Marine Le Pen Stripped Of EU Parliament Immunity For Tweeting Pictures Of Islamic State Violence

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Having recently joined her competitor Francois Fillon in facing the French legal system over possible embezzlement charges of her own, after her chief of staff and bodyguard were detained by police last week, the push to isolate and crack down on the anti-establishment presidential candidate moved to the European Parliament where EU lawmakers lifted Le Pen's EU parliamentary immunity on Thursday for tweeting pictures of Islamic State violence.

Le Pen is under investigation in France for posting three graphic images of Islamic State executions on Twitter in December 2015, including the beheading of American journalist James Foley. Le Pen's immunity shielded her from prosecution. By lifting it, just over a month before the first round of the French presidential election after a request from the French judiciary, the parliament is allowing any eventual legal action against her.

The vote on Thursday by a large show of hands in the plenary of the EU Parliament confirmed a preliminary decision taken on Tuesday by the legal affairs committee of the EU legislature. In the report underpinning parliament's decision, eurosceptic 5 Star Movement lawmaker Laura Ferrara said that although the images posted by Le Pen were easily accessible on several websites, "this does not alter the fact that their violent nature is likely to undermine human dignity".

Le Pen's move was seen as not appropriate for a member of the European Parliament, the report said. Ferrara also said that there was no reason to think Le Pen was being persecuted judicially because "the speed at which legal proceedings have been taken against Marine Le Pen is comparable to the pace of other proceedings in matters relating to the press and other media".

The EU parliament decision, reported by Reuters, grants the prosecutor looking into the affair power to bring Le Pen in for police questioning.

Among the possible next steps, the prosecutor could drop the case, appoint an investigating magistrate to delve further into it, or send it straight to trial. The most likely outcome of what many have blasted as a politically-motivated decision is the last one. A trial date ahead of the election in April and May would require the French legal process to go much faster than it normally does.

If Le Pen is convicted for the offence under consideration, which incidentally is "publishing violent images", the presidential candidate can face a penalty of three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros ($78,930).

Naturally, Le Pen has denounced the legal proceedings against her as political interference in the campaign and called for a moratorium on judicial investigations until the election period has passed. Le Pen has already seen her earnings as MEP cut for a different case involving alleged misuse of EU funds.

Meanwhile, despite her recent legal troubles, Le Pen's polling remains strong in the first round where she is expected to win but lose in the runoff (then again, polls lately have been... off).

More importantly, the polls show that her legal battles seem to have little effect on her supporters.

Le Pen's immunity has been lifted before, in 2013, by the EU parliament. She was then prosecuted in 2015 with "incitement to discrimination over people's religious beliefs", for comparing Muslims praying in public to the Nazi occupation of France during World War Two. Prosecutors eventually recommended the charges be dropped.

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cossack55's picture

I will normally always support Marines

wildbad's picture

What an honor!

Here Marine cuts Merkels BALLS off

Looney's picture


Yesterday, Marine Le Pen ripped Merkel a new one in the EU Parliament, TO HER FACE!

Below is a YouTube video of her speech.


Perimetr's picture

But of course, the EUs actions to censor La Pen have nothing to do with that.


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techies-r-us (not verified) Perimetr Mar 2, 2017 8:27 AM

ISIS is ISRAEL. Hence, publishing those pics is an "antisemitic" act.

beemasters's picture

How dare she tweets the CIA/Mossad's baby!!!

Clint Liquor's picture

If "publishing violent images" is a crime, everyone in Hollywood should be in jail

AnonymousCitizen's picture

It's amazingly sad that "they" are more concerned about the publishing of photos of the atrocities than the atrocities themselves.

ATM's picture

This is going to backfire on the EU like the Trump bashing is backfiring in the US.

gladih8r's picture

She should wear that like a badge of honor. 

It's a bunch of fucking traitors displeased with her being patriotic. 

MalteseFalcon's picture

It's clear that there is no freedom of speech in the EU.

But now immunity can be removed after the fact?

