'Obamacare' Versus 'Trumpcare' Explained (In One Cartoon)"

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"It's like 7-minute Abs..."


Source: Townhall.com

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can't believe Trump is pushing for this piece of shit.

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If average people cant afford it, why should poor people get it for free? Nuke this son of a bitch NOW

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It was always designed to bring pressure for single-payer and nothing more. Trump is a "conservative" that favors single payer. We will get single payer in the ZSA soon.

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Trump is so cool!

Now if he could just bring himself to agree that all the world's climate scientists are right about fossil fuel pollution, he'd be the perfect president!

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"I mean in a way ____'s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God." - Evan Thomas, Newsweek

Sounds kinda different from your perspective now, doesn't it? ;-)

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Trump is a buffoon, a liar, an imbecile, and POS. He honestly thinks that he can run the country by tweeting shit.

Sorry, he is too busy draining the swamp...

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CO2 is not pollution dumb-ass. It's plant food. I hope it will raise global average temp. because we are still in an ice age. 

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You might want to take a look at this site, get educated, then stop with the bullshit.


“we publish hyperbole, therefore it isn’t actionable because it isn’t factual“ - Greenpeace, As a court defence.

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prime american (not verified) Hoffman Lenz Mar 10, 2017 4:59 AM

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Could be. He's signalled his preference for single payer in indirect ways. If this gets all snarled up, he could make a move to win over Sanders' snowflakes. May be a better move for stability than putting the fear of God into the child-violators or the 9/11 crowd. Since the whole country actually favors single payer by an enormous margin, but have not been allowed to discuss it, this could be the turning point. 

I don't get the "ZSA". Trump wants to put America first. So who's first now? Judaia. Trump is a believer in secure nation states, because they have the best record of working for the welfare of their constituents. He sees the nation, an ideal whose integration has to be worked towards, as an extension of the family. You have to look after your own. It's not a Ron Paul sort of thing where it's everyone for himself. 

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I believe you are correct.  

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This country is so fucked up: with the biggest military budget of the rest of the world combined but could not afford a medicare for its poor people!


All the warmongers here, fuck you too!

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What warmongers? Is this the first time to this site ... The only people getting healthcare ARE THE POOR PEOPLE. The rest of us pay the tax and get nothing.

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Fix healthcare? Simple:

1. Ban public advertising for pharmaceuticals. (Drug prices are high, because marketing is expensive.)

2. Standardize supply, equipment & procedural costs, nationwide.

3. Eliminate GMO, and artificial Frankenfood ingredients from the food supply.

4. Simplify the health code - shit costs a lot, because hospitals need tons of compliance admins.

You can boil down most of the problems in this country to 3 things: Bankers, Politicians, and Lawyers.

Make America Great Again? Turn the people in those 3 groups into windchimes.

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God Damn I like this.

I would add something about finance and credit. Consumer credit is like $1.5 T for Tuition and Autos... Credit Cards?

Anyway credit to consumers is too high, funding of Health Care, Drugs, Hospital Expansion & new Test Equipment/Labs is too high, Doctors Liability is too high (Go see 3rd World Hospital Prices)... and Big Corporations get all the debt & Credit they want... while small businesses are left with much higher Usury while stiffer problems with Credit access and ratings.

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Speaking of Teeth Village, you can get your entire mouth done in Phnom Penh in a comfortable modern Chinese office building for what a single titanium post (forget the tooth) costs in the USA. A friend just got their mouth done in Mexico for 1/3rd of the local maxiofacial surgeon. Goldman and MIC and No Cash is going to destroy your MC, so don't put off surgery. Where do the Saudi sheiks go? To South Korean surgeons!! Why anyone would have surgery in the USA, when medical malpractice is the #3 cause of death, is beyond me. In Thailand, you recover in a tropical beach resort with your own private Thai nurse tending you!

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I'm tired of staying healthy and in shape, avoiding all the baaaaad food and spending extra for so-called organic, only to be forced to pay higher premiums to subsidze the medical care for the fat, syphilitc, diabetic who does not take care of himself.


People who choose that life style should have to pay more or make some sacrifices too.

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You forgot sanctuary cities/states.

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So, you'd "fix" the problems caused by government intervention by adding moar government intervention?


I'm not sure about your police work there, Lou.

armageddon addahere's picture

5) Enforce existing anti trust laws against the medical monopolies and cut costs by 80% to 90% overnight.

tmosley's picture

Needs to be attacked on a more fundamental level. Privatize medical licensing. Demand that anyone practicing medicine (including "faith healers" and such) carry malpractice insurance. Let the underwriters determine who is more likely to cause problems and raise their rates until they go out of business.

