CIA Contractor on #VAULT7 Leak: ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down’

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Everything that Wikileaks has revealed over the past year has hurt both the integrity and honor of the United States. The question you have to grapple with, is it well deserved? After all, living inside of a vast and powerful empire has its benefits. As the empire expands, so does the wealth of its citizens. But it hasn't worked out that way, has it? The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve -- using third world banana republic tactics to silence opposition, take down regimes not beholden to their world view, using advanced technology to both spy and monitor on American citizens -- infringing on our civil rights like nothing we've ever seen before.

The reason for the populist uprising and the lack of equanimity amongst those traditionally supportive of the CIA lies in the improper distribution of the spoils of war. There aren't any. All the average American has received from $10 trillion in Obama inspired deficit spending is American casualties of war, jobs lost to cheaper labor overseas, expensive oil prices, expensive healthcare, and run away education costs -- along with a sundry of social disturbances that have people fed up.

While the elite flaunt hedonistic lifestyles, eschewing basic decency for the perverse, normies get more of the same old bullshit. After electing a true agent of change in Donald Trump, the people are laughed at and impugned by the elitist media. Their President is set upon by 'permanent government' officials in the intelligence agencies -- whose only goal is to derail and destroy his term before it even begins.

Then we come to find out the same people who told us the Russians were our enemy, revealing corruption and depravity on a monumental scale via the Podesta emails, they were, in fact, the ones spying on us all along -- both lying and mocking us like Lords in a fiefdom.

Here's Fox News reporting on the latest scandal to hit the wires, #VAULT7

Fox New sources inside the CIA said the agency was running around like headless chickens, saying 'there is heavy shit coming down.'

Pardon me as I sharpen my pitched-fork.

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The UK 2010 census was also done by Lockheed Martin...WTF!

SixIsNinE's picture

that makes sense.

i heard reports that the actual geographical coordinates to actual front door of the house were collected by census workers.

Can you say "I have a Drone" ?

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Hey, RLB.

You know, being contractors these assholes shouldn't be immune to civil suit prosecution. ... Prove harassment and loss of revenue in front of a judge or maybe even a judge and jury if you can force them there. .... Go for a BIG damages award. ... You should be able to develop lots of sympathy if you can push the David and Goliath angle.

Just thinking out loud a little.

Live Hard, Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury, I've Been Blackballed In My Industry Because I Dared To Tell The Truth And I Seek Just Compensation From My Tormentors Whom I Will Name For You Right Here, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

TheReplacement's picture

I think your only solution will fail.  They are to the point where they have a self perpetuating thing going on.  Need cash?  Sell some people, organs, drug of choice (right now heroine), smuggle weapons... the list goes on and on.  It it is illegal you can bet they are the most successful in doing it.

This is all basic human nature.  As long as there are humans they will do this.

Two solutions exist.  Get rid of humans.  I think that one sucks but then again, maybe that is just me.  The other is to destroy what makes this human nature thing impotent.  We need a giant solar flare or EMPS to eviserate the technology that makes it all possible.

Launch already.

DuneCreature's picture

Air America has been around a lot longer than that.

One of my spook contacts used to fly for Air America in and around Thailand in the 1960-70s. ...... He came back state side with a great big pile of money and bought a 500+ acre farm in VA. ... Paid cash.

Live Hard, It Was Sort Of A Wide Open Gold Rush Back In Them Thar Days, So The Ole Geezer Claims, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

TeethVillage88s's picture

I didn't really write it very well. I wanted to point out that CIA Businesses likely support operations and that perhaps the economic impact of official attempts to neuter the CIA... might be negligible.

As Famous CIA Front company, Air America, seems to have avoided congressional mandates that appeared late 1960s-70s and in fact Air America even kept it's name from Indochina and had offices in Ohio/Planes in Ohio.

