Counter-Coup Spookmaster Dr. Steve Pieczenik Discusses Destruction Of CIA And Game Changing Implications Of #Vault7

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This is as close to a real life spy novel as you're going to get...

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a legend. For those of you who don't know - he's the guy Tom Clancy based Jack Ryan on. He's served 5 U.S. Presidents (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and the 1st Bush) and was co-founder of Delta Force. Pieczenik served as former Dep. Sec of State under Kissinger, Vance and Baker - and was instrumental in negotiating the 1978 Camp David Accords. He holds degrees from Cornell, M.I.T. and Harvard, and as a CIA expert in psychological warfare, he was the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD focusing on international relations. Steve can probably crush your larynx with his mind.

Shortly before the election, Pieczenik released a series of YouTube videos explaining just what in the hell was going on with all of the Wikileaks revelations - which, as he revealed, were part of a "counter-coup" by patriotic elements within the intelligence community - assisted by Julian Assange, to wrestle control out of the hands of the globalists by exposing Hillary Clinton and the deep-state apparatus she represented.

If you haven't seen the original clips - check them out.

Last night, Pieczenik appeared on Infowars to discuss #Vault7, the counter-coup, Edward Snowden, Currencies, Steve Mnuchin, the death of the DNC, and where we go from here. The entire interview is almost 50 minutes long, however here are some select clips (or scroll down for the entire thing):

The implications of Vault7, technology overreach, and the fact that the NSA has a mandate for cyber-command and cyber-warfare. The CIA never did, and it has committed "crimes against the state"

Dr. Pieczenik elaborates on why he was used as a mouthpiece by the good guys, as well as their mandate:

Second American Revolution, Snowden:

CIA a "Stupid, self-destructive entity" which has left a "legacy of ashes" 

Structural problems in the EU - eventual dissolution, currency fluctuations - NWO does not exist anymore, Soros irrelevant, China technically insolvent: 

Don't want to eliminate enemies - instead, the goal is to discredit them. No violence. Trump has brought in Mnuchin to realign US Dollar with rest of the world to boost exports.

This is the third counter coup. CIA will be cleaned out - gives thanks Rand and Ron Paul for trying to clean out NeoCons: 

We've won - but we need to have humility. Oh, and the left "is already in the cemetery. All we've got [to do] is put flowers on their graves and walk away"



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Common_Cents22's picture

Isn't he declaring "we won" just really a move along nothing to see here type tactic?

The boots need to stay on the necks of these traitors.  Trump needs a lot of help.  Trump may not be perfect but he beat hildebeast.

Northern Flicker's picture

At least Steve P. comes clean on 9/11 - don't hear that often enough.  But is it another psyop?  Like to hear more details ... like who fired the missile into the Pentagon?

SmallerGovNow2's picture

CIA has committed hundreds of crimes against hundreds of states in the last fifty years...

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Have you seen the Youtube video where Piecznick pretends to be talking on the phone to someone and is giving his usual invaluable insider perspective? Can you get any more cheesy?

Not knowing up from down in these matters, I prefer Lionel of Lionel Nation on Youtube. He seems to cut to the heart of the Vault 7 matter. He says it is a collection of programs that mimic the fingerprints of hacking by undisclosed sources. For instance, they can come up with what appears to be Russian hackers to convince the FISA court to allow wiretapping, claiming that the specific hacking has Russian fingerprints and presenting evidence to back up that allegation. He is convinced that Obama authorized this during the campaign, even if he did not "order" it. He says there was a first attempt to get such authorization that failed, even though 98% of requests are granted!

de.fault's picture

This interview could have been so enlightening if it weren't for Jones interrupting Pieczenik with some inanity every time he was about to get into the nuances of his point. 

Either he buffoonishly doesn't realize how obnoxious it is, he has too much to drink the night before and his ego gets out of check or he's trying to be a gatekeeper. Just fucking let the man talk ffs, Alex.

