More Americans Think The US Spends "Too Little" Than "Too Much" On The Military

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Following The House's decisive approval of a $578 billion spending bill to keep the US armed forces operating through September, Gallup recently conducted a poll to gauge public opinion on the current level of U.S. military expenditure. The results may surprise some...

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, Gallup found that 37 percent of people think the government is spending too little compared to 31 percent who say it's too much and 28 percent who think it's about right.

Infographic: 1 In 3 Say The U.S. Spends Too Little On The Military  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The trend of "too little" exceeding "too much" is infrequent in Gallup's polling only occurring before or after a Republican administration replaces a Democratic one.

Historically, the percentage of Americans saying Washington spends too much on defense peaked during the Vietnam War in the early 70s and again at the end of the Cold War in 1990 under Reagan.

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Whopper Goldberg's picture

Americans are warmongering idiots.

The USA spends 10 times as much as China or Russia

for what?  To defend against the terrorists THEY THEMSELVES create.

No country wants to take over the USA, a crumbling shithole of fucking imbeciles.

Americans are ''legends in their own minds''.

very HATEFUL people who think they are ''exceptional' but there is ZERO proof of that.

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Whopper Goldberg Mar 10, 2017 5:27 AM

The other 4% were like baron trump,too retarded to reply

Nemontel's picture

It's primarily shitlibs like you that worsen the situation in our nation with your ignorance of what harms civilization.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Whopper Goldberg: Americans are warmongering idiots.

So, are you saying republicans are idiots? Here’s why:

While 62% of Republicans say the U.S. spends too little on defense, 15% of Democrats hold that view. Though this sentiment has increased among both major party groups since 2012, it is up 20 percentage points among Republicans and five points among Democrats -- despite a slight dip for both parties in 2017.


divingengineer's picture

You are forgetting one important group.

divingengineer's picture

SOP for a dickless liberal fuck.

curbjob's picture

The only entitlement program viewable from outta space. 

prime american's picture
prime american (not verified) curbjob Mar 10, 2017 5:51 AM

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Hey O2 bandit , start EARNING money and leave the "making " of it to the printers .. learn to make something tangible you fucking parasite. 

shimmy's picture

You pretty much wrote word for word what I planned to say. Thanks for saving me the time!

The United Banana Republic of America.

Northern Flicker's picture

(I read somewhere) NATO spends 17 times more than Russia.

Hayabusa's picture

I don't believe this article... it's propoganda, fake news, or whatever you want to call it.  Think for yourselves citizens!  With the state of the U.S. economy right now no one (with the possible exception of military members themselves and not even some of them) would think we need to spend more.  Another article brought to you by the MIC or Military Industrial Complex.


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Americans are warmongering idiots.

The USA spends 10 times as much as China or Russia

for what?  To defend against the terrorists THEY THEMSELVES create.

No country wants to take over the USA, a crumbling shithole of fucking imbeciles.

Americans are ''legends in their own minds''.

very HATEFUL people who think they are ''exceptional' but there is ZERO proof of that."


Speaking of hateful, to my mind, this way of thinking, us and them, has been a problem for the world for a long time.

As an American, I detest what the USA has done and continues to do. I also detested what the Nazis did in WWII. But I do not hate Germans and I do not hate Americans. One of things I was so impressed with in Asia was their ability to distinguish between the USA Gov. as the worlds most dangerous to peace,  and the American people, who as a group have some real problems and the third group Individual Americans.

Many of us here are sympathetic with your contempt for what we have allowed our government to do. Indeed, many of us are struggling with what to do about it.

Can you offer any anthing positive? Please?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Comical. Shows how brainwashed, deluded and misinformed the American public is.

Almost $600 BILLION dollars a year? WTF?

curbjob's picture

The m'fucker of ironies, our obituary should read;

"here lies the carcass of empire;  bankrupted by the ideal of defeating centrally controlled economies;

who in their death throws,

believed their salvation to be ... a centrally controlled economy"

fishbum2's picture

More like $1 Trillion if you add in parts outside of the defense budget like national intelligence, VA system, pensions, nuclear weapons at the Dept of Energy, etc...