- 1970, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA),
- 1972, BCCI Bank created
- 1972, Watergate Scandal, with ties to CIA
- 1973, Family Jewels Reports commissioned about CIA
- 1974, CIA Slapped with Investigations of Practices, they decide to Outsource & Subcontract (Church Committee)
- 1975, Nedzi Committee,
- 1975, Pike Committee
- 1975, Rockefeller Commission to investigate CIA Activities within the USA
- 1978, Soviet-Afghanistan War Starts
- 1979, the Top of US Manufacturing
- 1979, when US Median Wages got Stuck or leveled out
- 1980, Presidential Campaign, Debt, Economy, Inflation, Iran
- 1980, George H.W. Bush former Director CIA chosen as Vice President
- 1981, the Top of US Money Stock Velocity (MZM) in US Economy
- 1982, Ronald Reagan Maxes out DoD Budget
- 1982, CIA Begins using BCCI Bank
- BCCI Bank Closed in biggest International - 1991, Banking Scandal Ever in World History

TeethVillage88s's picture

Just stocker law I think.

Harassment Law.

CIA and Military and others can use proxies which would be contractors or assets they threatened. They can't talk to police or show ID is my guess.

Back of my mind military guys are not going to be assigned or be stationed near residential areas... but in Novels like Lee Child seems military guys can come after you, follow you for a week maybe. Of course military guys would be assigned to an NCO and Officer... officers can be off doing their own thing right so who is really doing roll call.

CRM114's picture

Langley; Senatorial oversight visit.

Senator "But what about the potential for World domination by enslavement of all 8 billion people?"

Director Digital Intelligence "No Problemo, Sir. We've got an app for that! fact, if you get out your phone and type "&&^%$#@666%",you'll find you already have that app."

Avichi's picture

These MOFUcRs in the DEEP STATE Including the NEO CONS in the Republican Party need to given DEATH SENTENCE.

It is time WE THE PEOPLE start DRAINING these bastards out of the Washinghton DC SWAMP

cat-foodcafe's picture

Ok, sounds good.  They all have heavily-armed guards.


Gilligan's isle's picture

Wake me when Soros and Shillary go to Hades, THAT's when some heavy shit will be coming down.

Miss Informed's picture

Heavy shit will be the exposure of Massad and prominent American Jewish Oligarchs in the crimes of 9/11.

MontgomeryScott's picture

'...some heavy shit will be going down.'

In 3, 2, 1...

(chokes on dinner, because of laughter)


Did you ever do a 'ding dong ditch' on the worst asshole on the block, after taking some human feces and setting it on the porch and lighting it on fire?

That was PRACTICE for the smell of these two examples of human refuse after they 'go down'! Ozzie's song 'War Pigs' will get a new line: 'Satan, gagging, holds his nose. LORD YEAH, CHILD...' (the classic guitar riff starts up)!


Ned Zeppelin's picture

Props for the Black Sabbath reference. Throw in Masters of War too.

inosent's picture

no surprises, but i probably should not have been doing all that dirty dancing in front of my smart tv. might be time to send a virus up the azz of the cia, no?

This is what you get when you let the 'jews' (ZOG) control the country. How long can these ppl run a fraud like they do and expect it not to come totally and wildly flying apart?

Ha! March 15 the jews who control our money system I'm sure have a nice surprise for us all.


logicalman's picture

Beware rhe Ides of March.


MontgomeryScott's picture

You might have a couple of points here; but:


All that 4 gigahertz EM radiation is frying your brain's ability to SPELL (and THINK COHERENTLY)!

Do you actually KNOW when the whole 'hashtag' thing STARTED?

There was this time, when a radical group of financial people got really PISSED OFF, and decided to march on WALL STREET. It took about TEN DAYS of NO MEDIA COVERAGE before the DEEP STATE figured out what to do (they were all communicating with their I-PHONE DEVICES). You SEE, the DEEP STATE (SOROS, ET.AL), came up witha a SPOOF site (HASHTAG, FIRST IN THE NAME), that mimicked the ORIGINAL 'OCCUPY WALL STREET' movement. I'm SURE there are SOME here on ZERO HEDGE that actually remember this world-changing event (and the odious and black results).

OH, 'it's 'da JOOS!

NO, you MORON, it's the ASHKENAZIM and KHAZARIM, and they are NOT, I repeat, NOT from any Davidic or Abrahamic bloodline any more (after two millenia of interbreeding, and changing their 'religions' after deciding to stay behind in BABYLON after it was liberated by CYRUS, a 'PAGAN'). In the vernacular, 'KIKES' is a little more accurate. 'GYPS', a rude term for GYPSIES (the 'lost', wandering tribes formerly of Hebrew origin that turned their back on their Creator, in Babylon, and embraced their enslavement to their TRUE master, Lucifer; and have reverted to BA'AL worship and MAMMON gathering at any cost), is also quite a bit more accurate, historically.

