Europe Votes To Impose Visas On Americans

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Donald Trump may soon find himself on the receiving end of a "visa war" that could have dire consequences for trans-Atlantic travel and European tourism. On Thuesday, EU lawmakers voted to force Americans to apply for visas when traveling to Europe in response to Washington refusing to allow all Europeans to travel to the States visa-free.

The vote by show of hands was the latest in an ongoing “visa war” between Brussels and Washington DC, which now looks set to come to a head after MEPs today agreed that US nationals crossing the Atlantic should require additional travel documents as long as citizens from five EU countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania) are kept from entering America without a visa. A European Parliament source told Telegraph Travel this was a “serious negative step in the EU-USA visa war”.

Following today's vote, the EU Commission now has two months to reintroduce visas for Americans wishing to travel to Europe, after MEPs agreed the EU is now “legally obliged” to suspend the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) with the US for a year after the US administration failed to meet a deadline to respond something called visa reciprocity. Parliament and the European Council will have the chance to object to anything put forward by the Commission according to the Telegraph.

The resolution passed despite warnings from the European Travel Commission (ETC) of the damage a visa war with the US might have on the continent’s tourism industry. “We fully understand and respect the visa waiver reciprocity mechanism embedded in European legislation to ensure that all nationals of Member States part of Schengen can benefit on equal terms from exemption of visa requirement,” said Eduardo Santander, executive director of the ETC, in a joint letter with Michael de Blust, secretariat of the Network for the European Private Sector in Tourism, to MEPs.

“However, we are very concerned about the economic and political impact of a suspension of visa waiver for US nationals.


“Making it more difficult for US citizens to travel to Europe would certainly deprive the European travel and tourism sector of essential revenue, and put thousands of European jobs at stake in one of the few sectors which experiences a strong growth in employment.”

As we reported at the time, it was in April 2014 that the European Commission was first made aware that the US - along with Australia, Brunei, Canada and Japan - was failing to ensure the same visa waiver rights for its citizens that Europe offered in return. The Commission then gave the countries a deadline of two years before retaliating. Since, Australia, Brunei and Japan have all lifted their visa requirements, with Canada set to do the same by the end of the year, but the US has failed to act.

There has not yet been a response to today’s vote from the US but the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs has said in the past that Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania do not yet meet security requirements for the US VWP. Canada also imposes visa requirements on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens, but it has announced that they will be lifted in December.

Since the imposition of a visa regime is perceived as a major hurdle to free travel, the implementation of the MEP vote would likely lead to a dramatic drop in airline travel across the US and Europe, coupled with a plunge in tourism and associated reveue. As a country looking to boost its tourism industry will often look at loosening any existing visa requirements, the opposite may suggest that the European decision may have political overtones and be in response to Trump's aggressive anti-immigration regime.

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Fuck’em, Donald!

Dismantle NATO.

Looney   ;-)

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After letting in all the rapefugies, Europe is such a shithole, who wants to go there any more anyway?

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No Americans without Visas, but Muslim hoarde, come right on in!

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the logic of this boggles the mind.

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The U.S. should take in more immigrants from Poland - if you haven't been there, you can break your neck from looking at the loads of gorgeous women

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I feel the smell of a visa war.

The_Juggernaut's picture

lmao.  Who goes to Europe anymore?

SanJoseMutza's picture

A mastercard war will be bloodier. 

TheGardener's picture

Catholic , and smart enough to stick with you unlike many an Eastern European money digger.


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Does this mean NATO troops will have to have visas? Pull the air wing on the next US rotation to the Baltic protection out of Siuliau, Lithuania. Pull the US cav out of Estonia. Pull the huge contingent out of Poland.  Bring back all those tank Obama sent to Poland. 

Hell yes. Rapugees are welcome. 

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Pull the air wing on the next US rotation to the Baltic protection out of Siuliau, Lithuania. Pull the US cav out of Estonia. Pull the huge contingent out of Poland.

and the drones relay from rammstein

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Exactly why the EU is doomed. They are more concerned abouv the 7th century cultists.  

mkhs's picture

This comment intentionally blank.

East Indian's picture

"Muslim hordes"



New Europeans.

PC at any cost. 

QuantumEasing's picture

Oh no! Where will I go to get shitty, rude service and overpriced everything? Woe is me!

EasterBunny's picture

I love ZH for an alternate view, but the uninformed comments about Europe and "Bring on the end of the world, I'm hungry for it" bullshit from empty vessels is becoming a bit boring. So many commentators claim to be so clever at seeing through the Elites propaganda, but fall over each other to criticise everyone who may have a slightly different view from theirs. Take off your blinkers man. This tit for tat bullshit is just a distraction. Now it's US vs Europe. Really? Don't you think that most people on this site actually want the same thing, regardless of where they live? Freedom of thought, expression, transparency & honesty, respect and rights of the individual, but not at the expense of our national and community values is an ideal shared on both sides of the pond. Let's fight amongst ourselves, yes, great idea. Divide and conquer.

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The Saint (not verified) TheElder Mar 2, 2017 12:00 PM

Easy solution:  Don't travel to Europe.


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can these buffoons afford to bite the hand that feeds them? no tourism, mucha hambre

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) JonNadler Mar 2, 2017 12:10 PM

Who wants to risk running into a Muzzie with an AK anyway?

Sick Underbelly's picture

Or..get run over by a crazed Muzzie driving a fucking truck?   Or, suddenly find your arm blown off and guts spilling out from a suicide bomb?

Shit like this, most Europeans wouldn't even dream of...but, sure as rain, these things have happened.

