Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line Reports Record Sales After Retailer Boycotts

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The Ivanka Trump boycott appears to have backfired.

One month after several brand name retailers announced they would no longer carry the 35-year-old’s clothing and accessories, Ivanka Trump’s women’s fashion line has seen record February sales.

The collection said they had some of the highest performing weeks since the brand was launched last month. “Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, the company's new president, told Refinery 29. “For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”

E-commerce aggregator Lyst confirmed the report, stating that from January to February, Ivanka Trump sales increased 346%. It also found  that February 2017 brand sales had increased by 557 per cent when compared to average orders in 2016. The brand was ranked as no 11 in sales on Lyst for the month of February, a sharp increase from no 550 in January.

“Ivanka Trump brand has never ranked in as a top seller on our site,” Sarah Tanner, Lyst's US public relations director, said. “To see such an extreme spike in one month is completely unheard of and came as a huge surprise to us.”

The news of a sales surge comes after the Grab Your Wallet campaign, highly critical of the Trump administration, asked shoppers to boycott retailers with any Ivanka or Donald Trump-branded products. As a result, Nordstrom announced in early February that it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump's clothing line citing poor product sales. Neiman Marcus also joined, and stopped carrying the first daughter's jewelry line on its website, while employees of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores were instructed to throw away any signage advertising her wares.

According to the Independent, the reason for the increase could be linked to Trump supporters explicitly deciding to purchase the products to counter the boycott.  "I bought a pair of her shoes, they are great and classy just like Ivanka trump. Boycott all stores that drop her line," said one person on Twitter. "On behalf of the anti Trumper's and boycott Trump products . I Bought Ivanka Handbag. Shoes tomorrow," chipped in another.

In retrospect, the boycott may have revived what otherwise would have been a declining brand. In the beginning of February, the Wall Street Journal reported that sales of the range fell by nearly a third in the past financial year with a steep decline in the weeks before her father was elected President. The Journal cited internal Nordstrom data as showing sales of the products were more than 70 per cent lower in the second, third and fourth week of October compared to the same weeks the previous year. The presidential election was on 8 November.

Ivanka Trump announced in January she would be taking formal leave of absence from the brand after her father became president, saying she would “no longer be involved with the management or operations” of the company.

Ethics counselors advised that the company cease using images of Ivanka Trump in “new promotional, advertising, or marketing materials,” according to the profile piece on Klem. The guidance apparently doesn’t impact existing marketing materials, such as the company’s website. "It's unprecedented what this brand is dealing with,” said Klem. “We are really committed to having the brand be separate, even from [Ivanka], so certainly her dad is even more distant from that. We're committed to doing everything we can to carve an identity for this brand that is about what the brand stands for and the core brand attributes. And so absolutely, it complicated matters.”

For now, at least, what is clear is that attempts to punish Trump's daughter by hyping it up constantly in the press have backfired.

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PurpleNIRPle (not verified) Mar 8, 2017 11:05 AM




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Bought some stuff......what the hell?

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Nothing makes people want shit like telling them either 1)They can't have it or 2)They aren't allowed to have it, 3)They shouldn't have it.

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This was a highly predictable outcome. What woman in her right mind would prefer Michelle/Michael/Wookie wardrobe over Ivanka's?

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Women use Fashion to compete with one another. No boycott in that arena will ever work if the clothing is "good" in women's eyes. Anyone know a online retailer that sells her line, I will purchase my wife's birthday present a little early this year.

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Those premises work perfectly, on my 8 year old. Adults should have learned better by now. Oh wait, you went to public school? Never mind.

Fashion as competition? Silly me I thought woman got all dressed up to impress us men. I was wrong.

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Now how can the media spin this?

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Happy Women's Day to Ivanka.  Does she sell vagina hats?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) ParkAveFlasher Mar 8, 2017 11:24 AM

Ivanka's line soars, Timmy Cain's son in jail.


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Proglodytes are imploding all over the place. Take a look at this gem, a line from a comment on dailykos:
"If there was a wiretap, it was approved by FISA and done by an intelligence agency, not Pres. Obama. Obama was always very careful to follow the rules."
We are dealing with braindead zombies here, folks. When Obama is proven to be the biggest fraud the world has ever known, and he will be, it will not change their minds one bit.

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Is Ivanka the one Trump wants to sleep with, or his wife?  

I can never remember which is which. 

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His wife is like 46 years old. Who wants to sleep with that?

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Apparently you need a seeing eye dog.  

crossroaddemon's picture

Makeup and plastic surgery, my man. Fuck that.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I bet goats are the norm for you. 

Got The Wrong No's picture

Hillary told them everything they were doing was a vast right wing conspiracy. Because something is screwed up in a Lefties DNA, mission accomplished. 

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It's comments just like that one which made me leave Facebook for good and completely turn my back on people I have known for 20+ years. The level of denial is unreal, there is no helping these types of people... they are the walking dead to me.

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If there was a wiretap it was unethical and illegal; and if Obama did not know it then he was incompetent. 

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Decepticrats cain't win for losing!

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Why ZH does not report that her factory is located in China, lol?

