CIA Contractor on #VAULT7 Leak: ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down’

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Everything that Wikileaks has revealed over the past year has hurt both the integrity and honor of the United States. The question you have to grapple with, is it well deserved? After all, living inside of a vast and powerful empire has its benefits. As the empire expands, so does the wealth of its citizens. But it hasn't worked out that way, has it? The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve -- using third world banana republic tactics to silence opposition, take down regimes not beholden to their world view, using advanced technology to both spy and monitor on American citizens -- infringing on our civil rights like nothing we've ever seen before.

The reason for the populist uprising and the lack of equanimity amongst those traditionally supportive of the CIA lies in the improper distribution of the spoils of war. There aren't any. All the average American has received from $10 trillion in Obama inspired deficit spending is American casualties of war, jobs lost to cheaper labor overseas, expensive oil prices, expensive healthcare, and run away education costs -- along with a sundry of social disturbances that have people fed up.

While the elite flaunt hedonistic lifestyles, eschewing basic decency for the perverse, normies get more of the same old bullshit. After electing a true agent of change in Donald Trump, the people are laughed at and impugned by the elitist media. Their President is set upon by 'permanent government' officials in the intelligence agencies -- whose only goal is to derail and destroy his term before it even begins.

Then we come to find out the same people who told us the Russians were our enemy, revealing corruption and depravity on a monumental scale via the Podesta emails, they were, in fact, the ones spying on us all along -- both lying and mocking us like Lords in a fiefdom.

Here's Fox News reporting on the latest scandal to hit the wires, #VAULT7

Fox New sources inside the CIA said the agency was running around like headless chickens, saying 'there is heavy shit coming down.'

Pardon me as I sharpen my pitched-fork.

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Please quote that prohibition, thanks.

dizzyfingers's picture

That's why conscription ended after Vietnam.

BarkingCat's picture

Conscription ended because of political environment. 

Do not confuse a valunteer army as something that is constitutional. 

In reality a professional army is even more dangerous to a nation that one that is conscripted. 

People tend to be a lot more resistant to foreign wars when their relatives are sent their against their will.

pipes's picture

When I see that plane crash into the side of a mountain, and blamed on a non-existant storm of the century...then I'LL know truly heavy shit is coming down.


Hillary getting off scot-free is just business as usual.

mtanimal's picture

"Heavy shit" means a real serious meeting.

SubjectivObject's picture

It means they are removing the old marble fixtures in the executive offices up stairs for replacement by new.

So stay out of the sevice elevators.  What you don't know won't hurt you.

CRM114's picture

Oh, come on,there's ALWAYS donuts.

Maybe just none of those with the sprinkles on.

chunga's picture

I don't know what it means but this environment is like none I've ever seen before. It's hard to concentrate and get things done with everything going on.

Zarbo's picture

Nuke the whole organization, then start on the NSA.

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This kind of thing is going to do great damage to the republic.

American POTUS office for the last 28 years has been filled with ungodly DESPOTS with REPROBATE MINDS. President TRUMP is the first POTUS since President REGAN to bring accountability and honor back to the POTUS office. As far as I am concerned, BUSH I, CLINTON, BUSH II and OBAMA were not worthy of holding that honored office.

May GOD have mercy on America for her SINS.

It is time for the TRUMP TEAM to go full nuclear on the SWAMP. Let's see some arrests and convictions for this CRAP!!

GreatUncle's picture

Not great damage to the Republic, real fucking damage to the criminals ... reckon that is nearer the truth.

The US population is the republic and nothing has changed there, what has been found out is the corporate globalist P2P shit instigating war and failed states.

Beowulf55's picture

Can anyone tell me where I can get access to these software programs?  I got some spying I want to do on some local libtards.  It is payback time.

rbianco3's picture

No, but I'm going to start a public intelligence database for the world.

thecondor's picture

I just want to spy on the girl next door, she's hot.

Doña K's picture

No need to spy. Walk over and tell her that you like her.