It's all in the history books (in case you can concentrate long enough to actually search them out and READ them).

There's SO MUCH MORE that you need to learn, 'inosent'.

Did you ever wonder WHY the races of Samaria (the SEMITES, both of IASSIC and of ISHMAEL, from the SAME FATHER, ABRAHAM) make their wives wear shit on their heads, and can't eat PORK? How can a SEMITE from 'JOO-LAND' state that his COUSIN who is a worshipper of ALLAH (#179 in the order of ancient gods in the ZOROASTRIAN religion, and a 'minor moon god' to boot) should be wiped off of the face of the Earth, and in the same breath state that anyone who criticizes (IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER) the 'JOOS' is 'ANTI-SEMITIC' at the same time? What makes the dirt mound called JERUSALEM so important that they still have this BLOOD FUED going on, for over 3 MILLENIA?

Your thumbs must be getting sore from using their 'thumb-drive' thingie...


inosent's picture

I have posted extensively on the subject of 'jew'. 'jew' itself is a label, it is a fiction that, as you note, modernly (circa 6th-8th century) that resulted from an adoption of the levitical myth. So it is a double fraud. I got the part about the khazars/ashkenazi, because if there is any credible origin trace to the modern 'jew', this is where they come from. It is arguable there are no living people today who can credibly trace their ancestral roots, in terms of a physical location on planet Earth, to that region in Palestine formerly known as 'Judea'. Whoever those people were, they are likely extinct and have been for a long time.

Assuming a few survivors, any valid point you try to make about this 'other sort of jew', the 'factory original', etc, arises from the levitical myth. And I call it a myth (your text is what is commonly referred to as the 'old testament') because it was penned sometime around 475 BC while a group of levites were livnig at ease in Babylon, decided to put pen to paper and give us a set of stories not previously written (the first five 'books' and others), stories replete with all sorts of detail, dialogue and genealogies, all complete and utter hearsay recollections (purportedly) - and more than likely a lot of pure fiction based on the text itself -, where absolutely no credible third party sources exist to confirm the accuracy of the text, stories that read like science fiction, defy the laws of physics, and in many cases, key, critical details, foundational details of the narrative, that could not, cannot, nor ever will be replicable modernly.

Jesus, a real person, is remarkable because he was way out in front on this issue, essentially repudiating the levitical myths and frauds, because out of them grew the oppressive and controlling scam the descendants of the levites were peddling at the time, named 'pharisee' and 'sadducee'. The 'god' of the levitial myth was a character they called 'yahweh', and any cursory read of the text shows 'yahweh' a god of death, doom and destruction, who commands those under the dominion and control of the levites (the ruling class of this psychopathic diabolical group of people) to genocide out of existence all sorts of people because (according to the text) they are 'evil' for one alleged reason or the other.

Jesus, and this is according to the text itself, which I am sure suffers from a lot of 'creative memories' as it was also the result of hearsay recollection, its only saving grace is that there was perhaps some contemporary accounts written during Jesus' lifetime (the 'Q' document), which was borrowed from to compose the first three 'gospels' some 40 years after the time Jesus was executed, quoted conspicuously quite sparingly from the 'holy' book of the day, cherry picking only a very few 'verses' that do not strain the imagination, and address matters of character. What he did was totally destroy the lies of the myths, and the foundation of all the evil that arose from it, declaring essentially, that all men and women are created on an equal footing, all belong to one 'tribe', the human race, and are all equally the creation of Jesus' God, who he like to call his 'Father', inasmuch that Jesus was saying this God was the 'Father' of every person, who makes NO distinctions based on race, sex, origin, culture or customs. Jesus then destroyed the entire 'law' and all of its BS, by delivering a new 'law', a universal law, that everybody can manage and is held accountable to, with no special rules for entrance into some exclusive club are required. And that is 'love God, and love your neighbor as yourself'.

