Ukraine Tax Chief Gets Heart Attack After Arrest Over $75 Million Theft

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While much of the media attention remains glued to Russia for various reasons, a more notable development took place in neighboring Ukraine overnight, where on Friday Ukrainian state agencies tried to arrest the head of the tax and customs service Roman Nasirov, i.e., the equivalent to the head of the IRS, over the embezzlement of around $75 million. However, their efforts were hindered when the man, Roman Nasirov, was allegedly struck by a heart attack during the detention attempt and was shown stretchered into an ambulance and taken to Kiev's Feofania hospital late on Thursday.

Anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky said investigators believe 38-year-old Nasirov helped exiled lawmaker Oleksandr Onishchenko deprive the state of 2 billion hryvnias ($75 million) in tax revenue linked to a gas deal, Reuters reports. The crackdown was seen as a landmark case following patchy anti-graft efforts from the Western-backed authorities.

"Detectives and a prosecutor went to Feofania," Kholodnytsky said on television channel 112. "Nasirov was notified of the allegation by a detective. I will find out if he was conscious or not." Nasirov has previously denied all allegations of graft against him. His office would not immediately comment on the matter.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said Nasirov had been relieved of his duties while the case is pending. "It is in our interest that the investigation be impartial and effective. This issue is very important for Ukrainian society today," he said in a government meeting.

Meanwhile, Nasirov's theatrical performance did not receive high marks: Ukraine prosecutor Kholodnytsky was openly skeptical about Nasirov's sudden hospitalization. "I, like many Ukrainian citizens, have doubts about the unexpected transfer to hospital, as this has become a historic tradition for the Ukrainian political elite and top management." He cited the example of a former transport minister who in 2008 was found by investigators in a hospital after they sought to detain him on corruption charges.

If Nasirov is found guilty, it would be the first successful prosecution of a senior official for graft since the 2014 uprising that ushered in a Western-backed leadership promising to tackle endemic corruption. Ukraine has been accused of Wastern overseers of taking no measures to crack down on sprawling crony capitalism and embezzlement inside the country.

"This is the destruction of the unwritten corrupt status quo in the country," said pro-European lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko in a post on Facebook. "Nasirov will be a valuable witness to the misuse of state money by those in the highest ranks."


Stop-start reforms over the past three years have raised concerns that Ukraine's political elite lacked the will to eradicate a deep-rooted system of cronyism and bribe-taking. Nasirov's lawyer, Andriy Kuzmenko, confirmed that he was being investigated for embezzlement and said he could face up to six years in prison.


Opposition lawmakers and the finance ministry have previously called for Nasirov to be investigated for abuse of office. In 2016, Nasirov clashed with an activist appointed to reform the graft-plagued customs of Odessa over her accusation that he had blocked her attempts to fire corrupt officials.

In an online wealth declaration tool aimed at boosting transparency, he disclosed last October that he and his wife held cash in euros and dollars worth $2.2 million and owned Swiss watches, diamond jewelry, fur coats and fine porcelain among other items. He told Reuters in an interview he had earned this money in the financial sector before taking office.

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But Vicky said I could help myself!!  What??!!

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This is false, it must be, this guy and his gov't had the full support of the Obama Admin and Soros and we know Soros would never be involved in anything shady. Clearly the Russians made him do it with their mind control device that makes the Dems commit crimes as well.

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Another asian girl on a "TV prank show"?

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Efforts hindered when the guy who was being attested for embezzling $75 Million had a heart attack?
I'd say that worked pretty damned well.
Now ask him; "Where the Fucking Gold?"
Put him under the hot lamps and sweat him for the answer.

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Shove his head in the toilet.


Where's the money Lebowski?

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shove his feet in a wood chipper - he'll sing like a bird.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) actionjacksonbrownie Mar 3, 2017 4:50 PM

Heart attacks can happen sooo easily these days...

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The question now is, does he get out of the hospital alive?

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Doubtful.  I suspect a sudden onset of lead poisoning, or pillow inhalation.  Very common in these cases.

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Aren't pillows reserved for Judges?

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what is amazing is he got caught. come on dude, 75 mil will buy a lot of lock jaw...

to greedy for his own good-dumb fuk...

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My guess is his throat is crushed in a rehab accident.

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More likely to accidently fall from a 6th floor window in the hospital.

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Ah hem ...

Dont you mean 9th Floor? 6th Floor is so 3 days ago stuff ....

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Apparently he didn't steal enough.

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So true.