The Orwellian shithole known as the EU must be ended.

auricle's picture

Bringing truth to the people is good journalism. Thank you Marine. Drain the EU swamp. Bring the troops home. 

danepol's picture

... and Jews made the dinosaurs extinct, too?

gladih8r's picture

You know you've got nothin' if all you have is a straw man argument.

danepol's picture

... and Jews made the dinosaurs extinct, too?

IranContra's picture

Fox: ISIS fighters interviewed

Karim, 27, was ISIS' key man in Baghdad ... Alarmingly, Karim spoke of Americans he had met within the terror group. Two or three, he said, had been kept separate from the others and were part of a larger group of foreigners in charge of threats against the West.

"They were more radical than the others," he said of the Americans.

hohenzollern's picture

The vid is several months old, would say beginning of 2016, alas.

JB Say's picture

A classic. But I've seen elsewhere that the speech occurred in July 2015.

STP's picture

Looney, that was a RADICAL video!  She absolutely told them off and as you said, ripped Angela Merkel a new a-hole at the same time!!!  That was one of the best video's I've seen this year!

sgt_doom's picture

This reminds me of that incident --- believe it occurred in Pennsylvania many months or a year ago --- when two high school football players drugged and sexually assaulted a young girl, then posted it online.

Several youthful hackers hacked into their phones and turned them in --- with the hackers ending up serving jail time, while the rapists got away free!

Joe A's picture

This all is just for political purposes. Everybody sees this.

new game's picture

euro deep state mobilizing forces to prevent "trump suprise" or another brexit. lol...

they are getting smarter, so they think, lol again...

vollderlerby's picture

Makes sense.  Violate freedom of speech for political gain, no problem at all. Agreed with other posters here, this is Soviet Union shit.

Never One Roach's picture

Suppressing the truth only makes it that much mor eimportant to see/read.


The EU and Elitists struggle to hide the islamic hoard destroying the Wwestern civiliaztion---attacks, rapes, etc--from the European people is astounding. Thank goodness for social media. However, the MSM is very powerful at brainwashing people.


Look at America where we have the Failing NYT and Fake News CNN and now Dishonest WaPo and the thousands of sheeple who believe them.

Stef1304's picture
  • So ? 
    Even if that's the case.
  • And even if Marine is a cynical politician (which i believe she also is), I feel it's still worth hearing...  
bh2's picture

Images whose "violent nature is likely to undermine human dignity"

Violent images are the consequence of violent actions. That was La Pen's entire point in publishing them.

Serfs Up's picture

The EU funds and arms the terrorists and applaud themselves.

Marine shows the effect of those actions and is reprimanded.

Kinda hard to lose more respect for the EU beaurocrats, but it just happened.

cossack55's picture

No sweat on the respect issue.  The EU is deep into negative enterest, why not negative respect, no?

The_Dude's picture

So freedom of speech is not protected by the EU.  

Sure sounds like a group that I would want to be a member of. 

chubbar's picture

Well of course this is the deep state desperately trying to stave off the popular nationalist movement. That being said, WTF are these politicians thinking? Does posting this shit do anything to strengthen her election chances, assuming they didn't pull her immunity? I say NO, it did nothing other than give her opponents ammunition to bring her down, and it could bring her down.

This should be a clear example to every nationalist candidate to make sure you don't arm your adversary while they are busy self destructing.

The same with the Sessions fiasco. He clearly answered the question truthfully but would it have hurt him to add a qualifier to his statement that clearly indicated that his "NO" answer only pertained to Trump campaigning and that he regularly meets with foreign diplomats during the course of business as a member of the armed services committee? These people need to understand that this is a war, everything they say is going to be put under a microscope and they can just assume that the fucking asshole traitors in the intelligence branches are going to leak any data to the contrary of what they say.

