Is Janet Yellen Trying to Trigger a Recession For Political Purposes?

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Trump might want to put a call in to Janet Yellen.

The Fed is supposed to be a neutral, independent entity. However, that myth went out the window when Bernanke “gifted” QE 3 to Obama in 2012 to aid with the latter’s re-election bid.

The Yellen Fed seems to be even more committed to defining the Fed as nothing more than a leftist establishment mechanism. Back in October when it still looked like Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 Presidential election, Yellen commented that she was considering letting the economy run “hot” meaning allowing inflation to rise without implementing additional rate hikes.

One month later, Donald Trump won the Presidency and Yellen announced she wanted to hike rates in December with three more additional hikes in 2017.

Now, 3Q16 growth was supposedly 3.5%. If that had been true, then Yes, the Fed should consider hiking.

However, since that time GDP growth has collapsed. 4Q16 growth came in at a measly 1.9%. And 1Q17 GDP growth has collapsed from a forecast of 3% in early February to 1.2% today!

And Yellen is still pushing to hike rates.

So, back in October, when the economy was supposedly growing at an annualized rate of 3.5% Yellen wanted to let the economy run “hot.” And now that the economy is growing 2% rate (and soon to be sub-1% rate based on projections) she wants to hike rates multiple times.

Let that sink in for a moment.

It is very difficult to look at the above and not come to the conclusion that Janet Yellen is actively trying to thwart the Trump Presidency. For 8 years under Obama she signed off on maintaining interest rates at zero, permitting the debt to double.

Now that Trump is in office, Yellen wants to hike rates four times in 12 months. And she’s begun worrying about debt levels in her speeches.


The wise thing for Trump would be to ask for Yellen’s resignation. She has completely compromised any last credibility the Fed might have. And she’s now actively pushing to hurt the economy by hiking rates at a time when growth is already rapidly slowing.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

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SRV's picture

Trump was elected (put over the top) as a "disruptor"...

Chaos is to be expected, and will continue.

BRlAN the PUNTER's picture

Do what Iceland did.. arrest all Rothschild banking cronies, put out warrants for Rothschilds and Soros.. Tell them to stick their debt up their jew asses then take back our right to print our own currency free of interest under Congress... problem solved!

Hammer of Light's picture

Old Navy will take some of that! When do we muster on the DC Mall with say 5 million of us? We will absolutely get it done. The question now is organization, huge numbers of people and groups are forming in the shadows to uphold our oaths of service and to assist the elimination of the internal threats within. There is coming a time when men of good conscience inside the apparatus are going to have to make a choice. Sadly, I think this is inevitable. Yellen is a disease of the Rothschild globalist Israel state, there can be no error in this assessment. Iceland did it right, we must do the same to set us all back on course to liberty and for the safety of the world. The US must return to legitimacy.

mastersnark's picture

tl;dr Jews are gunna Jew.

lester1's picture

The Fed have a mandate to raise rates and crash the economy. The liberal media will try and blame Trump for it. All part of the olan. Watch.

MGA_1's picture

lol - haven't gotten that bear market yet...

headhunt's picture

We can actually absorb up to 3 or 3.5 points and it would be good for the economy.

Yellen is a man-child who has no real world knowledge - sort of like a white 0bama


The FED does have to be careful, if they crash the economy there is no reason not to audit the FED - the damage will have been done and it would be a good time to scramble the FEDS brains.

HalEPeno's picture

Check my math, but each 100 basis points on a 20 trillion dlr debt increases debt service cost by 200 billion dlrs.  350 bp's means 3/4 of a trillion dlr increase along with the attendant growth in the deficit which acts as a multipier going forward.  What is your off set?  IMO increased economic activity cannot make up the gap.

laomei's picture

(((Yellen))) is NOT white, not by a longshot.  kikes are not have never been and never will be white.

wizteknet's picture

Fire the b Trump! problem solved

BigSwingingJohnson's picture

"Let me control a nation's money supply, and I care not who writes the rules"

what other famous Jew said that??


detached.amusement's picture

defrauding people is easy when they are propagandized into believeing you're helping them

B1G mNy's picture

Janet go far away! I have been mentioning this for a while. The Fed could have raised rates long ago, but nah...they like the black liberal iin the WH at the time. Now that Trump's in there this chick wants to raise rates! Screw her. Quit while you are ahead Janet.

atlasRocked's picture


Let’s just get real here:

Yellen is struggling with this - she wants to hurt the capitalists by raising rates because higher rates WILL slow the already sick, fake economy……but she knows low interest rates empower the feds and the liberals to dominate, mislead, and corrupt the banking system. She doesn’t want to give up the power to corrupt and self aggrandize.

