Flint Residents Now Have To Pay For Water They Still Can't Drink

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Via Nika Knight of TheAntiMedia.org,

The state of Michigan has declared that Flint’s drinking water “meets all federal water quality standards,” ending a program Wednesday that reimbursed residents for most of their water costs in the wake of the lead crisis.

Yet Flint residents still can’t drink the water, and the announcement was met with outrage.

“They want to make it look like they’ve resolved this thing, that it’s fixed,” Tim Monahan, a carpenter who survived Legionnaires’ disease caused by the poisoned water supply, told the Washington Post.


“It’s been three years, and we still can’t drink the water.”

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has appeared eager to declare the water safe.

Yet the New York Times reported weeks ago that while the water supply now meets federal standards, because the aged lead-tainted pipes have yet to be replaced it is still not safe to drink.

Residents have also been skeptical of state officials’ claim that the water does, in fact, meet federal regulatory standards.

“They’re not telling the truth about the water testing,” Melissa Mays, a community advocate with Water You Fighting For, told NBC.


“They’re saying they’re in compliance, but everyone here has had to learn the Lead and Copper Rule, and they’re not. People are still testing way high for lead, as well as bacteria that the state’s not even looking at.”

At a news conference, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver argued that the state should continue to reimburse residents for their water until they can safely drink it without purchasing a filter. “This is a trust issue, that’s what it is,” said Weaver, according to the Post. Weaver also criticized Michigan officials for giving residents short notice that the water bill credits were coming to an end.

Last year, officials came under fire for threatening to shut off the water supply to Flint residents who were behind on their bills.


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Thats what you get for living in Flint, go farther north or west, lots of nicer places to live in Michigan.....

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Unfortunately the people that made Flint what it is are also spreading to the north and to the west.

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Without Caspers it all seems to rot.  Darn Caspers fault for leaving.  Oppsy doodle.

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I think Trump needs to declare a state of emergency and seize this small town to fix it, becuase it's obvious the inhabitants can't get shit done themselves.



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Two week old news:

As Michigan cuts off water bill credits, Flint officials announce shutoffs
By James Brewer
17 February 2017

Just 16 months after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder admitted that the state was responsible for poisoning Flint residents in a man-made poisoned water disaster, his office has declared that those same residents are now fully responsible to pay for their still undrinkable water. Flint officials have responded by announcing the resumption of water shutoffs for delinquent accounts.

US District courts dismiss remaining Federal lawsuits over Flint water poisoning
By Matthew Brennan
14 February 2017

Over the past 10 days, four key lawsuits filed by Flint, Michigan, residents against Governor Rick Snyder and other state officials were dismissed by a US District Court judge. All four claims accused leading state officials of being responsible for poisoning the city’s water supply. All were rejected by US District Judge John Corbett O’Meara on technical grounds. O’Meara has now dismissed at least 60 lawsuits related to the massive health crisis that ensued after state officials switched the city’s water source to the notoriously polluted Flint River.

US Navy punishes family that revealed Flint water poisoning
By Zac Corrigan
2 December 2016

Since the time her four children started losing their hair and breaking out in rashes in late 2014, LeeAnne Walters has played a central role in exposing the systematic poisoning of the water supply in Flint, Michigan. This week, Walters has publicly revealed for the first time that her husband, a 17-year veteran in the US Navy, has endured months of daily humiliation, threats, and punishment at work in an effort to silence her.

And they have been covering this since 2014:
Last month, the city of Flint, Michigan, and Genesee County, of which Flint is the county seat, severed their long-term wholesale water contract with the DWSD. For years, Flint, some 60 miles north of Detroit, has had its water delivered through a pipeline built by the DSWD from Lake Huron, the second largest of the Great Lakes, 65 miles to the east. Losing the contract will cost Detroit $22 million a year, according to DWSD officials.
After the state finally ratified the city’s water treatment measures, Flint has recently been granted permission to use water from the Flint River, a meandering 78-mile waterway flowing northward through Bay City and Saginaw into Saginaw Bay. This will supposedly be a temporary measure until the completion of the Karegnondi Pipeline, sometime in 2016. The Times report included a photo of officials in Flint celebrating the city’s break from the Detroit water system with a treated-water toast.

Flint’s emergency manager explained the rationale behind the project. “The city of Flint will be able to control water costs.” He added, “I’m kind of glad we’re not a part of that discussion [about the future of the Detroit water system] anymore.”

Part of the strategy of the city, however, is to aggressively pursue its delinquent ratepayers, much as the DWSD has recently begun doing, to obtain an infusion of cash.

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You are the fakest libertarian ever.

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Coming from the fakest libertarian website ever.

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The North American Pavement Ape rarely ventures beyond it's natural range, the inner city shithole.

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When they do it's to sell drugs or steal something.


"Real niggas don't sell out to crackers." ~I've actually had this said to me before.

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Sounds like a State/EPA Ponzi Scheme to me.

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The sitting NZ National Government just announced in conjunction with Federated Farmers that they have a plan to clean up all the country's waterways to swimmable standard after generations of the people who voted them in (intensive dairy farmers who happen to comprise the majority of Federated Farmers funnily enough) have destroyed them to the point that some towns are now on permanant boil water notices and 90% of rivers are unswimmable.

Federated Farmers has asked that all of NZ pull together to achieve this noble target.

