America's Women Go On Strike, Pledge To "Avoid Spending Money" (Men Celebrate)

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Women all around the United States plan to use today, International Women's Day, to stay home from work and stage demonstrations to, among other things, continue their opposition efforts against the Trump administration and call attention to the gender pay gap.

In addition to not working, a great perk for protesters by itself, organizers suggest women wear red and also avoid spending money, the latter of which many men around the country undoubtedly wish their wives would observe in perpetuity.  But if they just have to spend money, protest organizers suggest women only do so at women-owned businesses (which would seem difficult since those women-owned businesses should be closed in solidarity...but we digress). “It would pretty much shut down the economy if all women bought nothing,” said Michael Englund, the chief economist at Action Economics, a financial analysis firm. “It is a question of participation. I've never seen any boycott or protest ever affect GDP numbers.” 

Organizers are attempting to repeat tactics from the Jan. 21 women's march on Washington and other cities that came together largely through
social media.



Of course, this "Day Without Women" protest is intended to mimic the recent "Day Without Immigrants" protest in which "undocumented, residents, citizens, immigrants from all over the world" were encouraged to stay home from work and not spend money.

Day Without Immigrants


In a world where companies are increasingly forced to take political sides, some businesses are voluntarily giving their female employees the day off to protest. The women’s website Bustle, for example, won’t publish any new content Wednesday; employees can participate in an optional volunteer day or strike. “It seems like a really interesting opportunity to showcase what a day is like without women,” said Editor-in-Chief Kate
Ward. NARAL Pro-Choice America has also closed its Washington, D.C., office.

Meanwhile, more than 300 public school teachers in Alexandria, Va., requested the day off work, prompting the school district to shut down for the day. A school district in North Carolina has also canceled classes. Instead of striking, teachers at the Horace Mann School, a private school in New York, plan to lead silent activities and teach lessons focusing on the contributions of women.

As Bloomberg points out, today's "Day Without Women" strike is intended to be an escalation in protest efforts to "reintroduce the notion of strike in the political lexicon of this country."

A general work stoppage suggests that, at least in theory, the strikers could grind the economy to a halt by refusing to participate in it, or at least make enough noise to get attention. But the March 8 strike has a more modest and potentially subversive goal: “We want to reintroduce the notion of strike in the political lexicon of this country,” said Lamis Deek, a human-rights attorney and one of the organizers of the Day Without Women.


A strike, with its implied threat, is a more aggressive form of protest than a Saturday-afternoon march like the ones held nationwide on Jan. 21, and the organizers hope Wednesday is just the beginning. “A lot of what people are trying to do is start to rebuild a muscle,” said Janice Fine, a professor of labor studies at Rutgers University. “They are trying to get people to think about how they might participate.”

Of course, just like some of the immigrants that decided to skip work at the ironically named "I Don't Care" Bar and Grill in Catoosa, Oklahoma last month for the "Day Without Immigrants" protest, we suspect some of these women just might find themselves unemployed for their efforts.

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froze25's picture

Avoid spending money? Every husband in the US just encouraged their wives to join the cause. Since only about .01% if not less of women actually give a shit about this "cause" no one will notice any action these nutjobs do.

Looney's picture


My favorite Feminist is the old Egyptian Queen, Sniff’er-Titty (sp?).  ;-)


froze25's picture

Lesbians that support Sharia Law are now "feminist". They better be careful, if they promote this Strike and it happens and no one notices is will show how small and insignificant their "cause" is, that will destroy the optics they are trying to create to make them look like they are a "huge" movement. (we know they aren't).

Sanity Bear's picture

If no women go to work, who is going to go five miles below the speed limit in the left lane during rush hour?

Latina Lover's picture

What a tease! Imagine women NOT spending money on useless pushed upon them by relentless advertising propaganda. YehaW!

TeamDepends's picture

They could use this time constructively, and make plenty of sammiches.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The next logical step, which should be encouraged, is a voting boycott.



To advance the cause of empowering women, of course.


And for the children...

HopefulCynical's picture

But the political climate that we find ourselves in right now requires us to have political power.

Yes, the climate in which Cultural Marxism is being kicked to the curb, and their victim culture is being rejected.

Keyser's picture

Repeat after me, YOU'RE FIRED!!!! 


PT's picture

Really?  They're going to stop going to work and stop spending money?  Are they going to start having sex with their husbands too?  I think they should also have a day of silence where they don't talk to men AT ALL!  That'll get 'em.

I'm waiting for the wives to shout out, "I'm soooo sick of being underpaid that I'm going to stay at home and do housework and play with the children all day.  Fuck it all!!!!  Let my husband go to work and make all the money!!!"

LMAO again.  Bring it on!

PT's picture

After having a day off from work, the women might suddenly realize how good it feels.  Thanks Trump!

