India: "No Toilets, But We'll Send Rockets Into Space"

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India’s Currency Ban – Part X

It has now been four months since Narendra Modi declared about 86% of monetary value of currency illegal. Linked here is the last in my series of updates, which was written soon after the deadline to deposit the demonetized currency. Most of the banned currency was eventually deposited, making a mockery of Modi, who had claimed that unaccounted money would not reach the banks.  Perhaps 3% of the cash never reached the banks.


A cunning plan unravels


Those living outside India still have the option to return to the country, complete a number of formalities at the airport, and then hope that India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will do the conversion.

Many of these people are unfortunately return empty-handed. In India, where stamps, signatures of bureaucrats, file-passing, attesting of documents, etc. go with everything, a lot of submitted paperwork is deemed incomplete by the RBI.


India’s narrow money supply M1 has collapsed from 28.42 trillion rupees in September of 2016 to just slightly above 20 trillion rupees in December. This makes recently reported GDP growth data (see further below) particularly dubious – click to enlarge.


Modi never intended to hurt Indians who are living abroad, but in the utter chaos of India, he can merely wave his magic wand and hope. India’s bureaucracy has a life of its own. The silver lining is that the chaos of India makes it impossible to establish an all-out Stalinist state.


Non-resident Indians who succeed in depositing their banned notes are complaining that the RBI is not crediting the cash to their account. The process of depositing is not easy to boot.


No Toilets, but Will Send Rockets Into Space

The worst losers were the poorest people of the country, who are lucky if they have a toilet. 50% of Indians still relieve themselves out in the open.  Tribal people who never got to know about the ban, people who were too sick, or people who had forgotten their cash are now left with paper that can land them in prison. Modi has made ownership of more than ten of the banned bills illegal.

These hungry people have indeed been asked to celebrate that India has recently sent more than 100 satellites into space in a single launch, at a profit. People still have images of Sputnik in their minds when they think about satellites. What was not disclosed was that most of the satellites that India sent weighed no more than a few pounds.


Indian ISRO rockets taking off into space. Former British defense minister Gerald Howarth felt compelled to remark that “a country with its own space program does not need aid from us”  after learning that the UK had sent around GBP 300 m. in aid to India in FY 2015.


People were also required to trust the government that the rocket was sent up at a profit. Politically correct international media happily accepted India’s claims. Of course no accounting had been disclosed. The question remains: How can you show the profitability of a small project of an organization that is totally dependent on public funds to stay up and running?

Indians have become extremely nationalistic. Independent thinking or challenging any facts that contradict good feelings about India are considered sacrilegious these days. With the exception of the tensions and the lack of even superficial unity that India’s huge ethnic diversity creates, India has all the makings of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq.

Banks have become extended arms of the government. Nowadays one must explain cash withdrawals and deposits. Any cash transaction above Rs 300,000 (~US$4,500) has been made illegal in a country where most consumer transactions are in cash.

Income tax authorities have been given free reign to knock at one’s door without having probable cause to make such a visit. Modi is hiring more than 100,000 people to work for the tax department.  In the last four months India has rapidly become a suffocating police state. Banks and ATMs still suffer from a shortage of cash. Queuing up at banks is a mandatory part of life in India.


The terrible state of hygiene in India


Dubious Statistics

I have yet to meet anyone in India — including anyone from the ranks of  demonetization supporters — whose economic life has improved. People are still avoiding to go shopping. Businesses continue to fail. And food prices are still down by as much as 50% or more in many places, a sign that poor people are going hungry.

There are of course exceptions. Bureaucrats are now charging twice the usual bribe, to make up for losses they suffered due to demonetization. In the police state of India, the common man — still very proud of India’s achievements — is compliant.

India recently released its latest GDP growth numbers claiming that the country’s growth rate is still 7% on annualized basis.  International economists are confused, as they had expected India to face a short-term setback due to the  demonetization exercise.

The people on the street, simple folk like me, know better what is actually happening in India. India’s economy is not growing at 7%. It seems more likely that it has suffered negative growth of 20% annualized or more last quarter.


India, quarterly GDP growth rate, annualized and credibility-challenged – click to enlarge.


Not only are the growth numbers released by the corrupt Indian government  cooked, but many businesses also converted their undeclared money into legal money in November 2016 by booking fake sales.

They paid months of salaries to their employees in advance and often prepaid bills  years in advance while booking revenue for future sales. A lot of sales were back-dated and booked in cash.

All of these contortions increased GDP on paper exactly at a time when the entire economy was actually severely traumatized. India is not growing, it is regressing. India’s informal sector, which employs more than 80% of the population, is suffering the most.


Boosting happiness, Modi-style

Caretoon by Satish Acharya


China gets a lot of blame for allegedly cooking its statistics. I often go to China and consistently find it to be increasingly more open, more liberal, more investment-friendly and more growth-oriented. I see accumulation of capital and knowledge happening in that country.

At the same time, India is regressing to its medieval past. And this is not an exaggeration. This is happening not just economically, but most importantly culturally as well, as I have discussed at great length in earlier updates.

