Germany's Chief Prosecutor To Start Probe Into Wikileaks-Exposed Frankfurt Cyber-Spy Hub

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The Germans are once again angry at the Americans over spying. Just a few years after Obama's infamous apology for hacking Merkel's phone, Germany's chief federal prosecutor announced plans to carefully examine documents from Wikileaks (related to a secret CIA cyber-spy hub in Frankfurt), and will launch an investigation if it sees concrete indications of wrongdoing.

As VOA News reports, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said Berlin was in close touch with Washington about the documents, which Wikileaks said showed that the CIA used the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt as a major remote hacking base.

"We will initiate an investigation if we see evidence of concrete criminal acts or specific perpetrators," a spokesman for the federal prosecutor's office told Reuters.


"We're looking at it very carefully."

He said Germany needed to verify the authenticity of the documents, which, as reports, purportedly revealed that a top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.

WikiLeaks reported that the group developed trojans and other malicious software in the American Consulate General Office, the largest US consulate in the world. The programs focused on targets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The documents revealed that CIA experts worked in the building under cover and included advice for life in Germany.


"Do not leave anything electronic or sensitive unattended in your room," it told employees, also advising them to enjoy Lufthansa's free alcohol "in moderation."

The Frankfurt hackers, part of the Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe, were said to be given diplomatic passports and a State Department identity. It instructed employees how to safely enter Germany. A WikiLeaks tweet published an section of the Frankfurt information.

The consulate was the focus of a German investigation into US intelligence capabilities following the 2013 revelation that NSA agents had tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone.

German daily "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported the building was known to be home to a vast network of intelligence personnel including CIA agents, NSA spies, military secret service personnel, Department of Homeland Security employees and Secret Service employees. It reported the Americans had also established a dense network of outposts and shell companies in Frankfurt.

Of course, with Obama long gone, President Trump will have to face the music on this one... because we are sure President Obama never authorized any wiretaps from Germany either.

Wikileaks has started a poll to decide whether it will release more evidence to the Germans...

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Welcome to the party Germany!

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Germany's Chief Prosecutor To Start Probe

Does self-examination of his own prostate count as a Probe?   ;-)


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Since Germany is a puppet state of the USSA deep state, nothing will happen.

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The information is kind of worthless the problem is whatever will your population if you do nothing?

Oh dear ... can't have that ... so you get some inquiry like the UK did over the Iraq war all bullshit to pacify the dumb population.

Then they bury all the info in the Iraq dossier under official secrets by Jack Straw another fucking globalist.

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germans are probably trying to hide it and to pretend nothing happened- like proper workoholic slaves that they are

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"Since Germany is a puppet state of the USSA deep state, nothing will happen."

Yes, but the German financial dictators, who have gleefully destroyed Greece, Portugal, Spain and now Italy MUST keep their system insulated from millions of Europeans who despise Brussels, and the German Elites. 

And don't forget, both themselves and the EU MSM are falling over themselves with fear that Le Pen might, just might win in the French Presidential Election.

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That's all it will be.  A self-probe with Merkel and Soros cheering on.  Nothing of substance will be found, the leaker will be blamed for it and somehow the Russians will be tied into it instead of the CIA. 

The recommendations will be to bring in more muzzies to address the issue once and for all.  Yeah, logic will not be present at this probe - it has taken a sabbatical back in 1945 and hasn't been seen since.

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Interesting to note that Snowden revealed that the UK was keeping an eye on Argentina and her Malvinas aspirations. But what is the strength of Argentina's Falklands' claim?


Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:

Ah, just a political distraction then.



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Speaking of distractions Bob............


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I have been following your posts on the Falklands and Gibraltar for some time. I am curious as to why you raise these issues on this forum? The stories that are covered here are predominately focused on economics and how things are trending.

I would like to understand why you think it is important to discuss these issues which are not really at the heart of any major economic flows?

Having seen what happens when the Brits depart from various Foreign outposts such as Malaysia and Burma and Fiji, I am not particulary invested in the importance of British sovereignty over remote parts of the world.

