California Public University Fires 79 IT Workers; Replaces With H-1B Visa Holders

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It seems that a group of 79 recently fired IT workers at the University of California San Francisco, whose jobs have been replaced by H-1B visa holders from India, may have finally found an issue on which they can agree with Trump.  According to the University Professional and Technical Employees CWA Local 9119 this mass firing is the first time a public university has offshored American IT jobs. Per ARS Technica:

In a statement sent yesterday, UPTE-CWA says the layoffs could spread, since the HCL contract can be utilized by any of the 10 campuses in the University of California system, the nation's largest public university. "US taxes should be used to create jobs in the US, not in other countries," said Kurt Ho, a systems administrator who was quoted in the union's press release. Ho was required to train his replacement as a condition of getting his severance pay.

Meanwhile, the laid off IT workers from San Francisco, who almost certainly backed Hillary, have suddenly had a change of heart on immigration, at least as it relates to H-1B visa issuance which is primarily utilized to attract IT talent from India.

Ho, who earns about $100,000, told the LA Times that he spent two days training his replacement in a process that UCSF called "knowledge transfer."


"He told me he would go back to India and train his team and would be sending me e-mails with questions," Ho said.


Audrey Hatten-Milholin, who earned $127,000 at her job, says other replacements were around for two weeks. "What was shocking is that the system is so complex there’s no way you can learn it in two weeks," she said.


Thirteen of the workers are considering filing a lawsuit, saying the way they were fired amounts to discrimination, Computerworld reported.


"There’s talk about fixing things, and no [one] has done it yet,” laid-off worker Bizhan Tabatabaian told Computerworld. "And I’m the proof."

Of course, this latest mass firing follows calls from the Trump administration to restrict the H-1B  program which Trump described as "neither high-skilled [labor] nor immigration; these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay."

Now, a draft of a new Trump executive order related to the issuance of H-1B visas, viewed by Axios, reportedly directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to consider ways to "make the process of H-1B allocation more efficient and ensure the beneficiaries of the program are the best and the brightest."


While that directive could be accomplished in a variety of ways, one likely solution would be to replace the current lottery system with one that prioritizes visas for those earning the highest salaries.  And while such a solution will have wide-ranging impacts on various companies and industries seeking foreign workers, one key takeaway is that it will pit India's large IT-staffing firms against Silicon Valley's tech giants.


Per the graphic below, large Indian consulting firms are by far the largest users of the H-1B visa program.  That said, most of the jobs created by those companies tend to have lower salaries than those created by the likes of Microsoft, Google and Facebook.  



Of course, the University of California San Francisco downplayed the firings by saying that their efforts to outsource their IT work would save taxpayers $30 million.

In its statement on the matter, UCSF says that it was pushed to hire outside contractors due to "increased demand for information technology and escalating costs for these services." The university says it will save more than $30 million by hiring HCL, after seeing IT costs nearly triple between 2011 and 2016, "driven by the introduction of the electronic medical record and increased digital connectivity."


The university says 49 UCSF employees were laid off, and it will eliminate another 48 jobs that are currently vacant or filled by contractors. "UCSF will not replace UCSF IT employees with H-1B visa holders, nor will HCL," the university wrote in a statement e-mailed to Ars.


Of the 49 laid-off UCSF employees, 34 have either secured other employment or are retiring, the university said.

Seems that the left's love of open borders only extends right up to the point that it impacts them personally.

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IridiumRebel's picture

Califuckya outta jobs!

Looney's picture


Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to take in any Sunni, let alone Shia, refugees.

Mexico doesn’t want their “bad hombres” back.

Columbia doesn’t want their own citizens either, unless they are exchanged for Cocaine – one metric ton of illegal immigrants for every metric ton of coke allowed into the US.  ;-)


Escrava Isaura's picture

University of California San Francisco outsource their IT work would save taxpayers $30 million. UCSF says that it was pushed to hire outside contractors……..


Hiring outside contractors is happening everywhere. I am a contractor, but, in my case, it’s because I hate hourly work. I find working by the hour extreme boring and degradable.


nmewn's picture

Ummm, did you not see the part about H1B's?

WorkingFool's picture

Awe that's a shame. Why do bab things always happen to DemoRATs? Enjoy the fuck rot

cheka's picture

need to tariff ALL imports - including labor

failure to do so will allow nyc skype to continue their attacks unabated

auricle's picture

Trump needs to pivot from the MIC to more important issues like banning the H1B program now.