Long memory man's picture

I really have trouble watching Alex for any length of time.

As a Brit I find that this chap likes to talk rather than listen. A bombastic interview technique does not help the discussion the content of which I do find relevant.

Shame really.

Escapeclaws's picture

Jones' schtik is his gruff voice. I have a hard time listening to that and have a hard time thinking it's for real, the same way Henry Kissenger puts on having German accent, even though he grew up in the US and probably spoke like a Texan as a kid. These actors really know how to ladle it on. Jones also manages to stretch what could take five minutes to a full hour.

ZeroPointNow's picture

As others in the thread have mentioned, it's as if Jones cuts people off when they wander into territory he doesn't like. I wish he'd just let the guy talk.

Vigilante's picture

My understanding is that Pieczenyk is a Walter Mitty character.

Joel Skousen calls him a fraud.

Is there any outside confirmation that he has served 5 Presidents?

His Wikipedia page seems to have been written by him.

stampman's picture

To me he appears to be a garden variety disinfo apparatchik assigned a task.

Classic "controlled opposition".

He is so transparently fake in his current role, I never bothered to look at his background.  It seems he worked for the CIA during 5 Prexy admins as part of his career, but the idea that he "served under Presidents" as the article writer says is utter promo bullshit.

His job here obviously is to get the public back on track believing in the CIA again by stating that bad elements will now be removed via an internal agency revolution.

Then there is this Robert Steele fellow.  He is another disinfo apparatchik who has suddenly popped up out of nowhere with plenty of attention being paid to him by media everywhere.  Suspect.

If someone is truly genuine like Jim Stone or Eric Hufschmid, they are completely ignored to death.

Duc888's picture


"Then there is this Robert Steele fellow.  He is another disinfo apparatchik who has suddenly popped up out of nowhere with plenty of attention being paid to him by media everywhere."


Steele has been around for years and has written many excellent books.  He most certaintly did not "pop out of nowhere".

ZeroPointNow's picture

Jesus Christ, try gathering your thoughts before spamming the comments section with SEVEN separate replies to the post. 

stampman's picture

7 separate specific replies to 7 separate specific posts.  Each post is a separate discussion, with thoughts fully gathered.

8 now including yours.

You would have me write what amounts to an article and make one post?

I am just replying to comments.

There is no hurry here.  Take your time.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Maybe try picking your BEST, smartest thoughts and just vomiting those into a single post instead of a running diatribe that forces people to scroll the fuck down past your screeds. 


Escapeclaws's picture

15 weeks here and you get to post photos like hedgeless horseman. How is this possibe?

ZeroPointNow's picture

I blog over at ibankcoin and got a golden ticket as a contributor here, though I've been lurking since '09.

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Here are several citations from the last 40+ years. There are more if interested: 

1968 - Victoria Advocate: 

Among the brilliant and wise Americans I would call upon for my urgent report on those sick parts of America’s psyche that lead to drug addiction would be sociologists David Riesman, Amitai Etzioni and Christopher Lasch; historian James Billington; political psychiatrists Jerold Post and Steve Pieczenik; and international drug specialist Cherif Bassiouni.


1977 St. Petersberg Times article "The Diplomats" quoting him as a negotiator regarding Iran:


It was indeed strange bedfellows that formed an agreement to end the siege.  As negotiator Steve R. Pieczenik, deputy assistant secretary of State for management, put it:  “This was a pardigm of unusual cooperation between different agencies and countries.  The ambassadors were just outstanding — sensitive, brave and extremely helpful.  It really transcended what went on — Arab ambassadors saving Jewish lives at B’nai B’rith.  It showed that in a crisis, we can all work together.”


