The Chart That Democrats Don't Want You To See

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What did they expect to happen when they repeat what has not worked in the past?

Huffington Post tracks 205 polls across 25 pollsters and the last few months have seen Democratic Party favorability collapse to its lowest since at least 2012...


The last month alone - with the Berkeley riots, demands for resignations, demands for 'rising-up', continued charges or sexism, anti-semitism, and racism, Russian-connection leaks and faux outrage, and women wearing white in protest - has seen Democratic Party unfavorability soar.

There are many reasons for this demise- not least of which was the further alienation of the progressive wing of the party this week with the appointment of Obama/Clinton establishment-man Perez as DNC chief, but we leave it to Gaius Publius (via Down With Tyranny blog) recently asked (and answered) - Are The Democrats Trying To Fail?

What's next for Democrats deserves an essay by itself. But needless to say, an increase in #DemExit is one of the anticipated options, even by several of the delegates Konst interview on the floor at the DNC meeting.

A worst-case scenario is painted below. First, consider this from NBC News on whether the public views insiders of either party favorably, (my emphasis): "One sentiment that unites the fractured nation is fury at the establishment in Washington. Fully 86 percent of those surveyed said they believe that a small group in D.C. has "reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. That includes 88 percent of Republicans and 85 percent of Democrats."

Then consider how that broad unpopularity of insiders may intersect with this DNC election. Of that, Nathan Robinson, editor at Current Affairs, writes, "By failing to appoint Keith Ellison to chair the DNC, Democrats have written their suicide note."

Here's just a taste of the longer piece:

They Must Be Trying to Fail


At this point, one has to conclude that the national Democratic Party has a death wish. ...


[I]t was incredibly important that the Democratic Party take some steps to indicate that it cared about progressives. Since the election, it hadn’t been doing a very good job of this. (Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that nothing needed to change, and her rebuke to a young leftist, demonstrated the prevailing attitude.) Appointing Keith Ellison to chair the DNC was the perfect opportunity. After all, chairing the DNC is a pretty minor role. It would mostly have been a gesture of friendship and unity, showing that even after the catastrophic mistake of ignoring leftist warnings not to run Clinton, the party was capable of valuing its leftmost members.


But no. Instead of granting the tiniest possible concession, the party has decided to affirm precisely what Nancy Pelosi has indicated: democratic socialists and social democrats don’t belong in the party. It’s not for them. What the party does depends on what billionaire donors want it to do.


This is politically suicidal.

As if that wasn't enough, Robinson adds, "Now, progressives in the party are further alienated. Good luck getting them to vote for Democrats. ... The progressives needed to receive some kind of gesture. And they have received one: an enormous middle finger." Indeed.

Your Bottom Line

Consider these facts:

1. It clearly mattered very much, to Obama, to high Party insiders, and to the support ecosystem around them, that no one representing the Sanders camp be allowed real power in the Party. (Sanders himself is in charge of "outreach" and reports in that capacity to Chuck Schumer.) Even when the role is highly visible but "minor." The DNC Chair does have a modicum of control, unlike those who hold "messaging" roles, but even that much control won't be allowed.


2. Yet all you hear from Democrats, correctly in my view, is "Defeating Trump is Job One." The nation, indeed the world, is at a crossroads — on the climate front, a crossroads of world-historical proportions.


3. Yet there's an obvious disconnect between the Party's rhetoric and its actions. Is control of the Party more important than bringing in the groundswell of popular support needed to defeat the Republicans in all branches of government?


4. And people do notice that disconnect, more now than before. Some might even call it, not a disconnect, but a contradiction. Or hypocrisy. Some, those who couldn't pull the lever for Clinton, may even call it that at election time.


5. If so — if the insider-controlled Democratic Party puts its own need for party dominance over the needs of the nation — the nation and indeed the world will suffer greatly. Will insider Democrats suffer to the same degree as the rest of us? If they think they're getting what they want, no.

So a question for those who gaze into the future. None of this dire predicting is certain, but it's certainly possible. Will there be a price, for the Party and the world, attached to adherence to power at any price? If there is, establishment Democrats sure are flirting with it.

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Muppet's picture

I couldn't be happier the Dem leadership.  Nancy, Hillary, Huma, Podesta.  They're superb.

silverer's picture

Anybody with half a brain that can do basic math and understands how banks work, would be able to see the sham pulled on them and especially their kids. Obama's piling up of an additional 10 trillion in debt, with nothing to show for it, was a great start to take America right to the bottom.

RTUT's picture

Yup.  Every day Trump should ask America what Obama did with nearly a trillion dollars that was supposed to go to infrastructure.

stant's picture

Global collapse of socialism.

hooligan2009's picture

i do not trust the poll results any more than I trusted the polls prior to the election because of over sampling.

the favorability could be lower or higher by a significant margin because the construction of polls by all media (espeically the libtard economist in the UK) is fundamentally flawed.

an independent poll of just democrat voters would be more informative.

in any case, the democrat party of the obama age is the party of minorities, regardless of the polticial views of these minorities. women are not all democrats, neither are gays, neither are blacks or hispanics.,

what the democratic party failed to do was come up with a political agenda that was greater than the sum of the parts. there is no generic white class to exploit -

whites are of scottish, welsh, irish, english, german, french, spanish, italian, russian descent, they live in the US and they have different political viewpoints

hispanics are of mexican, ecuadorian, argentinian, colombian, peruvian, brazilian, cuban descent, they live in the US and they have different political viewpoints

blacks are of nigerian, ugandan, kenyan, rwandan, tanzanian, namibian, ivory coast, ghanain and a bunch more descent and they have different poltical viewpoints.

