Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman to CNN: 'Stop Spreading Lies and Fake News'

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Russia's outspoken foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, had some choice words for CNN -- after being confronted by their reporters over the AG Sessions' hysteria. In a prepared statement, she called the event 'media vandalism' and a 'disgrace' -- suggesting the US media is down in the depths of depravity and deceit.

She stated the American media had “cross(ed) the line far beyond the professional ethics and their competence. They accuse and judge by simply fabricating false information."

“I have a question: is it rock bottom, which the US media has reached, or is there an even greater depth for them to dive?” Zakharova said.
“The things that the US media affords itself to report are just an attempt at… a total disinformation of the public in America and worldwide,” Zakharova explained, adding the US audience is, of course, the main target.

During the exchange, which was caught on camera and posted below, she laid into CNN -- asking them to 'stop spreading lies and fake news.'

'Stop spreading fake news', cuckburgers.


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cnn used to be one of the world top  news broadcasters. now is a worldwide known  joke with RT having more than billion more viewers than cnn.  how did we get here?

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Stop Spreading Lies and Fake news... covers a lot of ground.

The Fed Is Now Preparing 1 Trillion In QE For The Upcoming Economic Crisis - Episode 1219a
(About 10 or really 11 Minutes in he gets to the point)

Well... he covers a lot of ground, broad discussion.

- BoA, Soros puts against US Stock Market
- Plan for $1 Trillion QE
- Job Layoffs, Plant Closings
- No Recession in sight, no reason to worry like in 2008 (all is clear!)
- Going Cashless, India, EU, USA, All of Europe...
- US Fiat has deflated from inception, from 1913, from 1971...
- US Debt is Exponential, so Deflation follows...

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Dave's a great guy, a bit dry at times, but he's doing a good job, for us all, and some of the interviews he does are well worth a watch

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These FAKE NEWS reporters are bigger scumbags than attorneys. They sell out their own country. They are complete scumbags!! Trash!

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I was reading an article elsewhere, and I came across the word 'braindead.' Reminded me to check in on ZH for confirmation.  Right on cue, another CNN fake news item. 

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Trump only trusts Sputnik News and Fox?

I thought he was just narcissistic.  Now i know he is brain dead.


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What's really sad is a 5 weak old troll...


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Who watches CNN?    They're still around?

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What ever happened to the idea of big government, no accountability, and using the police state to gain unwarrented leverage over the citizens of America


Fake news is a coverup for more of the same

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Hoping she takes over Churkin's job at the UN. However, I don't think Putin would allow export of such brains and beauty to a barbarian USA.

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Like a good Trump suporter would.

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Are you watching Press Secretary Spicer?

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If not for the CIA, CNN would be a test pattern!

“Where's The Evidence? Hillary’s Henchmen and the Awan Brothers Hack vs. MSM and Pelosi’s Russia, Russia, Russia Meme”

George Webb’s Open Source Truth, Trumps CNN's propaganda of hearsay, unnamed sources and no credible evidence.

This story potentially dwarfs Watergate!

In a 130 day investigation, this chapter about espionage at the highest level, includes everything the Russian hack does not; named sources, connections to fugitive terrorist, Congressional Documents, public and private records, evidence of money laundering (drug trafficking?) and electronic connections with Huma Abidin. Plain and simple, it is a story of citizen journalist doing the work the MSM can not and will not do.  To finish the chapter Mr. Webb is asking everyone to tweet the officials below.



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Is this just too dangerous for ZH (not sarc)?

G Webb's work should be Front Page news but I rarely see even a reply to those who post...

Is the Clinton Slime Machine really so intimidating that even comments are off limits (said the non US poster... lol)?

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So, who you gonna believe?  Good old American apple pie CNN, or the commie red bastards in Russia?

Thinking . . .

Thinking . . .

Thinking . . .

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Sorry to be the first to break it to you 'thebigunit' but Russia ceased being communist many years ago. Likewise, the Roman Empire has collapsed, and the Mongols no longer occupy China.

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Big Unit - you there?

Trying to think but nothing happens?

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Did CNN actually broadcast this?  I´m sure it would have been edited massively if it did.

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Good for her!


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"Stop spreading fake news".  That is exactly what Trump says.  So now Trump and Russia are coordinating responses.  Ridiculous.

CNN = get out of the business.  You are an embarrassment.

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CNN is the biggest brand destruction since schlitz went from one of america's most popular beers to a cheap trash beer.

