Deutsche Bank Shares Re-Tumble On $10 Billion Capital Raise

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Following unconfirmed sources earlier warning about a major capital raise for the world's most sysetmically dangerous bank, Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank AG is nearing a plan to boost capital by more than 10 billion euros ($10.6 billion) through an equity offering and the partial sale of its asset management unit, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

The measures, which executives may review as soon as this weekend, would be a way for the bank to boost capital buffers instead of by selling its Postbank unit, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been announced. Deutsche Bank is now leaning toward reintegrating the consumer banking business, the people said.

It’s also studying management changes, including a new role for Chief Financial Officer Marcus Schenck, some of the people said. The firm is weighing recombining its investment banking and trading divisions, with Schenck gaining some oversight of the business, some of the people said. The supervisory board is scheduled to meet for two days starting March 16 to discuss potential measures, three people said earlier Friday.

The bounce back from the earlier drop has been erased...

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They should have gone with 9.95 billion. Sales 101

USisCorrupt's picture

I'm with TRUMP !

I am just shocked, DB Dead Bank has been walking for many years.

I really like my Bitcoin & Ethereum.

DetectiveStern's picture

Rather take my chances on the roulette table than give cash to Deutsche. At least I'd have some fun in the process.

Sam Clemons's picture

Looks up .35% to me.  Hardcore tumbling.

small axe's picture

10 billion reasons to start a bank run. Thanks for the heads up, DB

Spectre's picture

Tick Tock............

Bostonian's picture

"Tumbled" is a bit strong, as they are all the way down to where they were...3 days ago.

fleurdilease's picture

Deutsche Dumpster Fire Sale 

Scuba Steve's picture

Lord Jacob playing with his weiner again thinking DB is a Pizzagate target ...