Tulsi Gabbard: To Solve Refugee Crisis, Stop Funding Terrorism

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Via Darius Shahtahmasebi of TheAntiMedia.org,

Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the politician who previously accused the U.S. of arming ISIS, is still calling on the U.S. government to stop its disastrous regime change policies in the Middle East.

According to a press release made public on Tuesday, Gabbard has again called for the U.S. to stop aiding terrorists like al-Qaeda and ISIS. Gabbard’s guest at the presidential address to Congress, a Kurdish refugee activist, also called for an end to the U.S. policy of “regime change in Syria.”

Gabbard said:

“In the face of unimaginable heartbreak, Tima has been a voice for the voiceless, a champion for refugees worldwide, and a strong advocate for ending the regime change war in Syria. I am honored to welcome her to Washington tonight as we raise our voices to call on our nation’s leaders to end the counterproductive regime change war in Syria that has caused great human suffering, refugees, loss of life, and devastation. We urge leaders in Congress to pass the Stop Arming Terrorists Act and end our destructive policy of using American taxpayer dollars to provide direct and indirect support to armed militants allied with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, who are fighting to overthrow the Syrian government.”

Gabbard also reportedly told Russian state-owned news station RT:

“For years, our government has been providing both direct and indirect support to these armed militant groups, who are working directly with or under the command of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, all in their effort and fight to overthrow the Syrian government.”

The activist, Tima Kurdi, is more widely known as the aunt of a three-year-old boy who drowned on the shores of Turkey in September 2015. The image went viral on social media and was easily manipulated by the mainstream media to further the United States’ agenda in the region, never once laying blame to the U.S. military establishment for spending over $1 billion a year arming Syrian rebels.

According to the press release, Kurdi said the following:

“I am proud to stand with Tulsi and support her work to end regime change war in Syria. My people have suffered for more than six years—enough is enough. Tulsi understands that arming the so-called “rebels” in Syria has only led to more bloodshed, more suffering, and created more refugees. A military solution in Syria is not the answer. I hope that President Trump will stop arming terrorists and commit to a political solution in Syria—it is the only way to restore peace.”

Gabbard came under fire earlier this year when she took a secretive trip to Syria and met with President Assad, as well as a number of other people on the ground. The fact that her proposed policies have the backing of the relative of the drowned Syrian refugee — whose images the media exploited in 2015 to advance the western narrative against Assad — should speak volumes about the efficacy of Gabbard’s approach. Despite this, the media hardly pays heed to Gabbard’s ideas.

In 2014, PBS ran a report in which they interviewed Syrian rebels who had been trained by the CIA at a camp in Qatar. According to one of the fighters:

“They trained us to ambush regime or enemy vehicles and cut off the road…They also trained us on how to attack a vehicle, raid it, retrieve information or weapons and munitions, and how to finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush.” [emphasis added]

The latter emboldened section is a blatant war crime and is also the standard operating procedure for ISIS. Regardless of the banner these rebels operate under, this is a terrorist tactic, and it is ultimately what American taxpayer dollars have been doing in Syria.

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1980XLS's picture

Go Tulsi!

A true American Patriot.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I am beginning to fear for the lives of people who are attempting to speak their mind in public.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Cognitive Dissonance Mar 3, 2017 7:43 PM

She's our gal!  Fuck the globalists!

Even if you are voting Trump, register Democrat and nominate her.

Also throws off their estimates in the general.

LetThemEatRand's picture

How long before she's investigated for talking to Russian reporters.

Looney's picture


Are there any Mullahs in the house?

How does this “72 virgins” crap work? Do the Virgins come in a shipping container or in separate cardboard boxes?

Can any unused or defective Virgins be returned or exchanged for the same number of baby-goats?

Oh, and what about female-martyrs? Do they get 72 virgin boys or 72 lesbian virgins?

