Brexit Reality: "Paying Any Exit Fee Is Absurd"

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Via Mike Shedlock of,

The EU demands the UK pay Brexit costs of €60 billion.

I have commented for months on the absurdity of pay such demands.

And that reality is finally hitting home.

Collision Course

Please consider U.K. May Be on Course for Early Clash With EU Over Brexit Costs.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government looks set for an early clash with European Union leaders over the terms of Brexit as a report suggested it can leave the bloc without paying a financial settlement.


The Times newspaper on Saturday said government lawyers concluded there is no law or treaty to compel the U.K. to pay the bill EU officials have estimated at about 60 billion euros ($64 billion). That echoed a newly published finding of a House of Lords committee.


“Even though we consider that the U.K. will not be legally obliged to pay into the EU budget after Brexit, the issue will be a prominent factor in withdrawal negotiations,” Committee Chairwoman Kishwer Falkner said in a statement. “The government will have to set the financial and political costs of making such payments against potential gains from other elements of the negotiations.”


Haggling over how much Britain owes appears set to provide an early test of the formal negotiations, which May has pledged to invoke by the end of March. Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern became the first EU leader to put a value on the bill when he told Bloomberg last month that Britain should be charged about 60 billion euros.


That sparked anger from May’s Conservative Party, with former leader Iain Duncan Smith calling it “nonsense.” Trade Secretary Liam Fox has dismissed the idea of paying anything at all as “absurd.”

Upper Hand

The EU nannycrats have long insisted they have the upper hand in negotiations. The reality is the UK is not obliged to do anything, including a filing Article 50. The UK can tear up the treaty tomorrow and be done with it.

Walk Away

The primary problem in these negotiations is the EU nannycrat fools believe they can force the UK to pay ridiculous exit charges on top of other demands.

The ideal approach for the UK is to simply walk away. What can the EU possibly do that does not hurt the EU even more than it does the UK?

The sooner Theresa May sets the appropriate tone for negotiations the better off everyone will be.

I wrote about this long ago in Brexit Stacked Deck? Which Way? Don’t Negotiate, Just Leave!

Serious negotiations can only begin once Theresa May sets the proper tone. The proper tone is the UK is prepared to walk away and pay the EU nothing.

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philipat's picture

And it doesn't help that the House of Lords wants May to guarantee the residence rights of 3 Million EU nationals presently living in the UK on an unconditional basis. This should be part of the Brexit negotiations, whereby reciprocal guarantees would also be provided to UK nationals presently living in the EU. To provide such an unconditional guarantee now would be foolhardy and May should simply ignore it.

Rubicon's picture

Correct. But notice how the MSM blame May and not Junker for this. Tossers

Twee Surgeon's picture

May is an Unelected Corporate Mouthpiece. She Blabs like a Robot, she's an Intercom. She will do the Theatricals, Speak the Policy and Retire Well.

No Politicians are Damaged in the Strategic Retreat.

No Sentient creatures get info from the MSM except for Bottle Nosed Dolphins and Haddock.

petar's picture

Fake news from UK. There is No Exit Fee, it is their annual share of participating in the EU and taking advantage of its funds.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Who is taking advantage of who, nigger ?

SafelyGraze's picture

a state should be free to exit a union without paying a fee.


the confederate states of america 

French Bloke's picture

Maybe the UK should reciprocate and levy a tax on the EU in return for buying their exports... It can work both ways. Why are we always told that we will be more damaged than them in a trade war? We import more from the EU than we export. And they are already against the wall with anti Russian and anti everyone else sanctions imposed by the Kenyan. Fuck 'em!

Ghordius's picture

+1 there is only a negotiating tactic from Barnier: settle the money issues before all others

things like who is going to pay for the pension of Nigel Farage, MEP

things like is the UK going to continue to participate to certain EU spending programmes or not

it's a divorce, after all. cash is as important as the children, the pets, etc. etc. for some, it's the very first thing to settle

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

it's a divorce, after all. cash is as important as the children, the pets, etc. etc. for some, it's the very first thing to settle

by "the pets" youe mean the rapefugees?

BarkingCat's picture

Yes but Britain has been importing rapefugees far longer than the EU.


