Tolerant Left: Berkeley Antifa Cowards Pepper Spray Elderly Trump Supporter And Egg Homeless Advocate

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Angry unemployed children, AKA Antifa, held another Trump protest today in Berkeley, CA. It's Trump's fault of course that they took out 6 figure student loans and haven't been approached by numerous employers to put those English majors to work.

Unlike the UC Berkeley riots which shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech, several Trump supporters showed up today to counter-protest the Antifa idiots - resulting in civil discourse.

Just kidding, an elderly Trump supporter and a homeless advocate were attacked:

Note the same guy in a green hat in both videos. Some have suggested he may be a paid agitator... 

Who are the Nazis?

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None of this matters.  This is just roiling within the terrarium.  To those maintaining the terrarium, putting the food in and turning the lights off and on, it is mildly amusing.

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If you believe this, then you must really hate the Democrats and the Left.  Today, there is NO equivalence on the Right for this type of behaviour. 

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Funny. I haven't seen any protests in my neighborhood.  I guess we're too busy cleaning our guns and working to protest.  Now, we would probably be up for one hell of a counter protest if any of these peace- loving protestors come around.

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Well, 330 trillion dollars. But who's counting? We can always just print it.

Then you can contribute more to my "campaign fund".

bluez's picture

Hillary Clinton? Remember Hillary Clinton?

She's still running for president. She will always be running for president.

They always said she was supposed to win. How could anything else happen?

I will run for president. I pledge to give each and every one of you one million dollars.

That's only 330 billion dolars. less than for the Super Guppy F-35.

Vote for me. And get it for free!

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I think she's posting Panda Insurance spam on conservative sites while her charity (lol) scam is being investigated.

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The Green Hat guy is all over a hour plus long video with the hokey tough guy routine...I gotta say, I've been fighting mad before, and it took more than a six inch curb yo hold me back...just a little bit longer and I will be Snake Plissken Jr. IN: 'Escape From Chiraq'

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 Both those guys need to be looked at the one in the green hat and his buddy. Its always going to be done with pairs. Otherwise they would get caught from behind every time.

 edit Does the second video look stagged with all the reporters in a circle leaving lots of room to make sure everyone got the shot?

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OrangeyTheAssHat (not verified) Mar 5, 2017 1:26 PM

That is tolerant compared to the Sikh guy that was shot by a Trump supporter. More likely these hooligans are Bannons activist trying to further the absurd narrative that there is such a thing as the violent left or Trump supporters with brains. Who has the most to gain from the violance? Not Leftest. Bannon again at Berkeley with his attacks on academics, just like Hitler and Pol Pot. Trumptards will believe anything.

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Even in the lone actor category the Democrats and the Left hold a significant lead.   Did you see the anti Trump supporters who was making the bomb threats to Jewish community centers.  No equivalence on the Right for the organized violence and riots.  All Right wing events are peaceful and leave the area cleaner than when they came.   I guess all the rioting we saw under the Obama adminstration was just fiction to.   I know this is hard for you to face,  but people will be there for you when you get through these delusions.

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How much is Soros' paying you?  Or you're a brainwashed useful idiot.  But I digress, I'm sure you've taken many vacations to the middle east before with all of your buddies.

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He's on a mental vacation now. Doesn't even have to leave the house.

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More likely these hooligans are Bannons activist trying to further the absurd narrative that there is such a thing as the violent left..."


I see you went to the Robert Reich school of false narrative.



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Jomama! Hey, Jomama! Where are you on this one? Fully support it? Oh, no. Your commie friends would never do stuff like this, right? Obama's America.

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All the blokes here knew 'spoied brats' growing up.   They could never be made happy because they had too much to begin with, and deserved none of it...


Result?   Misplaced anger and hate towards issues they know literally nothing about, save for providing a vent for their frustrations.


Said this before, and will say it again here now:  


Nothing focuses the mind like an empty belly...   And we have far too many full bellies out there today.

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If the right doesn't become like the nazis they will end up like the jews. 

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Your point's logic is to embrace one extremism to prevent another extremism.

Maybe someone has been watching too much of 'Jack Sparrow' run from side-to-side to flip the ship?

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Today its names, eggs, pepper spray and sticks.

The good news is that the crowds are small.

The bad news is that if this escalates, the crowds won't remain small.

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Yeah, but the good news is that it's mostly the good guys that have the "hardware".

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Since the cops in Berkeley are told to stand down, it's time to fight fire with fire. Aluminum baseball bats, anyone?

If that won't dissuade them, double tap from your piece. 


Reaper's picture

They were trained to emote in their schools and before the tube.  They emote, therefore they are empowered to do whatever.

Consuelo's picture



Wise insight if I may say, sir.


