ACLU Actively Assisting With Soros-Driven Protest Organization After Accepting Funds From The Open Society Institute

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Via Disobedient Media

Startling developments have revealed that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has moved beyond their original charter as a legal advocate for individual rights under the Constitution to actively taking a hand in training and organizing protest groups throughout the country. Their shift in focus came just over a month after reports emerged that George Soros was sinking tens of millions into the group through his affiliated organizations. Articles prominently featured by the ACLU announcing the shift towards actively organizing anti-government protests are authored by a former employee of Soros-funded groups. The startling shift indicates that the ACLU has decided to participate in Soros driven protest movements with the goal of subverting American democracy and driving regime change in the United States.

I. The ACLU Has Actively Begun To Assist In Protest Organization

The ACLU's shift from their traditional mandate of legal advocacy appears to have occurred sometime in February 2017, with the announcement of People Power, a campaign consisting of what they described as "Resistance Training" to "take the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets." The training sessions are to be broadcast nationally via livestream. The shift appears to have been announced on February 24, 2017 in an article authored by the ACLU's National Political Director, Faiz Shakir. Shakir apparently also runs the ACLU's Reddit account, using it for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit to announce the rollout of People Power. In the session, Mr. Shakir explained that the campaign would consist of more than 1,500 events, to organize a "volunteer army to fight back" in what he described as "the fight of our lives." Announcements of the campaign are also being astroturfed to multiple left leaning subreddits in an attempt to garner support.

II. Faiz Shakir Is A Former Employee Of Soros-Controlled Organizations, People Power Was Launched After Major Funding From George Soros

Preliminary investigation has uncovered facts which call into question the incentives behind the ACLU's decision to become involved with political protest. Faiz Shakir, the author of the ACLU's announcement of People Power, spent seven years working at the Center for American Progress and was a founding member and editor-in-chief of The Center for American Progress (CAP) was a project spearheaded by John Podesta with heavy funding from George Soros. ThinkProgress was founded by the CAP to serve as its blog and news outlet, alongside David Brock's propaganda outlet Media Matters. Brock has recently come under fire amid revelations that his new organization, Shareblue, has improper ties to the Chinese government, organizations in the City of London, Mexico, Israel and multiple Middle Eastern states. Shakir also served as a senior advisor to Senator Harry Reid and as a senior adviser and director of digital media for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. His past associations with Soros-funded groups and prominent Democrat political figures raise questions about his apparent role spearheading the ACLU's drive to become involved in training and equipping protestors.

Mr. Shakir speaking at Capitol Hill

The ACLU itself has received massive amounts of funding from George Soros. A February 6th, 2017 article from Zerohedge cited research from LifeZette and the Capital Research Center indicating that Soros's Open Society Institute has sunk over $35 million into the ACLU alone and millions more to other liberal organizations directly involved in filing lawsuits against various policies of Donald Trump all around the country. The massive donation drive is part of Soros' overall effort to "reshape the American justice system" by buying district attorneys in races across the country.

III. The ACLU's Sudden Drive To Assist With Protest Organization Appears To Be Part Of A Wider Attempt By George Soros To Implement Regime Change In The United States

The presence of Soros and Democrat-aligned individuals who are closely involved with the ACLU's sudden drive to assist with protest efforts and the major funding Soros has given to the ACLU seriously calls into question the ACLU's People Power movement. Given Soros' major support for other protest movements across the U.S. in the aftermath of Donald Trump's defeat of his supported candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election, the funds sunk into the ACLU appear to be part of a wider effort to effect regime change in the United States. Soros and his affiliated organizations have already faced backlash over the past year in multiple Eastern European countries amid accusations that he was meddling in their political processes and improperly seeking to influence public opinion. The People Power movement, in light of the involvement of Mr. Shakir and the major funding given to the ACLU by Soros serves in effect to further his overall goals of political control in the United States, irregardless of the purported good intentions behind it.

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Meet the NWO, same as the Old World Order.

The Empire of the City, Knuth, 1916

Know the history of secret societies in the Americas and you will know what your enemies are doing.

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Faiz is a moslem, it starts there and it ends there. Kill him or throw him out.

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Sad this scumbag still is allowed to breath.

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Sad this scumbag still is allowed to breath.

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The old jew soros is well beyond expiration. Allegedly, meetings in hell have not gone very well. The devil himself tells friends and associates even he wants nothing to do with the disgusting jew.
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ACLU is now the GCLU-Globalist Civil Libtardism Union.

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So now it is left funded reverse street thug McCarthyism without a hearing. But the lawyers and Soros will be safe and well guarded behind their walls while the brain dead street urchins take violence to the streets. 

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Turn Soros over to Russian LEO.

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I googled aclu a while back, there's two separate aclu entities, for of course tax-deductibility, and Soros has been aclu's largest contributor forever.


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President Trump,


 Seems there is a criminal illegal muzzie terrorist running around causing destruction. Can you get one of your guys to throw this piece of shit back to the shit hole it came from. Details are above

Oh and just a favor, could you please label open society a terrorist organization. Before you send a crack squad of troops in to destroy it

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The ACLU has evolved into a Regressive Liberal cesspool.

Defund it. Drive the little Liberal lawyer turds into oblivion.

We all know what an evil whore Soros is.

Demand that he be tried and imprisoned! (won't cost us much. Hell, he is damn near 100 yrs old).

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i am still on an aclu email list and received a message recently advocating these looter/rioter groups (*fakestream euphemistically calls them "protesters")  - glad Craddick's on it again !  


it looked obvious that Whore of Soreass was throwing fiatskis their way.  






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Somebody call Lois Lerner.

She'll know what to do.

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The ACLU was founded by communist Roger Baldwin.

"Communism is the goal."[

It's a communist organization.

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I, recently, read, online, that George Soros gave $2 Million to NAMBLA, the kiddie f*ck org. 

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I saw a picture of a Soros check for 11 grand made out to comet ping pong pizza....He's a sick old POS.

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Not that I sanction violence, but isn't there someone out there that can ---- Gyorgi?

Time to do something with the Anti-ACLU...They have never been supporters of America.

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Just one more organization way over playing their hand.

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Soros does this for fun and profit. There has never been an instance of a color revolution ending in anything other than misery and totalitarianism for the people and fat profits for Oligarchical interests.

The left truly are the useful idiots of Oligarchy.

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Have you ever watched Michael Caine in the Holcroft Chronicles? He prevents Billions from falling into the worng hands that would fund terrorist groups around the world and create chaos.

Reminds me of Soros' goals.

You can stream it for free I think on Netflix of Amazon or maybe yootoob since it's an old movie.

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Yep, that's just like SoRoS

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Sooooooooooo just checking, when someone tries to violently overthrow a legally elected government....thats....ahhhhh


....what's that word I'm lookin' for?   Tourism?

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Tree zone? ... Yeah, I think it's Tree zone

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Go get that Soros motherfucker!

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Sessions can save some more .gov scratch.  Defund ACLU and let these other "private sector" sources take over.

The caterwauling will be EPIC!!!!

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more skype.  fck 'em

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Every night I thank God Americans elected Donald Trump and pray he and his appointees, Sessions, Tillerson, etc stay safe so evil and Satan can be defeated and driven from the United States of America.

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The ACLU was founded by Marxists.  They have stood on the side of what is right on some issues but their agenda along with the agenda of all Progressives is a Marxist Utopia with themselves as the leaders of that Utopia.  Never forget that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the rest of us.  Those who would redistribute the wealth always get first choice of what is redistributed.

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With a little hot cocoa. Ummm.