Looney's picture


C’mon,  Nmewn, it’s like talking to a driverless car. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  ;-)


WTFUD's picture

More like wearing crotchless panties, your asking to get fucked.

nmewn's picture

I find at 57, having watched & debunked enough fake nuuuz sources and having won so many debates against mindless twits that I'm not really in a debating mood anymore. I'm in a bug crushing mood.

But you gotta admit, I've been pretty patient with these bugs crawling all over the place up till now ;-)

Son of Loki's picture

"We H1-b visa-ed some folks."


~ Jerry Brown

Al Tinfoil's picture

Washington Post, New York Times, all the rest of the Mainstream Media, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Wookie, Jarrett, Claire McCaskill, and the Congresssional Minority Leaders (Democrats) will give this outrage wide publication and demand that US immigration authorities stop the firing of American workers for replacement by H1B imports, right?  Right?  Um.... Right? 

Oh............ Too busy hunting people who shared a telephone call with the Russian Ambassador.

bh2's picture

"US taxes should be used to create jobs in the US, not in other countries"

You would think this is untuitively obvious. As it is to anyone but a dim dem.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Leftists do not debate. They only know how shout down their opposition with bullshit non-arguments, and government force.

I am in more of a pull the wings off the flies, burn ants with a magnifying glass kind of mood.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Ummm, did you not see the part about H1B's?

And if Trump can shift the attention to H1B’s, it’s a major win win for Trump. However, I find a “little’ surprising that no libertarians here, beside LetThemEatRand, saying anything against the government intrusion in telling these business how they should be run.

In any event, American libertarians are libertarians as Russians are socialist, meaning, zero.

In truth, the authority that libertarians oppose is not really state power so much as the power of tradition.

Gay marriage does not increase freedom, it only increases the control the state has over relationships. Legalized hemp does not hurt the state, it raises more revenue for it and offers the masses yet another distraction from reality. No serious figure actually wants to eliminate free trade, but removing the few restrictions on it only increases the disenfranchisement of White America and leads to more dependence on the state as jobs disappear.



InternetToughGuy's picture

Uhm, did you not see the part about "public university"?

Escrava Isaura's picture

Private or public, who cares.

Remember Harvard University in 2009? Turning off elevators to cut costs.

Capitalism cannot work without capital, it doesn’t matter if it's public or private.


Marge N Call's picture

Dumbass. It's a question of whose capital is being used. If it's private, I have no say. If it's public, I, as a taxpayer, should have a say.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

"telling these businesses how they should run", how about I tell you GFY no cojones abject slave(escrava)

EddieLomax's picture

No this is not about libertarianism, or even socialism, this is about nationalism.

You can be a nationalist and share any other philosphy from communism to anarchism, it just seems that many libertarians are pushing the logical argument for less state to absurdities, no borders means no nation, even anarchists get that.

That said, this outsourcing couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people, its good to see lefties crapping in their own bed.  Now will these cucks grow a set of balls are start speaking up for what benefits them, they're community and ultimately their country?  Or will they meekly bow down and get the lower paid work alternative they're offered?

Ignorance is bliss's picture

How many of those workers no longer pay taxes? How many now draw unemployment benefits? How many will stop buying anything other then essential goods in the economy? Starting to understand the impact yet?

Escrava Isaura's picture

I know. Your post is dead right.

I don’t have all the answers for your post but, I will say this, as the economy is currently structured the conservatives cannot run it, better, they should not be allowed to run it, because they will run it into the ground, meaning,  private sector jobs growth is a mirage, because the private sector owes more money to the bankers that the federal government does. The private sector “conservatives” does not have the capacity to keep any economy going, that is why they always ended up in depression with more unemployed and underemployed conservatives. And conservatives are too stubborn to face this reality.

However, the liberals don’t have a solution for the less educated Americans either, because service economy requires people’s skills, but conservatives are awful at that. Please understand that I am generalizing here, but that is my experience.

I wish lots of things would be different. But it is what it is. 



inhibi's picture

So you're telling me there is a clear line between government and private business? Government and banks? What the hell are you smoking?


I dont think you have a clue what you're talking about. If the economy was as delineated as you say it is, how come government subsidies support agro, pharma, airlines, etc? How come government is a revolving door for firms like Citigroup and Boeing?

Firstly, conservative or democrat aside, no one can 'fix' the economy. I dont know what you think the economy is. A Lego set? Once you have high inequality, it takes massive societal upheaval: war, famine, disease, to bring things back to normal. The US economy is getting more and more CONSOLIDATED each year. That means that industry has less and less competition and global megacorporations are more and more intrinsically tied to government. Your view of the private sector being completely independent of the public sector is a highschool level view of the US economy. Get real. Things are more complicated than you think and the two party system is a con setup to give you the illusion of choice, the illusion of hope. Fact of the matter is when a country no longer checks the power of the elite, as seen during the 0 prosecutions of the banking elite that caused the housing crisis, then you know that the lines between public and private are so blurred as to be illsuory.

