"Think About and Prepare For" Euro Catastrophe

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"Think About and Prepare For" End Of Euro - TV3 Agenda Interview

David McWilliams interviewed Lara Marlowe and Cormac Lucey about the elections in France (April 23 and May 7) for TV3’s Agenda and the short interview about the French elections, Le Pen and the risks posed to the euro is a must watch.

Key points covered
- "Could the French say 'au revoir' to the euro?"
- Brexit vote and Trump election given a "lot of cold chills"
- Le Pen has "promised to take France out of euro"
- Her election would be "catastrophic for Europe and the euro"
-  "If people break out from the lunatic asylum ... Ireland should leave the euro..."
- 'Going bankrupt slowly and then suddenly' as per Hemingway's warning
- "Money moves when it is panicked ..."
- This is now not a "fringe" concern - deep insiders are warning
- Lack of rational debate about risks - blindly dismiss concerns
-  "Seeing a slow motion bank run..."
- "Think about and prepare for..."

Interview can be watched on TV3 here (Begins 15.43)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

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Sudden Debt's picture

Most people with money to spare are prepared.

The sad part is that the blue collar workers aren't at all prepared.

I met a guy who bought silver for what's comming but nowhere near enough. Some think that buying for 5K in silver is enough but that won't save you at all.

After a decade, most people should have at least 1 year salary in silver of gold.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

After a decade, most people should have at least 1 year salary in silver of gold.

Yes, BUT the actual EUROcracy is a horrible tax system that assures you wil NEVER be able to save 1 year salary unless you are breaking the law.

OpTwoMistic's picture

Slow motion train wreck. There is still time. .gov will control silver until "they" cannot.

Trouble is when joe paycheck goes for silver, there wont be any and the money will not be worth anything.

Never One Roach's picture

I know several people now who have moved out of Europe due to the dangers of behing attacked by ganags of immigrants. Sad stuff over there. Glad we have Trump.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

I know several people now who have moved out of Europe due to the dangers of...

where are they moving to?

Troy Ounce's picture



"Can not watch video in your region".

So I will try another source. FY2

PurpleNIRPle's picture
PurpleNIRPle (not verified) Mar 6, 2017 10:21 AM

sell sell sell sell sell