Trump Vows "Full-Court Press" As Opposition To 'RyanCare' Mounts

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As the U.S. House of Representative marks up Paul Ryan's American Healthcare Act, the battle between the moderate and conservative factions of the Republican Party continues to mount behind the scenes all while opposition from a variety of advocacy groups is also growing.  “This is what good, conservative health-care reform looks like,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday. “It is bold and long overdue. And it is us fulfilling our promises.”

Despite the public bickering, Republicans scored a victory early Thursday, pushing a measure through the House Ways and Means Committee repealing tax penalties on people who don’t buy insurance but otherwise progress on the bill has been slow.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Ryan and House Republicans have to thread a very fine needle on healthcare legislation that appeals to a sufficient number of  conservatives to pass the House while not alienating the more moderate factions of the party in the Senate.

House Republican leaders are under pressure to ease passage through the House by making changes that appease conservatives who want a more aggressive repeal of the ACA. Those changes risk further jeopardizing support in the Senate, where centrist Republicans have said they are concerned the proposal will cause too many people to lose coverage, particularly those with low incomes.


Underscoring the Senate’s central role, a group of Republican governors representing states that expanded Medicaid under the existing law have largely given up on lobbying the House and instead are focusing their efforts on the Senate, according to two people familiar with their thinking.

“Yes, I do not think it will be well received in the Senate,’’ Sen.
Susan Collins (R., Maine) told Yahoo News. “But I do want to emphasize
that it’s still a work in progress. … So, who knows, maybe it’ll
eventually get better.’’ She also signaled she would oppose measures in
the House bill to end funding for Planned Parenthood.


The GOP proposal topples many central provisions of Obamacare, including a requirement that most Americans buy health coverage or pay a penalty. The plan would end tax credits provided to lower-income people on the ACA’s exchanges and replace them with new tax credits for a broader set of people who don’t get insurance through their work.

The credits would be pegged to age and would phase out for higher-income earners. In many cases, analysts say, the credits would be less generous for older and low-income consumers, and for people in areas with high health costs, than the subsidies offered under current law.

The bill would repeal the majority of the health law’s taxes starting in 2018 and freeze federal funding in 2020 for the 31 states that expanded Medicaid. It would also overhaul and reduce federal funding for Medicaid.

But opposition is mounting from groups representing hospitals, doctors and seniors which are urging House Republican leaders to put the brakes on their plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, saying it risks stripping too many people of insurance and in some cases would hurt industry finances.

America’s Essential Hospitals, whose members serve large numbers of uninsured patients, sent a letter on Wednesday to House leaders saying it was ill advised to consider the legislation without an estimate of the costs and coverage implications from the Congressional Budget Office, the independent office that assesses legislation for Congress. Those assessments won’t arrive for several days. The hospital group also said some provisions would hurt patients.


“America’s Essential Hospitals cannot support the legislation to be considered by the committee,” Dr. Bruce Siegel, president and chief executive, said in the letter.


The American Medical Association, a physician group, said in a letter to Congress on Tuesday that it is unable to support the GOP bill because of “the expected decline in health insurance coverage and the potential harm it would cause to vulnerable patient populations.”


And a major association of insurers, America’s Health Insurance Plans, warned in a letter that the bill could damage the insurance market and hurt Medicaid enrollees.

Meanwhile, President Trump has promised a full-court press to rally support for RyanCare while reportedly saying that if the House GOP's ObamaCare repeal and replace plan fails to pass, then he'll simply let ObamaCare fail and will blame the Democrats.

"Trump said he will have football stadium events in states where he won by 10-12 points and he is going to dare people to vote against him," a source at the meeting said.


“We’re going to have a full-court press,” Mr. Spicer told reporters. “You will see a lot of travel and a lot of activity by the president and all of the administration.”

Grab your popcorn, this fight should get fun.

