Is The Left Trying To Start A Civil War?

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Via Michael Snyder of The End of The American Dream blog,

An army of subversives is attempting to undermine the Trump administration from within the government, and at the same time a whole host of prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and in some cases even violence. And of course the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media absolutely hates Donald Trump. On a fundamental level, the United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes, and the radical left is treating the presidency of Donald Trump as if it was the end of the world. We are seeing terms such as “Nazi”, “racist” and “dictator” thrown around very casually, but people need to understand that words really matter. When subversives on the left use such inflammatory language, there is a very real danger that they could actually spark a violent insurrection against the United States government.

Just think about this for a moment. If a “Nazi” had really become the president of the United States, what would the appropriate response be?

When the left calls Donald Trump and his supporters “Nazis” and “racists”, they are suggesting that people should act accordingly, and that is extremely dangerous.

Yesterday, I wrote about how the “deep state” is attempting to destroy the Trump administration from the inside, but meanwhile others are trying to spark an uprising from the outside.

Something that former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said is extremely disturbing. She recorded a video message in which she suggested that in the struggle against Donald Trump there is going to be blood in the streets and some people are going to have to die

“I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people,” Lynch says. “I know it’s a time of concern for people, who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers.”


“It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

Remember, this is not just some passionate young leftist radical saying these things.

This woman was the Attorney General of the United States not too long ago. For her to make statements such as these is irresponsible to the extreme. If you have not seen this video yet, you can find it on YouTube right here.

The mainstream media is also working very hard to fuel the flames of hate. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi made headlines all over the world when she declared that Trump’s presidency “is fake and failed”, and she followed that up by boldly declaring that we are now “at a low point in American history”…

We are at a low point in American history and I don’t know how anybody can defend this president, even if it’s their job. Like you’ve got to have a job after this. You’ve got to look in the mirror after this. Sarah Huckabee or whoever is speaking out next. You have to look in the mirror and think about this country after this is over. You need to think of the end game here, because there isn’t one at the rate we are going.”

A video clip of her saying this can be found here, and to be honest it is really unprecedented in all of American history for journalists to be attacking the president of the United States in this manner.

When people hear this stuff about a “fake president” that is “racist” and “fascist” over and over again, it is only a matter of time before people start to act out in violent ways.

For example, just consider what happened in Berkeley on Saturday

At a park in Berkeley, across the bay from San Francisco, protesters from both sides struck one another over the head with wooden sticks and Trump supporters fired pepper spray as police in riot gear stood at a distance.


Some in the pro-Trump crowd, holding American flags, faced off against black-clad opponents. An elderly Trump supporter was struck in the head and kicked on the ground.

And it is being reported that anti-Trump protesters in Minnesota set off fireworks in the state capitol building over the weekend…

Five people attending a counter-protest against President Donald Trump were arrested in Minnesota over the weekend after police said they allegedly set off fireworks inside the state capitol building.


A St. Paul police spokesman confirmed to TheBlaze that five people “who allegedly lit fireworks in the capitol building and fled on foot” were arrested Saturday. He said they are charged with riot 2, which is a felony.

We need to take incidents like this very seriously, because often a civil war can be started by incidents that may seem quite small at the time. For instance, when the protests started becoming violent against President Assad in Syria back in 2011, who would have dreamed that it would ultimately spark a civil war that would kill more than half a million people and that would still be raging six years later?

In March of 2011, Syrian protesters marched on Damascus following the arrest of a 14-year-old boy who had written a cryptic threat to Bashar al-Assad in graffiti.


Within three short months of those initial protests, 1,000 civilians (among them students, liberal activists, and human rights advocates) and 150 soldiers and policemen had been killed, and thousands were detained. Within a year, the Damascus Securities Exchange had plummeted 40%, and within five, the total kill count reached upwards of 600,000.

Many believe that a civil war has already started in America.

Americans may not be shooting at each other yet, but without a doubt we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. The following comes from an excellent article by Dennis Prager

It is time for our society to acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its second Civil War.