India is a democracy and many people are not happy to accept that it might be faring worse than China. In reality, India is so wretched that it is hilarious that people try to compare it with China. China’s economy is more than five times bigger than that of India.

There is massive confusion in the use of “growth” and “growth rate.” Even if India were growing at 7%, it would add only $120 to its per capita GDP of $1,718. If China grows by 6.8% (often erroneously referred to as “slowing”), it would add $561 to it’s per capita GDP. India is simply no match for China.

The often repeated statement of international organizations, media, economists and intellectuals that India is the fastest growing large economy fails to pass test of primary school mathematics.

Ultimately one must ask what India’s GDP of $1,718 per capita actually means. The reality is that a vast majority of India’s citizens goes to bed hungry every day. They often have no access to primary health care. They live in slums. Disease and tyranny are a daily part of their lives.


A common sight in towns and cities in India.


A great many Indians live a medieval lifestyle. On a per capita basis,  Indians  are poorer than Africans. On per capita basis India has more children exhibiting stunted growth than Africa has.



India’s problem is not a lack of tax collection. Its problem is a horrendous lack of productivity.

The sorry state of education in India. Forget about students, even the teachers are uneducated. The result is that Indians are completely unprepared for the modern economy.


Huge waves of young people are joining the workforce, with no hope of getting jobs. Job growth was stagnating in India even before the demonetization was announced. They are unskilled and very badly trained. Many so-called literates cannot even write their own names.

Among the jobs that have seen the largest growth in India in the past several years has been that of security guard. To anyone interested in sociology, this is not a sign of economic progress, but a symbol of a degrading society.

While the  world is looking with trepidation toward the impending arrival of the age of robots, India finds itself at the precipice of a humanitarian crisis, made much worse by the simplistic and dictatorial policies of Narendra Modi.


Collateral damage: India’s poorest

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Rocket looks like Shiva.  Does the burnoff smell like curry?

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"Former British defense minister Gerald Howarth felt compelled to remark that “a country with its own space program does not need aid from us”  after learning that the UK had sent around GBP 300 m. in aid to India in FY 2015"

No shit!

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Welcome to hell.


Indian PM.

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On per capita basis India has more children exhibiting stunted growth than Africa has.

JINKIES!  That's fucked up.  

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I wonder if feces comprise part of the 100 plus satellite objects sent into space by India

The pictures above do not convey just how bad it really is.  Trust me,  I am OK with India, having visited three times, but the smell can literally kill you.

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LOL at the title. Almost captures India in one go, don't it?

The one inexcusable thing is the open rivers of filth in major cities. Put a fuckin pipe around that shit (literally), yo!

Oh, and if you ever take the train into New Delhi railway station, you'll see some sick shit.

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Go crap in your whole Ganesh.

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"Oh, and if you ever take the train into New Delhi railway station, you'll see some sick shit."


Yeah, no.  I had seen the pics that Latina Lover's link above before.  I'm not subjecting myself to that.  That place makes Mexico look fucking spic and span.  

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"fucking spic and span."

Isn't that, like... racist! AHHHH RACIST! :)

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So what are the astronauts gonna shit in? or, are they gonna just let it float around in the capsule like in Washington DC?

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I wonder what those people think when reporters take pictures of their horrible life?

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Do Indians look like the kind of people that would put doo doo in the capsule?    On second thought...

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Not as bad as the "Makati river"(can't remember it's name for the life of me right now)  that runs between Makati and Manila on Luzon. Sometimes you see bodies floating down that bitch going out to the ocean, and you know that no one collects those bodies, because no ones wants to go into that water as their raw sewage is simply dumped into the river there.



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San Miguel beer, brewed with shit water.

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Astronuts on the moon...ha ha ha


All rockets travel about 10 miles up and then tilt over to arch under the firmament ultimately dissapearing out of sight and splashing down in an ocean. Ever seen a satellite that wasn't cgi?


Flat Earth/dome

TwelveOhOne's picture

Thanks!  Figured I'd see something like this attached to this article, and if not, I'd add it.

Watch "Room 237".  And Mark Sargent's "Flat Earth Clues" -- even if he might be an agent, there's good info there (both are on YouTube).  And read Zetetic Astronomy by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, for free here:

Also, HAARP and its successors; Project Blue Beam; and more.

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"50% of Indians still relieve themselves out in the open."

These Indians have certainly put paid to the antiquated Western notion of restroom gender equality.

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So do the trannies go behind the men's tree or the women's tree?

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What a shithole.  Scary.  I have several friends who have to go there occasionally on business and they hate it. 

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...ZHers--ever wonder why the MEDITATION ARTS are so developed in India?

Simple---the world that poses as "reality" on your retina is so horrific you are DRIVEN to meditate, no shit. You must suspend reality in order to survive and function. Yet in spite of all the truly sad images concerning India is a strong soul.

Get a map out and draw a line betwee Mumbai and Chennai (old Madraas). Stay south of the that line. You'll do fine.

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accepted an invite from a British Indian guy to attend his wedding.

big fucking mistake.

what a shit hole. literally. 

everyone at the wedding from England got the curry shits and one guy had to go to the hospital. 

