British University Bans All "Politically Incorrect" Words: Here's The List...

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Via Michael Shedlock of,

Cardiff Metropolitan University is at the forefront of political correctness sensitivity. The University Bans Lecturers from Using any Sexist or Insensitive Words. The list of banned words is wider than you might think. Here are some examples: mankind, homosexual, housewife, manmade, and sportsmanship.



And please, try to avoid words like “mother” and “father” unless you can say “mother and father” together. Yes, the article states that.

Gee, is there an order for this? Yes, there is. It better be random. Always saying mother first could get you in trouble. The article did not say but the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” clearly has to go.


According to the guide, Mrs. and Miss are considered offensive. Clearly, it’s best to avoid gender-identifying terms altogether.

What happens When these culturally-trained “snowflakes” hit the real world outside of their safe-space university?

Hmm. Am I allowed to use the word “snowflake” like that? Apologies offered for my unsportspersonslike conduct.

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Thankfully, I would flunk out of school in the first minute!

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That's why I call them "homos or homosexuals" because they don't like it, they want to runaway from that name.

lol..........assholes, I will use all the banned terms.

I know someone who works at a big start up in SF  who said (won't say the name)  they fired all the feminists.

They are going to find themselves shit outta luck in the real world.

rrrr's picture

You can call me asshole and homo as much as you want, doesn't bother me a bit. Meantime you're right. We should all use the disapproved words.

EscapeKey's picture

thanks, universities, for providing me a list of words i will DEFINITELY use

the old ones, that is. go fuck yourselves, snowflakes.

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The NHS has had private elements since it's inception 70 years ago. All G.Ps (General Practitioners - local doctors) are contracted to the NHS. All dentists the same. All the hospital's have to bring in agency nurses and doctors at great expense to fill gaps.Tony Blair introduced PPP that built and services hospital's and schools so which means that health authorities etc have to pay rental and service fees even when they are no longer needed. This was done to keep them "off the books" and so remain within government borrowing limits. 

The NHS is up to its eyeballs in debt and is unsustainable.  Politically it is a sacred cow that cannot be put down.

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I never call homos faggots. I only call faggots, faggots, so I'm way more correct than these faggots.

land_of_the_few's picture

Oh man they forgot a few. Like "Fucking Harpy".

Never mind.

One of my personal favorites was utter panic and disgust at the phrase "bear with me" bring used to ask the person on the other end of the phone to wait a little.

Apparently people with nothing better to do and very little  understanding of educated or even traditional non-Disney English (or shall we call them, "Spackers", no offense intended to genuine Spastics who almost certainly have more common sense), think this is "bare with me" and therefore offensive. God knows what is going on in their minds, "fascinating" as Mr Spock would say.

Strange it didn't occur to them that it also could sound like a coded warning about wildlife on the loose .... even the spelling is proper for that too :-"Bear with me ... Rarrr!" :D

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xythras FUCK OFF!

Jesus, I'm sick of this spamming asshole hijacking threads. DO SOMETHING ZH!

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Right. Their capital city has become 60% foreign but that's no big deal. Vote Conservative!!! Goodbye Britain.

Privatize the NHS? To the streets!!!

Stuck on Zero's picture

This so reminds me of ...

"You are Fined 1 Credit for a Violation of the Verbal Morality Statute."


-Demolition Man

stizazz's picture


HoloHoax did not make the list.

NurseRatched's picture

I thought the list was rather niggardly myself.

Logan 5's picture

Fantastic! They didn't ban SNOWFLAKE

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I am terribly offended the appropriate term for housewife is " Consumer"! WTF? We are domestic engineers!

Come to think of it... the modern housewife may be properly labeled after all.


Logan 5's picture

Is that a fancy name for 'toilet scrubber'?

Amicus Curiae's picture

yay Miffed

I also am extremely offended at that conversion

yes, point that some might be labelled correctly


reckon more the younger gen than older ones.

i admit to using the Ms title for many years

simply to make it impossible for employers to discriminate against married applicant for jobs..when i was.

nowdays? its none of their damned biz if i am either or neither;-)


Grave's picture

here's updated list:
snowflake = assflake
massmedia = assmedia
social justice warrior = social justice whiner

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Surprised they didn't ban 'go fuck yourselves'; I'm sensing a loophole there... oh, wait, was that offensive???

To-do list:

Ban 'genius', 'briliant', 'sharp', 'clever', 'brainiac',... - 'cause, you know, sarcasm is racist, man!...

