"Dear President Trump: If You Want To Cut Healthcare Costs & Stem The Opiate Death Spiral, Legalize Marijuana"

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Via Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

You say you want bold solutions that unite us: start by fully legalizing marijuana.

If there is anything the left and right, progressives and conservatives, and everyone in between can agree on, it's ending the counter-productive, destructive "war on drugs" that has generated crime and violence, a "we're number one in Gulags" prison complex and pushed people into harder, far more dangerous drugs (see chart of "legal" opioid deaths below).

Dear President Trump: if you're truly serious about lowering healthcare costs and stemming the rising tide of opioid addictions and death, then fully legalize marijuana via executive order now.

The usual justifications for continuing the criminalization of marijuana have moved from threadbare to completely disconnected from reality. We're told that marijuana is surrounded by violence--well duh--the violence is the direct consequence of Prohibition.

What happened when alcohol was prohibited? Crime and violence exploded around the production and distribution of the outlawed drug. What was peaceful when legal becomes violent when outlawed. This is so obvious, yet we have "leaders" who are blind to the dynamic.

By outlawing medical marijuana, we have pushed everyone with chronic pain into extremely addictive and increasingly deadly "legal" opiates. This is the height of insanity: outlaw natural substances with pain management potential while legalizing highly addictive and often deadly synthetic opiates.

Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the violence, lower the costs of operating the Drug War Gulag and lower healthcare costs by reducing the dependence on addictive opiates for pain management. Yes, there are circumstances that require opiates--but does it make sense to make opiates the next step above over-the-counter pain relievers?

The social, human and financial costs of the opiate pandemic are skyrocketing. Adding marijuana products to the spectrum of choices would reduce these costs and the death toll. Regardless of whatever critics may claim about the negative effects of marijuana, the truth is death by marijuana overdose is essentially non-existent.

Compare that to the tens of thousands of deaths caused by "legal" opiates and the millions of lives destroyed by the "war on drugs" and its American Gulag. While those benefiting from operating the "war on drugs" and the American Gulag propagandize a completely false pathway from marijuana to opiates, the reality is grandmothers are benefiting from medical marijuana and it is the sick-care/Big Pharma cartels that are the pathway to opiate addiction and death.

Dear President Trump: you say you want bold solutions that unite us: start by fully legalizing marijuana. Listen to your young advisors and those in law enforcement who see the counterproductive insanity of the "war on marijuana" first-hand. Listen to the elderly who are benefiting from medical marijuana.

Do the right thing and fully legalize marijuana. It's time to move beyond addled fictions and deal with the ugly realities of a system that actively promotes "legal" opiate addiction and death while outlawing marijuana.

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Did Big Pharma get to you? Wilbur Ross that fuck?

Get with it Trump. 

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Wait a second, I didn't see the line on the chart for marijuana deaths. Oh wait, there are none. The plant can grow almost anywhere by anybody? We can't make any money off of that so let's make it illegal, at least until we can control, tax, and regulate it so only those in the club can make a profit.

stacking12321's picture


legalize everything.

let's pretend we are all adults who live in a free country.

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I'm not for "legalizing everything", but I am for decriminalizing most drugs; years and years in jail because you had a gram of coke in your pocket...at a cost of $30k to $60k a YEAR for taxpayers to house your ass!

FireBrander's picture

Trump won because Pence brought in the Evangelicals (EV's)...and the EV's see MJ as "the work of the Devil"...so if Trump wants to be a 1 term President, he'll legalize MJ and decriminalize the rest...if he wants 2 terms, it's best to punt the issue to Pence in 2024.

BaBaBouy's picture

The SWAMP Rules...

No POT For You ~ ~ ~

Slomotrainwreck's picture

Where the fuk can I up voe this story?

auricle's picture

If Trump lets Sessions touch marijuana then I'll never consider voting for him. It has been one of the biggest frauds and disgraces (amongst many) the US government has placed on its citizens. 

Can we keep this article at the top for about a month just to make the point. 

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prime american (not verified) auricle Mar 2, 2017 4:00 AM

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P-51 Stiletto's picture

Ask an EV what kind of plant Moses was smoking when he was dealing with that "Burnin' Bush"?

Jein's picture

If Trump legalized weed I could watch him punt a baby and he'd still have my vote. Along with all the millenial snowflakes. These evangelical delusional dipshits are a special interest group not the national voting base. Legal marijuana guarantees a second term for Trump. Pence didn't secure shit for Trump. What EVs were going to vote Hillary lol? 


And lol pence winning a national election? What you think gays and abortions are ruining this country? 

stacking12321's picture

ok, so you don't believe in freedom, you don't believe that you're an adult who can make his own decisions in life.

but what about the rest of us who don't share your views, why should we be subjected to the prison you want to place yourself in?

that's a bit selfish of you, don't you think?

how about instead, you leave me out of your personal insecurities, and if you feel compelled to have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you haven't sinned, hire a private security firm ON YOUR OWN DIME and tell them the exact circumstances under which they should spy on you or lock you in a metal cage.