This ‘Slamic Shit is so confusing!  ;-)


Manthong's picture

I never, never thought I could be so enamored with a Democrat.

Mr. Universe's picture

She had better tread carefully, those long plane rides back to Hawaii can be dangerous.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Mr. Universe Mar 3, 2017 7:54 PM

Also STOP making PROPAGANDA for terrorist organizations. But what can you expect from Kike-wood and Jew-York?

Anti-Syrian War Protest disrupts White Helmets Propaganda Event



ALWAYS follow the money !

Manthong's picture

But geez, Louise..

The blond helmet dye job and the planted dead kid of the boat runner should provide some clues.


Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Manthong Mar 3, 2017 8:14 PM


<-- Tulsi
<-- Oprah 

kavlar's picture

ISIS & AlQaeda = ISRAEL.

As long as Israel keeps getting BILLION$ of US Taxpayers' money, terrorism will NEVER END.


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prime american (not verified) Jeffersonian Liberal Mar 4, 2017 3:58 AM

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Vatican_cameo's picture


It's a shame Trump couldn't find a Cabinet position for her.  Anyone who can "Stir the Establishment Pot" is alright by me.

buttmint's picture


...about nailguns!

keep the bastards honest's picture

Hawai  is only democrat so she has to be a democrat. 

just the tip's picture

she has a realist viewpoint of foreign policy.  when she starts talking economic and/or social policy, your enamel will wash off very quickly.  spoiler alert, bernie.

Giant Meteor's picture

Economics? Social Policy? You're shitting me right? I don't give a shit if she is Karl Marx reincarnated. Not to mention the fact, that shit is, and has been so F'ing far gone, for so long, we'll be fortunate get back to moderate insanity, from the great black hole of purposeful forgetting, lest not likely, without some major F'ing grand reset ... and I'm not seeing any voulunteers for that just yet, you?

I'd be satisfied for starters, stop blowing up shit, countries, the world, people. Stop blowing them up, stop starving them out, stop forced migrations and assimliations, stop global theft, stop massive corruption, STOP! HALT! Slow the horses on you know, annilating mankind for a few more sheckles of worthless paper.

Yeah I know, they own all the best lands, assets, wealth, universities. They control the corporations, banks, media, God knows own all the politicians, and judges in their back pocket (Thanks George.)

Be grateful for your daily bread crumbs, wealthcare, water, tax donkeys, and other assorted daily beatings ... while they saber rattle their way into the next steal em, wreck em and ruin operation. I repeat, the insane are running the asylum, the sociopaths are IN CHARGE. and shit, they've got nuclear weapons to seal the deal!


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

She is a Representative for the state of Hawaii.

Her view of foreign policy, based upon her current position, is irrelevant.

She is establishing a 'foreign-policy resume' as part of laying the groundwork for a presidential run.

She is a Progressive who voted for Bernie.


cheech_wizard's picture

Her position on Ukraine is well documented...

Standard Disclaimer: What goes for ISIS and Al-Qaeda goes for the puppet government in Ukraine.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

You're not enamored, Manthong.

You are sedated by the propaganda.

Giant Meteor's picture

I've yet to see or hear, on this thread, you, making a coherent, cogent, "argument." Leaving rational aside for the moment ..

In fact, several of your comments, contain some variation or exactly the same, inuendo, hyperbole, and / or ad hominen ..

Why is this?

She is a "socialist?" She is a "democrat?" She wants "Trump's Job?" This is your argument? Heh, how bout we say, she's a  really good and serious egg, just trying to crack a few other eggs, to make an omelet! Just  checking shit out, you know, all that death, destruction, migration and mayhem, saying what she finds, not hiding, not ducking, not evading , not pravaricating and I say, that counts for something. Or should ..

As long as she runs as something other than Sheeple grouping # 1 (democrat) or Sheeple Group # 2 (republican) she'll have my vote too, that is, as long as she stays true to herself, and (as example) true to the position she now takes, on this issue, and all others like it, no matter how unpopular, simply tells it like it is  .. Just the facts mam, just the facts ..

