"Hillary For Mayor" Posters Popping Up All Around New York City

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Like a nagging case of "pneumonia" that brings with it random, yet inevitable, bouts of full-body paralysis, the rumors/threats of Hillary tossing her hat in the ring for the New York City Mayoral race simply won't go away.

Now, per a report from The American Mirror, it seems that a group of disaffected Hillary supporters in New York City are following in the footsteps of a recent movement in Paris to elect Obama as the next French President...when you can't convince your chosen candidate to run for elected office we guess plastering a bunch of posters in public spaces and hoping for the best is the next most logical option.


Ironically, just last night we jokingly noted that "We sense an opening for you, Hillary" after incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio faced public backlash, even from members of his own party, over his inability to control the homelessness crisis which is spiraling out of control in NYC.

Unfortunately, particularly for a man seeking re-election later this year, the following stats on NYC homelessness are fairly damning.




Meanwhile, as we pointed out in January, in a hypothetical matchup a Quinnipiac poll found that Hillary would crush de Blasio by 20 points.

The latest example comes from a Quinnipiac University Poll which analyzed a hypothetical head-to-head match-up between Clinton and New York's current mayor, Bill de Blasio.  Unfortunately for de Blasio, the poll found that, while he would beat almost everyone else whose name has been mentioned as potential contender, he would almost certainly be crushed by Hillary. 

In a very hypothetical race for New York City Mayor, Hillary Clinton, running as an independent, tops incumbent Bill de Blasio, running as a Democrat, 49 - 30 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.


"New Yorkers aren't in love with Mayor Bill de Blasio, but they seem to like him better than other possible choices - except Hillary Clinton, who probably is an impossible choice," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.


"None of the possible contenders has made any real noise or spent any money, so this race still could get interesting."


In the Clinton - de Blasio matchup, Clinton leads 61 - 29 percent among Democrats and 45 - 31 percent among independent voters. Republicans back de Blasio 28 - 18 percent. She leads among men and women and black, white and Hispanic voters. She also leads in every borough except Staten Island, which goes to de Blasio 28 - 22 percent.

Hillary Poll


Certainly this guy seems pretty stoked about the possibility.


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BigFatUglyBubble's picture

some cult leader, like manson

Jim Sampson's picture

Couldn't happen to a better group of citizens.

SMG's picture

Throw her ass in jail already.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

We both know that's never going to happen.

Mr.Sono's picture

How about, Hillary for prison?

Ledlak's picture

No, this is good. She's on a losing streak. If she lost a mayoral race in NYC then she's finished.

J S Bach's picture

Maybe there really is such a thing as witchcraft... whereupon a person's physical being never dies, but goes on and on after certain sufficient satanic sacrifices are made to allow the entity to continue.  Could the terrible deeds of Pizzagate be such a ritual?  This is, of course, sarcasm... but, of the most feigned sort.

God... let us all wake up from this nightmare scenario to find a sane world ridden of the usurer string-pulling demons who proselytize the good to the evil in our midst.

The_Juggernaut's picture

I hate that disgusting scumbag, and I can't think of a more appropriate job for her, nor a more deserving electorate.  She has my endorsement for sure.

HowdyDoody's picture

There has been a major disruption in the flow of spice. The spice has to flow.

prime american's picture
prime american (not verified) HowdyDoody Mar 3, 2017 6:17 AM

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MalteseFalcon's picture

Being a mayor is work, which Hillary Rodent is not interested in doing.

This may be Hillary's butt sore "contributors" looking for some kind of return on their "contributions".

20 cents on the dollar.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

"If she lost a mayoral race in NYC then she's finished."

On the other hand; if she wins the mayorial race in NYC, she's also finished.


idahobandito's picture

I bet Ive seen at least 10 of the "hillary for prison" bumper stickers when I go to town for groceries or gas. People here hate her....which is good.

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) SMG Mar 2, 2017 9:23 PM

Isaac (The Duke) Hayes for deputy Mayor


Snake Plissken for foreign ambassador

max_leering's picture

Run Hilda Run!!!... I mean, grab your walker, gather your handlers and aimlessly wander about the rotten Apple... don't forget (as if you still have a memory) to leave Bill home alone with the young female interns so he can get that therapy he so urgently needs to combat severe limprodhamcock syndrome... you got it Bill, she won't forget

TeamDepends's picture

Years ago, we wanted to see the Big Apple. You know, the sights. Well not anymore, you retards are getting zero of our tourist dollars. However, we hear the folks upstate are real nice.

nmewn's picture

Nothing defines the mark of SUCCESS! like...a twice failed presidential candidate running and winning in NYC ;-)

TeamDepends's picture

Wasn't she "Senator" of New York whilst she was on the lamb from Arkansas militias?

nmewn's picture

And as a designated hitter of White Sox/Cubs/Mets/Yankees baseball teams, in her spare time from saving the fucking planet from environmental catastrophe while driving her Scooby Van, she is a renouned expert in IT and national security as exemplified by her adroit handling of her emails & Benghazi only outdone by her personally corkscrewing down piloting an F15 and running across the tarmac under sniper fire to throw candy to starving Haitian children who had just suffered an earthquake & a hurricane!

