This House Was 3D-Printed In Under 24 Hours At A Cost Of Just $10,000

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While 3D-printing may have been faded away in recent years from the spotlight of core "disruptive" technologies, that may soon change again after a company managed to 3D-print an entire house in just 24 hours. Located in Russia, the following 400-square-foot home, or 37 square meters, was built in just a day, at a cost of slightly over $10,000.

As profiled in the Telegraph, the company Apis Cor, 3D-printing specialists based in Russia and San Francisco, built the house using a mobile printer on-site. According to the company, the walls of the building were printed and painted in just 24 hours.

What makes Apis' process unique is that while 3D-printing a home usually involves creating the parts off-site and constructing the building later, Apis Cor uses a mobile printer to print their apartments on-site. As profiled here, in 2015 the world's first 3D-printed apartment building was constructed in China, with the structures printed off-site.

However, the Apis process is unique in that it eliminates the need to transfer the printed blocks to the contstruction site.

"Printing of self-bearing walls, partitions and building envelope were done in less than a day: pure machine time of printing amounted to 24 hours," the company said.

The main components of the house, including the walls, partitions and building envelope are printed solely with a concrete mixture. Once the house has been completed, the printer is removed with a crane-manipulator and the roof is then added, followed by the interior fixtures and furnishings, as is a layer of paint to the exterior of the house.

The total construction cost of the house: $10,134.

The initial house consists of a hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen and is located in one of Apis Cor's facilities in Russia. The company has claimed that the house can last up to 175 years.


Nikita Chen-yun-tai, the inventor of the mobile printer and founder of Apis Cor, explained his desire is “to automate everything”.

“When I first thought about creating my machine the world has already knew about the construction 3D printing,” he explained. “But all printers created before shared one thing in common – they were portal type. I am sure that such a design doesn’t have a future due to its bulkiness. So I took care of this limitation and decided to upgrade a construction crane design.”

He adds: “We want to help people around the world to improve their living conditions. That’s why the construction process needs to become fast, efficient and high-quality as well. For this to happen we need to delegate all the hard work to smart machines.”

Apis Cor has claimed to be the first company to have developed a 3D printer than can print whole buildings on-site.

For now the technology is in its infancy, however in a few years, the deflationary pressures unleashed by Apis-Cor and its competitors could results in a huge deflationary wave across the construction space, and would mean that a house that recently cost in the hundreds of thousands, or millions, could be built for a fraction of the cost, providing cheap, accessible housing to millions, perhaps in the process revolutionizing and upending the multi trillion-dollar mortgage business that is the bedrock of the US banking industry.

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@xythras - Please ... either spam another site or at least have the ethics to pay ZH for advertising.

P.S. Your site isn't that good...

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lexxus (not verified) Adullam Mar 4, 2017 9:40 PM

I thought America #1 was supposed to come up with stuff like that. What happened?

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Mano-A-Mano (not verified) lexxus Mar 4, 2017 9:42 PM

We're too busy financing terrorists and bombing Arab countries to please IsraHell.

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People in San Francisco making something that takes jobs from illegal aliens? Say it ain't so!

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And bye bye building inspectors.

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Russians did it! Where is Obama now, and his promise Russians could do anything?

I bet it comes with pre-installed wiretaps - someone should page Sen. McCAIN before it's too late...

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Saw that exact wall building technique years ago. It's a dead end imo. 3D printing of buildings is inevitable but is awaiting a better material I reckon. Recycled PET or something maybe, I dunno. This "concrete" lacks aggregate and even they admitted that they reinforced it. basically they're building with mud. That "house" is an eggshell.

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prime american (not verified) Zero Point Mar 5, 2017 3:58 AM

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Hm so it's Cement then, not Concrete?That's disappointing.

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old technology, they also print money for millennums yet

Sudden Debt's picture

I wanted to build a new office building printed in 3D because I had heard so much about it.