Now personally, I don't believe that is going to be the case .. due to the following reason(s)

People with true character, honest principles, True Grit, and brains, rarely, if ever, run in national political contests anymore, hell, its getting rare  even on the state and local levels ..

I'm guessing that for these reasons alone, this will leave her well out it, in four years ..

rest easy ..


PS, Congratulations to Hawaii's 2nd district, must be good eggs all around .. Aloha!


Clint Liquor's picture

The Fem-martyrs get 72 boy virgins. Which serves them right. 72 guys who prematurely ejaculate and have no idea what a g-spot or clit is.

scoutshonor's picture

If you ever had one of those things during Christmas where you would open a different section each day--and take out a piece of candy and read a devotional message, it's like that.  Just instead of candy the sections contain virgins--usually with stripper names like Bubbles or Brandy.

It's quite a bit larger that the book like arrangemets we used to have on the bedside table around Christmas time.  So you have to have a fairly large wall to hang it up on.  I find it best to use a load bearing wall because, well, these compartments do contain 72 virgins and times being what they are what are the chances you can assemble a collection of 72 people without some plus sizes creeping into the mix.

Now if you take the whole 72 days to work through the collection much of the chubby issue will have self corrected.  But if people approach it like I did growing up three days in all the virgins will be experienced in the ways of the world and the pictures can go back on the wall.

Now full disclosure--I'm not an official Islamic Professor with degree and stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's sorta sumpin like that.

esum's picture

72 virgins =72 sisters of charity nuns...  with rifles 

knukles's picture

Double double save by legalizing pot; decrease incarceration, police time, Decrease Big Pharma costs to Medicare, etc., increased tax reveues off of retail usage.

This is not a "pot" consideration; it's all about the 10th Amendment, states and individual rights, etc.

LetThemEatRand's picture

It's a no-brainer to me, knukles.  Sad that our latest hope and change guy doesn't seem to see it that way.

gatorengineer's picture


Come on man, name a state where Pot in quantities for Personal use gets jail time?

Thought so.  A hay bale is not personal use quantity unless you are a Tyler.

scoutshonor's picture

Hay bales come in several sizes--at least 2 of them fit in my personal stash range;-/

Ignatius's picture

"How long before she's investigated for talking to Russian reporters?"

Then she can go full Trump and counter-tweet a pic of McStain commiserating with ISIS leaders.

AnonG-Man's picture

While humerous, Tulsi doesn't act childish.  She is the type of person who would give an example in an interview or speech rather than retorting on Twitter.

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed she is a patriot. It is way past time SOMEONE got some play on this, a central issue of our time.

A basic jumping off point. IRAQ pre- kickoff, starting with the second Pearl Harbor attack, in NYC. Seven countries, five years. Ok so they're off a bit on the time frame. Syria, next on deck, Iran ... who really knows.

We can go back further, ALOT further.

Readily available for those who, you know, "study" the matter. History, deep state, has eyes, ears, and functioning brain, willing to use, etc.. and by study I mean, nothing serious really, 3-4 hours a week ought to do for starters. Obviously common sense, basic logic and a few less entertainments are a plus. Less slaving for the man, or chasing the sheckles, a bonus.

Can do ..

Good for you mam. Beauty, and a brain that works really well. Experience, and the absolute unmitigated brass to speak truth (to power.) Invaluable. You mam, are a true patriot, by ANY REAL definition, of that word.

In this lost nation, maybe, JUST FUCKING MAYBE, you may now hold our attention long enough (due to recent developments), and people may care just enough about these "issues", to do something OTHER THAN chant USA USA USA, Yeah blow shit up! Fuck Yeah!. Kill more brown people hell yeah! Evil doers! Got to fight over there before we fight em over here! Fuck Yeah! Simultaneously waving flags, pasting metallic yellow ribbons on debt mobiles, and sayin things like, thank you for your service! (you know getting your LIMBS blown off for these corrupt and illegal wars, brain trauma, suicide at home (just heard another one close to me, a gulf vet.)

