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It's always darkest before the dawn. During Saturday's pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, CA, antifags attended and started to rabble rouse -- spraying old men in the face with pepper spray, acting like reprobate vagabonds -- deserving of the stick.

Then out of nowhere, like the Phoenix rising out from the ash, a superhero appeared -- smashing antifags in the heads for sport and pleasure -- casting them back into their pits of hell.

BEHOLD, the Stick Man.

And here's another video of his greatness -- this time slowed down for dramatic effect.

Heretofore, let this be a lesson to you leftarded anarchists out there trying to spoil all of the fun: stick man is out there, watching you, waiting to bash your brains in with his glorious stick.


UPDATE: the antifags are free to destroy and punch people in the face at will, without police interference in Berkeley. Defend yourself and your friends, like the Stick Man, and go straight to jail. He's now facing multiple felonies.

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Someone start a go fund me for this man and I will donate!

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The way to end Antifa is to arrest George Soros and then drive him around in the back of a diesel vehicle for several weeks so that his lawyers never catch up with him. Diesel therapy was the fate of many opponents of the Clinton administration.

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I am just longing to get the fuck out of California. 

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Looks like Stickman needs a stronger stick, like a kendo baton.

Also, when Holder/Lynch were attys general, any time a knee grow got a hangnail while in police custody they raised seven kinds on hell with the po po. Shouldn't the new atty general raise hell with the police for NOT DOING THEIR JOB???

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Great idea! Let's all demand Jeff Sessions goes after the California Police for not doing their job and start with Berkely.





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Sooner or later a snowflake is going to take a punch at someone trained who drop them dead right there on the spot with the whole thing on video to show that it was self-defense.  Once the other snowflakes see this... the crowds will start to shrink. 

In general, the backlash against libtards is going to be ugly.  But, they have it coming at point.  "Stupid" has to marginalized eventually - where it threatens too many... or too personally. 

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Remember , don't be willing to die for what you believe in but make the other asshole die for what he believes in. 


Also. Fuck the police and the police state. They are slaves to their paycheck and pension. They have proved that over and over. And yet the Right still foolishly worships them. 

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Less of us than you might think.

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Pretty good swing there bud ...

"Next up for the Yankees, batting clean-up, Stickman!"

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I think I am going to file for a patent on a Stick Man Logo. The tee shirt sales should be huge, 

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Today sticks; tomorrow guns.  

When a segment of the population is attacked by the types who beat down anyone with a differing opinion, the men with sticks will arrive with guns the next time.  Defending ones life and property will be the order of the day.  

There may be a middle ground and that involves canes.  The type older men and women use as mobility devices.  I have canes that are TSA legal,accompanied by my doctor's prescription, that allows me to travel with special wooden walking canes and even a replica of Stephen Segal's Ten Shin Cane.   It's 44 inches long and totally bad ass.

 The study and practice of Cane Fu is something anyone can do. A walking cane can be used by anyone no matter their age or, in my case, some physical challenges involving damaged joints. Anyone who challenges a person who uses a cane will find themselves on the receiving end of a serious beat down.  The person wielding the cane can claim self defense, using their cane as their weapon of choice.  I doubt if any  jury would convict based on a cane based self defense.

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This needs to become a movement....All masked pussies get stick-smashed on the noggin...Fuck Antifa 

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PurpleNIRPle (not verified) Mar 6, 2017 9:29 AM

LOL this is pure gold.  We should get a petition going for his release and give him the keys to the city.

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Fund me page would get more media play

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trump needs to bring him on stage.  maybe appoint him to dhs

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Demand a jury trial.

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The *new* Protect and Serve

Protect their own interests

Serve themselves doughnuts at every opportunity...

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I've known quite a number of cops as employers, business associates, vendors, friends and relatives. They've been active duty, retired, rookies, aspiring. They've been PD, sheriffs, deputies, every kind you could imagine. In every case but one, they have all been complete dirtbag a-holes. They always look real clean cut and decent, but they all are dirtbags. The worst part is that they know how to screw you while making it all nice and legal. Don't associate with them, don't trust them.

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The commie judge will make an example out of this guy, nobody's allowed to have a fight in their black panther partay.

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Fuck that shit. I want to hear what Donald "fake news" Trump has to spew today.

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They can take my stick... when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers...

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if we see the left use violence on the old folks..we bring something other than a stick to the riots..it will escalate as violence always does..

"some people just need killin"..is not a joke.

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And while we are at it, where is the media outrage?  Oh yeah, that only goes in one direction.

Irrelevant pricks may as well shut up at this stage.  They weren't going to tell the truth anyway.

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I wrote this in response to violence and friction between cultures in America, but it also applies to violence between political factions. It's no different.


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These aren't anarchists moron.

They are just young men that want to beat innocents.

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We learned that at the earlier riot a Berkley the campus cops AND city cops were told to stand down and not stop the rioting. If th f ing cops are not doing their f ing job to "protect and defend" everyone's safety they're no protecting anyone. What f ing good are they?? The rioters cover their faces, hiding their identity.

Should there be. a go fund me for the Stickman's legal expenses?

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OK, I'll ask...

What is an "antifag"?

And what is an "antifa"?

And which is it?  One, the other or both?

Always confused...

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I added the g at the end of antifa because I was feeling gregarious.

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Don't worry. The charges won't stick (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

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Wonder if he had to wait 7 days to get that stick and undergo a backround check,,, Hope it wasn't a high capacity, assault stick,,

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I hope for his sake he was openly weilding a "legal" stick, properly registered and all. If he's smart he would have a lifetime membership to Stick Owners of America.

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I thought I saw a flag on the end of it, so it wasn't a stick, it was a protest banner handle that a protester tried to destroy to squelch his 1st Amendment right to free speech.

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From the video I saw he was defending someone from an assault and he was not using excessive force and stopped when the other party retreated.

He is innocent. He should ask the federal government to file a civil rights action against the police and the people that can be identified in the crowd attacking the peaceful demonstrators.

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I hope he has multiple copies of the incident from multiple angles.

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How many jerks from the other side are up on charges?

In any other town than Berkeley the jury would acquit him.  

If that is all he did, he was defending someone else from getting attacked.


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the police better become aware ...the right is not going to lay down this is a fight for our country. nothing less.

Trump use your power..all of it.

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Because if you don't, we will.

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The police had better decide which side they're on. I suspect that most of the police departments will side with their politicians, while many of the Sheriffs will side with the people.

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That's because police departments rely on the politicians for wages and benefits.  Sheriffs are generally elected posts (at least in California), so they answer directly to their constituents.

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Yes, but their salaries and benefits come from the politicians who distribute tax dollars. Most Sherrifs departments are just like the regular cops, and will dutifully stand aside and let the state or fed badges stomp on their citizens.

There are a few exceptions, but the vast majority don't have the stones or desire to stand up to Uncle Sugar.

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Loretta Lynch just called for "blood in the streets."

I guess she will get some and it ain't gonna be mine.

In the words of Flounder, "This is gonna be GREAT!"

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they've been pumping blud in da street since their trayvon operation.  same old shit

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The Mass Psychology of Fascism in all its forms and colours. :(

More slave labor for the corporate prisons.

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The all-embracing peace party was persuaded to initiate the violence.  What will it take for them to figure out their own hypocrisy?