1977 article by Mary McGrory quoting Pieczenik's background: 


One of the most “brilliantly competent” men in the field of terrorism was in the picture in Washington.  He is Dr. Stephen Pieczenik, a psychiatrist with degrees from Cornell and Harvard.  He is a deputy assistant secretary of state for management.  To the relief of his many admirers at State and at the White House, he  was at Mayor Walter Washington’s command center from Wednesday night, working side by side with Police Chief Maurice Cullinane.


1978 Tuscaloosa News - 


Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, deputy assistant secretary of state for management, who is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and an MIT-trained political scientist, recently traced the growing application of psychology to politics since Freud.  …  …Ruth Benedict’s book, “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword,” by focusing on face-saving needs of the defeated Japanese, was instrumental in molding Gen. Douglas macArthur’s occupation strategy, Pieczenik said


1978 - Bangor Daily news

He said that in strategy sessions of the cabinet under the minister of the interior, Frencesco Cossiga, which he attended as a consultant for two weeks, the consensus was that the terrorists hoped to provoke such repressive measures that conditions of civil war would develop.  This led to the conclusion “it was important to demonstrate that the Italian state could function effectively in the presence of this crisis,” Pieczenik said in an interview



1979 - Sarasota Herald Tribune: 


“This fear of death doesn’t come as the grim reaper.  In fact, it often takes a very bizzare aspect,” Dr. Pieczenik points out.  “It comes with little obsessive thought like, ‘Oh, my God, I forgot to turn off the stove.’  It’s a way of dispatching our anxieties but it’s also telling us: ‘Hey, we’re in trouble.'”



1981 - New York Times 


Along with depression, Dr. Pieczenik said, some former hostages were reported to be experiencing feelings of guilt and some hostility. The guilt, he said, was a natural response to being held hostage and having made statements or taken actions that might have jeopardized, or appeared to jeopardize, the safety of fellow hostages.

stampman's picture

Thank you for confirming my suspicions.  I was able to stop about halfway down your list.

The extreme tout this guy gets from MSM in all these quotes should tell all of us exactly what we need to know about Mr. Steve Peacenik.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik appeared with Alex Jones in an effort to mislead Americans.  What a dishonest man.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Yep - definitely a bad actor, what with all the counter-coup bullshit and helping expose Hillary as a globalist shill so she'd lose the election. It's obvious you prefer the open-border alternative with migrants raping women in swimming pools at a quiet town near you. 

Yesterday's Wikileaks dump is probably controlled op too, right? 

Sorry your team lost bud. Better luck in 4 years. 

stampman's picture

I am a huge Trumpster.

You have to understand that the globo-zionist organization is a double peaked pyramid.  'Globalists' under and above Soros form one peak.  'Zionists' now under Netanyahu and others form the other peak.  The combined massif below is composed of everyone from knowing operatives to people who are completely clueless.  In fact we are all part of that massif to some degree if we use US Federal Reserve notes.  In my case, I guess you could say that I am a pebble which broke off of the massif and rolled down to the valley floor.  From here, I get a somewhat better view of the whole thing than those who are attached to the massif as corporate and government workers, etc.

The double peaked pyramid actually has a specific symbol, and it looks very much like the pyramidal male pedo symbol of pizzagate infamy, with concentric internal lines forming a blunt triangular spiral, except that it has two peaks--and it is gold, not purple, blue, pink or any other color.  I found this symbol being used as a logo by a local official 'enterprise zone' in Washington DC, though I cannot locate the web page now.  Their home page shows two guys in white collar shirts and dark business slacks playing ping pong on a table set up in the middle of a busy street in DC, no less.  The pizzagate people whose site I found a link to it on were all over it like flies on shit.

So, Peacenik is part of the Zionist peak and helped take down Clinton on her way up the rival Globalist peak during the election campaign.  They managed to knock her off balance and thereby halted her upward advance.  In that regard he did do the world a huge favor.  But now we are dealing with Deep State, which is just another term for the double peaked pyramid which he and Clinton are both part and parcel of.