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Say it with me, Trumptards:



Looney's picture


I won’t take Paul Ryan seriously, until he starts crying like Boehner or Schumer.  ;-)


NoDebt's picture

<----- The Rs won't accomplish shit and this whole effort to repeal/replace dies a slow, painful death


<----- They'll pass something but it will end up being even worse than Obamacare



Sorry, guys.  No third choice here.  Since apparently the ground rules are that nobody can be harmed in any way (except taxpayers, of course- fuck them) and nobody will vote for a straight-up repeal, this whole effort is futile, in my opinion.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Might as well just do single payer, as crappy as that would be.  I mean, that's what this was all about, right?  Something so big, inefficient, and clumsy that single payer would be a better choice and solution in comparison.

I'd prefer free markets but....

NoDebt's picture

It feels like we're being herded into that opinion to me, BFUB.  It's like a subliminal message being drilled into our skulls all hours of the day and night.... "Give it up, already.  It's pointless.  Just accept government-run health care.  There are no other choices."


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But opposition is mounting from groups representing hospitals, doctors and seniors which are urging House Republican leaders to put the brakes on their plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, saying it risks stripping too many people of insurance and in some cases would hurt industry finances.

I think I see the issue actually driving this whole clown car. Wake up, fucktards: "Industry finances" are THE GODDAMN PROBLEM.

evoila's picture

opposition from who? Ryan's tax plan gives people a tax credit. That means if you paid zero income taxes, you could theoretically get all your premiums back. figure that one out. Ryan is trying to set Trump up for failure to make him look ineffective.

Trump needs to WTFU. 

froze25's picture

Centrist Republicans = Globalist Sell outs. aka RINO's

FrozenGoodz's picture

Obamacare Lite: DOA


This jeopardizes any tax plans ... if we get a yugely wall though we can keep "winning"

55 men's picture

From Trumps Twitter

 Mar 7


I feel sure that my friend will come along with the new and great health care program because he knows Obamacare is a disaster!


Rand said yesterday on the Alex Jones show that, he and the president had a really good conversation on the phone. At least Trump is listening to others which keeps hope that a decent bill might actually be put forth but who knows, Trump could have let this first bill get through to make Paul Ryan look like the snake, which kinda looks that way.


American Psycho's picture

Ryan's plan is a bunch of shit.  Obamacare lite is not what we voters want who voted for Trump.  Repeal that socialist sack-of-shit ACA and replace it with the free markets.  Fuck these lobby groups.  Get the power back to the states and the market and these lobbiests will have to find real jobs. 



froze25's picture

Have I mentioned that Paul Ryan is a Globalist Puppet today?

davinci7_gis's picture

Yep and single payer is what they'll get but who will pay for it and social security and medicaid?  No one is talking about social security - the congress is only talking about more ways to pay for even higher priced medical care.

NoDebt's picture

Once you've accepted that nobody can be left out, that nobody can ever lose (except taxpayers, of course), there is only ever one course of action: Everybody rides the gravy train with biscuit wheels.




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Single payer will eventually pass, once they try everything else.  I don't like it, but it is a math problem.  If Health care in America is costing us 18% of our GDP, and it cost every other country in the range of 8-10% with single payer, those savings are how you pay for it.  The extra 8-10% we pay is for lining the pockets of insurance companies and myriad of health care affiliated creatures with very little in the way of cost control.  Bitch all you want, but that's the way it is.

Billy the Poet's picture

Yes, the math is the problem. My actual medical costs add up to a few hundred dollars a year an I'm a smoker in my 50s.

Raging Debate's picture

11b40 - I agree single payer is what we will wind up with, we passed the rubicon. I am in favor of single payer if is written as a privaledge with strings as opposed to a 'right'. But until we cut the crap on nation building and empire, any system will fund very little in return for say, raising medicare 4%-5% to fund it. I would be a proponent if the level of corruption was different and that is my real trepidation. 

 Repealing the tax mandate, tax credits and interstate competition is a far better plan than Obamacare.for now. Obamacare was just a fascist tax scam and giveaway to the health insurance sector. These creatures now have more money than God to throw around so I sell them some data and grab my chunk while I can. 

Billy the Poet's picture

I am in favor of single payer if is written as a privaledge with strings as opposed to a 'right'. But until we cut the crap on nation building and empire,


Giving the elites even more control over you through control of your medical care decreases your leverage to effect other changes. The more you sel out the more you are owned.

