It's a crime for Americans to freely sell our raw milk, yogurt, and cheese to our friends and neighbors

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From zoning to labor to food safety to insurance, local food systems daily face a phalanx of regulatory hurdles
designed and implemented to police industrial food models but which prejudicially wipe out the antidote:
appropriate scaled local food systems.

-Joel Salatin

President Trump has promised to reduce government regulations...for businesses.


 The U.S. is going to substantialy reduce taxes and regulations on businesses...


mrs_horseman isn't a business, but she does do a great job of keeping our household stocked with fresh yogurt made with raw milk from our family cow

It is really nice to know exactly what is in the food we eat, and fresh is oh-so much more delicious. 

Too bad you cannot have any.  Not unless you can afford to farm strictly as a hobby for your own consumption. 

Big corporate food and ag interests have made it a crime for Americans to freely sell our raw milk, yogurt, and cheese to our friends and neighbors.  Their products must have a long shelf life, and so they simply cannot compete with fresh.  Therefore these big businesses pay our "elected representatives" to pass state and federal regulations, for your protection, but really to protect their corporate donors' businesses.


14.  Read, Animal Farm, by George Orwell.
15.  Research your two senators and one congressman at Make a list of their 10 biggest donors, and send the list to your "representative" in an email or letter.



Nobody explains the insanity of all this better than Joel Salatin...

2) Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front,  by Joel Salatin.  $11


mrs_horseman and I love this guy.  If you haven't seen Joel in the excellent movie, Food, Inc., then do watch it.

I wouldn't bet on a Big Government Statist like President Trump to substantially reduce these regulations on American citizens, which benefit businesses.

Statists want government to have a great deal of power over the economy and individual behavior. They frequently doubt whether economic liberty and individual freedom are practical options in today's world. Statists tend to distrust the free market, support high taxes and centralized planning of the economy, oppose diverse lifestyles, and question the importance of civil liberties.


If you want to sit down and talk with mrs_horseman and others about disintermediation, which means removing the middlemen from our lives, come to the First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa, Tx, June 16-18th.


Peace, prosperity, health, and liberty,


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It is very, very important to support the totally immoral and corrupt status quo at all levels.

How to explain that to your children?

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Politicians merge big corporations with government to produceexcessive regulatory control over ordinary people. It's called Socialism when politicians think they have it made with a big capitalist structure. Politicians think they can make it even better. Socialism makes everyone dependant on government which serves itself with a police state and large prison system. Very similar to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Soviet Era. Trouble is this, Socialism leads to fascism. It can be from the left wing or right wing lements that rule. We are seeing this now, which includes spying on your privacy. The government monitors your activity on the internet, knows what you buy at the store, knows where you go with a GPS system on your car and phone and did you know that the technology is being used now to losten to you even if your cell phone is turned off. You remember the old Bush talking about a new world order? It's globalization run by fascists. Obama attempted to put the final touch on it with the trade agreement with Asia. If not for Trump, America would have been finished for good.

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Where to begin...

Thanks for the article HH and all the great commentary from everybody. I am in total agreement with cherry picker above about growing and selling what I want to whomever I please. I only have 5.7 acres, but it's plenty for this ex-suburban doofus who moved out to the country two years ago. I have not connected to any local utilities (solar and propane are my friends) and am enjoying the simpler lifestyle.

Out where I am, Sodus, NY, we only get one growing season, but the land is good and the crops are many. I'm smack in the middle of apple orchards and some solid commercial farms, family-owned farms and residences. Everybody seems to get along very well without the need for regulations. Nobody out here bothers with permits. Sheds and structures go up everywhere without a local commissioner ever knowing or seeing it.

As for the Zero Hedge Symposium, I would love to attend, but I plan on being either in jail or tending my garden and roadside stand. My plan is to sell burgers and sandwiches from the front of my property, but in actuality, that would be illegal, so I may just put up a sign, cook and accept "tips" or donations. The thought of forming a legal non-profit has entered my mind, and I'm looking into that as well as contemplating a lease on an adjacent 13 arces of scrub and forest. Would probably make a good place to hide from the gestapo, er, local code enforcement officer.

Again, thanks to everyone here for exceptional food for thought and at least hope for a brighter future. President Trump is not perfect, but I voted for him and support his efforts to drain the swamp. Personally, I'm working on getting NY state rid of commie Cuomo and about 4 million liberals. Any ideas?

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The word around the barn is that President Trump and other members of his family are raw milk drinkers. Give the man a chance, he's in a swamp full of hungry gators.