As one can see from the internal spiral within that symbol, this pedo-based control tactic (among the many others), is global in nature, is much older than thought by most, and is used to control both civilians and military personnel.  This is where probable false rumors of Kissinger fucking soldiers comes from, because behind every pack of rumors is usually a grain of truth somewhere out there.  Simply put, it only means that military leaders are controlled the same way that politicians and other government officials are.

Why do they use such self-exposing symbols?  It is their subconscious giving themselves away.  The subconscious cannot be lied to, as innately it knows everything, and by the same token, it cannot lie.  So when they create art, they give themselves away.

Your news quotes indicated at least once that Peacenik is a zionist sympathizer.  He is part of the Zionist peak.  Clinton is part of the rival Globalist peak.  Both peaks shit on you and I with equal indifference, which is why until now you have not been able to tell the difference between the two.

Your tone of annoyance is telling me that a lot of thinking is going on!  GOOD!!

ZeroPointNow's picture

OK well you've been a huge dick in this thread - but I do appreciate the cogent answer. 

Don't act like everyone's so ignorant.

Do you know if Piecznick serves the same masters in his quasi-retirement? Maybe he's his own man and simply a patriot. There's quite frankly a lot we don't know - so I think it's a little presumptious to brand him as you've done based on past affiliations. Maybe he simply wants to destroy the globalists and that's the end of it. What we DO know, is he just helped tremendously in this most important of fights and he was on our side. Whatever else you think of him, he's owed some respect for that - and he'll likely fade back into the exact same pre-election obscurity as time goes on.

What are your thoughts on Roy Cohn?

Vigilante's picture

He is a psychiatrist alright..I never doubted that.

Other than that, I keep my reservations.

I watched all his interviews with AJ in the past few years and he always struck me  as a bs artist

He regularly claimed  to have had a hand at every significant event in the past 40 yrs etc.

stampman's picture

Psychologist, not psychiatrist, but the author of this article is too ignorant to understand all of the differences between the two.

You are absolutely right about this guy.

The reason he had a hand in some of these events is because he is fairly high up in their criminal hierarchy.  Not to mention obviously being an egotist embellishing his record.

Iran Embassy incident 1979, etc - come on now, we know this guy is no good just by having been involved in that in some capacity.  Iranians rolled up US spies and this guy was trying to save them.  That's fine, but it shows who he works for--zionists.

He probably gave head to Kissinger every week.

ZeroPointNow's picture

He's quoted as working for the state department in several papers spanning 4 decades. Don't you think Kissinger, or any of the administrations he's claimed to work for would disavow a guy who Tom Clancy helped elevate into the public sphere - after years of legitimate media quotes?

Did he fool the LA times in 1978?

stampman's picture

So there actually is no ZH article here, just a big rah-rah intro for Mr. Peacenik and a bunch of links to disinfo man Alex Jones talking to red herring man Steve Peacenik, with links sponsored by banksters.

I don't watch rightist zionist gatekeeper Alex Jones.

Classic internet 'bullshit links'.

stampman's picture

"Structural problems in the EU - eventual dissolution, currency fluctuations - NWO does not exist anymore, Soros irrelevant, China technically insolvent:"

Hey, wait a g.d. minute:  "NWO does not exist anymore, Soros irrelevant, China technically insolvent."

There - some outright obvious bullshit for you to see.  And I did not even have to watch any of the videos to find it.


stampman's picture

Mr. Peacenik was on Alex Jones?

That is all one needs to know that Mr. Peacenik is 'ONE OF THEM'.

Now I will read the rest of the article.

stampman's picture

"Steve can probably crush your larynx with his mind."


How does it feel to become suddenly impotent, Mr. Peacenik?

stampman's picture

"He was the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD focusing on international relations"

In other words, Advanced Underwater Basketweaving--the world's very first official Snowflake Degree.

A psychiatrist needs a PhD. degree?!?  Was that a typo, or are you that ignorant of what a degree signifies?