Lost My Shorts's picture

Aside from restoring 1950s America (men at work, women at home with the kids because school was cancelled), this femstrike has one other benefit.  With no women at the office, men can finally gather round and say what they really think without the threat of being instantly fired.  Lean in, guys.

knukles's picture

While they're contemplating the resentment building within because nobody else gives a shit, I have some socks need darning.
If I tried to even be a member of a white men's boycott everybody but white males, it'd be a racial crime and I'd be serving time.
Like another WTF moment of equality, diversity and whatever else to which they're hypocritically not paying attention.


Av8or's picture

Now I have to get my own sammich.

froze25's picture

They will also avoid looking at their Smart phones?

fx's picture

Imagine what would happen if such a strike would be called under Muslim rule - which these anti trump retards obviously think will be far better than the current rule of "white male christianity"...

Yukon Cornholius's picture

The hooker I booked for later today had better not cancel.

lolygager's picture

You owe me a new keyboard. I just spit my coffee all over mine.

Sweet Chicken's picture

LOL So funny PT. This really is becoming so surreal.

FireBrander's picture

8 Years of Bill and Hillary in the White House.

JUST FINISHED 8 YEARS of the Obamas in the White House (Hillary was there too).

And "Pay Ineqaulity" is still a major issue for women?

Ladies, you're looking to the wrong people for help with your issues...

PT's picture

Equal pay has been the law for a LOOOOOONG time now.  So-called "inequality"is due to secondary "issues".  As I alluded to earlier, if only 1% of the grunts are women then why would they expect more than 1% of the managers to be women?  (Industry dependent observation).  Plus times have changed.  Women no longer have to be nurses.  They can also choose to be doctors these days.

Plus, believe it or not, some women actually would rather manage the home and children while the hubby works.  Division of labour leads to specialization.  Henry Ford had one or two nice things to say about that idea.

poetic justice's picture

It is just not possible for these brainless Bimbo's to actually ever think rationally. They are sitting back and enjoying more of Soros's largesse. How many hundreds of million of Dollars is he throwing at them this time?  



FireBrander's picture

Women totally fucked themselves...

Yes, it was a good thing for them to gain more equality; education, job opportunities, ect.

But it was a HUGE mistake giving up the "right" to stay home while a man wasted his fucking life at some shit fucking job while she stayed home and spent the money...

I have done both, worked full and full time dad....the Dad gig was 100X more satisfing than the work thingy. If had it to do over, I'd marry a women intent of "climbing the corporate ladder" and "ok" with me being a full time dad at home with no job...yep, that's what I'd do.

Meat Hammer's picture

I married that woman. She likes being busy and important. I like smoking bowls and doing household chores, yard work, gardening, and fix-it stuff with the music on full blast. I keep the house clean, the cars running, and everything in tip-top shape. I have dinner waiting for her when she gets home to thank her for dealing with the matrix. My wife has even said she likes me being home because I get twice as much shit done. She understands the importance of men.

FireBrander's picture

You bastard! Living my dream...

OverTheHedge's picture

As a sweeping generalisation, men get to work until they die. Women get to work, if they want, or work until they don't want. They get to have a break for children, and expect to go back to work without any questions being asked. They even get PAID to have children, should they want them, by LAW, in some countries (actually not a bad idea if the reproduction rate is low). Basically, women get all the choice, including the choice of having the man stay at home (don't for a minute think the man gets to nominate himself for that role, that's all women's choice).

So, women have won the war of the sexes. Game over. Done.

What are they whining about now? And why?

FireBrander's picture

I don't think they really know what they want. When I listen to Liberal women, they seem to be angry because they're angry and find any excuse to justify that anger and turn to women like Hillary to correct whatever it is that is making them angry.

Which explains why 16 of the last 24 years have had the Clintons/Obama's in the White House and STILL these same women are upset about the same shit they were upset about 24 years ago...they will never be "happy".

Rubicon727's picture

"...I don't think they really know what they want. When I listen to Liberal women, they seem to be angry because they're angry...."

That's because they're illiterate. Wanna' bet there's a high correlation between parents who engage their children with knowledge of world history, world literature/art, financial/political systems, and daily practice in HOW to express opinions based on assertions/details. Bet'cha those children grow up with a keen-eyed sense of the world and of themselves.

ALL of that classical education has been lost in this wasteland of commercialization, fads, and silly issues.

Such protests are not even laughed at by the 1%ers. They're thrown into the dustbin of other useless, juvenile protests.

post turtle saver's picture

"I don't think they really know what they want."

of course they don't... they're WOMEN

Sokhmate's picture

I will go out on a limb and once-and-for-all-profess to know what women really want:


"Oh girls just wanna have .... that's all they really waaaant..."


