The Mainstream Is Circling The Wagons: "They're Coming For All Of Us...It's An Orchestrated Attack Against Truth"

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Via Mac Slavo of,

Within hours of the election of Donald Trump the mainstream media, their politico counterparts and social media operatives began spreading the narrative that the President was only elected as a result of the dissemination of fake news. The term itself became a rallying cry for everyone from major search engines to massive social media websites who said they would create fact checking teams within their organizations to ensure only legitimate news and information would be listed on their respective platforms. Soon, the leftist media began spreading lists, none of which were backed with any actual evidence, of supposed “fake news” purveyors and Russian propaganda websites. The lists included some of the most highly trafficked non-mainstream websites and aggregators around the world. As these Silicon Valley behemoths and popular news organizations mobilized, so too did mainstream advertising agencies, one of which quickly pulled advertising from the purported king of fake news, conservative leaning news organization

The battle was clearly on. And to this day, it continues in earnest. Legitimate news is being buried in feeds and search engine pages, while the effort to directly attack the revenue of alternative media websites continues to expand.

Several weeks ago Mike Adams of penned an alert in which he reported that a shadow organization had contacted him with an offer to either help them take down Infowars founder Alex Jones, or be destroyed. Adams, being a long-time proponent of free speech and liberty, took to the internet to expose them instead. Naturally, the skeptics laughed it all off as another conspiracy theory.

Except just days after Natural News posted the warning, Infowars was suddenly dropped by one of the world’s largest online advertising agencies, reportedly costing the network some $3 million in revenue. And within a week of that attack, the largest search engine in the world delisted some 140,000 pages from their search results.

While this may seem like no big deal for the average reader today, what these recent actions demonstrate is that a conglomerate of traditional news media, big business and political operatives are actively working to suppress the reporting of information that runs counter to the mainstream agenda.

First they come for the purveyors of truth and information that has remained hidden from the masses for decades. Next they will come for those who publicly discuss their views and and ideas on social media and other forums. And while you may not fall into any of these two categories, make no mistake, as SGT Report warns in the following must-watch report, one day they will come for you, too. 

They’ll be coming for all of us… Because this is an orchestrated attack against truth… I cannot imagine living in a time in the United States of America where this is allowed to stand…

As of this morning Google has reinstated, though the original reasons provided by Google, which claimed this was a technical issue involving a small number of outdated pages on the website, were unable to be duplicated by numerous well known SEO websites and cyber sleuths. Curiously, as Health Ranger Mike Adams notes in his statement on the censroship, the very same technical issues actively exist on mainstream websites like CNN and Huffington Post, though their pages have yet to be delisted in the same manner as Natural News.

Based on the evidence, we are hard pressed to find any legitimate reason for why Mike Adams’ 140,000 pages would have been delisted, save for the fact that this was a direct attack against his alternative viewpoints on health, politics and a number of other issues. And though Google as an organization may not have been fully aware of the reasons behind the delisting, someone had to push the button. That the button push came just days after the aforementioned warning Mike received to either play ball or be destroyed is highly suspicious.

There is a concerted effort to shut down views and ideas that run counter to the status quo. Today it has come in the form of silencing the most vocal critics. Tomorrow, they may try to silence you.

Mike Adams discusses the delisting and reinstatement of his website on The Common Sense Show:

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Here's some truth for you:

"Congress is Israeli-occupied territory." -Pat Buchanan

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techies-r-us (not verified) stizazz Mar 3, 2017 11:04 PM

And no media (MSM or AltM) would dare call Israel what it truly is: an apartheid state.

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MSM, thy name is hypocrisy (silencing criticism)

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kavlar (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 3, 2017 11:08 PM

They CAN'T handle the truth!

Paul Kersey's picture

"Tomorrow, they may try to silence you."

They have already silenced me, or I wouldn't be hiding behind a screen name. We must be careful not to leave our electronic fingerprints on social media.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Good luck with that ! many a fine Man was arrested at the tavern for speaking against the Pope. Speak out, in public. Die if needed, our ancestors did, so we must too, if needed.

SMG's picture

We've made the beachead in the revolution.  Now we just have to see it through.  Live free or die.