The guy has a jewish surname.

The guy went to all of the usual suspect zionist hotbed schools.

The guy worked (i.e. works) for the CIA, and he is a head shrink to boot.

And you expect me to believe what he says???

Am much more inclined here to look for a red herring, a big, smelly, stinky one with 'peacenik' smeared all over it.

Now I will read the rest of the article.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

He was a real Man who Stared at Goats.

stampman's picture

"For those of you who don't know - he's the guy Tom Clancy based Jack Ryan on."

Why the fuck do you media people always assume that everyone has read, seen or viewed every single piece of zionist propaganda garbage ever shat out and published by them???


And fuck Tom Clancy too--nothing but a fucking zionist storyteller.  HOW ABOUT SOME FUCKING REALITY FOR A CHANGE???

Never heard of anyone named Jack Ryan.  Apparently he is some sort of fake mythical CIA hero from Hollywood.  I have heard of Paul Ryan.  But Paul Ryan is a real human being.

Now I will read the rest of the article.

whoisjg's picture

Trump - google Faraday Cage

cheech_wizard's picture
WikiLeaks says just 1% of #Vault7 covert documents released so far

Standard Disclaimer: The cyber-shit has just hit the fan.

acetinker's picture

Do you ever wish AJ would STFU and let his guests speak?  Yeah, me too.

No different than Lauer and Stephanopolous in that regard.

stampman's picture

That is exactly why they have Alex Jones there.

Ditto on the others.

Stephanopoulos is the gangbang pivot woman between Pizzagate, Podesta and the Clintons, and is most certainly a full member of their 'pedo team'.

Go ahead, George - sue me.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Social intercourse is a foreign thing to you, perhaps.

Two people discussing things together (palaver) is something that is somehow against what you have been pre-progarammed to accept.

Yeah, I wish he'd tone down, sometimes, but what he brings to the table is beyond the pale. It gets me thinking and wanting to discover new things on different tangents, and due to the FACT that he is NOT one of those 'MSM people', bought and paid for by the 'Masters Of The Earth', it ALSO intrigues me in ways that perhaps you can't QUITE realize or fathom.

The one who pays another one for labor becomes the 'master'. Working at a 'job' for 'wages' enslaves the time in life measured in minutes and hours of the one who is laboring.

In 2014, the McCain Foundation recieved a sum of $1,000,000.00 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 'donations' (I copied the hard file of page 2 of the IRS form).

I bought a few bottles of Nacent Iodine last year from Infowars.

If it wasn't for Infowars and the link to Zero Hedge, you most likely would NEVER have been given the OPPORTUNITY to hear what his 'guests' are trying to impart to you. You are ATTACKING the MESSENGER without listening to the MESSAGE.

That's rather 'backwards', as a long-time ZH member goes.

If you can't handle the HEAT, GTFO of the KITCHEN of ideas.


stampman's picture

Congratulations on reaching Pitch 2 of the learning curve.  Have a happy climb!  When you get above Alex Jones and truly understand what he is doing, you will laugh.

acetinker's picture

Not much you can do for someone who already knows everything, is there?

acetinker's picture

Not really.  I provided you with Mr. Cooper's own words and you call it bullshit.  I don't hate on AJ, or you, for that matter. I was merely providing information: Information that your tiny little mind is unable to absorb, apparently.

So, then; your response is to accuse me of that which YOU are doing.

It's rather apparent that you are incapable of developing your own thoughts so you rely on the likes of Jones to do your thinking for you.  That's just sad.

Wild E Coyote's picture

Ok Ok. Pipe down both of you. 

We are all on the same side. We are all excited about what is going on. 

Let's not bicker among ourselves. We are all part of the revolution. 

We all have to thank AJ and all the others alternate media. 

And I would also really love if AJ can just stop interupting guests to get his own few words in. But no harm done. 