The plan in its entireity is to change the measurement system and redefine what constitutes swimmable water ecoli and bacteria levels.

Currently unswimmable is 550 parts per 100ml of ecoli. Warning signs must be erected, and the public must be notified that a serious health risk exists.

The new swimmable limit is 540 parts per 100ml of ecoli.


So while I do feel for Flint residents not being able to drink water from their taps, in other 1st world countries even touching natural water bodies is a dangerous health risk.

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"Residents have also been skeptical of state officials’ claim that the water does, in fact, meet federal regulatory standards..."

How friggin difficult is it for the city to sample a 100 randomly selected taps in Flint and have them tested for lead?  There's certainly no reason to trust the EPA or the NYT, for cripes sake.  

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The water has been tested it meets testing criteria. The NY Slimes says that its not safe to drink because lead pipes are still there. Bullshit.

 A lead pipe service line can deliver safe water as long as the pipe is carrying water that has been properly treated and the pipe has been allowed to form a protective oxide layer.

Once the oxide layer is formed the pipes do not leach lead into the water. In fact, this is what cause the issue in the first place. The water was too acidic (not treated properly) and the pipes oxide layer was dissolved off allowing for elemental lead to leach from the piping making the water non potable.

So, again, once the water is properly treated, the pipe will reform the protecive oxide layer and the pipe will be safe to carry drinking water. As has been shown by the test results meeting the criteria.


By the way, the all democrat Flint city council caused this whole problem. Regardless of what you may have heard in the fake news media. I live in Michigan, we know the story here. Flint has been run by dems for 50+ years.


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I was thinking along the same lines.

Although I'm against believing what the gov says as much as the next guy around here, I also know of the type of nutjobs that protest just for the sake of it. These are the ones who get their voices heard in the MSM.

In my parts a new arterial road is meant to built, it's a reasonable project that's been in the works for decades, but from the media we only hear from the wackos screaming "save the wetlands" when the actual road itself crosses over a minute portion and will be bridged anyway.

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Doulton Gravity Water Filter.

Don't live in Flint (or many other third world places) without it!

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michael moore drinks flint water

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He uses a brita filter, then he eats it.

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Hence his brain damage,

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Hello ?? Wake up people....Most houses built before 1990 had lead service mains installed that run from the street main to the house...Lead leaches into the water when the water is not flowing...especially overnight...


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That's why I smoke and drink bottled water. Even out the odds a bit. 

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Uhh, where are you from that is even close to true? I grew up in a house that was built in the late 1800's. Everything was copper, and had been copper from the start. This was out in the country.


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Drink water? Like, from the toilet?

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I prefer Brawndo.  It's got electolytes!



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The chemicals used to "treat" the sewage called "drinking water" in Flint caused extreme leaching to the old pipes, which you do not normally see in aged pipes. In other words, there was a chemical reaction in the pipes that was abnormal, dangerously high lead levels were released, courtesy of your government.

Would you want to drink that shit? Would you trust a dirtbag like Snyder? I wouldn't. That he's republican doesn't matter: He's a liar, right up there with the Clintons and Obamas. I wouldn't want my kids drinking that crap.

This is why I urged ZHers yesterday to trust NEITHER party. ZH keeps the focus on party affiliation in these stories, and that's wrong. Neither party represents us: Both parties represent the corporate monied interests. Sooner or later, this is going to become more and more apparent, and tunes will change. It can't keep going on like this.

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Yep....sadly, it's not just Flint that's using these "new and improved" water treatment chemicals such as chloramine.

IF you want to learn more, you can start here  http://www.blueearthlabs.com/municipal-water-treatment/chloramine-2/ or a good google search will learn you some things that you might not want to know.  Such as, w/r/t chloramine, summarizing the blueearth labs link:

1) it's not as good a disinfectant as plain chlorine;

2) it breaks down into its constituent amonia, which feeds bacteria

3) can cause genetic damage

4)  is very corrosive particularly to lead and copper

And the clincher:

5) The purpose of chloramine is only to trick the system so the utility can pass current regulatory standards.  It is NOT to disinfect, it is to reduce the amount of disinfection byproducts by averting the chlorine from reacting with organics (the cause of disinfection by products) and thereby manage the result.

Coming to a water treatment authority near you


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Flint is just s'more liberal BS Fed dollar grab... many places worse.


Herdee's picture

I wouldn't trust anybody working for the government at any level of society.

SubjectivObject's picture

We're from the Government, and we're here to lie to you.

Because we can.

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They say lead in the water causes retardation. How can you tell with those stupid ghetto Negroes?!?

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Sounds like the same approach they used to force compliance with ObamaCare.

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Make the people declaring the water safe DRINK THE SHIT.

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Flint will NEVER change.


Look at the water problems in Africa. 

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Once we get rid of the EPA and there are no water quality standards, this problem goes away, right? Invest in them private prisons now and reap mad gainz when all these lead poisoned kids grow up and commit felonies. Google (lead crime freakonomics) for some background.

(OK there are way too many people seeing this is as a good thing)

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HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 2, 2017 6:31 PM

People still live there? Why?

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Quote: Yet Flint residents still can’t drink the water, and the announcement was met with outrage.

Sycophant lawyers do whatever it takes to get involved folks to react appropriately to their situation.

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Its a shame they cant just line the inside with a 'plastic tube'.