Omen IV's picture

Fucking Stupid


These people are at this game 24 /7!!!!!!!!!!!!

to suggest that putting up 1,000's of words or decisions a day isnt going to result in a minor mistep is unreasonable - when any turn of the screw can be magnified into major problem - Sessions clearly saw his senate responsibilities separate and replied as such - we are witnessing world wide full court press to retain control of the UE and DC - they want Russia's $100 trillion in undeveloped assets, 9 time zones and WAR for profit to get them

the middle class WHITE PEOPLE are under attack by the establishment - they need to destroy their lives

hotrod's picture


Laddie's picture

Despite Mr Le Pen's granddaughter who is MUCH, MUCH better than Marine, I hope Marine wins, she is more Trump-like than the younger woman, who is HARDCORE. Since Whites have been brainwashed for generations to not really desire survival I think Marine is the best one running.

"Disputes among groups, classes and nations can and should be settled by free discussion, negotiation and compromise when—but only when—the disputes range within some common framework of shared ideas and interests. When the disputes arise out of a clash of basic interests and an opposition of basic ideas, as is from time to time inevitably the case, then they cannot be settled by negotiation and compromise but must be resolved by power, coercion and, sometimes, war."
Suicide of the West James Burnham (New York: John Day, 1964), p. 130

The Fall of Western Man Free download at author's site

The purpose of this book is to assert that it is not simply changes in Western man's government, it is not changes in the make- up of his homeland nor is it changes in his environment that have truly broken what made Western man great. It is in fact subtle and prolonged changes in Western man's mind that have taken place over the best part of a century that have altered the way in which Western man's mind works.

This subtle manipulation of Western man's mind by his enemies – those who wish to see the West crumble – has altered the behaviour of Western man and has both robbed him of the traits that made him great and strong, and at the same time unlocked and fed negative traits in order to make him degenerate and weak. The enemies of the West have not attacked Western man in an overt and physical way, but in a devious series of attacks aimed at the mind.

Professor Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Culture of Critique’ Reviewed This review, written in 1999, explains EVERYTHING that has happened in Europe and America.

thatthingcanfly's picture

Kudos for the Burnham references. It's amazing what he saw coming, as far back as 1964.

Panic Mode's picture

Put your money on her to win. It's like what Goldman call it, A SLAM DUNK DEAL.

sgt_doom's picture

One thing you have to say for this lady, she IS a real feminist!

We could use a few of those, instead of the criminal skanks we have in Amerika!

NoWayJose's picture

They never learn - like Trump, this will only increase her support - especially since her tweets were based on truth (Also like Trump).

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

this will only get her more votes and make em look desperate, what again gets her even more votes...

LoudTrumpet's picture


yogibear's picture

A corrupt French governt trying to kill Marine Le Pen's chances.

The elite are fearful of her.

TeaClipper's picture

I love the smell of desperation. The emperor has no clothes now. We the people see your every move, and it wont end well for you if you persist in denying us.

English herbsman's picture

Marine Le Pen winning means the end of the EU. 

They will try anything to hold their gloablist blueprint for continental blocs together.


onthedeschutes's picture

Just when the EU has hit rock bottom...they begin to dig.

zvzzt's picture

yes, actually the first time for me they didn't surprize me with their utter stupidity!

iwalkonwater's picture

If I were Le Pen I would drag this out and use it as an example for her campaign. I think it is a vote winner. This should be her slogan especially with Brexit and Trump victories. I hope Trump gets involved just like Obama did when he said he would put Britain at the back of the line if they left. Send in the Marine with Trumps backing it will go viral big time

damicol's picture

This guarantees she wins.


I cannot imagine that any Frog will see this as anything other than exactly and precisely why are voting for Ms Le pen.


Interference in their lives from a gang of fucking retarded unelected pedophile commie Nazis who should be rightfully executed by hanging them upside down with a meat hook through their filthy ass holes and then having their intestines pulled through a hole in their fat bloated guts, wrapped round their neck and their feet dowsed in gas and lit.

Then left to scream themselves to death.


Or maybe thats too good for them.

gaoptimize's picture

For our future, I prerfer post-apartheid South African-style Truth and Reconciliation tribunals for the Eurocrats.