In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.

David Kupelian, the author of “The Snapping Of The American Mind“, is also concerned that we are in a life or death struggle for the future of our culture…

Compared with the shining and vibrant nation it once was, today’s America has become a different country: deeply and angrily divided, unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world’s greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with STDs, almost 60 million abusing alcohol and 70 million taking mood-altering drugs. On so many levels, America is becoming ever more “bizarro” – diametrically opposed to logic and common sense.

In the end, either the right or the left is going to completely defeat the other side, because both sides are attempting to take this country in completely opposite directions. When you examine the core values on the right and the left, you quickly come to the realization that there is not much room for compromise. One side will ultimately emerge victorious, and the values of the other side will be vanquished. Here is more from Dennis Prager

How are those of us who oppose left-wing nihilism – there is no other word for an ideology that holds Western civilization and America’s core values in contempt – supposed to unite with “educators” who instruct elementary school teachers to cease calling their students “boys” and “girls” because that implies gender identity? With English departments that don’t require reading Shakespeare in order to receive a degree in English? With those who regard virtually every war America has fought as imperialist and immoral? With those who regard the free market as a form of oppression? With those who want the state to control as much of American life as possible? With those who repeatedly tell America and its black minority that the greatest problems afflicting black Americans are caused by white racism, “white privilege” and “systemic racism”? With those who think that the nuclear family ideal is inherently misogynistic and homophobic? With those who hold that Israel is the villain in the Middle East? With those who claim that the term “Islamic terrorist” is an expression of religious bigotry?

This is why the radical left hates Donald Trump so much.

He represents everything that they have been taught to hate, and he stands in the way of the future that they have always been envisioning.

We are in a fight for the soul of America, and the fate of this nation literally hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that this conflict could end up destroying this country no matter which side ultimately wins. It has been said that a house divided against itself will surely fall, and America is a very bitterly divided house at this moment in time.

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knukles's picture

Yes.  They're trying to start a civil war.  What the fuck you think they're doing?  Picking their feet in Poughkeepsie?

gatorengineer's picture

Civil war implies there is a party to fight.  The right is so pussified, they arent fighting.

I think a Coup is a much better term.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Agreed.  We're not fighting a civil war, we've simply been divided and conquered.   The vast majority of people who take "sides" do so against the other Team, instead of the people who own both teams.  Oldest trick in the elite book.

TheLastTrump's picture

I don't think you're getting the point


that those higher ups are followed by the masses of mind controlled zombified media consumers


and you have to deal with them to get their bosses.

homericninjas's picture

Agreed. A real civil war would be to team up with them and take out the real cancer then pivot and see who lives to continue on and how.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) homericninjas Mar 8, 2017 10:20 PM

Civil war only happens when the military splits.

The rest is civil unrest.

prime american's picture
prime american (not verified) Chris Dakota Mar 9, 2017 5:44 AM

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Yog Soggoth's picture

I'm pretty sure Illinois would like to attack Chicago. All they need are some rebel flags. The whole country would like to attack California, maybe that's a good start.

BabaLooey's picture

I spoke to a GERMAN friend, who lives in Florence Italy today Rand...........

He came at me from the IMMIGRANT issue.....and it was amazing to hear him be FOR it over there.........

"the bump in the local economy <as to the refugees/spending Euros, etc.) - vs. the birth rate "No Germans are fucking each other".........

and here? He feeds himself on anti-Trump dogma (MSM/Der Spigel...BIG NYT reader).............

"Trump hates Mexico" is the rant over there. The daily "dose" of Trump/Mexico hate/lies.

He even asked me about "the man in the street" - the average guy in the bar - what do they say about Trump?"

When I told him Trump has roughly 100 million + on his side here, he freaked. "He doesn't have 2/3?????"

(IMO - SOETERO only had 100 million on "his side" as well)

The Blue Pill is working.........for some

IMO - it's ALL about what you are "feeding" on/reading/seeing/heeding.