- Cindy Lauper.

not dead yet's picture

I'll bet that if one were to ask the women organizing and protesting against Trump what Hillary's views and platform were all you would get is a blank stare. They only voted for Hillary because she was a woman as these brain dead intentionally ignornant females believe that crap they have been fed since birth that the world would be a kindler gentler place if only females were in charge. They are pissed because they aren't in charge of everything, kinda like a reverse Islam. As these females have shown, especially the younger ones promoting violence and even murder, they are far from ready if ever to run the planet. Most of the males out there protesting and doing violence with the bimbos have been emasculated and turned into pussies under femmie control. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is a bit misleading. It should be "Hell hath no fury like a woman."

Ace Ventura's picture

Dont forget they, and ONLY they....get the choice on whether or not to terminate a baby's life, OR decide to saddle the biological father with 18 years of child-support. Father's wishes either way are meaningless.

As you noted....everything is tilted in their favor, and they STILL aren't satisfied.

My theory on this condition is simple. Women actually find happiness when they have something to gossip/bitch about. Want to test this theory? Next time you're at a large gathering of friends, close attention to any groups of women in active discussion. Look at their body-language and/or facial expressions. My theory contends that the ones with no smile, or somewhat dejected demeanor....are the ones who have no gossip or bitching material to contribute to the ongoing clucking frenzy.

UndroppedClanger's picture

Not all of us! I'm female and I can't be bothered with gossipy, bitchy women; I find them dull and prefer not to associate with them. I think that sort of behaviour is more a 'girly-girl' thing. Ask a woman how many pairs of shoes she has and if it's more than 10, run (I have three. Two pairs are trainers and one's a pair of work boots (me and the Mr are farmers)).

post turtle saver's picture

the phrase you're looking for is...

"women have choices, men have responsibilities"

not dead yet's picture

There's a huge difference about taking over the household from women. The stay at home mom will not do the lawn work, maintain the car, fix anything around the house, move any furniture, fix anything at all, clean the garage, shovel the driveway, rake the leaves, etc. That's reserved for the man when he gets home from a day on the job. The reality is a man staying home does much more than the average stay at home mom would do.

exi1ed0ne's picture

My wife stays home with the kids to homeschool at great financial sacrifice to my family.  The amounts of shit she gets for this from other women is disgusting.  She does an amazing, insanely difficult job without monetary pay.  She loves it though, since she has the patience of a Saint. 

We both appreciate each other's roles keeping the wheels on the bus.  Fuck all these fake women and their whines of freedom to be just like them.

RichardParker's picture

financial sacrifice?

If you have the means, home schooling is the best investment you can make in your children. 

exi1ed0ne's picture

Truth.  Finances are tough - but creative, adaptive, and hard working kids are the best legacy we could hope to leave this world.  Someday they will inherit the fallout from this era of bullshit, and I intend to make sure they have the tools to make thier corner of it as little of a shitfest as possible.

Spungo's picture

My mom dealt with that as well. You can afford to stay home to raise your kids? You're worse than Hitler!!! My family wasn't even rich. We had old cars, a smaller house, not much in terms of toys, not much in terms of video games. It was basically 1960. You cook your own food, you make and fix your own clothes, you do your own finances, you do your own investments. The women bitching at her for being wealthy all drove nicer cars and had expensive clothes. Fucking retards.

Angelo Misterioso's picture

My wife works long hours and the feminists who are the worst to her are the school teachers - they only offer parent/teacher conferences 9am-3pm - they act like they want girls to succeed but them stab them in the back when they do...

BarkingCat's picture

I would not say "without monetary pay". If you are married and truly a team then what you make belongs to both of you and what she contributes to the family money cannot buy.

Stuck on Zero's picture

If only two women go on strike the media will photoshop the pictures, blow it up with interviews, lengthy analyses, speeches by Pelosi, Boxer, Maxine Waters, and Feinstein, and completely occupy their drivel news with it.

FireBrander's picture

The "Day Without" Hispanics managed to turn out MAX ~500 in this town which, according to the 2010 census, has about ~40,000 Hispanics...but the media did thier best to make it look like a HUGE turnout by spreading the "protestors" out in a triple deep line to fill a wide, GROUND, camera shot. It was easy to see it was all set up because everyone, and thier signs, were facing the camera!

News crew routinely uses drones to get that "birds eye view" shot...didn't use it here to show the "huge" crowd...The media has become the enemy of the truth...

Muddy1's picture

EXACTLY!!! Just like entire families, or staff's were fired when they failed to show up on a day without a Mexican day, now we can see the women get fired.

Meat Hammer's picture

"It not international women's day, it's international liberal women's day. Fuck em!"

-Mrs. Meat Hammer

prefan4200's picture

You married well, Meat Hammer, you lucky SOB.....