Zero Point's picture

If people want to fuck themselves up with drugs, it's a health issue, not a legal one. Legalize ALL drugs, with similar age limits to alcohol, and let adults make their own decisions thanks. The Grandma state telling me what to do with my own body can go get fucked.

Miner's picture

I am for legalizing everything, and I think I can change your mind.

Meth and Crocodil are extremely bad street drugs.  If they aren't the worst, they are certainly in the top 10.  Looking at these two drugs the most horrible effects (blown veins, lost teeth, skin scaling, necrosis, cancer, death) are usually caused by impurities in the drugs.  If you look at the legal versions of these drugs they have practically none of these horrible effects.  (... and yes, there are legal versions of both. Desoxyn and diamorphine)

I'm not sugar coating it.  Both the legal and illegal versions are addictive; without question.  If legalized, people will die from overdoses and adverse reactions, just like they do today.

The advantage of having these available legally is that Merck or Pfizer is going to step in with much higher quality products far cheaper than Cartels can supply.  The "drug trade" disappears overnight.  You can take the billions we spend fighting the drug war and move it into effective treatments.  Reaching users to get them into treatment, if desired, is easier too.  Distributing these drugs through legal pharmacies gives you a route to offer help, warnings, and addiction counseling that doesn't involve LEO, Courts, and prison.  Last, but certainly not least, it gives you a legal route back to a traceable manufacturer if a drug is hurting people.

The question comes down to "Is what we're doing today effective?".  To me, it is not.  The time to do something different is long past.  We've tried harsher sentences.  We've tried going after users.  We've tried going after dealers.  We've tried shutting down Cartels.  We've tried shutting down the money train.  These things have consistently failed with a trail of bodies in their wake.  Lets try legalization and treatment.  It's the only option left we haven't tried.

rockstone's picture

No marijuana deaths? Ever? Are you high?

Mr. Universe's picture

None that I've found, you really can't OD. Contribute to a misadventure? When combined with booze, most certainly, but otherwise, nope. Current elevation 27 feet, so no, not really.

SixIsNinE's picture

i recently read that WuTang fella (not sure hisname, but it may have been ol' dirty bastard) - who got super high and cut off his penis -

anyway, a few years later and the guy is GENUINELY grateful that he did that. why? his penis was getting him into too much trouble - which i guess is why he did it. during his trip he was the cause and effect from fucking around and the resulting troubles, so in the moment he went and did it.

We all know times when during an alcohol high we did some things which were GOOD (i'm not going to bring the bad into this comment) - which we would not have done if we weren't inebriated.

we are given a truly amazing gift, this human experience and a body which can process fuels and give varied outputs.

there are very real Miracles waiting for us -
if we want to be free, repeal the CSA and start again.
With the CSA the DEA is always going to be corrupt to the core.

Jein's picture

Are you retarded? Use the Internet you're on it right now.


Or, you don't read so good?

Sanity Bear's picture

> Wait a second, I didn't see the line on the chart for marijuana deaths.

It's the black line at the bottom to the right of the zero

Elliott Eldrich's picture

Trump did decide to keep private prisons open, and they have to be profitable to stay in business, meaning they need lots of warm bodies to fill them. So, now they'll have a way to put lots and lots of people into those private prisons, keeping their occupancy rates nice and high and the profits rolling in.

Mr. Universe's picture

Trump might or might not be a fascist, but he most certainly is a narcissistic authoritarian. Usually when you put the power of force into those kinds of hands, he will use it when he deems necessary to wield control. So depending on the situation and where you stand he is either a Patriot or Fascist. Matter of perspective than absolutes, unless he crosses the line.   

Abby Normal's picture

I was once tasked with calculating the bond size for a private prison in South Texas and when we asked the Sheriff how many prisoner he had on average he replied, "How many do you need?".  True story.

dasein211's picture

'Merica, land of illegal weed and home of the slave.

SixIsNinE's picture

i bet that Obarky did that because he knew it would be big brownie points for him even though he was completely cognizant that it would never be enacted.

like Gitmo - he gave a few speeches and placated enough of his base to let him off his stated commitment to close it.

it is politicking, pure & simple.

it sounded too good to be true at the time and it was.

HRClinton's picture

It's too obvious what he's up to. Am surprised that you haven't figured it out, but maybe I shouldn't be.

He's setting the stage for another Art Of The Deal move with Big Pharma.

By snuffing their arch nemesis, Big Pharma will provide price 'cuts' for legal drugs. Especially when they get to apply their Agribusiness assets for growing Marijuana. 

Sorry, but Pharma execs get better access and more leverage than libertarian potheads.

Karl Marxist's picture

C'mon, Trump. Get with the program on marijuana. I wouldn't take the pharma shit I have to for chronic pain relief if you'd get your fucking head out of your ass on this one. And other stuff like Israel. And more fucking military. And giving it all away to Wall Street as one of your first orders of biznezz. Be a man, not an brand.

