Nigel Farage Visits Julian Assange In Ecuadorian Embassy In London

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In a move that will likely spark further allegations of political partiality by the Wikileaks founder, BuzzFeed reports Nigel Farage visited the Ecuadorian embassy in west London on Thursday which is the location of the self-exiled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, where he has been living since he claimed asylum in 2012.

Ecuador granted Assange asylum almost five years ago to prevent him being deported to Sweden to be questioned over sexual assault allegations. The Wikileaks founder has been stranded there ever since, with British police keeping the building under close surveillance.

The former UKIP leader spent around 40 minutes in the building and left at noon, accompanied by an aide. It is difficult to envision what Farage may have done in the embassy aside from visit its famous exiled resident.

When asked by BuzzFeed News for the reason for his visit as he left to get into a car, Farage said he couldn’t remember what he was doing in the building. Asked specifically if he had gone to the Knightsbridge building to meet with Assange, Farage said: “I never discuss where I go or who I see”.

While there are no known links between Farage and Assange, some have accussed Wikileaks of being pro-Trump during and after the US election, while Farage has grown close to the American president, and visited the White House last month. The Ecuadorian embassy did not comment on the visit.

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PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 9, 2017 9:39 AM

Why is he still there?

Looney's picture



Now, talk to Trump – Julian must be set free, pronto!


thesonandheir's picture

UK government wasted millions of pounds on 24/7 police stakeouts of Assange.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

If only the Brits had put as much resource and effort into preventing, and then investigating the filthy child molesters that are rampant in their halls of power. 

SoDamnMad's picture

Yes, and there charity heroes like Sir Jimmy Saville, OBE, KCSG, knighted no less.  (maybe it's nighted like when he did his evil)

fleur de lis's picture

Saville managed to worm his way into high social and governance levels in th e UK.

He managed to fool them all.

Interestingly, one person who instinctively detested and recoiled from him was Princess Diana.

He gave her sleazy vibes and she did not care how much everyone else liked him.



HowdyDoody's picture

"He managed to fool them all"

Nope. He was one of many. His (((chosen))) partners in crime still get a pass. He was also the token fall guy to bring the BBC under total control.

Koba the Dread's picture

You say "Saville fooled them all". Perhaps they were not fooled at all. Perhaps they were collegues in child molestation. Or, as the English like to say, "Bugger all!"

tion's picture

The Princess had been speaking to a victim of one of the elite Pedo houses before she died. I imagine Queeny and Paps couldn't let that continue, as they themselves have a penchance for making children disappear.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Paper Mache Mar 9, 2017 11:55 AM

Jared Kurschner is the traitor in the White House.

He got Lewindowski fired.

He got Flynn fired.

He inserted Rinse.

He prevented Christie who is a Trump loyalist from serving.

He picked Pence.

He told Sessions to recuse himself.

He is helping the coup plotters.

He is an evil little fag most likely wanted to help Hillary win.

Then something magical happened...

CuttingEdge's picture

Maybe Trump sent Farage in to offer Julian a job as his chief intelligence strategist, given Wiki's 100% accuracy record up against the bullshit he has to put up with on a day to day basis from the likes of the CIA, NSA, FBI et al.

Besides, without Wiki killing HRC's chances, Trump probably wouldn't have got in. In the first instance by pissing off Bernie voters with the DNC leaks, and latterly the Pedosta emails fucking Hillary's credibility right up the arse in the weeks leading up to Nov 8.

He owes the lad bigly.

A presidential pardon is the minimum Assange deserves (which would also be a big fuck you to the deep state trying to bring him down).

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Kushner's papa owns 666th 5th Ave, does he not?

Which is in close proximity to Rockefeller Plaza?

"One of its most famous exterior features was the prominent 666 address emblazoned on the top of the building"

"The headquarters for DC Comics was located at 666 Fifth Avenue before moving to 1700 Broadway in the 1990s"

"Citigroup is now the building's largest tenant"

I am not so sure Ivanka even married the bloke, I get the feeling it was an arranged 'family marriage alliance', one of the oldest ploys in politics.

Killdo's picture

when I lived in London I always felt sorry for English children - I always thought they were treated like criminals in a way. Left alone in boarding schools, having to wear shots even if it's very cold, everyone balems them for everything. No wonder they rank the lowest on those international scales of teeenager wellbeing (i.e they take most drugs, have sex earlier than anyone, don't get on well with each other, have most STD etc). 

Hurricane Baby's picture

Is there anyone remaining in the UK halls of power that is NOT a filthy child molester?

Troy Ounce's picture


I can understand one becomes an instant child molester in the UK. English women are genetically just so terribly repulsive to look at. What do you do on an island? Fuck a goat? Naaaah. The sight of English women must have inspired Soros to go on his quest to mix cultures. Can't be anything else.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Well, I don't know what genetic stock Lucy Pinder and Rosie Jones came from but uh... Yeah.  Generally correct, sir!

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

So, let me get this straight, in your own words, you'd rather molest a child than sleep with a plain looking woman.