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Screw you all, we got democracy!! It's better than.....


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All these facts are true but India's government is the darling of the globalists. That should fill the bellies of the poor.

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For the life of me, I do not understand why anybody must be "liked".  I didn't vote for Trump because I "liked " him.  I voted for Trump to Unfuck America. 
The adulation of globalists does nothing for anybody except stroke an ego, amidst ignored death and destruction.
Globalism is Evil Incarnate.
You think there are a lot of starving Indian children now?  Just you wait for Mr Soros' help.
Eugenics is alive and well.

But don't worry.  Starving Indian Children is All For the Children.

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I get dumbass Libertarians asking me why I voted for Trump when I'm a libertarian. I say, "because Gary smoked his brains out and has no chance of winning." I know lots of GLP'ers say there is no sense in voting, but then I say if that was the case then why are they attacking Trump like they are? And no, it's not a fucking show or Kabuki theater. Trump is the anti-globalist Alpha male we fucking needed, love him of hate him.


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It is funny to watch the holier than thou types pronounce voting to be irrelevant, and then complain constantly about the results of said irrelevant process. 

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I voted for the All American Actor Gary Johnson in 2012

But Trump this time for the same reason you just said

If you don't know the reference All American Actor watch Team america

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Perhaps they will get mass cholera and typhoid outbreaks and then go through a development phase like UK did 160 years ago.

UK itself didn't allocate any funds to build water treatment until it was unavoidable after many thousands died and it looked like the rich would simply die in the new big cities along with the poor.

India will be the same. Capitalism, you see.

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Injuns? Damn I thought we herded them all into casinos and shit! We better get back to work!

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Just 30-45 mins ago, I replied to someone here on ZH about an Indian GF I had and that it was the best sex ever. Of course, she was born in the USA and very hot 'n spicy.... but the point is adding to that comment, she said she visited her relatives once in India and will NEVER GO BACK. It's a fucking cesspool, literally. Worse, although the general people are nice, she said the darker the Indians, the more savage, the more prone to rape and violence. And there's lots and lots of them around. In short, she said India is fucked beyond repair. BUT AT LEAST THEY GOT ROCKETS NOW!

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My neighbor is from there and none of her 3 American born kids ever want to go back after their first vacation there. The three kids said there's actually dead people laying around in the streets. All three kids got very sick (GI) and one sadly got hpeatitis from the food there.

It could be a great nation but their Leaders (The Establishment) decided against that. I do like some of their Bollywood films even if they are somewhat unrealistic. And yes, many of their girls are extremely beautiful esp the 24 gold against their darker skin and richly colored fabrics.

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Bollywood films are "unrealistic"?
That's the whole point of Propaganda.  Getcha to believe the unreal; not the unbelieveable, but the unreal.

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Hollywood is also unrealistic propaganda.

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What are you smoking?

Avengers, spiderman, starwars are all real. As real as fourth amendment.

Our CIA NSA FBI are full of Jason Bournes. They are crazy dudes. Unbelievable strength, intelligence. They would have stopped 9-11 easily. But they wantef to teach the cowards a lesson.

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Anybody seen our friend ORI? 

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Yeah... he's in Jersey City, doing IT in Goldman's back office...

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it's the same with niggers visiting africa, oh wait a minute...

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Your GF knows nothing about dark Indians; the south Indians are much darker, almost at par with Africans; and those states are much better and much ahead of the rest of the country. These dark Indians are the bulk of IT crowd - H1B - in America. Very few of them are criminal and savage, as Americans themselves can testify. Much of those crimes against women are not in south India. Ask anyone more knowledgeable. Dark Indians speak entirely different languages - not Indo European; they have their own separate history spanning thousands of years. In India, darker certainly does not mean more savage. 

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Look, I agree. I know quite a few dark Indians are they are the nicest people you could meet. Very intelligent too. Usually work in our IT or coding sector. My GF was light skinned Indian, as was her family. I don't judge on skin color but obviously other do. In fact I'll tell you that she was in fact very racist, towards anyone not light skinned so it goes without saying. But I'm just repeating what she told me.

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Indians are the most racist people in the world.

Chinese a close second.

Only then others.

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Rate of rape is much higher in US than India.  Anecdote are useless as evidence.  You and her both live on a lala land. India and China are taking over the world. In matter of 20-25 years Indian economy will over take US as bigger economy as it always had from start of Christianity till 1800. You are utterly uninformed and living on fool's paradise. Read some real data. Once the dollar is gone as reserve currency US will over night turned into a third world country where 50 millions live on food stamps which is 16 percent of their population. and one out of three does nothing.

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Given the country, its culture and its challenges, does p#ssy in India smell like curry or a sewer?

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India is the globalists model for the rest of the world 

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absolutely. It has always been an elitist dictatorship. 

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Has Mr. Howarth been called a racist yet?  Poor man doesn't know what kind of world he's living in.

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no shit, no toilet. yet another problem solved.

isn't balance and harmony wonderful to experience.


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The kicked out the British Raj, been all down hill ever since, and to get much worse...