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I've never had any problem finding it on 


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prime american (not verified) JamesBond Mar 4, 2017 3:42 AM

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Tarzan's picture

That's the Progressive way. lies are a means to conquest, just like Muslim Jihadists, there's no moral standard to be truthful for those who've embraced the Machiavellian way!

Yog Soggoth's picture
The Obama-Bezos-CIA-WaPo Link Coincidentally Lurking Behind So we pay for it with our taxdollars. Really should constitute a breach of the First Amendment. The amendment is generally understood to prevent the government from interfering with the distribution of information and opinions.
New_Meat's picture

15 days old and already able to self-pleasure its posts?  MDB's bot is not very smart.

BarkingCat's picture

It is the sesrch engine I use as well, but unfortunately they simply sit on top of Google.

If Google removes pages then DuckDuckGo will not find them.

There is always StartPage and Yandex.

Akzed's picture

Startpage works the same way as DDG.

This is funny, I put MalWareBytes on my PC and it won't let me go to

dizzyfingers's picture

StatePage is google. Yandex... Russian.

Kernighan's picture

DuckDuckGo  Dot Com is the search engine which DOES NOT do as Google does.  It's policy is to NOT exploit your searches, and any other metadata, to engage in side hustles such as contributing to advertising networks, etc. 

If you are sick of Google knowing all your searches, then DuckDuckGo should be one search engine you definitely consider.  

Bastiat's picture

MSM is exactly "an orchestrated attack on the truth."

El Oregonian's picture


harrybrown's picture

Hitler's Reich burnt "communist literature & the pornographic Jewish bullshit"
that had been widely circulated by the "NWO" media, coincidently controlled by Zionist Jews

Joseph Goebbels actually sang the song that was used to name all the books that needed burning
to rid Germany of the filth that was destroying their nation from within, as is the communist methodology to this day...
I do wish people would take the time to read the facts and not just grab the headlines & quotes.
Put another way, why else are the MSM STILL demonizing Hitler every day to this very day since 1933.  They can't have it both ways


Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech, a zionist Jew who blew the whistle on the Zionist Jewish Bankers, he was one of them!

IntercoursetheEU's picture

"Mainstream", like when you flush the toilet? Boycott cable, revenue sharing is their lifeline.

Lordflin's picture

I would rather die with a rifle in my hands than a keyboard...

VinceFostersGhost's picture



I've killed more with a keyboard......than I have with a gun.

New_Meat's picture

modern-day "pen is mightier than a sword."

AlaricBalth's picture

The pen is mightier than the sword, yet be a master of each.

Lordflin's picture

Yes gentlemen, I get that the pen is mightier than the sword... that is true until it isn't. In any regard discourse seems at an end, sides are all but drawn up, and the enemy is pulling out the stops... so I will maintain my original point... or as a wise man once said...


Give me liberty or give me death...

HedgeJunkie's picture

When the FBI arrived on my doorstep, they had my name, social security number, my wife's name and SS, my son's names and socials, along with my oldest sons wife's name and socials, And all the addresses we'd lived at over the last twenty years...including my son's addresses that were independent from us.

The Agent was aware that my older son had a a security clearance several levels above his.

While he was respectful and friendly, he insisted on making a physical inspection of our home from one pace away from the door.

We don't have nazi adornments or half put together weapons laying about, so he was satisfied with that one step inside.

This was two years ago.  The agent admitted that he had another eight people to check up on in this town of less than 200K for the day.

One relatively small town, nine people a day, and the facebook post I made was four months old.

The title of the post was "Who should we shoot first, Politicians or Banksters?"

That's how pissed people are. 

And that's how fuckin' pathetic they can respond to it.

new game's picture

both...thats why you need me.

JRobby's picture

There are plenty of guns to shoot both.

Tarzan's picture

They know the people are going to flood the streets one day.  Their visit was to stem that tide, even just to slow it's certain arrival.  They're hoping out spoken people like you wont wake the sleeping giant, before they flip the switch.

It's never good when men in black show up at your door.  I dare say, it's at least working a bit... Likely your face book posts have moderated some what since their visit.

I was seven years old when I answered the door and two men dressed in black showed up to anounce my father was a "hero".  My mother's screams of no no no still ring in my ear.  Through the years, that memory is as fresh as it was 4 decades ago.

One day, the bastards will pay, by God!