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Marfa, Texas???

This is the dark side of the MOON and is very stunning to visit from Thanksgiving to Easter and take in the Majestic and STUNNING Big Bend National Park!

Bravo to you all! Homesteading about Marfa is not an easy task!

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I live in TN and basically "checked out" 5 years ago after selling a business.  I live on a hobby farm.  In TN we have "farm shares",  "herd shares",  and "cow shares".  We can also sell raw milk for "animal consumption only".

Are you permitted to offer "shares" in your state?

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What you just described is something that Lenin created: COLLECTIVE FARMING. My family had a farm in Tennessee for generations until recently {Macon County} and my grandfather would have shot the first SOB that would have proposed such an idea to him. At least sicced the dogs on them.

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Funny that.  I got into an argument with the estate manager today and I had to let ride.  I won.  When you can't come up with a cogent argument other than "it is policy" you are beaten.  My transgression was smoking outside in what I thought was the designated smoking area.  I unloaded.  She went to "I am only following orders" bullshit which I dispensed with quickly with quick and simple logic.

Who gives a fuck if people want to have whole milk that is right from the cow.  I don't care.  If that is what you want to do then what do I care?  It is not my business what you want to eat or drink.  They can take their self-righteous bullshit and shove it up their ass.  I have paid $150,000 to live so FUCK OFF!

I am tired of this shit.  Fucking sick of it.  I let ride but I got to the truth.  It is not worth going into right but the apartment manager let me know that a woman, who does not live here is trying to get her fired.  That is all you had say.  The apartment manager has done her job.  Funny that she is asking me to back her.  She is afraid.  I'm not. 

I let ride on people sometimes because you just have to.  Jesus H Christ the bullshit is too much. 

We are all going to die.  That is what it is.  This fucking "eternal life" shit is not for me.  I don't want to live forever.  That would be torture. 

Here is what will happen... I will die.  When I do, just get rid of my body as cheap as possible.  Don't even tell anyone.  Take the money and buy MOAR silver.  Don't buy me flowers.

I am not romantic am I?

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My dad escaped a commie Eastern-bloc country in the 60's. Escaping as in something like modern-day North Korea.  He spent 6 months in jail at the age of 11 for selling (get this) "black market" olive oil. 

Also, a "crime" requires a victim.  Cunt ass bitches.

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Joseph McCarthy was right!

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I no longer care what .gov wants or doesn't want.

I'm planning on growing and selling what I want to who I want.  I got 80 acres, lots of water and good soil.  Only one growing season however and lots of trees and dead wood to heat my place.

I'm old and really don't give a shit, come and stop me.  What are they going to do, throw me in jail?  For what?  Working?  Doing what I will on my own property?  Am I hurting anyone?

Makes me blood boil. :)

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Come on President Trump, put your money where our mouth is. Deregulate this horseshit that protects that big corporate dairies.

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It's very similar here in Australia. This coporate rule needs to cease. They do this because they think these mum and pop businesses might shirk taxes, but when you look at the big corporates how they cheat and shirk taxes that would be a much bigger fish to catch.

Wisdom from my former friends and relatives in STASI land: They cannot imprison all of us. 


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Daily lurker crawling out from under my rock to let you know I plan to make it out to the symposium!

Homemade yoghurt is so tasty, I wish raw milk was more affordable. Homemade jams or raw cashews make for delish toppings.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Awesome!  Looking forward to meeting you. 

I was blown away by the huge size and astounding beauty of the first cashew tree I ever saw, down in Panama.  What an amazing lifeform!!!

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Removing the middle men is hard, so when it fell to me to save the family farm , I learned to be those same middlemen.
That meant that as well as milking the cows , I learned to make yoghurt , and became a distributor. So those margins came into my account.
The downside is that I had to stay on the farm making two thousand litres of yoghurt , and milking a hundred odd cows, every day for the last 35 years. On the plus side, it worked.
The farm escaped bankruptcy , even expanded a little as neighbours gave up.

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Damn .. I like it. Have you ever considered starting a blog to tell your story.? I would love to buy a book or two written by someone with your tenacity and life experience.

farmerbraun's picture

Ha! I might need a bit of therapy if I had  to relive it  and spill it all. Maybe spilling it would be the therapy.  There were so many  reasons to fail but I'm the eldest son  (I'm over that now), and it was my Dad's dying wish. Call me stubborn!

But what a learning experience.