Son of Loki's picture

How many of those 79 fired IT workers voted themselves out of a job by voting Democrat?

Some learn thru books, some by word of mouth, and some the Hard Way.

Now they'll have to compete with 10,000 refugees for a barista job at Starbucks or with the illegals mowing lawns.

I wish Mr Ho good luck with his lawsuit since they'll be facing the 9th Circus pro-foreigner unAmerican judges.

Christophe2's picture

Ugh.  As if voting made any difference.

As if BOTH PARTIES weren't puppets of the same satanic hidden state, as if voting Republicant would have fixed this.

Fuck u, mr. divide and conquer.  Not everyone here has the limited attention span of a child.

Jubal Early's picture

"How many of those 79 fired IT workers voted themselves out of a job by voting Democrat?"

First of all they are not workers, they are parasites who are paid by the state with loot stolen from tax donkeys.  As employees of the state of California, they apparently also had no problems about "working" for a marxist like Janet Napolitano either. 

But what I wanted to comment on is the names of the people interviewed.  All of them clearly affirmative action hires as evidenced by the "color" in their names.  Besides, no self respecting white person would "work" for the State of California or Janet Napolitano, or with a bunch of parasitical affirmative action hires.  I put the word "work" in quotes because I'll bet little of it gets done in the office where they loot taxpayers from.  

I also have to laugh at the statement about how complex the systems are.  Well that is called job security, and worthless programmers are famous for inserting little backdoors and undocumented features that guarantee them a parasites lifetime of sponging off of the tax donkeys.

mtanimal's picture

I think you mean "degrading", as in "working by the hour is degrading".  My guess is you have never worked an hour, since you find it degrading.  Better to collect Soros money and use your EBT card.

"Degradable" is defined as "capable of being broken down chemically or biologically" or "capable of being degraded".  Maybe you were thinking about yourself.

in4mayshun's picture

Ya all those attorneys agree with you... making $400-800 an hour is SOOOO lame and unfulfilling.

Laddie's picture

The whole country has been hit by outsourcing and visa workers.
It is the exact opposite of what the Nazis did in Germany, oops they were the BAD GUYS, sorry.

American employees were replaced en masse by Indians.
Disney IT Workers, in Lawsuit, Claim Discrimination Against Americans
Patrick Thibodeau, Computer World, December 12, 2016
"After Disney IT workers were told in October 2014 of the plan to use offshore outsourcing firms, employees said the workplace changed. The number of South Asian workers in Disney technology buildings increased, and some workers had to train H-1B-visa-holding replacements. Approximately 250 IT workers were laid off in January 2015."

Fury and Fear in Ohio as IT Jobs Go to India
IT workers are training their replacements

American tech employees forced to train H-1B replacements

the third employee interviewed said it did not appear that the company was interested in keeping any of the IT workers targeted for layoffs, and they weren't being offered the chance to apply for other jobs. "They just want to get rid of us and clean house," said this IT worker, who now worries about keeping her home.

California imports foreign guest workers to process unemployment claims
A U.S. visa allows people to come to the country for high-tech jobs. Feb. 24, 2015 News10/KXTV

Another tech-worker, Diane Drozdowski, was forced out of her job at American Express in Phoenix, AZ. After her manager used "bully tactics and psychological warfare" to try to get her to quit, resulting in a mental breakdown, she was replaced by two Indian workers based in India. American Express flew these Indian workers to Phoenix and forced her to train them, upon threat of losing her severance pay.

More tech workers speak out after replaced by foreign labor

Greg Johnson:

Are you worried that our race is in demographic decline? Only Nazis would worry about that! Do you want to secure our borders against criminals and terrorists? Only Nazis would want to do that! Do you think it is crazy that Sweden, Germany, and other European countries have imported thousands of rapists from Africa and the Middle East? Only a Nazi would care about that! Do you think that your country should prefer citizens to foreigners, workers to parasites, decent people to criminals? Only Nazis would think that way! Do you think that whites should start saying “no” to unjust and crazy non-white demands, such as Black Lives Matter protesters who basically demand an end to enforcing laws against black criminals? Only a Nazi would do that. You don’t want to be a Nazi, do you? Then stop protesting against policies that will destroy white people. After all, the only way for white people to atone for the crimes of Nazis is by ceasing to exist.