You may be the only truth telling patriot left on this ball of dirt, that remotely has a prayer of getting the message heard. God Speed to you,   .. cuz this shit needs to stop, like YESTERDAY!

Hugs, Prayers, Best of all possible Regards,


AnonG-Man's picture

I believe many hope, regardless of political leanings - or rather those that are paying better attention, rather than worshipping the ground people like Trump or Hillary walk on like blind idiots, that America will not fall over a cliff.

Personally I think that time has past, but decades of politics has hardened me into a cynic so take this for what it is worth - studying history has also shown me that sometimes there really is nothing to reverse the damage that has already been done.

People around me in daily life can barely articulate the situation the U.S. is in.  An example, would be a Republican-leaning, although Obama supporter, person I know that believes Chelsea Manning "endangered" lives by revealing information.  That information was by definition War Crimes deliberately covered up by the Pentagon, and thus there are still many that believe what the U.S. does is 'righteous' or that it is better to keep War Crimes a secret and kick the can further down the road.  In other words, nobody should really be held accountable or responsible.  And leadership rarely is held accountable.  Presidents and Congress Critters send young men and women off to die in fool's wars and tell them 'they are on their own' if they believe what they are doing or seeing violates International Law.

And then there are Democrat-leaning individuals I know that can not define to me how Russia and by extension the Russian people are "enemies" that so-called influenced an Election, despite no evidence of ballot tampering, and are gob-smacked when given examples of the United States deliberately and violently overthrowing leaders of other Nations for decades.  Most Americans do not understand this, because it has never truly happened here.  It is out of sight and out of mind.

And then there are the numerous examples scattered throughout articles in the comment sections here or other sites.  From people stating Vietnam should have been "won" or idiotic comments of annihilating an entire country with Nuclear weapons as a "good idea" or that Trump stating "America is the Greatest Nation in History" is not the same as Obama touting America as "The Most Exceptional National."  Many don't even know what a "Deep State" is or care.  Americans beliefs are all over the board.  An effectively propaganized Nation that commits Fascism with a damn smile.

Anyhow, although I am no longer a Republican or Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard is a rare Democrat that I would trust, but she is a minority in a damaged political party.  Unless she can recruit more young, like-minded up and coming politicians to reform the party or lead a third party that combines both political experience and civilian leadership (like 'a' Jill Stein), I forsee the Republicans and Democrats fumbling through the same mistakes they always make.

Giant Meteor's picture

Thank You. I'm glad I've lived long enough to know truth when I see it. Well done, well said.

Kind Regards,


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

ZH certainly is pimping this female Obama Progressive.

Wake up people. She is stating the obvious and only what is safe to state.

And doing so to keep her face plastered in the news.

She is not who you think she is.

They are controlling you to think that she is 'the answer.'

This is all a setup by her handlers for a presidential run.

She will be undermining Trump in two years to help destroy his presidency to pave the way for her run.

Stuck on Zero's picture

"I am beginning to fear for the lives of people who are attempting to speak their mind in public." 

-You are dead man you dissdent.

Twee Surgeon's picture

How did we get here ?

When you say in public do you mean at the periphery of a "Liberal" demonstration downtown or do you mean on the Internet ?

It's the same thing really, now. They have my ISP and can come and Drag my ass out of the house at any time for my Multitudinous Objections.

Who would notice ? Nobody. The wife might call the local news paper that is downsizing because nobody reads it.

Any Money for a Real Defense of Free Speech, No.

It really is turning into a Passionate and Polarized debate. When I say 'It' I mean the unleashing of true public opinion that must be staggering to the wannabe-overlord class.