It was for that 'heresy' that the fake judahites, peddling their fake mythology, with their fake stories, leveraging their evil god yahweh, which was only a literary character that looped back as a representation of the levitical ruling class (THEY were god), that Jesus was tortured and executed.

In other words, ANYTHING related to 'jew' is a fraud, hoax, fiction, lie, deception, etc, be it the modern derivative you note of the earlier fraud, or the original fraud itself, something Jesus addressed long ago, but it seems like we never quite got the message. Had we 'got it', and the Jesusian repudiation of the levitical myth wasn't later contradicted by the 'editors' of the new testament, and primarily by the judahite (so the text indicates) 'Paul', we might not be encumbered today with the current 'jew' menace, all of its branches, and Jesus hating ideologies that are the true cultural destroyers.

The problem with posting on a website is I cannot always copy and paste this predicate to any posts about 'jews'. 'jew' is a contrivance and a fiction, and anybody, I don't care who they are, 'khazar'/'ashkenazi', or someone with a dubious claim to fitting into your category of some 'pure' original 'judahite', the entire myth that lies underneath it all is a total farce. The only responsible thing for an honest and credible person to do who carries with them that label and embraces the association (usually for monetary gain) is to disavow it altogether, because it is a fraud, and makes them a fraud by default.

Nobody is 'born' a 'jew', or a 'christian', or a 'muslim' or a 'hindu', or a 'buddhist', or fill in the blank with anything that involves making a choice to believe, or think, or speak or act in a certain way after a person is born.

No. We are all born the same, as human beings. And we are born in a physical location. So all we are ab initio is a person born in a particular location. That is it.

From there, we choose to believe, think, say and do. We have that right, that power and that control. And to put it in Jesus' terms, we are either someone who loves the Absolute Good, and loves our neighbor a ourselves, or we are not. So whatever the cultural, religious, political, economic, social, relational, etc etc etc etc etc choices we make, when we cut through all the crapola, who are we? An agent for the Good? or Evil?

The 'jew' thing stands out, because that fraud (and there are many!) is the root of talmudic zionism, that led to the massacre of 100,000,000+ in the first half of the 20th century, and the total destruction of the Christian religion in the west, the take over of government, government policy, education, courts, banking, it is an easy and legitimate target. Splitting hairs and making distinctions between one versiuon of a fraud and another sort of misses the point. In order for humanity to progress, not only does everything 'jew' need to be abolished, with respect to the myth, ideology and mindset, but everything tied to the levitical/Abrahamic myth as well, like the entire muslim thing, and its association with Jesus.

Nothing ever changes. "Look at us!", ppl will say, "we have a corner on the market of all things godly, we have the right rituals, dogmas, and traditions, and seeing how it is we play our game so well, and follow our rules that we created for ourselves so well, we know we must be the chosen ones of God!"

And Jesus says (said, at least), "No you are not. You are total frauds, liars, thieves and murders. Your father is the devil, because he was the original fraud/liar from the beginning."




cat-foodcafe's picture

MONTY - they're Chechens.  Learn to spell, wudyapls ?

dcohn's picture

Thank you.  SO FUCKING TRUE 

I repeat though that with so many people completely brainwashed the MSM muist be stopped or we will have a very hard time moving forward.

Just Re Read Heinleins The Moon is Harsh Mistress.

Now I am starting to think we need to start living it if we expect to beat these fuckers down into the hole they belong in.  Trump is our savior.   He may seem the oddball but he is real and he is here.  

We have no one else right now so lets fucking try.

hoist the bs flag's picture

"March 15th"  you talking about the debt ceiling?...that they secretly raised:


hoist the bs flag's picture

Vault 7 5th Column

Orly's picture this a physics question?

Cabreado's picture

In order for "heavy shit coming down" it would take a well-functioning govt in all three branches (we still have three, yes?) to enact "heavy shit."

Sorry to say... "Vault7" means nothing.

ReZn8r's picture

Bullshit, until there is lots of gunfire, lots of bleeding and many dead bodies in their buildings and offices there is NO 'heavy shit going down'.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Be careful what you wish for.

You just might GET IT.

I don't think you realize the true gravity of the situation.

