Have Central Banks Finally Unleashed Inflation?

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Globally inflation is on the rise.

On Monday Spain reported a year over year 7.5% jump in its PPI reading (a measure of inflation). Take a look at that chart.

Spain is just the latest major economy to join the inflationary tide.

German also saw a recent spike in PPI.


In the US, inflation is now well above the Fed’s target 2%, having ripped over 3% higher in the last six months alone.

This is much bigger than Trump or any single factor. After eight years of low interest rates and Trillions of Dollars in QE spent, global Central banks have finally unleashed inflation…

The big problem with this is that inflation is like ketchup in a bottle. It always takes longer to get achieve than you'd predict... but once it hits, you usually get more than you hoped for.

This is the sort of environment in which a major market event could happen. Over $100 trillion in bonds are at risk of entering a bear market if inflation REALLY takes hold.

And while the odds are low that we get an actual Crash… this environment is more conducive to Black Swan events than any other in the last seven years.

On that note, we are already preparing our clients for this with a 21-page investment report titled the Stock Market Crash Survival Guide.

In it, we outline how the coming crash will unfold…which investments will perform best… and how to take out “crash” insurance trades that will pay out huge returns during a market collapse.

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Honest Sam's picture

Remarkable what one gets used to.

$100,000,000,000,000  doesn't really seem all that much any more.

1,000,000,000,000,000 is a bit more like it. 

It's like only one light year.


O C Sure's picture

When the Academics indoctrinate for thousands of years that the Forms are the causes of all things, what else could one expect?

Lonesome Crow's picture

Rising rates are prerequisite for rising prices.
Falling rates are prerequisite for falling prices.

silverer's picture

Time to speed inflation up to Venezuela and even Zimbabwe rates. Let's show 'em who's boss. USA, USA! This is great. That 20 trillion debt will be gone before you know it. We can use one of those 100 trillion Zimbabwe notes to pay it, and get 80 trillion in change.

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Fact: The Fed is controlled by the powerful elites who formed the Fed on Jekyll Island 100 years ago.

Fact: The elites control all banking in this country either directly or through the Fed. Fact: The Fed has triggered nearly every balloon and bust cycle since the 20's.

Fact: The elites have managed to profit every time their is a boom or bust.

Fact: The Fed has more control over inflation than any other single entity.

Fact: The entity known as the "Deep State" is reported to be controlled by powerful elites.

Fact: The Deep State is unhappy with the election of a loose cannon in Donald J. Trump

Fact: The Deep State operatives inside our government are conspiring against our President, funding his enemies in the government and press to de-legitimize his presidency through civil unrest and calls for "investigations."

HELLO???  See where this is going?

Why wouldn't the Deep State try to crash the market they have lifted to unreal highs now that a "non-player" has won the White House? Wouldn't you think now, that they have totally debased the USD by 98%, they would want to start a "new dollar" to take its place? And, wouldn't you think they would need to do it before the rest of the World crashes so there is an apparent financial "lifeboat" to cling to when the DM or Pound starts that final dive?You know the "yurr-a-pee-in" elites are in on the game too, likely standing up new gold-backed currencies as well. You know they have this all thought out and are going to come out smelling like the roses they always smell like.

To quote that Cardinal of Common Sense, Ricky Bobby, in this global stakes game of high finance and currency, "You are either first or you are last." After the rest of the world is gone down in flames, that is no time to try and float a new currency.

I think we are getting very close to the rollout... The elites are just waiting to push their bubble a little higher. After the crash, Americans will be crying for any solution. They have to crash us first and it won't be long.

You heard it here...

EveningInAmerica's picture

I see it playing out as follows:

1. Trump deregulates and cuts taxes while the elites warn the public he's going to screw up the economy.

2. Bubble keeps blowing until 2019 or so until it pops

3. 2020 election features elite savior riding in to save the day

4. Trump loses to elite puppet and consolidates more power in .gov

Honest Sam's picture

I have total confidence in anyone who has---- as their avatar---a hammer and sickle artwork in their CNN icon.


Now. How to play it and become a mini-mogul myself.



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PoasterToaster (not verified) OCnStiggs Feb 28, 2017 2:40 PM

The only reason they wouldn't crash everything is that they realize it would effectively destroy their control over the people and marginalize themselves.  They are too stupid to grasp that though, so there's no real danger.

GreatUncle's picture

Forced central bank inflation was the only thing left in 2008 to make the debt appear small ... but ...

Had to bailout and buy time for TBTF to position themselves ... but ... not the little people.

Then when it was time forced the MOFO ... but going to destroy many of the little people.

No TBTF then this was the great recession when many wealthy lost everything, not this time they learned.

Now they move forward increased inflation ... but ... not bust of those who stole everything.

Nothing to play for is the stagflation / stagnation / recession ...

Enjoy the future the CB's have chosen for you.

Umh's picture

They keep trying to get inflation underway with really haphazard results. Trying to make water run up hill is like that.

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The central banks will soon lose control, and we will experience a stagflationary holocaust. Here's what you need to know.


1) A corrupt "Synod" or cartel of banks manipulates gold prices in the manner described in the novel "The Synod" by the same name;
2) The ability of the Synod to hold prices below the level physical buyers are willing to pay, starting in 2013, came from the Obama administration's willingness to throw away the US Gold Reserve and, before that, from the willingness of pro-EU liberals in Europe to throw away western European gold reserves. The era of government subsidized downward biased gold manipulation is about to end (although upward biased manipulation may soon commence to replace it as a source of profit to same corrupt banksters!)
3) The election of President Trump signaled that the free-for-all was over, and a cut off from access to the US gold reserve has either already happened or is in the works;
4) Because the Trump administration refuses or is expected to refuse to sign any more swap liens on Ft. Knox gold, there is no longer any gold in London to fill the vast difference between gold supply and demand;
5) There is a possibility that President Donald Trump will make America great again, in part, by moving to a gold standard, after dramatically devaluing the US dollar.

ARTICLES: (Actually McGuire's info is via audio)




Honest Sam's picture

"Road to Ruin", by Rickards. seems a far better choice.