Pooper Popper's picture

Cheech "Am I driving O K ???"

Chong " I think were parked man.."

good times man,,good times!

nmewn's picture

Don't legalize, decriminalize.

Legalization means, taxes, fees, licensing, agencies, manpower...bureaucracy...budgeting...moar fees, taxes, licensing to afford moar...manpower...bureaucracy...budgeting...the life cycle of the state.



Oliver Klozoff's picture

MJ use is so widespread it is an absolute joke to keep the charade of illegality. Hereabouts prosecutors never get convictions from simple posession cases. Big time growers are another matter.

Refuse-Resist's picture

here if you have under 1 oz it's a misdemeanor. You get a ticket but get let go.

However, if you happen to have a pack of papers, a pipe, or any other sort of 'paraphanelia' then you're going to jail because the paraphanelia charge is a higher level crime than the drug itself.

And while I'm on the subject of ridiculous laws, look how the state treats growing 1 oz of cannabis, versus buying 1 oz on the black market.

One is a felony while the other is a misdemeanor.   Which causes more harm? When a guy grows some cannabis in his closet, it doesn't contribute to any illicit operations or potential violence. But when a guy throws a few hunded bucks into the black market, you know that money is flowing to the top crminals who may even be part of the shit going on in Mexico.

To my mind, growing is should not be considered a worse crime than buying it.

The fact that it is shows how this prohibition really is about protecting big pharma, alcohol, and tobacco from a serious competitor that would hard for .gov to regulate were it totally legalized. As stated, it is easy to grow.  What keeps most people from growing their own is the fear of getting caught and losing everything for a couple of harmless plants.

The war on some drugs needs to end.

Do we own our own bodies or are we merely property of the state?

Free Spirit's picture

"growing is should not be considered a worse crime than buying it."  TRUE

"The fact that it is shows how this prohibition really is about protecting big pharma, alcohol, and tobacco from a serious competitor"  YES

"The war on some drugs needs to end." YES

"Do we own our own bodies"  NO

"are we merely property of the state?" YES

Gerb00's picture

Give it up, you are fighting two yuuuge industries, big pharma and big afghanistan poppie, poppie production set a record last year as heroin deaths in the USA also set a record...right along with opiod addiction and deaths...god but it does not get any better...

Hapa's picture

gotta get the people OD'ing on opiods.  You can harvest their body organs and hey, there's BIG BUSINESS there.

SixIsNinE's picture

don't look now, but check this rarely seen footage of

asstronot Scott Kelly in the Fakestation:

(toke up before watching ; banzai beverage warning)

Oliver Klozoff's picture

You bastard, that nearly killed me.

conraddobler's picture

Actions speak louder than words.

Keep an eye on what people do and stop the rampant ass kissing no matter how bad they schlong you and maybe we'd see fleeting glimpses of greatness again.

Only going to see shit get better when people wake up to the con being from BOTH sides.

If it's one of the two major parties it's determined to enslave or kill you whatever is easier and quicker and makes more money.

Oath_Keeper's picture

Big Pharma here: YES legalize alternatives to opiates!

loveyajimbo's picture

A great and easy first step is to remove MJ from the Class 1 narcotic list... it has remained there due to the manipulations of Big Pharma, they KNOW MJ derivatives cures many forms of cancer... great for MS and other diseases.  removal from Class 1 would allow massive new research and development...

Ben A Drill's picture

Barking up the wrong tree, IMO. The surgeon general is the person to convince. That's the issue.

The THC level has to be regulated. The strength (or THC level) of pot today is not the same as in the sixty's.

Again IMO only, let the big cigarette corporate company's distubute just like cigarettes. Maintaining the same QC, and THC level.

Yes, tax the shit out of it. Starting in April, Cigarettes are going up $20.00 a carton in California.

P-51 Stiletto's picture

And why would anyone buy shitty mass produced Mexi weed when you can grow the good stuff out back next to the tomater's?


Citxmech's picture

Why does anyone think that the weed from the 60's should set the standard for THC content?  


silverserfer's picture

here in oregon with legal weed, economy is robust. legalizing and regulating all drugs would be revolutioanry. bye bye cartels. 

ColoQ's picture

Kratom is the closest thing to a natural cure and yes, the DEA is trying to ban it. 


Let it Go's picture

President Trump would be wise to instruct his administration to give solid consideration to legalizing marijuana or ending Federal laws that attempt to control state rights over the issue. This would go a long way to quiet much of the social protest and angst that mainstream media has been able to stir up within liberal ranks and filling the hearts of many young people.

Trump and those in Washington would be wise to heed changing public opinion and look past the myths about this drug that has resulted in many young people being sent to prison. More on why this would soften his image and take the air out of the liberal left in the article below.


Bryan's picture

Why is recreational mary jane so important to some people?  It fogs up your brain -- been there, done that.  Don't toke it, brother.  Deal with reality as it is, learn other, non-destructive ways of self-soothing like exercise, sports, sex, whatever.