Sandmann's picture

Yes but Barnier forgot about The Assets side of the Sheet. Further, the UK cannot be liable for Future Spending. EU will need to cut spending.

prime american's picture
prime american (not verified) Sandmann Mar 6, 2017 6:18 AM

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Ghordius's picture

Assets? what assets? the EU is more like a shared cost center

meanwhile, the UK gov has not yet made a list of things it does not want to fund further

including research, something that might incense a few British universities

or pensions of former MEPs and EU minions of British origin

philipat's picture

I hadn't realised that Farage's pension was EUR 60 Billion? The fact is, it's over and if I were May I would just walk away. These ridiculous claims amount to extortion and the EU should, instead, be looking for ways to cut spending, assuming that increased contributions from other States (especially Club Med) would be counter-productive? Brussels seems to think it is in the driver's seat and I question that. There is a trade defecit for the UK with the rest of the EU so it is in the Eu's best interests not to be puerile. If they are, then under the WTO regimen, and with increased trade with the Commonwelath, the US and China etc, the UK would be just fine.

Ghordius's picture

well, PM May has already shown a preference for the hardest-possible Brexit

fact is that no negotiation has started, yet. all waiting for the Art. 50 invocation

rondellio's picture

"participating..."  False.

The EU is founded on stealth, deceit and coercion.  Right now the EU political class is repeating the mistakes of the 20century, and as usaul the common people will suffer whilst the politicians strut the stage puffing out their well fed chests.

Ghordius's picture

rondellio, your statement is false

the UK participates to the EU and funding a lot of EU stuff

example: several EU deals on research. whereas it's not clear if those will be rescinded by the UK gov

dark fiber's picture

Doesn't matter what the house of lords want to do on this issue.  Once Britain is out of the EU they will be gone too, one way or another.  I give them five years at most before they leave.

Nexus789's picture

The House of Bores has always been an anachronistic waste of time. They should be abolished.

BarkingCat's picture

not that I care how UK governs itself but having only one  chamber of government, especially when a member of its majority also is the head of government,  is a bad idea. 

There was at least one example in recent history where the House of Lords derailed something that the lower house was ready to go with and it was good thing that they did.

However, I cannot remember what it was but as I said, I don't care how Britain governs itself.

If they want to take another step towards how China operates, they can.

Blanco Diablo's picture

Brings Dave Chappel to mind! All good non PC comedians get shitcanned.

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Dave Chappel was awesome, the unfunny race baiters are the problem, they want the white man to not only submit to niggerdom but they want them to laugh as it happens.  Not going to happen on this end.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

The UK has been paying through the nose (and ass) for years to the EU, for all manner of useless "common needs".

Common waste is how I would put it.

EU commissars your gravy train has just left the station - without you on it.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock


Twee Surgeon's picture

Awesome name. Is that the Gruntfuttocks of Yore ? the window lickers ?

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

I'm sorry twee you must have been misinformed.

I hail from a long, proud and ancient line of widow lickers.

Or was that simply a typo on your part? Or unkindly slinging a bit of the other at my heritage and general bearing? Casting a few nasturtiums eh?

More kindly you may have had the Lego character in mind, "Turg: The Lego character described as a "window licker"", and to that the simliarities are remarkable indeed:

 "... part back-of-the-bus window-licker, this Mixel has the longest tongue of them all.”

And no complaints from the widows either.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

Donald Trump ran his campaign on the premise of making America great again, which in his mind seems to mean vast infrastructure projects, moving factories and jobs back to the heartland, and renegotiating trade deals so that they benefit American citizens. All laudable goals to be sure, and he really wanted to do these things. He’s a builder and a negotiator, and he wanted to make his presidency about building and negotiating on behalf of America.

But no man gets to decide what kind of times he will live in, and Trump’s desires are all very unseasonable, like planting tomatoes in November. What Trump is now learning is that his presidency must concern itself with a business he never intended and which he may find unpleasant. He was elected to crush the globalist Dems and begin work on the American ethno-state.

This really is his mandate; this really is what he was elected for, even though both he and the majority of his voters were only dimly conscious of it, if at all. It is worth mentioning that, with the particular clarity that danger affords, the Democrats and globalists are entirely conscious of it, thus the riots and accusations of racism/sexism/Nazism coming from the Left.