Mr Kurtz's picture


It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged. ~ G. K. Chesterson 

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Chesterton was magnificent. Another his I llke is

"its not that they cannot find the solution, its that they cant find the problem"

Bwana's picture

I know how you feel. I spent many years at a blaster in construction and mining. I used to order explosives deliveries from my home phone after dinner. My phone service kept getting worse and worse. One Sunday I was servicing my PU truck and a telephone servicemen came by and opened the big junction box down the street. I gave him my phone number and he pointed out my line which had two taps on it. I asked him to take them off and give them to me so I could return them to their rightful owners which he did. When I came home from work the next day there were two suits sitting in their cars in front of my house. They came right to the point "Give me our tap back!" They each got their tap back. About two months later one of my sons caught the serviceman at the junction box again and looked inside. He said our (my) line looked like string of big grapes. He was able to count 10 or 11 taps. On top of that they would sit outside my house in their vehicles every once in a while. After the 9-11 terroriist attack we were told to check the magizines every 6 hours and I asked the officer from what distance, he replied we needed to open and inspect the magazines for theft. I asked if we were authorized to carry a gun and received an emphatic, NO! I then clarified the governments position which was because of possible theft by terrorists we were to come out to the remote sites of our magazines, unarmed in the middle of the night, with all the keys and open and inspect the magazines. Even the agent realized how assinine this was. I retired a few years later and I have never looked back. I'm sure they still listen to my calls and investigate my friends.

I realize there are a lot of small minded people. Because cops carry guns it does not mean they want to shoot people. Pharmicists are not illegal drug dealers. Because a person uses explosives in his everyday job does not mean they are a mad bomber or a terrorist.

etudiant's picture

Unless you're posting from a very well protected site, something better than TOR, you are already identified/identifiable.

Also note that this is an ABC owned site. It belongs to Disney, which is very much an establishment based company. So you are participating in monitored dissent at most.

matter.form's picture

While it is very possible to anonymize yourself online, it is only needed if you are doing Julian Assange level work. Embrace your identity online, you are doing nothing illegal and should not have to hide your identity to speak your mind. Defend against the lists and you won't have anything to fear.

AlaricBalth's picture

ZeroHedge is not an ABC/Disney owned site.
ABC Media Ltd. was formerly registered in Sofia, Bulgaria and is now hosted at in Ontario, Canada.

peddling-fiction's picture

The domain is hosted at Good choice.

The site when Pinged gives me      56.152.80 --> Whois gives me Amazon for active site.

Google handles ZH mails.

earleflorida's picture

and that explains...."POOF", and its gone! 

Escrava Isaura's picture

Mano-A-Mano: MSM is afraid of the UGLY truth.


Could you please tell us who welcome bad news, such as we don’t have enough energy left to keep industrialization going? Such as population overshoot? That the conservative economic approaches/solutions are even worse than the bankrupted liberal?


JRobby's picture

i'll be disruptive in jail too. I have been disruptuve since I was in first grade. I would rather die than submit to censorship and silencing of free speech and expression. 

Fuck them all!




STARVE THE FUCKING BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paper Mache's picture

+ 1000   never stop fighting the corrupt news networks

A Nanny Moose's picture

Well...the Untied States was aparthied. We just didn't need walls.We had the natural barrier call THE DESERT.

Even prison Inmates don't bother escaping.

HedgeJunkie's picture

Hey, I have authentic prison cred.

I've been in prison.

I was invited then locked up.  I was invited to do mock job interviews.  I had no idea I was going to be locked up with the rest of them.  Among all the volunteers, I actually represented a company and we actually WERE looking for employees.  The question "are you Felon friendly" initially stumped me.  But if you're mining a hole in the ground, all we want to see is sweat, and you get a paycheck.  I'm told I'm the most popular interviewer EVAH and they want me back this year.  (I told them what they were facing when they got out in hard, cold, truth.  They don't get news, so they had no idea we had degenerated so much.  One guy had tears in his eyes.)

And this prison IS in the desert. 

To prove your point, the minimum security females were allowed the run of the 'outside hard prison', which allows them to walk the ten miles or so to civilization.  They haven't lost one yet.

Inside the 'hard' prison, they have razor wire dripping at every possible cranny, just in case some moron wants to make a walk that the essentially free women won't even consider.


TDK's picture

You are 100% correct - The Left have been saying this about Israel for decades and the right wing media will not go there!