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The brain dead squid Trolls have once again graced us with their Patheticness. 

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I was in Kohls the other day and overheard some women complain they don't sell Ivanka's perfume. It's a "Best Seller" on Amazon. She and Melania are hot as hell imo.

However, i'm just glad Soweeto and wookie are out of the wh and no longer screwing over the American middle class people. Moving a few blocks down the street to antagonize the new president and Americans is just thier low-life style.

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Collect the sweat from the ball-sack of a rabid skunk and sell it as Michelle perfume and libtards would buy it.

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Patheticness is to be a blind idiot. Its a fact that ivanka produces iy stuff in China. And then claim to be different to the snowflakes liberals when facing incovenient truths.https://sputniknews.com/world/201703041051265949-inside-ivanka-factory-c...

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These people don't understand. Making a partisan stand as a small business decreases your customer bas by half, but makes half of the country much more likely to buy from you, so its a huge net gain. When a huge comapny makes a partisan stand, they lose half their customer base, but the increase from the other side isn't enough to make up for it.

Liberals are completely ineffective at pretty much everything.

froze25's picture

Logic and reason are not their strong suites.

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Who needs retailers when you can have you're own online brand? The Trumps have shown they dominate at Internet marketing. Why wouldn't they succeed at this? Look at The Malls? Duh! Looks like Ivanka Trump just became the new Michael Kors.

East Indian's picture

Now how can the media spin this?



By totally ignoring it. Like ignoring wikileak's vault 7.

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You don't get laid very often do you. They don't dress up for us, why do you think when you go out with them all they talk about is what they are wearing or what other women are wearing that they see. Yes its how they compete with one another.

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True when they're going out around other women. Otherwise it's strictly for themselves.

Every morning I have to do the Billy Crystal "You look mahvelous, dahling" ritual. And "yes, you look like your losing weight. Nice ass". She never seems to get tired of it and it makes her happy...So I do it.

Comes in handy when Mr. Big comes to town..."You look horny, dahling".

She could be humoring me too, but hey, it works, so who am I to complain?

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Wow. you seem to know nothing about women or society in general.

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Despite your autismal refusal to accept the truth if it seems illogical to you, that's how women operate.  Newsflash: People aren't rational!  Grow up and accept this, by rejecting it you do nothing but handicap your own comprehension of the world around you.

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maybe next time around you'll reincarnate as a woman to get a better understanding, since you dont seem to have developed one this time around.

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"Holy lack of sarcasm detectors Batman." More like lack of reading comprehension Robin. Apparently these people failed to read the last sentence which read, "I was wrong."

As far as understanding woman? After 36 years of marriage to the same woman I can tell you quite emphatically "I will never understand woman"

The rest of you public school "participation diploma" graduates perhaps can sign up for the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course. Remember you heard it here first on Roller Derby.

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Wrong is something you do well. 

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I thought that was your department. Either way, I aim to please.

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In the first instance you need a fat backside to dress like Moochie. LL. Just sayin.

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Please, "her" name is Micheal. Love your animated GIF btw.

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I spotted a meme of Bob Ross painting a picture of Groot with the caption...yes, you guessed it..."Paint a Happy Tree".


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google for it.

Or go online. The Soho bag looks great if your wife can wear black or pale. Her bags are very well designed as is her clothing  and great value. THere is a clear application of intelligence in designing clothes to fallter  eg look at Ivankas clothes, the fitting tops, open pleats  give her a smaller waist and  flatter her  shape.. could cover a post baby tum.

SoDamnMad's picture

I bought a Wookie skirt for my wife before a camping trip. It rained for 4 days straight and that skirt kept my wife and I , 3 kids and 2 dogs AND a couple bicycles dry those 4 days. 

junction's picture

One time sales to Trump supporters.  Her fashion line is finished, the wholesalers are only interested in cash returns.  She should quit while she is ahead.

IndyPat's picture

I'd refer you to yesterday's article on ghost malls.

She has even odds of outlasting the retailers.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Why is it finished?  Harsh truths from Junction never stop. 

froze25's picture

As if retail stores are doing well, 1/3 of malls going out of business, mass layoffs in retail across the board. The big retailers aren't so big and becoming more irrelevant by the day, same as the anti-Trump Trolling, hows that 7 Vault dump treating you? Still ultra pro-CIA?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

(((Ivanka))) has the whole Jewish mother segment to sell to. She'll be (((fine))).

junction's picture

Not harsh truths, reality. Trump's brand name carries a lot of value but even that name did not prevent his Atlantic City casinos from folding after he overspent on building the Taj Mahal casino.  Ivanka is no Donna Karan.  If Ivanka's clothing line continues as a profitable business for more than a year, she can pat herself on the back, she beat the odds. 

Got The Wrong No's picture

Trolls without a clue seems to be the norm. Study the History of the Casinos in AC and why they have been in a death spiral before you embarrass yourself with lame Moronic talking points. Besides no one but you Lefty Brain Dead Pukes gives a Rats Ass about the Taj Mahal. 

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Donna Karen jewish mother clothes are truly hideous. Crap designer