Bwana's picture

If they charge for visas and let their countries degenerate into urban war zones from the unlimited influx of fuzzy muzzies the visas should come with an agreement that American's CCW permits will be honored in the EU. 

bh2's picture

There are so many other -- and more agreeable -- places to visit in the world, it's hard to understand why any American would travel to Europe.

TekCEO's picture

Yes, Mexico is great...oh wait

MK13's picture

Okay, buckle down.

Europe is a box of chocolates, except you know what you are getting.

Central Europe - like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Slovenia - are as safe as ever and have no migrant issues. If you want to feel at home with your white privilege, go central Europe.

Parts of western Europe like Spain are really not affected. Now France, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, not the case. I'm almost certain that European tourism from US will take a major hit this summer - and centrum of it will be Paris, viva la France.

BarkingCat's picture

That would happen regardless of the visa issue.

Most Americans travel to Western Europe which is turning into a dangerous shit hole.

I have no desire to travel there. When I do go to Europe it is Eastern Europe but that is also because I was born there.


mkhs's picture

Back in the 90's, Spain was already loaded with Africaners.

duo's picture

I told my travel agent I wanted to tour the Middle East. He got me a ticket to Stockholm.

Killdo's picture

MALMOstan is better for that

peddling-fiction's picture

Rinkeby close to Stockholm is an exciting venue.

Life insurance is included in the tour.


August's picture

"Sudanese refugees" at the Bahnhof, with no ID: No problem.

High school student group from Wisconsin:  Papers please!

Glad to see the EU is at last facing up to its problems.

IntTheLight's picture

Exactly. Who wants to be raped by an African or Arab in Europe? Or have acid thrown in your face which they like to do to pretty white women.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Ouch!  Thats going disrupt my travel plans that I was never going to make to EU which I never wanted to go.

New_Meat's picture

"No one goes to Europe anymore, it's too crowded."

mkhs's picture

And a lot of the buildings are very old and decaying.  Have you seen the state of the Coliseum?

silverer's picture

Absolutely. And while this is happening, set the US bureaucracy to work on crap the EU can fill out.

Jubal Early's picture

One really sick part is that if you ask most any European, but especially a Spaniard or Italian, "when did crime really get out of control?" they would reply "when Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU and Schengen".  But it gets even sicker than that:  If the US wants to restrict or extremely vett visitors from countries with high risk of Isis infiltration, then the these Eastern EU countries are probably the safest.  And so it is in the satanically mind controlled world we live in:  Up is down and down is up.

MK13's picture

Don't confuse the issues:

There should be US visa requirement for European countries - not only those 5. There are free loaders from Europe who are hoping to board a train here if they can.

There should be travel restrictions to lots of Middle East nations - because of terrorist infiltration fears but also because there are lots of FSA candidates.

No contradiction in those two policies. Not enough restrictions in my opinion.

Nick13_ro's picture

You're perfectly right of course. Problem is the EU would have reason to restrict travel from places in the US like Chicongo or Detroit but they don't get to do that because the US is a packaged deal and won't allow it. So why the heck would the EU allow the US to pick and choose who to let in and who to keep out while they can't do the same ?

TheGardener's picture

Europe gives away citizenship and passports to all thus undermining preferential free travel agreements.

Israel already does not give a shit of what European passport a Palestinian travels on, won`t let him travel on to Gaza or back.

Nick13_ro's picture

The US did the same thing and it's already too late. It wont be a majority white country anymore by the 2040s. Too late now already for Trump to fix anything. The US will fit right in with the London and Paris caliphates. Israel too. Already kids in Israeli schools are either ultra orthodox or arabs. Keeping gazans out is not gonna help them. They're already done for like the rest of the west. People cant understand simple math- that's the explanation for all everyday political absurdities.

MK13's picture

Don't confuse the issues:

There should be US visa requirement for European countries - not only those 5. There are free loaders from Europe who are hoping to board a train here if they can.

There should be travel restrictions to lots of Middle East nations - because of terrorist infiltration fears but also FSA candidates.

No contradiction in those two policies. Not enough restrictions in my opinion.

OverTheHedge's picture

This is all about the eu having a policy and a principle which at no point takes reality into account. All countries MUST be treated equally, even if they are completely unequal, or diametrically opposite to each other. The US suggesting that there might be some security issues from a few of the more backward countries seems reasonable, therefore must be stamped on with maximum punitive response, because of the principle. No one in the eu has thought "how can we fix this problem?", they just got themselves in a frenzy of indignation and  retaliation.

Is it so hard to think that, if Romania has security issues, how do we resolve those issues?

It isn't easy being an eu politician. It's even harder being an eu citizen who will suffer a financial loss because the politicians are inept.


Nick13_ro's picture

US States aren't equal either. Yet they come on the same passport with the same rights. The EU asks for the same treatment for its members the US demands for its states. And Romania doesn't have any security issues. Problem there is the risk of people simply forgetting to return from their US trip because they find the economic conditions more appealing. Funny enough the Obama admin had no such concerns about the Mexicans. Quite the opposite. Of course they had a "diversity" goal there just like they asked for as many Syrians as possible. So mexican cartels and syrian ISIS no problemo, but Romanians overstaying their visa- that's a huge problem right there...

mkhs's picture

MK13, the train you speak of is the Artic Express?

BarkingCat's picture

Indeed. I was in Bulgaria ladt summer. Tons of Russians there. 

No a chance that some muzzies could show up and try their cultural enrichment with that crowd. They would get their asses kicked in a heart beat.