The gov't's serial liar "economists" decide on banker profits and when interest rates are forced down. The customers - the savers - drive the profits when interest rates are set at market levels. 


Money policy is completely politicized lies now, economics is "The Cursed Science".   For more details, read this:


PrivetHedge's picture

The heart of the problem is this:

Who elected Janet Yellen?

Nationalise The FED.

atlasRocked's picture

Democracy has a history of electing terrible leaders, only republics are stable - abolish amendment 17.

JailBanksters's picture

They are NOT going ruin the Feral Reserves Owners good fortune to save a bunch of sheep.

Nor are going to do it because on camera they all hate Trump.

They'll only pursue it if there's a Goat that needs to be Scaped.

The Goats name is Putin.


Silver Savior's picture

Hiking rates in a recession. Omg things are so bad out there already. Everything is flucked!

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Mar 9, 2017 12:13 AM

Janet Yellow doesn't fart without asking permission from de Rothschild. Let's stop pretending the fed is independent. They answer to House Rothschild.

Small Government Is Better's picture

America is already in a recession!  Does Yellen and the Fed want it to become a depression?  That is the question.

It is not a matter of recession, it is a matter of the current recession worsening into a serious depression!

silverer's picture

Don't worry. It will only last about 15 years.

Rufus Temblor's picture

Yellen sees the Trump presidency as a golden opportunity to raise rates so that she has some dry powder to bail out bankers, once again, when the shit really hits the fan. Media jagoffs will blame it all on Trump, leaving Yellen to waltz off into the sunset unscathed.

Thinkpad's picture

No she isn't do your research about M2. What is wrong with you? No banker needs  bailing out for god's sake. Get a degree in economics and figure it out Jesus

Thinkpad's picture

Except a certain frail/failing german bank

hendrik1730's picture

Or Italian banks. Or Spanish. Or French. Portugese. Chinese. The whole sector is rotten to the core.

Thinkpad's picture

Except a certain frail/failing german bank

GotAFriendInBen's picture

Maybe she's actually come to her senses


Trumpy wants to turbo charge the printers to build bridges that kind of meet code


Trump wants to fast-track $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Published: Mar 8, 2017 6:29 p.m. ET

Construction sought ASAP, with minimal permitting

Thinkpad's picture

Tyler back in the day folks knew what they were talking about. What happened? Please upgrade the quality anyone can troll no one learns anything. Thxs

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

actaully a good read, but this is even better ==> This is the next ‘meteorite’ that could hit US markets ==>

something or someone is ramping the market up, and TRUMP loves it, but is this all the calm before the storm. 

Thinkpad's picture

How do you spell M2? Now what happens when you understand M2 than grasp a wild concept of M2v now what you idiot. Challenge come at me I'm ready

Farqued Up's picture

The best that Trump could do would be get the Marine Recon, 82nd Airborne and the 101st Airborne Assault and take over Wall Street to secure the small amount of gold remaining, while simultaneously arresting the cabal members before daylight. Absolutely arrest and commandeer Langley and it's known traitors. Post a company of battle hardened troops outside the houses and offices of the Federal Judiciary including SCOTUS and get on every TV network by order of the FCC and announce every evil deed that the cabal and its pedophiles have propagated on the country thus are no longer have anything to do officially with the Republic of The United States of America. The USA Corporation is shut down due to high crimes of every sort and the asset forfeiture laws have been applied and all assets hereby confiscated. You inheritors of multiple generations of wealth can proceed to the exits unless you have defrauded the American people. Fraud and murder have no statutes of limitations.

That should shut up Schumer and the other dreamers already in jail before daylight which will include ALL US citizens that have ever participated in a formal Bilderberger, CFR, and Trilateral meeting. The innocents, few as they are, will be released if they haven't been accused of the crimes.