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It is not a crime to do these things.  It is a violation of regulations passed without any legitimate authority by various levels of government.

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Do you owe trust, respect or obedience to your self proclaimed master?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


I'm not exactly sure, but I don't like sleeping on the couch, so I ain't gonna push it.

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Very wise - you achieve more in symbiosis even though you have to  make compromises. Sometimes the compromises turn out to be a good thing, in hindsight. Disobedience is fun but the consequences are not always pretty. And so we stumble through life, from compromise to putting down foot, and then wonder - how did it get to this? 

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There is no law against exchanging labor.  I spend 10 hours making you cheese and yogurt and you spend 10 hours cutting my lawn and doing yard work. When no money changes hands there is no commerce and the Gov. has no interest nor right to butt in.

Here in the great liberal State of Massachusetts some people have grouped together to purchase a cow and pay the farmer to tend the cow and milk it. You come to the farm and pick up your share of the milk, etc.. The farmer does not sell milk.

fbazzrea's picture

pleased to hear there are conservative liberals in Massachusetts. (;

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A little off topic but are humans the only critter that continues to drink milk as an adult?

fbazzrea's picture

hope to never have to live without yogurt and real butter, but almond, coconut and soy milk are a godsend. lactose intolerant

farmerbraun's picture

Nope. Back when every farm had a cream separator the skim milk was fed to the pigs.
And some of my young cows will drink milk , given the opportunity.
A goat Buck is fertile at a couple of months old but will drink milk until mum shoves him off.
If milk is not tolerable in adulthood because of lactase deficiency then yoghurt will be fine.
It depends on your genetic makeup.

One of We's picture

I enjoy butter and cheese thoroughly but milk and ice cream don't sit so well especially in liberal quantities.  My tots love milk and I wish we could secure raw but there isn't a live cow within several hundred miles of where we live in Alaska.

farmerbraun's picture

That is fairly common. There is no lactose in butter, and very little in cheese.
Ice cream has a lot of lactose in it. Raw milk still contains enzymes which help digestion.
The process of making yoghurt also produces lactase which is the enzyme necessary to split lactose into simple sugars.
Babies take to plain unsweetened yoghurt made from just milk, usually in the first months of life, and are protected against some common pathogens as a result.

fbazzrea's picture

wow... thanks so much for sharing. (:

VWAndy's picture

 Shoulda been bartering it anyway.

  Think its not illegal yet. Aint no good reason to be taking fiat for real things if you can shake hands.

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People (of a certain ilk.) want to live in an Antiseptic padded room of a planet, they will have us weraing helmets in bed soon.

Many of the 'Farmers Markets' are so costly to producers that the 'Licensing Authority' has shaved any profits off the top before a single cabbage has been sold.

Just the what the local unionized international corporate supermarket chain wants, a monopoly. Same with the drug companies, they dont want any healing herbal balms or salves being sold, even if they have been effective for thousands of years.

Agoraphobia usually applies to Fear of the market place, a panic attacky sort of condition that besets some. Could it be that Corporate America has Agoraphobia ? Nah ! It is just plain gangster greed and protectionism.

Perhaps they could just establish a branch of the the Federal .gov called 'Vinny and da boiz'..Motto.. Nice business you got there, shame if something happened to it'.

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First off, Mrs. Horseman sounds absolutely awesome! I’m also a fan of Joel Salatin and would have loved to see him in Trump’s cabinet, as another commenter here on ZH suggested.


As for Trump, I would like to make an argument for why libertarians and conservatives should support him even if he doesn’t exactly fit into either category. The foremost reason is that Trump is a fighter. And we are in the fight of our lives. This last election was not a philosophical debate, it was a death match. There was no place for the civilities of Ron Paul, whom I think a lot of us would have preferred. We didn’t need a peacemaker. We needed a cage fighter. Because Trump won our nation lived to fight another day. If he betrays us we owe him nothing. But until then I think we at least owe him a chance.


The questions used to compile your political spectrum chart were rather arbitrary. Which do you honestly believe would bring us closer to liberty: a candidate who loves his country, who is putting his life and fortune on the line to try to save it and who just appointed a Constitutionalist judge to the Supreme Court… or one who believes pot should be legal and makes no comment on gays having sex?