The outward expression of one's 'feelings' has taken the pole position in the modern-day rearing of children, by adults who have hence 'liberated' themselves from the chokehold of self-restraint and tempered stoicism.  

A sad sorry tale of a sad sack of ne'er-do-wells...

PitBullsRule's picture

This is almost as entertaining as when Trump pretended to beat that guy up at the World Wrestling show.  I can't wait for the real thing, when one of them plugs Trump, its going to be the "Rubes verses Minorities" fight!  I hope there's good coverage!

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You are about a dumb shit.

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Poor snowflakes and millenials conned into paying for an education where 99% will never be albe to earn enough to pay it.

They have been played by the globalists and becase they are so spoilt they blame it on everybody else but themselves for being dumb fucks.

A snowflake is never wrong, but definitely an idiot.

They now just need to be taught they can safely jump off cliffs.

alpha-protagonist's picture

That's not what they're upset about. They're upset because without a Dem in office, they might have to pay for their education, or car and see their preferential status as (insert protected species) disappear.

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Matbe they should have gone to the funeral of the Whittier cop shot dead by an illegal gangster. Or gone to NY where 2 illegal MS 13 gangsters were arrested for the torture killing of a 14 year old girl. M3 13 has 10,000 members in 46 States mostly illegals from El Salvador and all thanks to 8 years of Obama lax border enforcement. This my freinds is a culture war, we either sit back and watch America become a 3rd world sewer or support Trump to the hilt and demand some arrests of "sanctuary city" officials including police chiefs for obstruction of justice.

Karl Marxist's picture

MS 13 is a product of Reagan and Bush 1's wars in Central America. Reagan went into dementia for his crimes. Bush 1 sexually abuses children including his own, is involved in Satanic ritual sadistic rapes and murders of children, buddies with Bill Clinton, a violent sexual predator and pedophile on a global scale. MS 13 came out of Reagan and Bush and Sandanistas and all that horse shit. All done covertly thought the CIA. They couldn't stand any third world coountry governing themselves, ridding themselves of the neoliberalism that defines US foreign policy done for a handful of wealthy corporatists. In otherwords, McDonald's and Walmarts would have gotten the boot. Are we getting the picture here who runs this government and the problems caused for us here at home?

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I think the millions of people murdered by communisn would disagree.  Look at Venezuala, it doesn't take interference by the US to produce these thugs.  Thugs are a natural product of centralized government and thinking.  We may not be perfect, but our intentions are honorable and we are definitely better than all the rest.  Your case may be valid if there wasn't SO much evidence to the contrary.

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Taking out a 6 figure student loan is a dumb thing to do. It keeps education costs rising by flooding the market with new debt. There are countless ways to get educated on the cheap. People are paying 6 figures for the qualification, not the education, they are vastly different concepts.

Education is what makes people successful, not qualification.

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I watched some of this on livestream.  Mindless drones who like to chant in unison to show their friends how virtuous they are.  

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Here's some german resistance rock about "The Armed Branch Of The Nine o'clock News" - the Antifants....
Kategorie C - Antifa haults maul
Gigi & die braunen stadtmusikanten - 10 kleine antifanten

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Germany Second! Seig heil!


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Those masks covering their terrorist faces should be prohibited.

Laddie's picture

As a previous poster noted it is already illegal but ONLY for Whites who are AWARE of what is going on. SCUMBAG paleskins can wear masks and attack Trump supporters and USUALLY, not always, but USUALLY the cops let them do what they want.

Trump Supporters Face Off Against Paid Communist Agitators Nationwide

SPLC Hate Crime: Female University Professor Who Accompanied Charles Murray Away from Protests Attacked

GUN CONTROL: Not What It Seems

Why Every Warrior Should Own a Firearm
The question is will Whites unite?

Whites must remember: politics is a war to the death. Whites are dying because the Tribe wants Whites to die. It’s them or the Whites. Either Whites perish or ...

Whites have won nothing if they trust the democratic process to save them.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

chumbawamba's picture

Will whites fight back?

ell oh fucking ell

What is this? Gangs of New York?

You're an idiot. If you haven't noticed, these modern day warriors of social equality tend to only come out in active protest situations where they can cowardly rely on the anonymity and bravado of the crowd. If you don't want to tangle with them, don't go to their stupid protests.

Once they actually get really stupid and try to bring that shit into your neighborhoods then you have full warrant to exercise your unalienable right to self defense and you end their little pretty tirade on the sidewalk in front of your house, or at least by the time they get halfway across your lawn. With enough bodies piled up it'll serve as a sign for any agitators to go seek to impose their brand of democracy somewhere else.

The best thing you can do for these people and their insanely lost cause is to engage them, because then you lend them whatever credibility you might have. Just ignore them, and go on making America great again (or die trying) while they burn burn themselves out on the fuel of empty rhetoric and baseless paradigms.

I am Chumbawamba.