My Conscience demands that I speak my mind but that is neither here nor there to men of no conscience who work for just cash and not Country.

Shout the truth !

Giant Meteor's picture

Correct, and eventually they may come to realization, they cannot kill and enslave everyone, or if so, they will destroy the entire world, including themselves, and I make no claim nor warranty to say that these people, these dark and sinister "people" are not at all above, nor beneath, that insanity.

Strength, IN, Numbers ..


Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, CD, people who are publicly significant are at proportional risks from the degree that is so when they criticize what the deep state shadow governments have been doing ... However, in general I find that public attention is mostly paid are to those who routinely understate the nature of the political games which governments have been covertly directed to play ... While it is essential to the perception of the role of "terrorists" to recognize that the events on 9/11/2001 were inside job, false flag attacks, I do NOT know how deep those rabbits holes go, since those appear to be practically infinite tunnels of deceits.

I repeat one of my favourite CD statements:

"The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."


This article reviews some of the issues CD has previously pondered:

Viral Conspiracies | Doomstead Diner

In particular it quotes this flashback to:

You will have noticed a fairly common response when the 9/11 massacre enters a discussion. Smart people will say that they “will not go there”, which brings to mind the “here be dragons” warning on uncharted bits of medieval maps. That response is not stupid. It hints at an understanding that there is no way back once you enter that realm. There is simply no denying that if you accept the essential conclusions of the official 9/11 report you must also concede that laws of nature stopped working on that particular day. And, true enough, if you do go there and bear witness publicly to what you see, you may well be devoured; your career in many government positions, the media and even academia is likely to come to an end. — Karel van Wolferen, The Unz Review

  The international bankers captured control over the government of the USA, long ago. In particular, the CIA was started by Wall Street lawyers, and serves the interests of the global agenda of the international bankers: Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs is the agenda that the CIA has been following. Since they already captured control of the public "money" supplies, and that "money," in one way or another, for generation after generation, has been deployed in ways which effectively controls the personal careers of everyone who enjoys any publicly significant status, I am NOT aware of any publicly significant genuine opposition, but only various kinds of "controlled opposition."
Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed, Indeed so. Thank you again.

Outstanding, and pity, that telling truth in an empire of lies, is such a treasonous act.

I know my life is worth nothing, except to a few close friends and familiy.

I also know, deep state knows whom, and has no qualms in the killing business, and where to hurt people the most for maximum effect.

In spite of this realization, these things must be said, no matter, whatever the cost.

Radical Marijuana's picture

What you said pretty well applies to me too, in the same ways, GM.

"In spite of this realization, these things must be said ..."

Nobodys Home's picture

"In spite of this realization, these things must be said ..."

Yes. I find that there are still good people out there.
I don't want violence, but I'll make a mess if I am forced to fight for basic rights and freedom.

Giant Meteor's picture

Yes, and the reality IS, there are FAR more GOOD people out there, than sociopaths. Like, way more. That is a fact. Unfortunately the mechanism, the manner of deceit, is so entirely EFFECTIVE, that just as example, it APPEARS that roughly half the nation hates the other half. This is untrue of course, but that is "the game."

It has and continues to be played well, for maximim effect ..

Nobodys Home's picture

I've missed you. When I first read your immense diatribes I thought you were crazy. I read them all. Then I began to translate what you were saying to my own brain. Basically, I agree. ...and thanks

Good to see you posting.

r0mulus's picture

+100 - always love reading RM's posts!

Nobodys Home's picture

Then you better shut up and batten down the hatches! Get rid of that awesome website you have that helps people learn to live. You are the target. You know I think you are doing the right thing.

Proctologist's picture

Fear would drive the neocons to kill political opposition (Kennedy, former Clinton friends, etc.).

Fear cannot be shown by those hoping to protect any remaining fragment of the republic.

"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the mastery of fear."

dogsandhoney2's picture

and an authentic, tough american, too.
the u.s. needs her to lead a third party.