CIA Contractor on #VAULT7 Leak: ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down’

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Everything that Wikileaks has revealed over the past year has hurt both the integrity and honor of the United States. The question you have to grapple with, is it well deserved? After all, living inside of a vast and powerful empire has its benefits. As the empire expands, so does the wealth of its citizens. But it hasn't worked out that way, has it? The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve -- using third world banana republic tactics to silence opposition, take down regimes not beholden to their world view, using advanced technology to both spy and monitor on American citizens -- infringing on our civil rights like nothing we've ever seen before.

The reason for the populist uprising and the lack of equanimity amongst those traditionally supportive of the CIA lies in the improper distribution of the spoils of war. There aren't any. All the average American has received from $10 trillion in Obama inspired deficit spending is American casualties of war, jobs lost to cheaper labor overseas, expensive oil prices, expensive healthcare, and run away education costs -- along with a sundry of social disturbances that have people fed up.

While the elite flaunt hedonistic lifestyles, eschewing basic decency for the perverse, normies get more of the same old bullshit. After electing a true agent of change in Donald Trump, the people are laughed at and impugned by the elitist media. Their President is set upon by 'permanent government' officials in the intelligence agencies -- whose only goal is to derail and destroy his term before it even begins.

Then we come to find out the same people who told us the Russians were our enemy, revealing corruption and depravity on a monumental scale via the Podesta emails, they were, in fact, the ones spying on us all along -- both lying and mocking us like Lords in a fiefdom.

Here's Fox News reporting on the latest scandal to hit the wires, #VAULT7

Fox New sources inside the CIA said the agency was running around like headless chickens, saying 'there is heavy shit coming down.'

Pardon me as I sharpen my pitched-fork.

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That is all changing Oldwood. It is more than just agencies, it is the private sector contractors, giant IT monopolies, and many, many industries. The gravity of this earthquake is rippling out with many aftershocks. There will be those who use these tools and expose much, much more. Regular folks will post, email, retweet, crowdsource investigate, this is Revelation for real. Historic is an understatement. Use your imagination...

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@ "the question is whether the media will pickup on the actual threats to our nation"

Government is the threat.

Media is merely a tentacle.

Expect them to spin and deny while they damn the leakers.

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You must not have been a "conspiracy theorist" back in the day, say...five years ago and longer.  For believing this kind of "garbage" got you ridiculed, labelled as paranoid or simply ignored.

Listen to the old fuddies on here and observe what you are living through is historic.


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Paranoid before paranoid was cool

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27-0 - Nice Orly.


did you take a vacation for a while?  

i was not even a bag head - held off getting registered until a couple years ago.  

i think i remember you active 2012=2015 ish ...

but i've been a daily zero since august 2009.   

it was quite the 2016    #winning! 

Go Trumpus Maximus !  (and liberate the cannabis Donny, please - or you will regret it worse than anything ever)


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Hi,  Thank you for noticing me.  :)

Yes, I took a hiatus at posting back when the site was infested with gold bitchez!  Couldn't talk sense into anyone and all they wanted to talk about was how big their stack was...when everyone knows size doesn't matter.

But with the election and a fresh opportunity to share my opinions about the new global paradigm emerging, I have returned.  I hope I have something meaningful and enlightening to say sometimes; or at least make you think about it in a different way.

If President Trump goes after canna, he will be toast.  I think he knows that.  What Sessions said was actually interesting because he said a new approach to canna laws woud be "a difficult decision."  He has been fairly staunuch in his support of federal law in that regard, so the only thing that would be difficult about a new enforcement regime would be a repeal of the law.

And, lo and behold, what happens?  Israel repeals their canna laws.  Israel and Trump have proven to be rather tight.  It is coming here, too, so get ready to grow.


slightlyskeptical's picture

Letting people grow would probably help free up some of their cash for the insurance companies. 

Citxmech's picture

From your lips to God's ears. . . 

Bay of Pigs's picture

Gold is the least of our worries Orly.

And no, I dont mind differing opinions at all. This is not an echo chamber as some have suggested. Welcome back.

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Best story I have read in years.

I hope cia agents and former administration officials serve very long prison sentences and die alone in prison, forgotten.

CRM114's picture

I'm sure they'll have lots of 'friends' at shower time ;)

IranContra's picture

The whole world is being cleansed.

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"Pardon me as I sharpen my pitched-fork."  PITCHED FORK??

ZH really needs some proofreaders I see a LOT of mistakes.

dizzyfingers's picture

Yes, proofers needed, but I suspect only the well-aged remember and can identify a pitchfork.

The_Real_Fly's picture

No need. I worded it that way on purpose. I do that with a lot of words, like 'popped corn', 'bubbled gum' etc. 

Tell me that I'm wrong. 

Pro tip: you can't.

Citxmech's picture

Wouldn't it be "pitching fork" then?