White Nationalists are collectivists, inescapably, because whenever the common good conflicts with individual interests, the common good must prevail. Capitalism puts private interests before the common good, thus breaking down all national and racial identity. The childish hyperbole is the assertion that White Nationalism thus entails some sort of Communist, collectivist dystopia as hatched in the febrile mind of Alissa Rosenbaum. Even National Socialist Germany was a capitalist society in the sense that there was private ownership of the means of production, individual initiative, etc. It was socialist only to the extent that private interests had to give way when they conflicted with the common good. Thus businesses could not ship jobs overseas to the non-white world or import non-white workers to depress the wage scale. As for individualism, Hitler’s comments in MEIN KAMPF on the importance of personality (meaning individual differences) as well as race make it clear that he understood that the fountainhead of creativity in culture, science, and industry is individual genius. Thus a healthy society gives the greatest possible latitude and support for talented individuals — as long as they do not conflict with the common good. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. National Socialism might as well be called National Capitalism, since it is socialist only in the ethical sense of placing the common good above private interests when the two conflict, but it is not socialist in the economic sense of nationalizing the means of production and imposing a centrally planned economy.

EddieLomax's picture

Nazi Germany allowed it citizens to leave the country whenever they pleased, but they could only take 10 DM with them.

Hitler was always about socialism, but achieving it via regulation of industry and close government cooperation with private industry, that is the essence of fascism.  All the holocaust studies obsess about gassing and other possible executions at the concentration camps, but look at them and you'll see a large amount of private industry factories around them, they were not death camps but slave labour camps, death was just a by product of working people to death. perfect government-private partnership.  Now picture yourself running a business that has to compete with the cost of products from those factories.

So screw fascism, socialism and communism, all of them put the "common good" above the individual, the "common" here being the highly paid government official in every case.


The Deacon's picture


That'll show Trump.....and all the voters where the CA establishment stands?.

Buy Non- American!

Every action has a consequence.

LeftandRightareWrong's picture

Import STEM profs from India.  They will teach for much lower salaries than US citizens and save even more money.  And, import foreign students that will pay higher tuition.  Problem solved, taxpayer money saved.  Students AND teachers all from India. 

dark_matter's picture

Import university administrators from India. That would save even more.

Bill of Rights's picture

California sucking ...I wouldn't live in that shithole of a Stare even if the beach houses were free...

August's picture

>>>California sucking....

Indeed.  California is a physically beautiful place with a great climate, but living in such a social, intellectual and spiritual shithole is not worth it, even if the Malibu beach house were free.


Disclosure:  I don't live in the USA at all.  Sorry.

JMT's picture

a whole 79 workers?? The UE rate is around 4.6% and jobs are out there for whomever wants one.. 

Bunga Bunga's picture

Sure, e.g. all the jobs are part time at $15 an hour while rent is $5,000 per month.

surrational's picture

LOL You believe in the 4.6% UE rate and are a reader here? REAL unemployment rate is horrible, 30% or more if you include people who are forced into crappy part time work. Go visit some tent cities in a metropolitan area near you, it will open  your eyes and hopefully you will start having more compassion. I just rode past a huge encampment in Seattle....sad to see how entrenched they are.

philipat's picture

And all Democrats. Go figure...

migra's picture

A democrat becomes a republican after he gets mugged. And in this case the poor saps who undoubtly voted for hitlery, will become a Trump proponets when he gets their jobs back from the H1B they were forced to train.

Son of Loki's picture

The jobless rate reported by Bush and Obama people has been one of the Biggest Fake News campaigns for years.

crazzziecanuck's picture

As an outsourced IT employee, you'd get another IT job and simply watch that one get outsourced again.  And again.  And again.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

WOW ... Progressive Liberals doing exact opposite of TRUMP!!

Since TRUMP likes the STOCK MARKET, it is TIME TO SELL!!!!!!

This behavior looks like the beginning of a BLACK SWAN type of EVENT.



nmewn's picture

I'm sure the 9th circus court will be all over this and stop this bigoted attack on domestic workers!

WillyGroper's picture

severence depends on training the replacement.

doubt that caveat states you have to train them right...could cost them all of those savings & the loss of taxable wages.

the devil is always in the details.

Quinvarius's picture

California universities would never pull a political stunt like this.  They know they rely on Federal grants and funding.  Right?

migra's picture

Didn't you hear? In Califonia they are above the law.

SmokeyBlonde's picture

LOL! Suck it, you Cali Commies! This is what you keep voting for!