may think.

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Has this been fact checked by Warren Beatty, yet?

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He unfortunately opened the wrong magazine.

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Rod-man Am bass a dor of the floor.

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This place is starting to look more and more like Turkey everyday......time to send in the thunderbirds.

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Fat little bastard's days are numbered.  You can smell the desperation.

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Execution by anti-aircraft gun. Almost as much fun as death by tea cup!

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Ledlak Feb 27, 2017 4:15 PM

Kim has photos of Rodman and him stuffing M80 firecrackers up the butts of five year olds.

(cocaine is a harsh mistress)

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Leave the poor (bubble) boy alone. What's with all this body shaming?

I call Fake News on this one, as with 99% of the "leaked" news from N Korea. The only reliable news source regarding N Korea should be China. And we all know the Chinese. 


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@ Xythras:

Il signor Capponi, non si sa che cosa si sta facendo non è molto bello? I vostri capi alla IN2 sanno che siete su Stormfront? Dirò loro, se non la smetti questo.

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xythras (not verified) Croesus Feb 27, 2017 5:04 PM


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I am Chumbawamba.

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The Saint (not verified) chumbawamba Feb 27, 2017 6:00 PM

I wonder if Trump will get any ideas after seeing how Little Kim deals with Fake News in North Korea.


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"I'm gonna shoot em the back!" - Uncle Fester 

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The use of anti-aircraft guns is just a money grab by the government. The families of the deceased will now have to pay alot more for the bullets used to kill their relatives.


Coming to a state near you soon!

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True story, Irish Canadian Grandmother lost several brothers in WWI fighting for the Queen. They were killed in Europe, Belgium I think, and buried in a blanket with a large safety pin holding it closed.

They sent her the bills for the blankets and safety pins for her brothers.
The queen couldn't even spot them the blanket and safety pin.
And the Irish have to listen to BLM and SJW bullshit every day about our white privilege.
Something's gonna change.

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holy F.. there are some incredibly good looking Korean women out there…

But I no longer would allow any of them to scratch my back.

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personally i think the bigger the execution gun the less the dissuasion factor as instant death is the kindest way, imo.  try slow garrote with multiple resuscitations like hitler did Berthold Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and seven other conspirators in the plot to kill hitler, all filmed of course for multiple reviewings by hitler at his leisure.

and then of course there is the city upon the hill:

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" lost several brothers in WWI fighting for the....  "

.. the Brit/German Bankers did not give a darn about any of them.

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"When you have to shoot, shoot....don't talk"

-Tuco Benidito Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, otherwise known as "The Rat"

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~"the NIS didn't say how it got its information as South Korean spies have a spotty record when reporting about high-level events in its authoritarian neighbor to the north."~

Clearly this report is a mistake. The men in question died of heart attack-ack-acks.

~"Fuck off xythras, you cheap click-bait pimping nigger."~

(Xythras is black? I thought he was greek!)

Fuck off, Xythras, you click-baiting POS!

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Negan responds: "That's bad ass!"


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Nice - now that literally qualifies as being blown away

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highflyers not permitted here.

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They were just flying too high in their ivory towers, I guess. Too bad, the Ben Bernank was spared such down-to-earth moment

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The execution wasn't meant to be spectacular, the army ran out of bullets

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Yes...I ran both ISIS and "North Korea" videos - same guy getting the shot, different texts. Journalists are either getting lazier and lazier or they are competing for the Best Fake News Award which Warren Beatty will not be invited to.

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North Korea is less imaginative than ISIS

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THAT is harsh dood. I guess a message of judge not not lest ye be judged would be lost on these guys.

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Actually, that was Muslim Pig Dogs that were behind that execution video

Not to say that NK doesn't do this or hasn't, but at this angle you can clearly see it's rug kneelers.

In balaclavas.

So, shit who knows who they really are.

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Dare Say Sir Knight...are you a this Land?

Bid thee welcome among Good Hearts Anonymous.


Big giant hue-ya-2-ya all aboard from snowing sunny skies.


The rivers flood, earthquakes be quakin, and the volcanoes are looking to be spirited soon.


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Let the good times roll. Good time to dust off that old "Cars" lp.

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UnclePhester (not verified) radio man Feb 27, 2017 8:32 PM

I can still hear the scratches and pops

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I like this Kim Jung Un.  He don't fuck around.

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Imagine what Kim would have done if they set up a private server like Hillary.

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Execution by anti aircraft gun would at least be instantaneous.

Some North Korean dude had VX sprayed in his face - took him 20 minutes to cease to exist.

What would you choose?

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"You're FIRED!" -- Some N.K., Donald Trump wannabe :>D

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Be great to take him alive for a global spectacle before handing him back to his fellow countrymen for a festive pig roast.

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North Korea must be out of bullets if they had to use a weapon like that to take out five people.

They must be out of rope and lamp posts as well.


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Exactly right , propaganda out of lethal bullet points. Either his or our correspondents point of view we need to swallow.

Freaking pathethic like anything out of Asia, translated by fake news or not.

Great spillage when a sack of rice tipped over somewhere near China.

Many mourn for the victims while the whole world does not !




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One of the greatest 'cartoons' of all time.   Couldn't wait as a kid to get home from school.   That and Speed Racer.   

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Yea, the Tracy boys will knock the shit out of that psycho. And they won't try to capitalize on their heroism and run for senate.

Much more honest puppets than the ones we have running things.

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Didn't Jane Fonda sit atop that very same AA gun?