HedgeJunkie's picture

I visualized a bunch of pitch forks, stacked and racked, like the rifles we'd temporarily leave on the parade ground in the Marines.

truthseeker47's picture

OK Fly man, you are wrong and I think your excuse is BS.  I do not disagree with what you write, but you would be more effective if you could write properly.

divingengineer's picture

Take it easy dude, you're going to get a hemorrhoid.

The_Real_Fly's picture



Now go fuck yourself.

decon's picture

I like this guy.  He takes off his shirt and puts up his dukes.  Just like its supposed to be.

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His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. His name was Eric Braverman. ...

PT's picture

Isnt he a lecturer at some university now?  I thought he showed up but I am not 100% certain.
Or are you talking about the Doctor Eric Braverman?
It's hard to keep up with George Webb.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

He supposedly took a job running family money for Google's Eric Schmidt.

Scuba Steve's picture

So Eric's pock-marked face is fukking Eric?

IranContra's picture

No kidding. Wait till the 9/11 and the pedogate parts come out. Total justice is being served by the President's men. Praise God!

sarz's picture

Double post. Sorry.  

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President's man Sessions recused himself for no good reason, except to be seen as a gentleman. Does he have the grit to go after all the big pedo-satanists? If you look at CNN you can see the globalists see this as a take-no-prisoners war. And the Trump forces? Could be just a matter of perception. Hope so. Maybe the president needs to exercise his emergency powers to take over the media. I think Lincoln would do it. 

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Trump picks only the best and most efficient. God willing, all types of organized crime will be dealt with by Mr Sessions.

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"No kidding. Wait till the 9/11 and the pedogate parts come out. Total justice is being served by the President's men. Praise God!"


You ain't seen nuthin' yet.  Wait untill you see WHERE the "pedogate parts" as in human parts..... wind up.


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I'm sure CNN, MSNBC, et al will break this down for their viewers.  \s



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define 'heavy shit'.

When I see Hillary boarding a plane to Qatar to join her money.......then I'll know truly heavy shit is coming down.


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Try talking to a person that watches TV news about this stuff.

It is the most frustrating converations.  We are all crazy according to them.  Unluckily so many Americans are completely brainwashed by MSM and nothing will stop them from thinking this is just more BS.  

It is a very scary world we live in when the Human Ego has been wildly infected by counterintelligience through the local media.  

Most people do not understand they are controlled by their ego self.  But when that ego self is infected by MSM programs how can we possibly contain it.

MSM must be shut down.

jus_lite_reading's picture

To see Rotten Hillbilly, Ofucko, Soreass hanging from street lamps will be the greatest day in recent history.

GreatUncle's picture

I always find the running away concept funny now.

The world is too small for corrupt and criminal elements to run and hide anymore.

So you run, you have to break all contact with the world you know for if discovered "a drone can be launched" just like Clinton wanted to do to Assange.

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When agents pull Hillary and Bill off the private jet in handcuffs, that will be heavy sh*t.

We don't need a CIA and we never did. Any secrecy demanded for war should be under the military. The CIA never was given a mandate to wage war yet it has done just that for the entirety of it's existence. Allen Dulles is exposed in this video.

More recently, the congress was asked to reign in the CIA and the lady named for this oversight was Feinstein. How did that work out?

Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.

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When the truth around everything finally breaks most people are going to feel like they've gone through the looking glass. The revelations that will have to come are going to be stranger than the worst B movie. Shit is going to get plain wierd.

Truth is truly stranger than fiction. I think a lot of people here will even be very surprised.

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Bill Holter and others have stated that 2017 is the "Year of the Truth Bomb."
Clif High has stated this as well.

Grab popcorn, comfy clothes and have good friends!
Great insights by ZHers here!

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I cant see any revelations that would change these people's minds. It could come out that Hillary takes a frozen fetus and tosses it in a blender each morning for her "not-a-baby-smoothie" and people would cheer and attack you for criticizing her. "Typical white male trying to tell a women what she can and cannot put in her body." 

SgtShaftoe's picture

The pedogate stuff is small-time compared to what I think is going to come out. Shit is going to get very real if the info is leaked.

Edited to add: Think big, very big, bigger than 9/11, much bigger. It threatens to turn the basis of current world history on it's head from times of old to present.

But it's all related and connected with the pedogate, 9/11, etc. It's the big tamale.

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It took me several years of staring straight at the cold hard facts to realize that 9/11 was absolutely an inside job. That kind of cognitive dissonance doesn't evaoporate instantly.  So I wonder what will happen if if major truth dams start breaking apart. It will be fascinating to watch if one can stay out of harm's way.

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I agree 100 percent - the cia should be rolled back under the Army where it belongs - in the intel corps. They need to be asking permission to tie their shoes - they have proven again and again throughout their existance that they have the potential (and have expressed this potential) to do great damage not only to our own country - but to many others. Get ready for green suits and pt tests you motherfuckers.

BarkingCat's picture

The army should not exist. 

The US Constitution prohibits a standing army during peace time.

Trucker Glock's picture

"Congress shall have the power...

To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years;"