The libertarian movement tends to attract individualists who pride themselves on their independence. But let us not forget that one of the first rules of our survival as a species is our ability to form cohesive units in pursuit of a common goal. Whether you’re evaluating someone as a potential business partner, friend, mate or a future president you’re never going to find someone you agree with 100%. You have to set your priorities. What are you willing to accept? What are your deal breakers and what are you willing to compromise on? Then place your bets. Last fall the American people bet on Trump. And I think people who now nit-pick and waiver in their support of him over every little bump in the road are merely weak-hearted. Trump just might be our knight in shining armor as long as we remember those knights of old probably had poor table manners, big egos, bad breath and lice. If you can look past all that there remains a magnificent sight to behold and one which I dare say is worthy of our loyalty as long as it is returned.


Itsarap's picture

Dude really?If Trump or anyone near him were Constitutionalist's the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK would be dismantled!!But won't happen as Trump is a ZIONIST-SATANIST and NO you do not have to be JEWISH to be a ZIONIST!!!Just ask Joe Biden!!!






































fbazzrea's picture


except for the part about pot... time to stop throwing people in jail and confiscating their property because of smoking or ingesting a weed; and the medicinal uses are numerous, never mind the industrial applications of hemp which the US is forced to buy from farmers in every other nation on this planet except Amerika because it threatens the petrochemical industry.

and i could care less how or with who you or anyone else are having sex. you shouldn't either, imho. and you claim to be libertarian in your political beliefs? 

but other than that... the stuff about giving Trump a chance, right on.

chiaroscuro's picture

I wasn't commenting on my personal beliefs about drugs or sex between consenting adults, only that I don't think these issues should be central to politics. Neither are mentioned in the Constitution. I suppose they would fall either under the unspecified rights reserved to the States or retained by the people in the tenth ammendment. Or possibly they could be considered as a question of morality protected by freedom of religion in the first ammendment. To my recollection there was nothing about raw milk in the Constitution either. The point being that all of this bureaucratic overreach could be curtailed by returning the federal government to it's proper Constitutional limitations, rather than by directing so much energy and attention into passing new laws legalizing this and that. Trump is at least trying to curtail regulations in general which is a step in the right direction.

fbazzrea's picture

thank you for clarifying... i agree totally.

the least fed gov is the best.

Skeet Hazzard's picture

I grew up in the backwoods of Alabama drinking raw milk and I've been following Joel Saladin for years and watching all the other horrors brought on common people by our damnable government bureaucrats. Blood is the only thing that will atone for these sins

eddie_in _austin's picture

Good article. Completely correct on all fronts. Nice work by Mrs. Hedgeless. I raise pigs trying to follow Salatin's style. Same problem set, although I don't have the surplus yet to worry about. Long live the black market. Long live cash. 

kenny500c's picture

The regs might make sense if commercially produced dairy products were pathogen free but they are not.

Krungle's picture

So the CDC did a study between 1993-2006 and came up with a total of 3 deaths they could attribute to dairy consumption over that span. Of those, 2 were from raw milk cheese and 1 from pastuerized cheese. In total they found about 4,400 illness over 13 years attributable to pastuerized and non-pasteurized dairy, and less than 300 hospitalizations. Pretty much a non-issue when compared to the literally 1.3+ million deaths in that span directly attributabel to side effects of appropriately prescribed medicines, or deaths attributable to USDA approved meat products, etc. 

7500 years of raw dairy consumption vs less than 200 for pasteurization. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say raw milk should be a non-issue.

OverTheHedge's picture

You gave us both facts AND logic. Not good. No chance of government employment for YOU!

farmerbraun's picture

Well O.K. , if you seriously have surplus to your yoghurt requirement, then make some halloumi to grill with your bacon and eggs. It is really easy.
If you still have surplus , make some feta: it keeps for months. Finally, as a last resort, make hard cheese, and give the whey to your pig.

azusgm's picture

Use the whey instead of water when you make pizza dough. Good stuff. Learned that from my daughter.

farmerbraun's picture

Only trying to offer help.
I'm out.

fbazzrea's picture

hon, don't take a downvote personally. there's people here that would downvote Jesus Christ. watch this post and you'll see what i mean. lol

it's a cultural thing. i don't even know what halloumi is, much less how to make it. but i'll look it up and see. 

i appreciate your input and i'm sure others do, as well. there's just some that take the "fight club" image a little too serious... always tough guys.

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Meh, lotsa places you can not collect rain water off your own gdamned roof either.

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When Trump came out with his theme "Make America Great Again" I decided he'd made a mistake. He should simply have said he wanted to "Make Americans Free Again". Make Americans free and the greatness will emerge from the recesses into which it has been forced.