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Don Lemon (CNN) invites an expert on Swedish crime statistics on his show who indicates that immigrant assaults increased 50% (and that's conservative) over several years in Sweden.  Lemon then reads him a bunch of pablum he has found that disagrees with the expert (only 7% increase) and shuts him off.  Apparently, we should all recognize Lemon as the fountain of wisdom - 'nough said.

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Don Lemon's scalp (he's riding on anti Trump hate... there is no other way to describe it) should be a condition of CNN ever getting past the WH front gate!

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ComepletelyCucked News Network, the only news, for washed up spooks...

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It's over Presstitute's. No one takes you seriously & no one ever did.

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----_- (not verified) Mar 3, 2017 8:29 AM

if there is someone who is spreaing poo in his "news" its russia


in fact russia has no news. its has always the same old jew controlled rubbish thrown at its rather b-grade dumb non-population

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Could the Bot not have at least come up with a human name...

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Journalist's parting shot after being told repeatedly to stop spreading lies - "That's what Donald Trump said: are you coordinating that message?"

"News at 6:00: Russia refuses to deny coordinating media onslaught with soon-to-be-ousted ex-President Trump!"

Or something.

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If two people look into the sky and both see a flying unicorn shitting skittles and both say something to the effect of, "Hey, do you see that skittle shitting unicorn flying in the sky?" then who could resist speculating that they coordinated their message.  It must be a conspiracy!

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The bum's rush by security would have been a better response to reporter.

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CNN needs to be banned from all airport terminals for showing fake news and frightening passengers in the process.  Just turn on a weather channel in the airport instead.  Much more relevant to travel.

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Rumor has it that was part of the original reason the CIA was involved in the project... US propaganda in every international airport in the world.

And what Deep State wants...

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Only CNN is stupid enough to put this on air.  Being told to fuck off because you're an idiot is not a badge of honor.  CNN is so degenerate they simply cant tell what is news anymore. 

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CNN is staffed with ill read, uncouth, obnoxious, pedantic Marxist reporters who don't understand when they are out of their depth.

Even when they get a televised smack down for it.

They think they are smart when they are really nothing but snotty MSM water boys and girls who get to be on TV in exchange for dutifully yammering Marxist garbage and trying to act like they know what they're talking about.

They say what they are told to say like parrots.



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I keep thnking the media and libtards have reached the bottom of idiocy but they keep managing to go lower so I doubt we've seen them hit rock bottom.

Never underestimate the insanity of a cult. 

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CNN is just trying to bring Russians and Americans together by giving them a common enemy - itself. It is working.

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now wait for all of the previous administrations squids come out of hiding- but without the cloak of indemnity that govt service provides and protects- Sue Sue Sue!!!! let them pay for their own defense. 2018 cant come quick enough for the mid terms-

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I won't be hearing the fake news spin on her conversation, since I long ago quit listening to CNN and the other snowflake news.  Maybe there is hope for us in the US.  There is a possibility, although very slight, that someone at the higher levels of our government will begin to emulate the straight forward, honest, and intelligent responses of the Russian spokespeople.  There is a reason why Putin is praised by most of his country.  He is intelligent enough to surround himself with a high level of competence.  

I am so fed up with the political double-speak and BS spewed by those who represent us.  Trump has a chance to change things.  He has won a few battles with the globalists, but is far from winning the war.  I fear a massive false flag that will include him among the victims.

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Everyone in the world has seen this denigrate into the KOOK partisans you now see before you!

They are laughable!

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Its about time the Russians told the media to bug off  with this bs, their silence has left the media a open field to hump this crap.

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Why would you interfere when your adversary is shooting himself in the head?

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So that Washington DC based company called The Podesta Group, is it still lobbying on behalf of ValJar one of the largest banks in Russia? 

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She's hot. So much different than the days of obama and his following of hideous, disfigured sheman bitches.

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Not only is she hot, but the lady can also dance:

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WO.ow thanks for that flashback to programming of the 1980s.  When they reached the latter part of the song it took me back to various movies where that music is playing and the audience is veiwing the movie from a first hand pov of the character when everything starts spinning and goes out of control to full on panic mode.  I wanted to associate the music with that feeling of chaos and panic.  Such an interesting thing to realize in such a way.

It is all just smoke and mirrors folks.  Stop believing anything you cannot see for yourselves.  I went to Russia to see for myself.  I do not fear them in the least.  Simple math says that they will never be able to invade or really threaten the US, nor do they want to do such a thing.  Just half of the US is a bigger threat to the other half, numerically speaking, than Russia.  So yeah, there is much more to fear here in the US than way the hell over there in Ruskieland.


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And she didn't miss a step even in those towering heels!

She's classy and cultured, poised and polished, well spoken and factual -- everything CNN reporters are not.