Escrava Isaura's picture

Bay of Pigs: Comical. Shows how brainwashed, deluded and misinformed the American public is. WTF?

Some Hedgers might finding shocking that even after 20 years of internet most Americans aren’t able to see some indisputable, undeniable facts. But there are reasons for that. And here are two, if one bothers to look at them retrospectively:  

American has been a war economy/mentality from its foundation. It tried to invade Canada twice.

Two, Americans are very fundamentalists that make them gullible, susceptible to manipulation.


338's picture

Actually 578B only gets us through Sept.


Yeah, there's gonna be some swamp draining in t-minus 3.....2......1........


Never mind, it's all been cancelled, back to slaving and theiving the cattle on the farm of the ussa.



I am Jobe's picture

Most of them miss the Yellow Ribbons and Caskets . 

I am Jobe's picture

Most Americans prefer to stay ignorant. Gossip shit they care about

lincis's picture

you're fucked yanks

FredGSanford.'s picture

We spend a lot. Not sure how we could spend more.

FredGSanford.'s picture

We could take half of what we spend on 'defense' and give all of us free health care.

Jayda1850's picture

Death is the only industry we have left, both home and abroad.

cossack55's picture

One of the few "growth industries"

cheech_wizard's picture

Still looking for that "free" shit? Nothing in life is free. Absolutely nothing.

Standard Disclaimer: Member for 2 weeks 6 days - Explains a lot. Actually it explains everything.
Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Still looking for that "free" shit? Nothing in life is free."

This form of crackpot realism. Indeed, Halliburtons millions that they made on the invasion of Iraq is something like free. Free money. Lots of it.

The point of the post, to my mind, was exactly towards your  mind set. You quibble over a few billion to provide basic health care or education to americans, but you dont find

650B$ to MIC as objectionable.

Crackpot realism at its finest.

any_mouse's picture

I've got your free health care.

Take better care of yourself. Less eating crud and more exercise. Read. Get involved in your community.

Be responsible for your own outcome.

clinically alive's picture

CIA staff writing articles on Zerohedge now?

Nexus789's picture

Only a nation of half enlightened half wits could squander the unrivaled wealth accumulated after the end of WW2.

44magnum's picture

Only a nation governed by children with a we the peoples credit card controlled by a private banking cartel that sets no credit limit on those kids could squander the unrivaled wealth accumulated after the end of WW2. Priceless FDRcard

Fixed it.

whatisthat's picture

There is perceived benefit to obtain quality and value for expenditures on military defense equipment and services..

Tiwin's picture

didnt the pollsters say Hildebeast was a sure thing?


JarMyMetric's picture

does anybody want the American point of view on anything?

Joe A's picture

The US spends more on the military then all other industrial countries combined and 10 times as much as Russia but still it is not enough? The problem is waste spending and overpriced projects. Not that ordinary components are cheap.

Northern Flicker's picture

Trump needs to put in Term Limits for the revolving doors in the MIC.

cheech_wizard's picture

The truth is most ordinary components are cheap. So cheap in fact, the MIC will spend money having them tested to military specs.

Standard Disclaimer: Try pricing out the difference between (m)ilitary, (i)ndustrial, and (c)ommercial electronic components sometime.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

Even the total LIES their FAKE NeWS media feeds them and the exposure of Vault 7,.  Americunts can still be made to foam at the mouth for war against Russia or China , neither of whom have done ANYTHING WRONG.

With all the high tech, Americans are the most uninformed BRAINWASHED people on the face of the earth.

The deep state laughs at you ignorant motherfuckers.

Jubal Early's picture

 Thats the way I see it too.  The only people/country combo that is worse is of course Israel.  And that is no surprise since the US is really nothing more than Israel's hand puppet.

Sudden Debt's picture

The American Army just isn't efficient enough and way overstreched.

The real question will be what America's enemies will do to America once America goes bankrupt and can't deffend itself anymore.

The number of countries who are going to attack America will be standing in line where international courts will have to decide who gets what piece after bombing the place 20 times in a row.

And the problem with America is that it's to big to defend itself anyway and that's why the American army took on the offensive position.

How do you defend a country where every town is 50 miles away at least from each other and where the shorelines are immense?