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People can't even fuck anymore without first getting 23 signed and notarized consent triplicate


Lore's picture

Oh dear, those words carry a value judgement, and you know the eventual goal is to eliminate all standards except those prescribed by the State and subject to change at the whim of Big Sibling.

Thinking along these lines, the label 'libtard' seems acceptable, as does 'psychopath,' as both are gender-nonspecific, recent events demonstrate the entrenchment of 'derangement' in the halls of academia, and notions espoused by a 'libtard' may be fairly and accurately described as 'deranged' or 'pathological.' Furthermore, the etymological meaning of 'psychopath' is literally 'suffering mind,' which suggests that one should pity such depravity, consistent with the perceived agenda to acculturate victimhood among the 'progressive-left,' another descriptor of their own choosing.  'Asshole' seems appropriately discriminating without being discriminatory: in nature, one typically finds that politically-correct 'libtards' are 'deranged assholes,' and vice versa. 

Son of Loki's picture

They forgot, 'Undocumented" for "illegal."

Also, for the muslim who yells alloo akhbar while plowing his truck into a crowd or shoots 20-30 people in cold blood,  there's no such thing as an "islamic terrorist"... you can only label him, "mentally deranged person with no ties to isis."

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you should know's "DREAMER"

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In fairness, thankfully, this is not a "significant" place of higher education and, in general, UK Universities (unlike their US counterparts) still enjoy freedom of speech and the ability to genuinely debate all issues, irrespective of their likelihood or not to "Trigger Libtards". The same liberal elite has also infiltrated UK Universities but the degree to which Political Correctness and Snowflake values has penetrated is still much lower than in the US, which now graduates "students" who can barely read or write and will have great difficulty fitting into the workplace due to a lack of ability to examine problems critically so with a future of irrevocable student loans and welfare. Greater society will ultimately suffer as a result of this mis-allocation of resources.

carbonmutant's picture

So a crime was committed but we were unable to identify the offending party...

Dugald's picture


Universities are not the place to go for Intelligence......!!

Dig Deeper1's picture

I think they left off manhole, mandrake, Manchester, Mansfield, etc

Kidbuck's picture

Obviously a list created by AIDS infected faggot shit stabbers in an attempt to make themselves feel normal.

These fags can call themselves anything they like but they're just evading the truth.

Chris Dakota's picture

Did any Jews die of AIDS?

My father a pilot during WWll said "I never met a Jew in the service."

Jews were not drafted, and never enlisted on their own.


IndyPat's picture

Well, there was that one ewe den in Saving Private Ryan, so...they had to have served. Spielberg says so.

StagStopa's picture

Are you really that stupid?

Socratic Dog's picture

I only ever really knew one jew, Chris, and he volunteered for the air force in WWII.

But then, he and his (jewish) wife hated jews.  Whatever the fuck that means.

Xiuhcoatl's picture

Plenty of Jews were drafted or enlisted. Sometimes we wear a hat to cover our horns, so you might not always recognize us.

I knew one religeously observant guy who served. He caused a stir in the barracks when he put on his teffilin (prayer boxes) in the mornings.

There was also the Jewish Brigade -

Ace006's picture

Didn't you see "Inglorious Basterds"? Brad Pitt led a unit of Jewish GI war criminals.

Chupacabra-322's picture

But don't these Leftists/ Marxist want Total Complete Full Spectrum World Dominion over Mankind?

Laddie's picture

The limitation on language is a TOOL of OPPRESSION, by the Tribe against the Whites. Because if you can't use the words you naturally would use then your mind adapts, and not in a good way.
Why do you think the Jews and Puerto Rican on the Supreme Court want a HATE SPEECH exception to the 1st Amendment?

SPLC Hate Crime: Female University Professor Who Accompanied Charles Murray Away from Protests Attacked

Patrick Stewart applying for US citizenship to 'fight' President Trump

Cuck Island: University Bans Terms “Mankind,” “Right-Hand Man” and “Gentleman’s Agreement” as Sexist

As we have noted, democracy was the plausible and, to the anaesthetised British people, morally unanswerable ideal whereby the destruction of British Africa was initially engineered. Yet the failure of this near-insane liberal experiment has in no way given pause to the systematic -- or rather, precipitate -- hand-over of power to the black inhabitants, no matter how incompetent, corrupt, blood-splattered and Marxist they might be. It is thus impossible to avoid the conclusion that this democratic idealism was never more than a cover for something entirely different but much more to the political point - namely the subjugation of the civilised white man.