Go ahead and explain why I should pay any further attention to your posts, when I currently cannot read all of the material on this website?

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Ohh, this is juicy!

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"The Germans are once again angry..."
No no... we're just once again laughing about our incompetent female dictator. Sovereignty? Hardly any evidence for that.

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I'm pretty sure the "When you arrive" instructions are fake.  There isn't a mention about what to do with the extra suitcase full of CIA Afghani Heroin.  ???

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It would be immune from search from the diplomatic passpost, especially if it is handcuffed to the passport holder.  

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PurpleNIRPle (not verified) Mar 8, 2017 2:13 PM


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Not really. These are manuals and bits of malware. For now it only proves that they could have gone after anyone and certainly did go after a lot of people/companies/governments.

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Yeah, they tapped and hacked every fucking enemy they have on Earth, except their biggest enemy -- Trump.    Get a life, cougar.

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You are dim witted. I never said they did not go after Trump. They were doing this to everyone, gathering dirt, waiting for the day to leverage it. Trump is dirty, it was easy and they have him where they want him. He is already blown and was blown long before he ran for office. But they simply went after him along with everyone else, dragging their net far and wide. Yes they have him, they had him 20 years ago. They have everyone of importance already since 20 years before, and killed a few others on the way.

But think what you like. They have you by the brain already and are now going to play you like a puppet.

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Germany must have known all about it. Providing cover for these CIA black ops.

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They hate us for our freedoms?

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Wow, we are making friends all over the globe. 

The Deep State has really stepped in it here. Now, most everyone hates them. If this is what they are doing to their allies, what are they doing their enemies?

Oh wait, we already know that one too. 

All I hope is that when the Deep State is destroyed, some of the spokeman are too. Say, Graham, McCain, et all.

Or maybe have the tools they developed used against them?  How fitting would that be?


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I'll give you my frank assessment: The Deep State cannot be destroyed. At least, not while there are still 7 billion people in the world. With that many people randomly moving around there are too many places to hide the Deep State, and too many willing to work for them. The Deep State grew out of anonymity, it hides there in plain sight, and can only be rooted out when its movements and methods are easily detected. So the Vault7 release is super important that way, but it's just a shadow of the real thing at work.

You have not seen anything yet. If you ever get to see the whole thing all at once you will probably shit yourself with horror.

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We're as close as we've been in a long time. It's fascinating watching the establishment trying to walk back and reel in what Trump said about Obama spying on him.

My eyes are glued on March 20. If we don't do it now I doubt we ever will.

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Oh I am sure things are much worse than even I could imagine. There are meetings talking about different nations debt curves, and whether they can keep it going.
Like Quigley's round table groups.

There will always be those who wish to run other' lives. The only way to really get rid of it is to have enough realize the power of the individual.  Whenever you have groups, there will always be sociopaths who desire to control others. And with groups, that is possible.

Not possible when the world is based upon the individual.  Tough to do though. Because they will invent an external enemy which causes everyone to band together into groups, thus being easily controlled.


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I agree - one thing I have learned living in the USSA - it's safe to assume everything and everyone is much worse and dumber than they/it seem. Much dumber and much worse, much more devious, manipulative and criminal. 

It's important to understand how psychopaths work if you want to have any chance of understanding how the world (the west) works. 

Psychos (like Hitlery for instance) woudl do anything to get their money and power - anything. Our country (also the UK etc) is run by psychos. 

Nothing would surprise me any more - if they told me Obama eats freshly cut off dicks from Chicago babies  for breakfast - I would l believe it. 

Most sheeple know they woudl  shit themselves with horror if they heard the whoel story - that's why they work hard to pretend nothing is happening and there is nothing to see (I suspect it's a skill leared in Chirch schools - training them to be good slaves)



Hmmm, wonder where Germany's largest

consulate(i.e. Federal Intelligence Service)

is located?

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Amazing huh?

One minute everybody slates Assange and wikileaks ... then the next government decide to base their actions on wikileaks, information they would never have got unless wikileaks had revealed it.

