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This is a savage assault upon Merkel, delivered with fierce Marine Le Pen -- who called Germany a 'servant to America.' I've never seen anything quite like it, frankly. It bordered on sabre rattling before a declaration of war.

Le Pen emphatically rejected the subjugation and 'vassilisation' of Europe by Germany -- declaring her intentions to break off from it -- representative of an 'intelligent protectionism', individual liberties and defense of safety and identity.

French Presidential elections start on 4/23/17 and end on 5/7/17.

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Awesome speech, but OLD news.  October 2015.

Check your details, ZH

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Germany started two wars with a result of 100.000.000 deaths.

And Germans want to be leaders of Europe?


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Le Pen has the largest pair of Clackers (or Stones if you prefer) in all of  the EU. 

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Global currency, seeming nationalism with An. allowance doled out by

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----_- (not verified) Mar 2, 2017 6:30 AM

"but muh female adolp hitler"


le pen, wildera, and afd = JEW VOMIT

le pen is a a snort bitch hyped by israel to keep their fading influence





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If any of you are old enough to remember or know who Sam Kinnison is... You know this would even make him blush. The look on their literally-red faces was priceless.


WELL DONE LE PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In a world of lies speaking the truth is a radical (or fierce) act.

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It's a good speech. It's also old. Delivered in 2015 I believe.

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 "good" except for the fact it is "old" ??

You mean because she said similar before, it matters less to now say it to Merkel's face?

what is your point?

Is that a complaint, or an attempt to dismiss?

Appears to be an implied attempt to do both.

Consistentcy is now bad, is it?

She also opposed the invasion of Libya, called NATO a bunch of "baby killers",

and spoke in defense of Putin.

But because that is "old news" it matters less and we should ignore, dismiss, and disregard?

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If the French show the temerity to not vote for Madane Le Pen, they will have scientifically proven that they truly are the stupidest people on earth.

For unlike Goldman Sachs and CIA dick sucking President Trump, Le Pen is not talking from both sides of her mouth. Le Pen is a genuine chance for real change.

Exterminate the bankers, peaceably or otherwise.

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simply nuke Brussels. over and out.

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It is either "over" (information has been spoken and you are waiting for a response from who you are communicating to)  or "out" (you have communicated all your information and no other communication will be forthcoming) BUT NEVER  over and out. 

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On the other hand, Hollande is a US servant, just like Merkel

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Hollande is a left cocksucker and ass muncher of soros and Obongo.

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Bravo to Marine Le Pen!


Merkel is absolutely a servant to America.

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this rant is YEARS old, where have you all been?
see here

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What a sour hag, Merkel.

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I watched that earlier and decided it was time to mount my scout scope. It's mounted now.

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She has more balls than Lindsey Graham!

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Lindsey Graham came to the Baltics with McStain a couple months ago and had his hands in his pockets the whole time playing with himself. it was painful to watch the TV clips on the nightly news.

mtanimal's picture

Who doesn't have more balls than Lindsey Graham?

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Tout est cinema, même Marine. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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Every word was true.  And it is about time people say it right to Merkel's smug and stupid face.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

It is so much fun watching these folks being forced off the glue they've been sniffing forever.

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Ah the Germans, as I recall they turned the 20th century into a blood bath, not Muslims.

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The musims joined forces with Hitler before WWII.  Muslims never surrendered.


I bet the translater had fun putting all that in German. But from the look on Merkals face they must have done a pretty good job of getting the ideas accross.

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The key word was "Gauleiter", which is a german one, the rest is dispensable (but true). This said, the vid is pretty ancient.

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Wow, that was epic. Le Pen is a lock to win. Maybe bigger balls than Trump. Merkel will lose. MFGA.

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 1, 2017 10:34 PM

Well, we know that Germany no longer has the balls to invade France.

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No need to invade. In about 5-6 years there will one big Caliphate.... Come to think about it, there is already a Caliphate called EU. 

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it woudl be a bad idea to ever discount the dimwittedness of prussians.

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Merkel was wearing the same cobolt blue as good old crook Hillary the other day ( standing by her paid "radical " instigators) and both have communist/socialist ideology which calls itself democratic but in reality communists use democratic as classifying its citizens under one totalitarian figure. Examples:


2-Loas = Leo Peoples DEMOCRATIC republic

3- DEMOCRATIC. Republic of the Congo

4-former Merkel country= The German DEMOCRATIC Republic

Democratic in these context really just another softer way of saying Socialist republic which is what Germany with infiltrated communists from the East side has turned into since the wall came down and Merkel as its leader.

Viva Marine LePen!!!!

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they always forget to put the N inside demoNcratic....

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Fuk you germans we french have never liked you. Who the heck thought all those cultures could be one country. Alright WW3.!!!

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I want to have a three-way with Le Pen and Tulsi Gabbard------->>

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if Marine Le Pen didn't call merkel a treasonous cunt, she didn't go far enough or tell the full truth

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Viva La Penn! Marine and her super hot neice, Marichel.  Her dad is a French patriot also. 

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The look on Merkel beside her lap dog says it all. Truth has stung.

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Disagree. She doesn't give a shit. She knows the side she is on will win and she views Le Pen with indifference. She looks forward to the day when it will no longer be necessary to put on this theatre for the masses.

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Like the Pagan Celts we freedom loving modern pagans will follow our true warrior queens to the end. She is the anti-particle pair to Merkel and will annilihilate her upon contact releasing the energy of nationalism for France and the World.

Following in the tradition of Rand and Thatcher, vive Le Pen! And death to Tyrants.

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I tle thought le Pen was a model of  restraint.

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Yep . . .ya can tell la Pen could kick that German cow's ass . . .

wish she did it right then and there

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Seeme Le Pen is mightier than Le Sword.

Or should that be back stabbing knife wielding unfuckable fat bitch

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May I amend to: Le Pen is mightier than the whored.

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France has been on a YUGE losing streak since they inadvertantly hung themselves a couple of hundred years ago.