See, our moms did try to tell us how to behave after all, didn't they?  Like the time mom was angry with me for prying little Billy's eyeball out of it's socket with the shoehorn in the locker room.  I told her Billy kept staring at me and she'd always said staring at people is impolite.....

gallic shrug

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A mere $75mil won't even earn your bones on wall street

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Calcium scan, bitchez!  Get one.  Heart disease #1 killer in Ukraine.

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McCain's Nazi soldiers are falling.

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Six years for $75mm?! Wow, time to start embezzling.

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I remember as a freshman in college my first year accounting teacher said 'if you want to commit a crime, commit embezzlement'.

Now I know he was not kidding  !

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All Ukies including Pres (((Waltzman))) and PM (((Groisman))) are either thieves or thugs.

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Motive, Means and Opportunity coalescing into high crimes.

The motive is often ingrained in a culture or sub-culture.  Organized crooks are found in every ethnic group. Some groups are more open and tolerant of them than are others, but they all have them.

Such cultural changes can only come from top-down changes. For example, think of the kind of changes that the mythical or historical figure of Moses had to bring about, to change a People fundamentally.

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Like Moses causing the Jews to invent GPS satellite positioning?

"Fuck you Moses...40 years and we're back where we started?

What an asshole."

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So where is the US hiding Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is he staying with Victoria Nuland, or has the CIA given him a safe house?

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Wasn't John McAfee suddenly struck with a heart attack after being obtained for shooting his neighbor.

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Dec. 5, 2012

John McAfee, wanted in Belize for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor, has been arrested in Guatemala for entering the country illegally, his Guatemala attorney told ABC News.

He was also arrest for DUI and many other violations. He's peaked and now on the slide.

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After being found hiding - he dug a hole in the sand on the beach deep enough to bury himself and had a cardboard box on his head to breathe.  WTF - you can't make this stuff up.

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They never said that on US networks, so that tells me that he did shot his neighbor and got away with murder.


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his claims are on the 'net.  He is pretty bizarre dude but so I am.  He basically claims that he was being shaken down by the belize govt.  

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Here in London we often have language problems where our US cousins spell or pronounce words slightly differently than we do.

I often see the word "bitches or bitchez" used, but where it does not appear to have any female connotations, what the Hell does the word mean??

I presume it might not be polite, but ZH seems to be a very tolerant site!!

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bitchez = male

bitches = female

internet slang, i only see it used here and at ibankcoin but those are about the only places i go anymore.

also bitchez is used to get up votes here. it is derogatory of basically everybody but it's usually good for one or two just by itself. try it sometime. bitchez.

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Bitchez ... original ghetto connotation meant a guy who is so sissified that he'd do anything you ordered including "bend over", etc.
"I made him my bitch"  Has to do with 'manliness', control, etc.


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"Name Calling" and "Derogatory Labeling" have been used as a passive-aggressive tactic since the dawn of mankind.

Unfortunately, Americans have proudly embraced and declared it a masterpiece while competing for bragging rights on it's destructive usage.

TJ-7.4.26's picture

Thank you for showing us your best example.

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What I find disturbing, is how much of American insults, revolves around fucking their mothers. 

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Cousins? - no.  The English are more like a drunken step Dad we all fled the house to escape.  America, Ireland, India, Egypt etc etc.  Like BritBob, just can't let it go with the Falklands.  

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It's a Negro thang.

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There was a brief period on ZH when the first comment always ended in "bitchez!"  Truthfully, that was the first I had seen the word used.

My usage is not intended to be derogatory or gender related.  Suppose I could use "fuckerz" instead, but when I use "fuckers", that is intended to be derogatory.  Unless I'm talking to close friends and family.

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I say oh boy, it is common at ZH to say:

Phyzz bitchez, Keep Stackin ...   Au, Ag and Pb !


Especially during tea time, jolly good, jolly good then.

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I say OLD boy,

You sepos are a bit of a worry.

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It's a ZH term of endearment, commonly used in conjunction with gold.

"Gold, bitchez!"

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All IMF money these nazi sympathizers are grabbing.

Mericans did air lift 32 tons of gold from their bank. They musta figured these teeves would sell it off. And the merican administration wants to let these thugs take back Crimea? Those citizens knew what was going on, too bad for the others like Donbass and Ossetia. The regime is targeting the citizens. Millions ran to Russia. Russia has been sending aid for those that are still there.

That guy they caught is no different than all the others stealing money. $320 million of IMF went missing from the bank and everyone there has that goldfish look on their face.