You just couldn't make this shit up.

Do you knight him or drone him?

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The government? The USG will do nothing based on this release, this is their core business we are talking about. They hate Assange because he reveals their methods, which they go to great lengths (incl murder) to conceal. They would murder him too first chance if they weren't afraid of even worse reveals just waiting for news of his own death. Assange dies mysteriously, and within minutes documents of the most damning nature will land in the in-boxes of all the worlds newspaper editors, at least some of whom would stop the presses to get them on the front page by morning.

I assume it would be apocalyptic, because Assange lives.

I also think, he is just buying time. And waiting. Timing is everything, he is playing a very dangerous game of global chess with the Deep State and so far, he is ahead.

We'll all see what happens next. But before long, I suspect, Pandora's Box will spring open and all Hell will issue forth.

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Maybe after Ecudorian elections

hooligan2009's picture

obamas cia swamp spreads globally

how to pick up the pieces? start at home or ask for help - from the germans?

you can't make this shit up

cougar_w's picture

This is the same CIA murdered JFK (I do believe). It has been around doing "business" for a long time, longer than Obama was live. It belongs to no one, only itself. It would happily kill us all to survive itself, for that is now its only concern.

hooligan2009's picture

i hear you - a global nation state inside many nation state - self-funding perpetual motion based on fear, intimidation, blackmail, spying etc - breaking all the rules in every country it operates in - and accountable to no countries rules

if it could function without breaking laws in all countries it would not be an "intelligence agency"

jason bourne (and the infrastructure he operates withi/without) is a movie character - not one of a bunch of heroes that operate in real life

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Decent list but you left out bribery, torture and murder.

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I just have one question for Germany: When are you going to decide to run your country for your countrymen instead of for everybody else in the world? You have become a Deutsch mat.

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The Truth Behind Amazon Echo - YouTube


Of course we all love to fuck with AI bullshit. We will tear down this bastard intelligence system. 

cougar_w's picture

Nope. Not happening. It is not a "thing" you can touch. Yet it is large enough now that I don't know if any number of people can tame it by any means.

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Germany is still occupied by American forces...they are going nothing. 

Herdee's picture

Merkel already knew about this, socialists want everyone spyied on, same in America, it's based on globalization.

cougar_w's picture

Yes, except it has nothing whatever to do with "socialists". This is not blue vs red, or any other binary choice you can come up with from the popular media. It is controller vs controlled. And you are being.

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One Butterfly Flaps it's Wings, One little piece of data opens a tiny file. and the Earth Moves in it's Orbit

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Sure, Wikileaks should provde information to Germany. Just to make sure they do something about it.


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They will do nothing. As they didn´t do anything since 1945.

Weak and whiney morons.

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"I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind,"

President John F. Kennedy.


^^^This, it's not too late.

cougar_w's picture

You think it's not? I am not nearly so optimistic.

just the tip's picture

odd that with what happened to bobby, ted actually wanted the job.  not too bright those kennedy boys.  from a certain perspective, it could be said carter saved teddy's life.  and reagan took the bullet intended for teddy.

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Very soon, someone will be reporting a major mega player has demanded phsyical delivery of 90% of the COMEX/JPM silver shortsales, crashing FOREX and bankrupting several US mega banks.    All over and done in about 30 minutes from start to stop.   At that point, nothing else will matter.

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Every now and again, amongst the comment dross from the conspiracy and canned goods diaspora, comes a little gem of a comment which represents just a single dot in a very large picture.  It only takes one dot to be joined to another, then another, and pretty soon the outline of the picture emerges.

The powers that be will say "Move along now, nothing to see here" but a few dogged souls will plug away, and slowly, but surely, the truth will out until the mainstream talking heads will opine on what they think has happened.

It's the guys with the first few dots that deserve the credit.

Nice one and I look forward to seeing what happens.  We will probably see it first on ZH!!.

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What will matter is how much physical silver you have.  That will matter quite a bit, I think.