How do you defend a country where the biggest part of the population lives in just a few cities that can be nukes in just a few minutes while eliminating most of the defenses at the same time?

And without the US militairy that threathens every "ally" why would anybody help America?

So with the 20 trillion debt ceiling comming close... and it being 24 in 4 years from now... at least... the days without a US militairy are fast approaching.

And from superpower to defenseless is a very small line.

Just look how Russia crashed to defenseless in just a matter of days when the wall came down due to Russia going bankrupt.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

No one wants to attack America,. you moron.

Its a crumbling shithole.

You can't see that?

Americans enemies???????????  Who?

Come on dipshit.,  WHO???\\

I will answer it for you.  the goddam ENEMIES YOU CREATE,


lil dirtball's picture

>Americans enemies??????????? Who?

>Come on dipshit., WHO???\\

Domestic. White men with guns. They used to be behind every blade of grass, but now mostly exist only in the mind of an overly paranoid, psychopathic government. But make no mistake - they are the enemy. They are also what's left of the glue that holds the fabric of her culture together, but have gone from Archie Bunker to Alex Keaton to Al Bundy in just a few decades and no longer have the strength or numbers to carry the once proud culture.

The perceived enemy is a weak and doddering fool.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

The USA doesn;t have a departmen of DEFENSE

It has a Department of OFFENSE

Why are American troops on the border of Russia ???

Come on, ANSWER the question.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Why are American troops on the border of Russia ???

Come on, ANSWER the question."

Thats simple, and you know the answer. War is a Racket, and that is a racket we have been in for some time.  Is there a way to stop this racket? I would like to know. Maybe you can help

BritBob's picture

Spending on NATO – Percentage of GDP 2016 - United States, 3.61%. Greece, 2.38%. Britain, 2.21%. Estonia, 2.16%. Poland, 2%. France, 1.78%. Turkey, 1.56%. Norway, 1.54%. Lithuania, 1.49%. Romania, 1.48%. Latvia, 1.45%. Portugal, 1.38%. Bulgaria, 1.35%. Croatia, 1.23%. Albania, 1.21%. Germany, 1.19%. Denmark, 1.17%. Netherlands, 1.17%. (NATO Stats published by CNN 18 July 2016)

blentus's picture

I am sure that average American is an expert on military buget issues and would reliably know whether it is too little, too much or just right.

A poll nation. Beyond retarded.

cheech_wizard's picture

At least some of us know how to spell "budget"...

Standard Disclaimer: Try hitting that checkmark with the ABC above it next time.

Doug Eberhardt's picture

My guess is this poll is conducted with landline possessing older Fox News watching Republicans. They aren't polling millennials on their cell phone here. You know, the ones who have to pay for this shit we decide is in their best interest.

Sean Hannity, for example, a Catholic who couldn't tell you what just war theory is, would twist the minds of the Fox cult by painting peace loving Ron Paul, who stood for bringing our troops home from the 187 nations and stop meddling (where would we be today if he was President with our foreign policy in the Middle East?) as an isolationist. 

Instead, these brainwashed neoconservatives that have taken over the Republican Party chose war loving, economic deprived idiot John McCain?

Most youth today are becoming left leaning because both parents have to work, leaving the upbringing to liberal teachers. The same lifestyle our parents had in the 50's with one spouse working now requires two and that is the result of a devalued currency (inflation) and $20 trillion of debt future generations are straddled with to pay for your fucking military who haven't fought a "declared" war since 1945. 

Awareness of what's really going on won't hit those who want to spend more on the military till they find out that the next undeclared war where they institute a draft will have Mexico building a wall to keep the YOUTH of America from escaping this death spiral of economic and military madness our leaders constructed. 

But hey, any nation that doesn't want to use the dollar as it's currency, blow em up! The dollar is as strong as it is today BECAUSE we have a strong military. It sure as hell ain't 40 years of declining Real GDP. Reagan started the ball rolling in the 80's with his spending on the military and every President since, left and right, has continued with this policy and Trump is increasing military spending also. 

So let's keep this charade of a piece of paper having value and printing more, and interest on the National Debt down to zero and keep piling on more, and pretend everything will turn out peachy because interest rates will never go up, right?