There is simply nothing this woman cannot do.

She's like a female Brian Williams or sumpin ;-)

TeamDepends's picture

Sheeit, Williams was there for the birth of Bin Laden. Literally. We all know he is a Certified Obstetrician, but few know the story of how he delivered li'l Osama. Brian was piloting the 'copter with his left hand while handebungging Mama Osama with the right, all the while taking flak from enemy aircraft from behind. Well, a fatefull round caught the tail rotor and sent William's whirlibird into a tailspin. Realizing he had to save Tim Osman for future operations he clasped the newborn to his bosom and barrel-rolled out of the copter inches above the ground. Despite having his entire skeleton pulverized into dust, Williams saved the future boojie-man from certain death. Which brings us full circle: Has anyone ever seen Chelsea and O bin L in the same room?

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

"her Scooby Van".
I had to wipe off the iPad after reading that...in mid water sip..
I needed a good laugh today...Thx nmewn!!

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I hear there are way more odorous urine soaked homeless people since Mayor Big Bird the Red took the reigns

yogibear's picture

Big Apple is turing into  a rotten Apple.

Wanting Hillary proves it.

New_Meat's picture

do the wine tours in the Finger Lakes, only in late summer, though

kellys_eye's picture

Print off thousands of stickers with the word "NIGHT" on them and encourage people to replace the 'for' on her posters.


Son of Loki's picture

They cant be talking about Crooked Hillary, can they?

chunga's picture

She's taunting. Just daring anybody to charge her with a crime.

AlexCharting's picture

Hillary for Mayor, or Hillary in Major trouble? I put my money on the latter. 

chubbar's picture

She isn't qualified. Probably hoping she can tamp down the NYPD and get ahold of the Weiner hard drive. Worthless cunt.

nmewn's picture

Well, she is pretty good at keeping unimportant stuff unprotected and vulnerable, ya know, like embassies, email servers, Bubba's victims and whatever sycophantic underling staffer that happens to be at hand when the long arm of "the law" gets to close. So she's got that going for her.

Be a real shame for her if people started looking for justice instead of law for relief.

Wouldn't it? ;-)

max_leering's picture

Weiners hard drive is only for 14 year olds



and yes, she is a worthless cunt

Max Cynical's picture

Bill and Hillary are competing to see how many different pension checks they can get.

Raffie's picture

As if New York does not have enough issues.


Need big stickers that say PRISON. Put it over the word Mayor.


johnconnor's picture

I have a tshirt that says "Hillary for Prison" from info wars... looking forward to that day

Urahara's picture

A bitch who hasn't found herself at the end of the rope yet, no matter what she does.

Silversides's picture

Fuck off you cunt!!!!

Schmuck Raker's picture

She'll make cursing illegal. So get it out of your system.

Umh's picture

If she runs and loses it would be hilarious.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

If she can still walk she will win.  They love her there.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea NYC deserves her really, perfect for them.

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) SheepDog-One Mar 2, 2017 9:24 PM

Mayor Jezebel

American Gorbachev's picture

'cept fer Staten Island where she's down 25 to blasio's 28

an island of sanity ? 

whooda thunkit

Panic Mode's picture

Think about the bright side, the illegal mexicans don't need to get deported. Hillary will take them all.

SheepDog-One's picture

The problem with these liberal Dems is they just can't fuck off already, just like an intestinal parasite.

truthseeker47's picture

Liberal democrats have a mental disorder.

Panic Mode's picture

Education overdose - that's what they got.

DaBard51's picture

"Hillary" and "CyberKnife"... interesting juxtaposition in first photo, hmmm?




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

Giant Meteor's picture

God Dammitt we've seen this movie before!!

Edit; Here let me try some speech writing ...

HC: Helloooo, New Yorkers!!

the mob: Applauds wildly, like trained seals (not the fightin kind) right on cue ..

HC: I know, that you know, I just had to do it. (wide grin)

the mob: Applauds wildly again. A sea of purple and vestal virgin white outfits of the acolyte's, mostly men, spells out, "I am woman" The crowd is swooning now. 

HC: And I just have to say ,,,,,, I just wanted to, I, I, suddently she is teetering, like a top ready to lose its mojo, eyes roll, SS  guy with medical device appears, crowd goes quickly from euphoric to gasps and stunned silence.

Meanwhile back at HQ, feverish discussion is now taking place, whether or not Anthony Weiner should go on over to announce the fireworks display will be canceled .. there seems to be some objection there from Huma, who feels its only right that She should do this. Bill Clinton politely defers too the sound judgment of others, (Podesta) in the matter. Chelsea is crying in the corner, Ivanka Trump is offering comfort, mostly because Chelsea's ex is now selling apples on the street corner cross town.

Meanwhile .. POTUS tweet goes out ..  #Sad, she had so much going for her, wish her well!

the mob; Back at the auditorium its been 2 hours already, still no word. The crowd walks around in abject silence muttering, Rosebud, Rosebud .. a few are openly sobbing ..

And its gone! Fireworks canceled, NY saved for another day!

The End, by Giant Meteor