Meet 'Silent Hunter' - China's New 'Armored Vehicle Slicing' Laser Gun

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While politicians are more than willing to rattle their economic sabres at China, we suspect, after China flaunted a range of high-tech weaponry at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, we suspect Washington will slow its roll a little with any kinetic warmongery...

Let's start with lasers, says Popular Science's Jeffrey Lin and P.W.Singer...

Poly Technologies showed off The Silent Hunter, one of the world's most powerful laser weapons. It claims an output of at least 50-70 kilowatts, which would make it more powerful than the 33-kilowatt laser weapon systems (LaWS) currently deployed on the USS Ponce. The laser is probably based on a smaller anti-drone laser, the Low Altitude Guard. That's enough to knock out automobiles by burning out their engines from over a mile away, as the 30-kilowatt Lockheed Martin ATHENA laser demonstrated in 2015. The Silent Hunter uses fibre optic lasers (fibre optics doped with rare earth minerals), which provide weight savings over chemical lasers through increasing optical gain by kilometers of coiled fibre optics (as opposed to bulky chemical lasers). The Silent Hunter is likely to be scaled up and equipped with radars to complement its optical/infrared tracking system, making it a capable close range defense system against enemy missiles, artillery, drones and aircraft.

 The Silent Hunter laser is powerful enough to cut through light vehicle armor at up to a kilometer away, making you wonder if China already has more powerful laser weapons only for domestic use.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) recently came out with report that China is "near parity" with western nations in terms of indigenous defense technology. As we can see from IDEX 2017, that is playing out in fields that range from tanks to lasers. And as the Chinese defense industry innovates more, it will likely grab an even bigger share of international arms sales.

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A little while back the US demonstrated a vehicle mounted laser that could cut steel I-beams at a kilometer.  They can cut down buildings now from long range.

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1,000 meters is NOT long range in combat.


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yeah, this smells worse than week old stir fryy that's been sitting inside a locked car...

the ChiComs are better at stealing tech than they are at developing it.

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a bullet from a 50 cal or 338 Lapua rifle will take out the lenses, one shot each... and a side shot into the obviously unarmorned sides of the projector or into the support mechanisms in the base will also render it NMC.

nice toy, but it's just a show piece in the current configuration.

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This thing isn't made for tanks or vehicles, it's for crowd control. Reduce a few protesters to dust and watch them scatter..

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The Chinese did not come up with this stuff on their own.  They stole much of it from the US.  That is b/c we allow Chinese nationals and naturalized Chinese to work in our Defense industry.  They are often blackmailed by the Chinese gov't, forced into stealing US secrets and passing them along to China, or else their relatives in China will be killed or imprisoned.  Of course the US being all about politcal correctness still allows Chinese nationals and naturalized Chinesse to work on our secret projects.  Stupid.  Simply stupid, feckless, and given the fact they know what they are doing, treasonous.  *SMH*

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Thanks Obama and Bill Clinton for selling out our nation to China.


Thanks a fucking lot.



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I don't see what the bid deal is. I got one of these for Christmas. It's already in a closet.

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I got two problems with this slicer-dicer: 1) Tracking too slow; when they get an all-optical phased array that can handle some power, I want a wake-up call. 2) Conjugate mirror shielding might make them want to look to their own defense carefully before deployment.

These issues aside from (fast) atmospheric distortion correction required and CW/pulse power storage technology doesn't seem to be at level needed.

I've been waiting forever for a Flash Gordon stun/blaster that would run on a couple of D-cells!





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Why optical
make microwave laser that powerful
& it will do wonders
Ever seen aluminum foil burning in microwave?

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Yeah but does it dice as well you know slice and dice or just slice ho hum!

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A lot of dumb remarks acting as if he USA isn't seriously interested in laser weaons and this isn't better than the USA has. It is obviously also small bickies since they'll export ths apparently.