Washington Post Employee Arrested On Charges Of Impersonating ICE Agent - Weapons And Tactical Gear Recovered At Home

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Washington Post employee Itai Ozderman, 35, was arrested after his Gaithersburg, MD home was raided by Montgomery County Police on February 22nd at around 6 a.m, according to court documents. Ozderman is charged with impersonating an ICE officer on several occasions throughout Falls Church, VA.

When the warrant was served on Feb. 22 at Ozderman's home in the 100 block of Elmira Lane, court documents say 10 weapons, including handguns, assault rifles, and a shotgun, were recovered.


Sources tell ABC7's Kevin Lewis that Ozderman impersonated an ICE officer throughout Falls Church, Va. on more than one occasion. According to sources, Ozderman would 'patrol' while wearing a bullet proof vest with an ICE placard and a Baltimore County police badge. -WJLA

Ozderman, an I.T. engineer at the Washington Post, is currently out on bond. No word on whether this alleged #FakeAgent is still employed with one of the original MSM outlets responsible for the term #FakeNews permeating the public lexicon.



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wapo IS 100% cia NEWSPAPER 

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All over the mainstream news for the next week, right? Front page of USA Today? Can't wait.

esum's picture

keep in mind he worked in IT

wonder if he had access to the CIA / Bezos blog (WAPO) $600 million non compete cloud contract...???  hahahahahaha




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Under Obama, he would not be caught, and maybe would be part of staged terrorism.

Trump has already restored a lot of law and order. Good job, Mr President.

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Quick, lock him up at St. Elizabeth's in D.C. so that he can't talk.

Worked with some Watergaters.  And a failed presidential assassin.

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No more questions.His editor will go out with a superb story, no fake news, just Luegenpresse.

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Today's public vision allows anyone to become who or what they identify with. The lunatic Washington state white bitch who was the head of the local NAACP because she 'identified' as a blackened person? The white snowflakes protesting illegal alien rights or BLM? Lunatics of a specific sex want to become the opposite sex and use the off limits bathroom? Fck! This guy identified as a CIA so what's the big deal?










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He's trying to get laid.

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They need to arrest the editors for impersonating journalists.

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It's too damn bad that some "MS-13" bandit didn't plug him.

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funny, i don't see this in the washington post yet!

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Another agent.  So... are these people trying to create news now?  Who knows with these Marxist intelligence state clowns.  Whatever it was it wasn't good.  Put this one down with the False Fag bomber that worked for a company that did US security contracts as well as smuggling foreigners through the Mexican border into Phoenix.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

...and the false agent at Sandy Hook.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Aha!  So that is where MDB went.

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Fake employees is obviously the norm at a place that specializes in fake news.

How can one expect otherwise


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this is my second time trying to post a logical comment for a logical explanation of this wapo employee.

just last week we read the declassified files where news organizations and the cia worked hand in hand, to legitimize themselves while misinforming the American people.

what's the odds of a regular employee of a newspaper buying ,and or obtaining this equipment, and identification, not impossible, just unusual, and even more unusual to go out and act on it, alone.



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It's possible, as he did not have matching credentails: ICE gear, but MD badge.
He's a wannabe.

There is a similar deal with some volunteer firemen who set fires in order to put them out.

If he were a deep state actor, his credentials would have matched, imo, as a former LEO.

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ICE placard, meaning he could have been been a cop attached temporarily to an ICE operation.


I suspect we'll all get to know the finer details of ICE. After Hollywood gets tired of shrieking & losing money we'll probably see  tv dramas featuring ICE raids.

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And an IT guy at that!  At least he supports the 2nd amendment. 

U4 eee aaa's picture

I'll bet if they squeeze this guy right he'll have some very interesting things to say

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I'll pay for his ticket to Gitmo and send a case of good steaks addressed to: "Head Waterboarder in Charge"

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Intimidating illegal alien chicks for the free mugombo.

May I suggest a little batting practice, officers?


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Probably have more fun shaking down hookers for freebies.....

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What kind of name is Itai Ozderman?  Has anyone checked his Mossad credentials?

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He gets the foreign written stuff fed right into the Editor's computer. And Wapo says the Russians affected the election. Whoa,  seems like foreign countries affected our news (and election).

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Oh look another dual-shitizen doing the devil's work. Shocking. 

Anyone who thinks Mexicans are a bigger problem than these Israeli thugs needs their head examined.

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Oh look, another racist moron spinning facts out of fancy.

L Bean's picture

Oh look, another 3 month old troll with Trump in his name. LOL real convincing, guy.

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The day of the rope fast approaches.

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There are a lot of Washington Post employees that should be arrested for impersonating journalists.

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What/Who The Fuck is "Zero Point Now"?

Apropos name, I must admit.

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What next for fucks sake, we just got done with some asshole impersonating a President for 8 years...

RightLineBacker's picture

Just one of many WaPoop's Bezos Storm Troopers.

Bezos = Soros = Mortal enemies of We the People.

And Bezos' Washington Post is worse than just his personal propaganda tool, it is a true Domestic Terror Organization.

Out with them ALL!

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To bad it wasn't the owner.

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 6, 2017 8:25 PM

Buckwheat says "Itai is otay."

Vigilante's picture

Itay is Biblical Jewish

Ozderman is Jewish

I would wager he was doing it as 'entertainment'

Too far-fetched?

People become serial killers for similar reasons

cheka's picture

upvote for nailing the name.   but not buying 'entertainment'

how_this_stuff_works's picture

What better way to perform reconnaissance and surveillance than hiding in full sight?

dcmbuffy's picture

what u talkin' bout willis?

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Now this is really going to be cool. This liberal/progressive/anarchist/communist horseshit is about to be over soon. Sooo effin glad an MSM ass got busted.

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Bozos, promote that man!... we all know impersonation of anything real is key to wapo success


I'm hoping he never sees those guns again... and I hope to see/buy them at gov't auction