First of all: The real cost, and not just the walls came out more expensive then build by hand.


Second: The could only build basic forms. Why the hell would I want that?


Third: 24hours? They where talking about a timespan of 1 year to get all the regulations in order.


And the quality... nah... It's all so much bullshit and if we where to build only by 3D printers, our buildings would look so ugly we'd think we live in a typical communist era.

And did anybody notice the size of the example? It's the size of a parking spot. Who the hell wants to live in that?

And what about the pipes, wiring and all?

It's all bullshit. A bricklayer would build the same in 24h and with better quality.

kellys_eye's picture

It's not about what they do now, it's about the potential for the future.

Daisy wheel printers are now superceded by lasers (colour), the Ford Model T is superceded by... well, everything!  The issues of labour replacement (by machine) raises its ugly head again and it is this that we need to be discussing.

aurum4040's picture

Exactly kellys, does everyone recall Big Blue laughing and scoffing at the idea of a PC? Or those who scoffed at printers on a desk? And that weirdo who pissed money away what was his name ah..Steve Jobs?...Come on Sudden Debt I know you see through inner skeptic...Electrical and plumbing is really not a big deal at all. The bricklayer would charge at the very least 3 or 4 times as much as the 3d printer and the building wouldnt be anywhere near as strong. 

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This sort of thing doesn't happen in the US anymore because:

1) our economy exists by moving paper of dubious value

2) economic freedom here is being suppressed and a long with manufacturing ideas fail to come forward

3) people can sustain themselves on what the .gov has to offer (food stamps, welfare benefits etc) so there's no incentive to do much of anything.

4) people are distracted from productive activities by the right/left situation etc.

5) our central bank, via credit creation, has 'defeated' the biz cycle (a natural cycle) where bad businesses would be put down and the assets taken by those who are smarter and can do things better. Without this cycle of birth / mature / death and reconstitution we continue to have business zombies walking the earth sucking the very life out of them.

GM should never have been allowed to stand, despite what others think, this 1) created a monstrosity that will eventually die anyway, and 2) prevented someone else from taking the assets when they should have and using them to build another company.

If we've learned anything it's that 1) if something is failing give it a push and end it asap so that the burden is reduced as much as possible and 2) the rebuilding and reforming can happen that much sooner.

I'm for anything that will shake up the existing housing market and the entrenched participants.

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Potential for the future?


Standard Disclaimer: Where's my flying car?

Mr 9x19's picture

future, you still believe mandking will have future. interesting.

PT's picture

37 square metres????  Hardly a "home" now, isn't it?.  This is more like a pocket out of an egg carton than a cardboard box.  How much / long does it take to build a real house - 200 to 400 square metres???

From the early 80's when the MSM told us about a new invention called a Compact Disc:
"They're going to be cheap because they only cost ten cents to manufacture."
Reality:  At the time, vinyl albums cost $10, CDs retailed at $30.
"They're virtually indestructible."
"You can scratch them up as much as you like and it doesn't matter because they laser will still read the disc with no problems."
Reality:  I think we all remember the reality.

NEVER believe the hype about any new technology.  There's no downside when MSM lies.  Did anyone sue for false advertising?  Was it even possible to sue, given that it was MSM reporting and not a true advertisement?
It's all lies until after it has happened and you can observe the truth for yourself.

Sylvan's picture

It's about possibillities - remember the fift'h element?

PT's picture

The point being that if it cost $10k to produce 37 sqm it could reasonably end up costing $100k to produce 370 sqm, allow for standard exaggeration / hidden extras hocus pocus and suddenly there are no cost savings after all.  3D house printer gets all the good publicity with no real cost.  Why, he might even charge you extra for giving you a house so quickly.  I've seen this movie before.

Note.  I know I did not say or imply this so I shall make it clear here: 

I actually do like the idea of 3D printed houses.  I grizzle purely because I fear that the hype will end up being ten times better than what actually gets delivered because that is what usually happens.  I do not complain because it is a bad idea.  I complain to challenge them to deliver on their "promise", or to do even better.