Many of us ZH vets are "woke", and we read the wide scope (con to lib)...and we can discern the effluvium from fact.....

But this guy is somewhat intelligent - and it's sad to see/hear him be so biased.


political_proxy's picture

"many of us..."

understand indoctrination?


BabaLooey's picture

Yes I do.

YOU took that out of

Troll harder.....

faroffthunder's picture

Biased? You mean biased against the former reality TV star acting as a patsy for the establishment? Go figure.

BabaLooey's picture

Talk about missing the win

Chauncey Gardener's picture

I think a military coup against Obama, Soros, Ryan, McCain, and others is in order. Put 'em all in Gitmo for a year or two then firing squad.

A Nanny Moose's picture

I mean....feet would not have been my first choice.

Nose? Butt? Cotton?

Is that cultural appropriation?

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) knukles Mar 9, 2017 1:12 AM

It may seem paradoxical without complete information, but they are actually trying to PREVENT a 2nd American Revolution that would be based on the 1st one.

They would be happy if the obvious leftist one fomented, but they are really trying to keep normal people off balance. They do not want any patriotic grass-roots organization and they will prevent it at any cost.

HockeyFool's picture

Burn it the fuck down. Let's see who is left standing. I'm bettin' not many snowfalkes can survive an all out war.

divingengineer's picture

They lack the means of production; food and fuel for instance.

They can't fix shit. Talking BS is not a viable economy. It takes a bit more than that. 

johngaltfla's picture

The problem for the left:

95% of all "red" county households in the U.S. own guns.

Only 5% of all "blue" county households can claim the same.

Simple math unless they seize control of the US military and all 500,000 go insane.

LetThemEatRand's picture

So long as the red team is using its guns against the blue team and not the deep state, the deep state is secure.  In fact, that's pretty much what they want because any actual hot war among the teams would usher in martial law, which would be supported by the large majority to "keep them safe."

Lumberjack's picture

Deep state fomented this. They are using snowflakes, leftist guerillas and MSM as a bulwark.

QuantumEasing's picture

Crumple zones. Created specifically to take the brunt when the crash happens, insulating ((The People)) from consequences.

I have zero sympathy though- if they can't figure out they are being used, they deserve to be removed from existence.

TheLastTrump's picture

yes SOROS ET AL wants violence


out of chaos, order

unsafe-space-time's picture

The blue team is .gov. So they will be the first ones to turn blue.  

faroffthunder's picture

The blue team and the red team are the same.

homericninjas's picture

There will be no "Pelosi's March to the Sea". Civil War not. A few cities will burn and the poor good bastards who still live in them that shouldn't will be sorry. Out here in the hinterlands I'll read about it on ZH.

dogismycopilot's picture

The left uses LAWFARE and has a legion of lawyers. Obama is a fucking lawyer. 

Shakespeare was right!

Kefeer's picture

There is nothing civil about war and the South and Midwest against the snowflakes?  It would be the NGO left that would be the real threat.

People in uniform will kill fellow Americans if it means the difference between eating or not.

max_leering's picture

people that once wore the uniform will do the same, when safety and security of me and my family is at stake

gatorengineer's picture

Ok, I will play.... how much more do you want to give to giverment.  The safety and security of you and yours has been at stake for 8 years.  How much more in taxes can you give?  How about when they take your savings account and your 401k?  Guess what they have been doing that with NIRP (inflation corrected for  8 years now).  Whats it going to take to the right awake?  The right thought that the trump vote was a throw away.... Now he won by a massive landslide (probably 70 percent of the real honest vote) he is being openly opposed by the McStains, Grahams, Ryans?