Let's focus on the revolution. and what we can do in our own small space. 

acetinker's picture

YES!  Thanks.  We ARE on the same side, but I'm suspicious of Jones AND Pieczinik (sp?) for some reason I can't explain.  My gut tells me that neither one of them is totally honest.

In contrast, Trump is a jackass, but he seems quite forthright in his jackassery.  He spouts off stupid shit that shouldn't be said, but it comes from an honest place.  I can respect that.

We need a Teddy Roosevelt; "Walk softly, but carry a big stick", but we've got a bull in a china shop.  So be it.

However, if space cadet Scott wants to fight; a fight he shall have.  It's stupid, I know, but I can't just let belligerent ignorance pass.  Sorry.

Frithir's picture

Funny...the'Bull in the 'china shop' does have someone who faces him down. That bronze little girl should be named Ivanka.

acetinker's picture

As of right now, I see no one better positioned than Ivanka or one of her brothers to take the helm when dad steps down.

MontgomeryScott's picture

'None Dare Call It Conspiracy', by Gary Allen, is the book that ALLEGEDLY woke up Alexander Jones.


'SCRIBD' now posts a 'removal notice' for this book:

I went to my original website link, and all I got was this:


April 29, 2015, 12:30:41 PM, in case you were wondering about 'we are anonymous' stuff.

Mr. Jones was also influenced by all kinds of other people, like John Stockwell and William Cooper:

It's a God-damned shame that he didn't have the opportunity to interview Micheal Hastings on his show, though.


All you pussified motherfuckers who can't stand to hear AJ because he speaks in a gravelly voice (and constantly interrupts with the thoughts that he has been given by his Creator) are simply too TERRIFIED of the fact that he is ACTUALLY a MALE of the species (unlike yourselves).

Your collective assholes are trying to clench (but CANNOT), at the thought of a REAL MALE ONSLAUGHT! Did you take your proscibed 'Women's day off' this day, sponsored by your friends at the MSM, the I-C and G agencies, and George Soros? Your '1984' bullshit simply translates in to the 'Two Minutes Of Hate', after which you will check your E.M. spewing 'I-phones' for further instructions from your WOMEN MASTERS...

I read the first page of comments, and it makes me SICK to even see what is being posted here on Zero Hedge regarding what I state.

A bunch of apoplectic, spasmatic monkey-fuckers who work for the STATE... FOR HIRE...

MontgomeryScott's picture

I saw this bullshit quite some time ago (back about 2003).

Your post does not account for the interview that I linked.

YOU are a CIA intel deep-rider, assigned to follow truth-tellers on this website.

The FACT OF THE MATTER IS that shortly after this interview, your 'source intel' was murdered in cold blood, and A.J. became even MORE DETERMINED to discover WHY he was 'Micheal-Hastingsed'. The 1% WIKI stuff just released gives this 'wild conspiracy theory' some actual cedibility.

Let's talk about the 'Fake Bin Ladens' for a few...

Are you gonna bite the hook, Langley BOI?


acetinker's picture

I shoulda replied to this one before you had a chance to embellish it.

Who's the Langley BOI?

You're nuttier than squirrel shit.  Yeah, I have been here awhile- learned the ropes, so to speak.

I'm more than certain that you fervently believe what you say.  I'm also quite certain that you are mad as a March hare.

WillyGroper decided to go on the attack 'bout a week ago- for reasons I can't ascertain- and now you.

I have come to know some Hedgers personally, and they know me.

As for you, I refuse to attack the mentally retarded.

MontgomeryScott's picture

A 'red arrow' thingie means that I have got the appropriate parties INTERESTED in a discussion of what they are falsely promoting as 'TRUTH'.

HAIFA is a GOOD PLACE TO BE (in the hunkering bunker).


MontgomeryScott's picture


I'll sign off now, 'just in case'.

Don't forget what I've stated, or the conceptual FACTUAL proven REALITY of what I am sending.

I'll be BACK.

Mr. Scott