What the American Deep State has been doing these last weeks—i.e. the completely confabulated accusations of Russian hacking of the election—are the proof that the real battle must be fought here. They aren’t going to let up on Trump; they forced the resignation of Flynn and the sidelining of Sessions (who, I might add, didn’t exactly help matters by cucking hard at his press conference, looking like a deer in the headlights and sounding like Mr. Rogers, and recusing himself when he did nothing wrong). If they are allowed to continue this, they will continue chipping away at the Trump administration until they finally fell the man and the movement he unknowingly leads. They have shown that they have the power to continue to frustrate the White Right despite losing the election, even though that means resorting to outright criminal behavior, fake news, lying, illegal wiretaps, suborning government agencies, leaking classified material, and using the news media as a hostile interrogator.

What Trump needs to understand is that the American people elected him not primarily because they wanted better jobs and infrastructure, but because they want all that bullshit to stop. Americans just want to live in a normal, decent country without having to worry about what their government is going to do to them. All the rest of the problems will take care of themselves once the globalists’ tyranny is ended; but what is not yet spoken openly save by a few, is that this means destroying the organized Left.

It means putting people in jail—people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It means shutting down FakeNews CNN. It means toppling and deposing the oligarchs in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. It means deporting millions of Mexican illegals. And it means one more thing that Trump will probably find least pleasant of all. It means restoring national solvency by ending entitlements and shutting down the welfare state.

This is going to lose Trump a huge amount of support among Baby Boomers—the largest, wealthiest, and most vocal voting block—because they will be forced into a long-defrayed day of reckoning. In order to make up for this lost support, Trump is going to need our unwavering assistance.

In short, Trump is going to need an army. Will you enlist?

Teja's picture

It means putting people in jail—people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It means shutting down FakeNews CNN. It means toppling and deposing the oligarchs in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. It means deporting millions of Mexican illegals. And it means one more thing that Trump will probably find least pleasant of all. It means restoring national solvency by ending entitlements and shutting down the welfare state.

That means breaking the law, for all the items listed, maybe except for the Mexicans. It is true, a Revolution can only be completed by breaking the law. But that has consequences, because then the "other side" will be free to openly break the law too. You show that you are obviously understanding this, by asking for a Trumperonista Army.

But there are some things you should think about:

Would The Donald be qualified in any degree to lead such an army, figuratively or literally? Victory stands and falls with the (in)competence of the leader.

And what is the consequence of a central government weakened by internal dissent (as shown by the leaks) breaking the law, in regards to the loyality of the governmental machinery, and the reactions of the States? States which have their own armies?

Finally, what would be the long term result you are expecting? Spain had such a "National Revolution", after a long and bloody civil war won by the Falangists. 40 years later, the Fascists handed over power to a democratically elected government, not because of popular resistance, but because they had grown old, completely run out of steam and didn't believe in their own ideas any more. Do you want to end like that?

Or think of the South American dictatorships, maybe more compareable. All gone down in chaos and corruption. Not one of them is remembered fondly by the majority of the population. Only the Peronists of Argentine created a kind of political tradition, but did they get Argentine on the right track?

bloofer's picture your way of thinking, prosecuting criminals "means breaking the law"? Initiating anti-trust suits "means breaking the law"? Deporting illegals "means breaking the law"? Of the items you listed, these three mean enforcing the law. Apparently such an idea is so novel to you that it is a shock to your sensibilities. 

Shutting down the welfare state would involve enormous difficulties, and would doubtless require some legislation, but it could be done with perfect legality.



Teja's picture

Closing down media because they are "spreading lies" according to your fancy is breaking the law. To dispose of the oligarchs, you would also need to bend the laws, at least, because otherwise THEY will bend the law and strangle you with it.

To arrest Obama and Clinton on some pretext is breaking the law, or at least bending it. And it would be like burning the ships, as next time power changes, you would be arrested yourself. No wonder Trump decided not to do anything about Hillary. At least he is that bright.

Of course you can always radically change the law, even the constitution, as you need. The Nazis followed THEIR law to the letter, most of the time. I would set that equal to breaking it, though, looking at the consequences regarding the apparatus and the States.