Similar solutions regarding drugs and medical devices could be had, which would unleash a torrent of pent up creativity like the world has never seen before. We won't just cure cancer, we'll cure it in a thousand different ways. I can't be the only one who worked in a lab that had extremely promising new methods for treating various diseases that languished due to huge regulatory hurdles and risk aversion among those with enough cash to fund such ventures.

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Most diseases are caused by stress from living in a debt based keynesian bolshevik morally debased society.  END THE FED.

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Hop down and get a lollypop muppet!

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... and the toxic chemicals they are spraying in our atmosphere every day. That's why they call them Chemtrails.

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Glad some ZHrs are finally noticing this is the 100th Golden Jubilee for The Red Donald and his band of New Bolsheviks,  with zTheir complete takeover of every level of finance, complete conversion to a martial economy, total annihilation of health and human services, private schools and prisons, and final extirpation of our paid-in SS and MC before he declares martial law.

"Brokers no longer have any fiduciary duty to savers, investors or pensioners." The Red Donald and his merry New Bolsheviks.

Rob the poor, huge tax breaks for ricos. Anyone still in a union pension or managed 401 fund has to have their head examined.

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So, more government regulation?

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"Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you; fool me, you can't get fooled agin!" https://youtu.be/eKgPY1adc0A

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Never get tired of that clip.

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Right then after that fumbled foible, is when I called my broker and cashed out. So I have curious George to thank for dodging the 2008 market rout, then my own stupidity for not believing the QEn fairy tale, but that was Obama, and he was just too slick.

Oldwood's picture

The republicans were NEVER going to give up that much power.


Wulfkind's picture

Lord High Maximus Orange Julius ( May His Name Be Praised Forever ) took one look at the state of "sick" care and realized that the ONLY way he could come out looking like a winner....

( and we ALL know how thin skinned the little narcissist is ) was to basically keep most of Obamacare in place and give the tax penalty authority over to Big Insurance.....

( you know...that 30% insurance upcharge "penalty" ( tax ) if you let your coverage slide )


The only other options were to leave Obamacare COMPLETELY alone ( which would have made him a liar ) or go all in for single payer ( which you would have had assasination attempts on the poor little rich kid )



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Takeaction2 (not verified) Troll Magnet Mar 9, 2017 7:37 PM

I don't think TRUMP has read it.  I think Paul Ryan just said...LET ME HANDLE IT....and TRUMP said...okay....I will trust you to handle this....Paul Ryan has failed....now we have a disaster...and now this one (Paul Ryan's) needs to be DITCHED...and RAND PAULS bill needs to move forward.  LET RAND HANDLE THIS......

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I hope Trump is supplying Paul Ryan with enough rope to hang himself. 

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thats what Im hoping for.  Let Ryan fuck up then push him aside and get rid of the whole fucking thing.

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"I hope Trump is supplying Paul Ryan with enough rope to hang himself. "

I think you have it backwards. You can call it Ryancare if you like, but Trump made some promises and fixing this mess was one of them. If he doesnt fix it, we wont blame Ryan, we will blame Trump because he is supposed to be a responsible business person.  Moreover, if they screw this up, it could easily lead to a 4 year term and the Reps losing next time.

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Plus as long as it passes, it will be a win for Ryan. He's made no bones about being Trump's enemy(until Trump actually won) and he gets to serve his masters, AND he gets to be a hero to the left for saving socialized medicine when he runs for the WH.

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Trump will say whatever you want to hear...

Annunaki Jews control Bartertown...

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He liked canadian universal healthcare. You were told of this but didn't listen

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I can believe it, because I know him a LOT better than all of you put together. 

Bait & Switch billionaire. Who duped the Libertarians and Independents, to serve Wall St, Big Oil, and the MIC.

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Trump Steaks, the left-over Mexican Grade B beef he bought from the mafia, after Trump Hotels & Casinos chefs high-graded the choice cuts, then he assured you they were 'angus choice', which they were,...but not the ones they mailed to you, ha,ha,ha.

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Obamacare was 70 years in the making.

You don't get rid of that pile of shit in 45 days...

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Fuck this.  Is this another case of having to pass it first to see what is in it?  Why were the repubs trying to hide it. 

Oldwood's picture

We already know what's in it.That's the problem.

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"My first day in office, I'm going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law, and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability. You're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost and it's going to be so easy."