It seems to be impossible to get people in Britain and America to realise that the capitulation of the West is due entirely to pressures exerted from within, not to pressures exerted from without. There is nothing 'inevitable' about it as we are taught to repeat. The 'march of events' is being paced out to the tune of Western 'fiddlers'.
White Man Think Again! by Anthony Jacob, Johannesburg 1965

Is not our role to stand for the one thing which means our own salvation here but with which it will also be possible to save the world, and with which Europe will be able to save itself, namely the preservation of the white man and his state? Hendrik Verwoerd

I question the morality of forced assimilation or absorption of peoples. If we were to apply that principle of assimilation as it were the only moral solution for our problems, what would happen to the white man whose heritage this South Africa is, settled by his forefathers, built by them throughout three centuries and more, a home for its people, drenched with their sweat and blood of these three centuries?
Dr Hendrik Verwoerd

What are we in South Africa going to do in that future? My answer is that this will depend on the question of whether we will be able to maintain our anchors. For me this means that we should keep our identity as a people, that we should not become international, that we should not consider ourselves wise or learned or big when we abandon our people. But secondly – and this is the most important – this anchor must ensure that we keep our faith. If we can stay anchored in our faith and thus in our Church, those big changes can do nothing that spells danger to us as a people who hold fast to God and his Word.

–Dr Hendrik Verwoerd

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture

Jews are a parasite without any inhibitions at this point. When they are expelled this next time, history will not ever forget again.

Something this virulent has 2 possible outcomes: Either they kill the host, or the host eradicates the infection after becoming critically ill.

Laddie's picture

Well the fact is that Whites will not survive as long as the ENEMY OF HUMANITY has power.

Whites must remember: politics is a war to the death. Whites are dying because the Tribe wants Whites to die. It’s them or the Whites. Either Whites perish or...

Obey Your Ethnic Masters: A Simple Message for Stale Pale Folk

Words as Weapons: Asymmetry and Advantage in Linguistic Competition

philipat's picture

Political Correctness is a tool of oppression, actually, which is why it is to be despised. The elites are too small in number to control the sheeple day to day so PC was created as a means of having them control and police themselves. As such, it is the greatest obstacle that exists to the expansion of human knowledge and thus development.

Nekoti's picture

Enjoyed the articles, thanks for the links.

Chris Dakota's picture

It's obvious because everything they do is against whites/christians.

And why they need political correctness, lest you wake up whites that genocide is what the Jewish goal is.

inhibi's picture

The fact that you bring anti-Semitism to a debate about the hilarity of snowflakes shows how deranged you are. Parasitic? Sorry that Judaism brought love of education & hard work: its why we are overrespresented in the medical and law fields. Get over it. America's current problems are the culmination of 200 years of rule brought by Christian/Protestant whites, not Jews. My family didnt even come over the pond until 1939, which they only did to escape genocide.

I dont even practice Judaism, yet still, the crede in the family was to become either a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Similiar to the Asians. Now you know why Asians score higher on the SATs than whites by a large margin. Now you know why Jews and Asians make more money than the average white family in America. We work harder and better. You should go listen to the Daft Punk song. I think it might clear up some confusion on your part.

landsman's picture

You guys are clearly not smart enough to be a jew. 

Chris Dakota's picture

According to former Jew and Israeli Zioinist Gilad Atzmon "Jews were doing experiments in those ghettos to raise the IQ, mating smart Jew to smart Jew."

Must be how they got so ugly, they only married for IQ. After sometime they had to marry someone beautiful to improve the looks.

IndyPat's picture

The joke is they thought it was that simple. Genius skips a generation damn near every time.
Genetics is funky. I've seen two butt nasty parents push out solid 10s before. Wish I could get a grant to find out why the fuck that is. I could make a better looking planet.
Funny thing about the higher IQ and crazy seem to run together.
Pairing this type together might amplify the brains, but it will most certainly double up the crazy and neurotic traits.

Talk to people who breed thoroughbreds. Breeding can be a crapshoot.

Welder's picture

I read The Occidental Observer daily. I've read Dr. MacDonald's books and I think his work has an inestimable value. However, I disagree with his view on Jewish IQ. Higher-than-average Jewish IQ is a myth. Think about the last time you've flown in an airplane. The geometry used for navigation, the electronics used for controlling the craft, the chemistry used for refining the jet-fuel, the aerodynamics, mechanical and material science used for building it, the admirable synchronization of airports and traffic controllers.....all these are the product of White man. What the Jew really excels at is manipulating and lying .(Cinema is a form of manipulation). Their only remarkable achievement is honing the parasitical behavior.