(Kinda like them companies that are profitable but by the time they IPO their share price is so high and they are filled with so much bloat that the shareholder will lose money on them.)

TDK's picture

It's true... Better off in the hands of a skilled craftsmen or Brickie! ... 3d print the bricks if you must, or just make them normally to be stronger

shamus001's picture
  1. People in NY live in smaller ratholes
  2. 400sf units can be adjoined.
  3. Note not all structures were studios? There was a square building being created with multiple rooms.
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It is a modern form of a mud home built in Africa with hands in 24 hours. Ultimately we are bound to go back to our roots.

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And do not forget, funding the FED ponzi scheme.

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Whoever down voted Mano-A-Mano is a literal retarded person who's fucking disability coupled with this idiotic  Neo-Democracy that allows any motherfucker with a pulse to vote, is the reason America is going down the effing tubes. How anybody could disagree with someone stating Israel runs US foriegn policy is frightening as fuck. Especially alleged readers of ZH. Pretty much were finished, and yea it is because of you stupid ass Zionist worshipping simpletons. 

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I get a free Zionist for every 10 cups of Starbucks coffee.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The whole city of Toontown is cartoonish.

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Prefab too expensive for some unexplained reason.

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The FED and the end of honest money.

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Logan 5 (not verified) daveO Mar 5, 2017 2:21 AM

fonestar is so technologically advanced that he 3-D prints his own bitcoins!

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And JP morgan can print 2 billion dollars worth of silver in less than a hour.

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This your company, Boris?

Perimetr's picture

But wait, wouldn' this disrupt the banking industry?

After all, the poor bankers need all of us serfs to have big mortages that we can't afford

in order to support their frail financial networks

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Is this the REAL reason for war with Russia?

logicalman's picture

That's an easy fix - massively overcharge for the land it sits on, and don't forget huge fees for the required paperwork.


PT's picture

^^^^ THIS!!! ^^^^  He's a fucking psychic!  Anyone would think he had seen this movie before!

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Prlly cement couches to discourage lazy relitives.

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FOAD with your incessant shilling. I figure the Tylers have to be aware of your shenanigans. Do you pay them to post this crap?

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The Daily Westerner is a POS

You are a turd muncher like a mindless dog half dead from eating "dog chow"

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Me too.

A couple in different locations

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Me three - big investment opportunity.

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If a 400 sq ft house is good enough for you - have at it!

exi1ed0ne's picture

Additive manufacturing is the future, although there is a lot more work to do to make it viable for main production.  Still, for a proof of concept this is damn impressive.  Go up one level and you double the square footage and it would be pretty comfy for two people.  I lived in a 900sqft house with a wife and two kids for my last house.  We upsized 5 years ago, and have regretted it ever since.  All a big house encourages you to do is stay indoors and spend most of your time cleaning it.

Besides, chopping wood for 400 sqft sounds a fuckton better than 2800 if teotwawki.

Grumbleduke's picture

print two, three or more units - no need to limit yourself. Still very impressive, and cheap from the start. Imagine how cheap it could get with more competitors.

The only thing I'm sceptical about is, the bankers and politicians will find a way to make it expensive.

BennyBoy's picture


Build 2-5 or more rooms together for a bigger house. A rounder shape house is fast to build. Rectangular shape looks to take longer.

Adding plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical, sewer would drive up the price of the house in the video but not a heck of a lot.

I love it!

shovelhead's picture

Yup. Link them together and haul the pump away and do the finish. There's lots of innovative building tech going on out there but the cheap price for the main structure makes this look like a winner.

tmosley's picture

Looks pretty modular. I'm sure you could double it, then double it again. Price would go up, I'm sure, but probably not linearly. Jack it up with robotic labor, and the price would plummet, I suspect.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Wouldn't take much to turn this into a 2-story with basement.