pigeon holing people in the way that libtard democrats do is absurd. taxing one race and subsidizing another is similarly absurd. making america great again is the way forward - with no special interest groups receiving privilege at the ezpense of another, via a system of creating "downtrodden minorities".

the same applies to age and gender - cubbyholing age cohorts into a single poltical class is a nonsense - what is clear though, is that the US - along with every other western country - is bankrupt and can never repay what it has borrowed to the future generations which it has borrowed from

deficits matter, especially at 3% of GDP every year for decades - that deficit does not belong to people of today - they are taking ti from the people of tomorrow - WHO NEED THE MONEY.

demonrats tax and spend and run deficits AND libtard demonrats and companies sponsor foreign countries to put the US out of work out of even more tax revenues and investment - that is what the demonrats stand for.

trump does not stand for that - he stands for america and is a patriot - libtard demonrats are not patriots and, instead, represent trough feeders that (like true bitches that fuck anyone but you) have no economic plan to run surpluses, repay debt or run trade surpluses - they are programmed to bankrupt the US by "governing" the redistirution of all wealth to those areas that are sinkholes of government spending - with no prospect of getting ay money back

in short demonrats only know how to spend other peoples money, not how to make it OR how to make anyone happy other than by taking someone elses money and giving it to whoever they deem is "worthy".

Grandad Grumps's picture

The Democratic Party. The party of TREASON!

RTUT's picture

What?  Nancy Pelosi indicates socialist democrats and democrat socialists don't belong in that party?  The democrat party is socialist and it is fascist.  They got Obama elected.  OMG, they are totally blind as to who they are.

Pure Evil's picture

Pelosi is the poster child for the mentally handicapped.

They should put her mug shot on every carton of milk and ask "Have you seen this retard?"

Sudden Debt's picture

Every political party should be banned.

Only independend candidates because all those parties are run like the mob.

How many Americans have been killed by these parties because they stood in their way or blew the whistle about their crimes?

And they made the citizens to believe they need to pick one of those 2 parties.

deimos178's picture

They live and work in an echo chamber surrounded by butt snorkeling rump swabs and have had the dinosaur media do their thinking and dirty work for years. Now that that system doesn't work anymore  they have become totally unhinged. I expect them to go full retard since they won't get the reaction they want. Although, I think they are already at full retard so you can't go beyond zero. I hope they all get colon cancer, have their assholes rot off and crap through a hole in their side for a year or two before they die a painful death. 

Sam Spayed's picture

Minister Farrakhan is very popular in the US.  Therefore, it would have been a good idea to elect Ellison, one of Farrakhan's bowtie boys, to the DNC chairmanship.  Keith has just the right combination of small-c communism and radical islamism to do the job for the democrats.  They missed a big opportunity. 

luna_man's picture



No Rocket Science Here...After EIGHT years of the obama administration and central banker CRIMINALS, it's gonna get alot worse and will NOT improve, even if, you live another hundred years!!


Is the debt decreasing or GROWING?

pc_babe's picture

Don't need a chart to show what is known

maxamus's picture

But big daddy Donny boy told me all polls were rigged and fake.

distopian future's picture

And The Donald was right wasn't he jackass.

Dan'l's picture

I'd like to see the entire seditious Democrat Party swallow poison in a Jonestown-like death cult final act. 

Rubicon76's picture

Make sure the flavor of the kool-aid is "red".  That's the goodest flavor.

south40_dreams's picture

Democrats don't understand the marketing challenges of selling anarchy and destruction to the sniveling masses

SquadronVBF94's picture

Excellently put! While the Democrat Party does its best to commit suicide. The globalist st control freaks do their best to use the careerist at State, Justice and the NSA and CIA as some sort of Praetorian Guard making and enforcing policy and controlling or deposing Presidents to their own ends. The Forth Turning crisis is upon us and will be as recently stated by Marie Le Pen, not left vs right but Patriots vs globalists.

MuffDiver69's picture

A speech like Trumps Tuesday hurts more then anything...most people give a rats ass about Russia or this or that...Trump does present his plan and the democrats can't win on identity politics its nature identity isolates any group cohesion...

James TraffiCan't's picture

Drain the Swamp and shoot what comes out. Kill it! including the RINO's.

Beam me up!

besnook's picture

the repugnnts stand for as much as the dimocrats, nothing except globalization at the expense of the usa middle class and war for the sake of empire. no reasonable person would support either party if they vote their wallet and conscience.

Nona Yobiznes's picture

Democrats, correctly, want Trump removed because 'climate'? Is this a joke? I cannot believe there are people  who still give credence to anything those warming alarmists say. Their models have failed spectacularly, their predictions have been almost exclusively wrong, and their motivations are increasingly clear. This is a power grab, a ploy to implement a global authority to control all economic activity on the planet. Unbelievable that someone who calls their blog "Down with Tyranny" is unable to see this, especially in the midst of another harsh winter. 

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

Be American!
Stand Up For America!

outsider9's picture

I guess progressivism means islam if u want keith ellison. For women, the sexually perverse, and the infidels it would mean regressivism