Purge any traitorous, or Obama ass sucking Generals, Admirals, or upper Field Grades with the Cabal and then ask the question "how far above the President does the chain of command go according to the deep state?". They will be ratholed in the underground cities and tunnels so either nuke them or use poison gas to kill them where they sit. After all they stole trillions to build themselves nuke proof digs and not invite the citizens.

I figure that when the shooting starts it will be so overwhelmingly one sided that the Cabal, the ultimate Pussy Snowflakes, will vacate the country. Have a no fly as during 911 and have the 12 Carriers positioned to shoot them down if they try to get away.

There will be dancing in the streets for a solid week. I'd let the commie profs sweat it for awhile.


JailBanksters's picture

Working out how to keep the Rothschilds running the USA, don't care who works and who doesn't, or who's in the White House.

Just as long as the Rothschilds are in charge the Money Supply.

Snaffew's picture

there os only so long that debt creation and government intervention can do to avoid a recession...if not a depression.  This country and this world are long overdue for the natural order of things to take over...the longer you postpone the inevitable, the higher the pain when it finally comes.

tictawk's picture

I don't think Yellen has a choice.  Bonds are trading at a two year low and headed lower.  There is indigestion in the bond arena and the way to attract capital to your shores is to raise interest rates.  Japan and China plus many other nations are divesting themselves of US debt.  It means that the Fed will have to monetize more debt if there are not wiling buyers of US debt.  Stocks will come to that realization soon enough. 

detached.amusement's picture

of course she doesnt have a choice, she does what she's told to do by her owners

rationally there was no choice a million times during obama's term

if cankles stole the election, yellen would have been moving rates even lower and gunning for negative

Itsarap's picture

Hey Graham,How about Trump enforcing the Constitution and dismantle the FED!Problem solved!

oncefired's picture

Let the FED Monetize all the Bonds the Chinese, Russians & Saudi Arabia are panicking to selling First.....Then End The FED and tell the Rothschild's to Stick the FED's Balance Sheet Up Their Ass! Then Direct Munchin to print Money directly from the Treasury, Scrounge what ever PM's are left, fast track surface mining on Public Land (USGS knows where to grab some quick) and back the New Currency with a Basket of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium - maybe even use Rare Earth Metals!

Snaffew's picture

does that mean we don't have to pay taxes anymore and anyone who receives entitlement checks gets cut off...including state and federal pensions?   YAYYYYY!

shimmy's picture

Don't let women run things unelss you can magically find the few that won't be so biased and emotional. Pretty simple.

gregga777's picture

Neoconservatives are 99% Jewish and are unanimously and virulently anti-Trump. The Jews are plotting a Jewish-led coup d'etat against the legally elected government of the United States of America. Jews have controlled the Goldman Sachs Feral Reserve System for decades. The Jews are doing everything in their power to destroy Trump's Presidency.

Stef1304's picture

Quote : "The wise thing for Trump would be to ask for Yellen’s resignation. She has completely compromised any last credibility the Fed might have. And she’s now actively pushing to hurt the economy..." 

Answer : one thing after another? his government is still NOT in place. And he already has a lot to do by fending of the globalist from the congres & deep state.

Snaffew's picture

the government and the Presidency is and always has been nothing more than middle management since around 1900.  Trump can do no more for this country than beg the banks and the global military elite for permission and direction.  Trump is powerless---until you realize that, you are living in a dream world.

MrNoItAll's picture

It is a puppet show to entertain and distract the masses.  The elites are working two puppets at the same time -- the right and the left -- putting on a show,  Trump is playing a role.  He's an entertainer, an actor, a reality show personality.  He says things his fans want to hear, just like any entertainer.  But watch what he does, not what he says.  Has he drained the swamp yet?  ROFL


aliens is here's picture

I  can't figure out why Trump is keeping Yellen and Comey. Those two give him a lot of headaches in the future. Come on Trump get rid of them while you can.

DisorderlyConduct's picture

By her actions she clearly is trying to trigger a recession. Turn it around; what could she do to trigger a recession that she's not already doing?

thefinn's picture

You don't own nothing goyim.

Theeconomist's picture

It's the other way around.  Republicans don't want a super strong economy because it gives workers too much power.  Dems want one for the same reason.