Buck Johnson's picture

Try searching on the darknet, they may have them there if anyplace.


robnume's picture

I've said it once and I'll say it again: If one terminally ill American would each take just one of the treasonous fucks with them, then that is all that would need to happen to stop this reign of terror being visited upon law-abiding taxpaying citizens by the parasitic scuzzbags who suck up those tax dollars as salaried employees of a rogue government gone wild. Lets end this shit now.

rbianco3's picture

There have to be people considering it - even people like myself who have lived a pretty full life and feel like we haven't done enough to shape the future. I was thinking of how I'd destroy my history supporting Trump because I wouldn't want the media pigeon holing all Trump supporters as violent.

But I won't ever be terminally ill because I am living forever.

dogismycopilot's picture

...or a suicidal US Vet. 

There i said it.

From as far as I can tell, Obama WANTED the vets to off themselves at the rate of 20+ a day.

Nobodys Home's picture

My gal and I were just recently wondering why that hasn't happened yet....especially after 8 years of Ofuckus.

pipes's picture

Sounds like an interesting twist on the Make-A-Wish Foundation model :o

rbianco3's picture

I love the idea - but if I started a new "Make a Wish Foundation" where people like you could vote on who's "next" - I'm not sure if it's legal to do.

I once heard there was a site where you could donate money towards disappearing someone.

JohninMK's picture

How about if whoever leaked this lot is one such person?

More damage than a few pot shots methinks.

gaoptimize's picture

The ancient Greeks had a formal process to send one person away every year "ostracism".  Look it up on Wikipedia.  We should bring it back.

robnume's picture

Thank you, Pipes. And, yes, I am fucking serious. This crap has got to stop. Somebody tweet Trump. I don't do social media. Ever.

SixIsNinE's picture

sadly 60 years of fluoride poisoning of our drinking water has consequences.  

docile miscreants - cancer laden  - teevee brainwashing - learned helplessness - 


nmewn's picture

So, I was just having a few highly-caffeinated, disjointed, random thoughts and I got to thinking along these lines...

Hmmm, FISA courts & terrorist connections, ya know like Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorn. Then, Obama, spying, CIA drone strikes & a Presidents executive power.

...and all of a sudden, the very same issue looks completely different to me! ;-)

Erek's picture

"The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve..."

The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they are SUPPOSED TO SERVE.  FIFY


Break these fuckers on the wheel and hang 'em out to feed the crows!

Trolly McTrollface's picture

It boggles the mind. How many false flags over the years ? How many wars started ? How many people assassinated ?
The CIA is broken. It needs to be shut down. Then the FBI and NSA.....
The problem is that the medusa is so big and ugly with a million tentacles. Trump could spend his whole presidency fighting this thing and never finish the job.

Citxmech's picture

Wonder if Trump will change his tune on Snowden now that he realizes that HE was getting spied upon by an unaccountable agency of the deep state.


The Management's picture


I am a little embarrassed to say it ... but ...I dont actually own a pitchfork !

I always thought it was figurative :(

Poor form I know !

shovelhead's picture

A couple of feet of 3/4" iron pipe can be had at the local hardware store for a few bucks. A Tyvek painters jumpsuit might come in handy when things get squirty.

uraniuman's picture

No problem - I have several underused pitchforks !

soyungato's picture

Pitch forks are on sale. You can get a 5-Tine pro manure pitch fork at Home Depot for $33.98. 

WVHillbilly's picture

Manure Pitchforks would definitely be the pitchforks of choice for this job....

buttmint's picture the Deep State has all the video feed from the lurid sex parties held at the WH with Obozo, Michael et al---oughta prove useful one day?

Methinks the next WikiLeaks delivery WILL BE PIZZAGATE intimate details.
Go long guillotines!

Dragon HAwk's picture

4 Tine is for pinning their neck to a wall,  3 Tine and a long handle is for striking the heart, 4 tine Potato forks are for Corpse abuse, if you happen to be way back in Line, and get your chance late

TruthHunter's picture

I was thinking more long the line of single tine...

more commonly known as a bayonet.

Trolly McTrollface's picture

Somehow I don't think a pitchfork is going to do the job. Perhaps a pump action with 00 buck.

StackShinyStuff's picture

Based on what I have seen in 48 years of life, I am going to go way out on a limb here and guess that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.  I hope I am wrong.