max_leering's picture

first off numbnuts, let's assume for arguments sake, the left is going to implode... the right is sitting back, acting civil all the while, but will act if need be... and I believe it will require action, sooner or later

here's a few tidbits for yas: I cashed out of my 401k upon retirement, and yes paid the taxes, would never bother with a savings acct, and live quite comfortably right now working for a coin/bullion dealer for cash... I draw 2 retirement checks, wife works for the insurance, and I stack madly, silver and Franklins... have a rental property which I'd like to sell if you're interested

now, I was commenting in response to the fact that the previous person had written that some in the military would turn on fellow Americans in order to feed themselves (along those lines)... all I said was those out of uniform (former military like me) would do the same, ensuring safety and security of me and my family

I guess it's like this... let's say you got a steak... I haven't eaten in a few days... you got a knife, I got an AR... I'm eating, and you're so fucked!!... make it medium rare

cowdiddly's picture

Let's say I've got a steak. I've read a "cookbook" or three and been on the Ho Chi Trail. You have a silly AR.  I'm a former military too and the only thing you or anyone like you are eating of mine or anyone elses while I'm around are the peanuts out of my shit.

max_leering's picture

you number 10 GI... you want fucky fucky GI... me so horny

and I still want the steak medium rare

cowdiddly's picture

I don't care what you "want" peanut.

Davy Crockett's picture

You're an idiot.   He didn't say anything wrong.   I would say you're the peanut, cowdiddler.

vato poco's picture

*sigh* 2 more guys who haven't figured out that the internet is a lousy place to proclaim one's badassery. "I was a SEAL!" "Oh, yeah? wulll, *I* quit the SEALS after I done won my second Congressional Medal, because they were going soft!!"

"Oh, YEAH?....."

peddling-fiction's picture

Compa (dude), real military experience is not boasted. It just is.

Sometimes we point out shit. Comprende (understand)?

Nobody talked about Special Ops either.

Anybody in the military knows that Cámara (dude)

vato poco's picture

*sigh* y otro, y otro, y otro.....

peddling-fiction's picture

Maricón y puñetas?

Vato poco -->  means little dude in Mexispanish.

Are you poca cosa (little thing), or are you using it as as a kabbalistic notariqon mirror?


vato poco's picture

gosh, did YOU, like most men here on the internet, did YOU play for the teams TOO?!? before you became a billionaire VC pornstar hedge fund guy? WOW! what are the ODDS??

lemme get my autograph book!!!

peddling-fiction's picture

Eres un puñetas guey.

(You are a fucked up masturbated mind)

And sadly with no Fight Club stuff you faggot. Not even in Spanish.

vato poco's picture

am curious: why do you imagine a familiarity with the language of the peasantry confers status upon you? 

vato poco's picture

well, it's been fun, but gotta jet. SEAL reunion dinner, doncha know. adios, pendejo!

peddling-fiction's picture

Why do you use a vernacular vato poco as your handle?

Meaning little dude in Mexican jargon.

gatorengineer's picture

My point is that People who once wore the uniform aren't doing, and won't do shit.  You got two retirement checks, bully for you, and when those stop because of theft/corruption, how pissed are you going to get?  When the folks in the rental, dont or cant pay their rent good luck getting them out.  

I totally agree with you on stacking for the long haul........

I see two outcomes and they are coming sooner rather than later, this thing either goes Mad Max in which case you will still have your gold, and gun.  Or this thing goes to one world giverment in which case both your gun and gold will be illegal.  

My frustration is that the time to affect change is now, and we elected trump and have left him out to dry why the left goes Apeshit.

chunga's picture

The fight is over who gets to control the power of the state.

max_leering's picture

"My frustration is that the time to affect change is now, and we elected trump and have left him out to dry why the left goes Apeshit."

I agree with this 100%... when I voted, I didn't think of terms of the first 47 days, but more like the first 2 years... he needs a full team, his own agenda either passed or in the works, and a court full of conservatives... the left is going apeshit because they've been lied to by every leftist pol, promised much and rewarded for just participating... if I had such a narrow view in my life I'd be rebeling too

btw, I have had renters who were shit, and found out how hard it is to get rid of them... daughter shamed the shit out of them on FB, and they left after 2 1/2 months