O.K. Got that.

Stupid cunt.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you are the sort of beholder that finds an entire nation's women, "terribly repulsive"!

Troy Ounce's picture


Let me live on that island and have a wife who looks like a bicycle.

For the rest I agree with you with everything you say. Can I go now? 

shovelhead's picture

No one deliberately sets out to collapse it's own Govt. except the opposition.

Unfortunately, the opposition wants this to go away as well.

tmosley's picture

I have to suspect that he was discussing Vault7 and the content of future leaks, perhaps securing early access to some of the data for Trump to use against the IC, perhaps in exchange for allowing him to move to a new, safer location.

nmewn's picture

"Some men are born great. Some men achieve greatness. Some men have greatness thrust upon them."  some old dead white guy  ;-)

Justin Case's picture

It wasn't wasted, the Bobbies need the money and it just went back into the economy.

flicker life's picture
flicker life (not verified) Justin Case Mar 9, 2017 10:01 AM

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Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Assange is a priceless asset to an honest Trump. 

ultraticum's picture

And Trump said he wanted Assange executed.  Go figure.

The Wizard's picture

And Trump said he wanted Assange executed.  Go figure.

What Trump says and what he believes is often times hidden for good reason.

Crash Overide's picture

Trump to send an American asylum car to transport Julian out of England on a US plane to new safe undisclosed location in exchange for a heads up on further intel to come from the Vault 7 leaks.


Crash Overide's picture

Julian might end up literally going underground to one of the cities in the US that are under control of the "good guys"...

11b40's picture

The problem now is, Assange is dead man walking.  So many want him gone, a killing could come from any direction.

Justin Case's picture

I can imagine.

They tried to kill Nigel for being him, now Assange has the entire deep state wanting him pushing up daisies. They just need a sharp shooter from 1 mile away to get a shot into his pumkin.

tmosley's picture

He'd have to stand still for several seconds for them to line up a shot and for the bullet to reach him. Modern security forces a la Secret Service know how to defeat that (ie don't let your charges stand around outside in areas that can be hit by sniper fire). You have to be much closer if you want to score a hit on someone like that, which is why you don't see many politicians dying from sniper rifle attacks these days.

Justin Case's picture

Modern security forces a la Secret Service don't want this dude to live, so probably know how to tap his skull as well.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

 "don't let your charges stand around outside . . ."

And that's another illustration of the the fact that Hillary was completely incapacitated at the 9/11 ceremony.  Otherwise, the SS never would have willingly left her propped against that bollard for such an extended time waiting for her ambulance, er van.

detached.amusement's picture

lol completely....she could have been given a wig and been weekend at bernie's body double ffs

Belrev's picture

Not sure Julian has a chance now of being free, the firestorm is brewing in USA

Justin Case's picture

I think Julian knows that there is no chance of being free and continues to unloads the info. I don't think he cares anymoar after 5 yrs. contained in that embassy. He's probably given up on life and said F* it, what ever.

Paul Kersey's picture

"I think Julian knows that there is no chance of being free "

With a target on his back, Julian will never be really free. Whistle blowers get blown away.

KyroDevo's picture

I'm wondering if Nigel wasn't carrying an offer. He's been pretty pally with the Trump team.

Winston Churchill's picture

Of course he was.No other reason to go there.

Also gives Trump plausable deniability.

illuminatus's picture

Wasn't it Orwell that stated that in a Tyranny telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act?   So true. I hope sheeple wake up soon and demand more real democracy instead of settling for the sham that is being ladled out to them.

Killdo's picture

the American sheeple I've met over 10 years of so of living here are too scared for that. It's easier to pretend nothing has happened - that's what they are focusing on  - behaving as no important news have been revealed. 

shovelhead's picture

Not hungry enough yet. Out of sight out of mind.

It takes a lot more than a "nooze" story that's here today and gone tomorrow.

Kat Daddy's picture

No, it's a tranny telling the truth that is a revolutionary act!

max_leering's picture

that is the pertinent question... period

CaptainObvious's picture

Because the second he sets foot from that building, Mr. Assange will be executed by a deep-state or globalist bullet.  Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't poisoned him yet.  I can't imagine Ecudorian security is so good they haven't found a way in yet. 

My inner fanboi is all excited by this story.  Two of the people on my personal shrine to freedom meeting up at the same place, it's just marvelous. 

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

Who says he is??? Farage did not confirm he met with Assange at all. He went into the building, then came out of the building a while later. The rest of this "news" is pure congecture and nothing else. Perhaps Farage didn't believe that Assange is still there, and went to see for himself? Who knows?


Has anyone seen Julian Assange?

bh2's picture

Of course, it's conjecture.

But to suggest Nigel would have visited that specific embassy but have had no contact with Assange seems a bit of a stretch The key reply was "don't remember why".

Something's afoot. Perhaps a backdoor offer from Trump to assure Assange walks free if he brings the release of CIA "stuff" to an early end?

Or an offer by Trump to acquire that "stuff" in advance to reckon who in Langly has been lying to him and to Congress?