NO ONE, (and I repeat), NO ONE in the 'western world' can TRULY be prepped for the events that will come, should such a wish of yours ACTUALLY metastasize.

An UPSCALE video treastise:

THIS ONE'S a little CLOSER to what you are trying to comprehend:

I WAS going to post THIS ONE,


When it comes to your realization that it is YOUR bleeding, dying body on the street, and your last breaths are choked out as your lungs fill with blood. and YOUR THOUGHTS are overwhelmed with the pain that your body is sending to your brain...




SixIsNinE's picture

now that's the old Montgomery Scott we know & love !


i was a little worried seeing your above post simply <s>   -  

i was like what,  Monty Scott  giving us no links?  no case sensitive and all CAPS?   where'd the ol' Monty go? 


good to see some longtimers again!


Duc888's picture



"After all, living inside of a vast and powerful empire has its benefits. "


Yea... we become the fucking assholes of planet earth, rolling over legitimate governments, killing their people and stealing their shit.

You might be able to count the countries on planet earth where US Shitizens are not universally hated, on one hand.

Bay Area Guy's picture

I disagree with the notion that US citizens are universally hated around the world.  I've travelled pretty extensively in Asia, and I find that people over there, yes, they hate the American government, but they don't at all hate normal, run of the mill, American citizens.  I have found the same in Italy, Austria and Germany.  People pretty much everywhere I've traveled are waking up to the fact that, by and large, most normal people are just that.....normal.  They understand that the people of a country most times have absolutely nothing to do with the idiocy that their governments inflict on them.  That's because most of the people in these other countries have equally corrupt and wildly inefficient governments.

I think politics around the world, and particularly in the US and Europe, is going to be very interesting in the next few years as vast numbers of people in these areas have come to understand that their governments are NOT here to help them.

logicalman's picture

You can count the number of trustworthy politicians on the fingers of one foot!


keep the bastards honest's picture

yes. Americans do not realise that. I have felt sorry for the innocence of young  american tourist women who thought their country looked after the worlds people.

Others do not care as they speak at full volume in public space and laugh with their mouths open to  the fullest extent. Entitled scum.

Duc888's picture

I can put up with loud mouths and bad manners..... I just get peeved when my so called Leaders see fit to drone and bomb the fuck out of some cave man family 9000 miles away from my home, done in my name..... errrrr....orrrrrr "keeping me free" or some other fucking nonsense.

The_Real_Fly's picture

That statement was meant to be tongue in cheek and you know it.

MontgomeryScott's picture

You KNOW, Doc,

If you examine the expression 'tongue in cheek' carefully and thoughtfully, several 'Olde English' connotations of 'dirty sex' come to mind.

I bet THAT thought gets your mind going...

Duc888's picture



....I'm loaded up on Gin and Tonics tonight.... so my "tongue in cheek" RADAR is not operating at peak performance...  s'cuuuuze me.

hoist the bs flag's picture

its like everything needs a fuckin (sarc) tag around here lately

Miss Informed's picture

Some are slow witted, some are way ahead of the game, some are just way way sarcastic.

aloha_snakbar's picture

I am working on a portable guillotine, folds out in an origami fashion, printed on a 3D printer, that folds back down into something in between a large briefcase and portfolio case... coming to an insurrection near you soon...

Some heads are gonna roll, bitches...

stant's picture

Thank God we kept the guns

LawOfBass's picture

cynical but....we probably wouldn't be having this convo if the guns had been taken a decade ago. 

mtanimal's picture

Ain't that the truth.

Oldwood's picture

looks like they may still come in handy. I was thinking of selling some at the gun show, but maybe not.

JailBanksters's picture

Who wouldn't want to be fly inside Langley today.

I think some people will be going ape-shit about now. Nobody in Langley will trust anybody else in Langley.

It's like a cancer, eating it's way through everything.

But in a month, all will be forgotten. Wiki really need to do a part doux soon.


Duc888's picture



This is just the first installment of "Vault 7".  Many more to come.

JailBanksters's picture

fo shizzle

but hopefully the next one is not going to be next year.

Reaper's picture

Not even yet mentioned is whether we should believe any transcripts or recordings produced.   Would Big Brother fabricate communications or denials of communications?    What is truth with government?  Whatever will control.