Zorba's idea's picture

Absent context, the state of our union, fraught with corruption as far as the eyes can see is a lawless reality. Our representational government has been auctioned off to the highest bidders, the subsequent rape and pillaging by the elites, has disenfranchised most Americans. Liberty once reduced to equivocations becomes lost for those who aren't well off and well connectected. The Reclaiming is going to be a long hard road but unavoidable for those who cherish Liberty

Dien Bien Poo's picture

Youre completely delirious. You have worked yourself into a foaming mess and frankly i think you need therapy. What you spout is nothing short of a dictatorship executing ethnic cleansing. We didnt vote for that, you racist scumbag. I cant wait to meet your army. We will make short work of scum like you.

Let it Go's picture

President Trump would be wise to instruct his administration to give solid consideration to legalizing marijuana or ending Federal laws that attempt to control state rights over the issue. This would go a long way to quiet much of the social protest and angst that mainstream media has been able to stir up within liberal ranks.

truthseeker47's picture

Exactly right, Mish.

Note to ZH: your webiste is disfunctionally horrible.

Blanco Diablo's picture

The site if functional for us deplorables.

Twee Surgeon's picture

The Brits already left by popular vote, it is now de facto law of the land, Theresa May is some unelected vaj packing mouthpiece, she will do as told.

House of Lords, doing as told, They know the Experiment has Flopped and they are bailing on it, just like the US government is Bailing on the plan to Infiltrate the lands with ALIENS.

The smell of rope around their neck came in a dream for each conspirator on a winters evening, they are folding up the circus and the immigrants are going home.

The old plan failed, they did not know that the people think, the Internet was unexpected.

They are on Radar, the Peasants know where they live, not just them but their Henchmen, for the first time in history, they hear the song...We know where you live.

We know where you live.... That is Historical change. It's called 'Serious Potential Consequences of an Immediate Nature', Just like being a Peasant, aint it ?

The Enforcer community will be having an Epiphany soon, also. Da Bodyguards....

Sandmann's picture

The Brits already left by popular vote, it is now de facto law of the land,


BULLSHIT. It is not "law of the land". A Referendum is not Sovereign, Parliament is.

globalintelhub's picture

Reminds me of Timeshare contracts - total hose job

Youri Carma's picture

"Fuck the EU! - Exactly!"

And this time I wholeheartedly agree with these infamous words.

Lost in translation's picture

Why is anyone "negotiating" anything?

The British people spoke at the polls. Full stop.

Declare Britain's responsibilities to the EU, null. Ignore Brussels, move on.


Orly's picture

Draghi: people all have Target2 obligations, you see.  Italy?  Anyone?  Bueller?


Orly's picture

Hall and Oates: What you think, you get it for free?

tuetenueggel's picture

Yes they will. Nobody can and is willing to pay Target 2.

That was the reason for it´s implementation of bankrupt states as EU, like Greece, Italy., Spain, Portugal, Belgium and France.

Bye bye EU and the best, its worthless shitty Euro.

Hey fatass Merkel. Last one shuts down light.

amanfromMars's picture

Serious negotiations can only begin once Theresa May sets the proper tone. The proper tone is the UK is prepared to walk away and pay the EU nothing.

The proper tone is the UK walking away and paying the EU nothing. Quite whether that is a forthright leadership within the political classes and rank and file of Parliamentary government of the UK is on public show trial now and will define the future landscape of media tales, both at home and further abroad and in emerging alien fields and spaces, for ages yet to come.

Sandmann's picture

Walk away ?  How do you intend to import parts to build Minis or Bentleys or Rolls Royces ? How do you intend to get clearances for trucks entering Channel Ports ? How do you intend to certify quality standards ?

shrimpythai's picture

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crime of the century

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TomGa's picture

If you're not willing to walk away, then you've already lost.

Fuck the EU.

Freedumb's picture

The EU just wants the money to donate it all to a charity against racism, since Brexit was racist. Also it will cost at least 60 billion euros for the EU parliament to revisit regulations of UK imports with protected regional designations, like Stornoway black pudding. The EU will put the squeeze on the UK by reducing its protections on Traditionally farmed Gloucestershire Old Spots pork and unscrupulous farmers will try to pass off lesser Tamworth swine as the same product, diluting UK brand value. Don't underestimate the cards that the EU holds up its sleeves.