CJgipper's picture

Just get it over with.  I'm paying for everything anyway.  We might as well have the govn't do it.  Or let's just get this civil war on.  I'm ready for the reset.  I'm tired of pulling the cart with everyone else in it.

Billy the Poet's picture

Single payer remains a red line for me. Push it on me and I'll join antifa in tearing up the country. They can be useful idiots one way or the other.

silvercity's picture

You already have single payer with the Federal regs which dictate what has to be in your policy. It is just the most expensive type of single payer because the insurance industry needs their ten to twenty percent. And 20% of 1 trillion is more that 20% of 1 billion; therefore cost of insuance goes up eight percent and to the sky percent every year. The kind of single pay that you hate will eliminate the health insurance industry and result in a leveling of healthcare cost,probably. There will be unintended consequences if the health insurance industry dies. All insurance is connected.

Billy the Poet's picture

The kind of single pay that you hate will eliminate the health insurance industry and result in a leveling of healthcare cost,probably.


Medical cost began outpacing inflation in 1965 when Medicare and Medicaid were enacted. Just as with college and housing anything the government underwrites increases in cost rather than decreases.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Buy insurance from any markets.....gonna have to do better than that!


You Congress critters might lose some money off the deal......but......oh well.


Health savings plans........come on gang!

slightlyskeptical's picture

Obamacare already gave incentive for states to work together but there were no takers. As such this is a FALSE argument and solution.

Wulfkind's picture

Buy insurance from any markets.....gonna have to do better than that!


You Congress critters might lose some money off the deal......but......oh well.


Health savings plans........come on gang!



Dude.....a new report came out that said more than 50% of the country CAN NOT write  $500 check to cover an emergency.


roadhazard's picture

Swamp Care brought to you by the right wing and backed by Trump.

urhotdogs's picture

Your so called right-wing, Conservatives, want Obamacare repealed, not Ryan's crap plan

roadhazard's picture

I don't see any democraps involved.  And backed by Trump.

Billy the Poet's picture

Neither the democrats nor Trump are conservatives.

detached.amusement's picture

nor are the majority of republicans, for that matter

DaveA's picture

I hope the D's won't vote for this turd. If enough R's reject Ryan's plan, Obamacare can then proceed to die a natural death, as it dwindles to no doctors, no hospitals, no patients, no insurance companies, and no collection of penalties.

just the tip's picture

there is no third choice here, is just a rule you made up.  it's your comment, so you can do stuff like that.

this, however, is my comment.

They'll pass something.

i'd like to see obamacare left in place.   the loopholes and exemptions granted by the HNIC removed completely.  including that one made with the senators from nebraska and lousiana for their votes.  let obamacare move forward from there.  it ties in with my burn it down concept.  are people going to be put in a hard spot?  it's obama's fault.  i haven't had health insurance in 19 years.  don't plan on getting any now.  fuck everyone.

GreatUncle's picture

Basically you get financially fucked whatever legislation is introduced.

Stochdoc's picture

The people that get screwed are those ages 60 - 65.  Whereas the ACA capped your premiums at 3x that of a 30 year old, the AHCA raises the cap to 5x that of a 30 year old.  THat is a 67% increase.  Up front.  You have to wait for your next year's tax return to get your tax credit. So you are seriously under water for around 15 months.


THis will break many seniors.  


Fuck Ryan and Fuck the Republican party.


Signed a former Republican.

Canary Paint's picture

I suspect that you are right. These are only these two choices.

I am no expert, but the list of directives that I read the other day for this new plan had such an ad hoc flavor to it.

I have always maintained, even when things are kind of sketchy and easy to have doubts about, that the US has a such a deep reserve of smart and creative people, that it can get through most anything. This might be our greatest resource. And yet...

Healthcare and foreign interventionism... These together might be a true Achilles heel that could screw our shit up.

I actually don't think a free market is the best approach to healthcare, but it might be the only thing that could really change this industry profoundly enough.

Peg C.'s picture

I'm a proud Trumper, but taking him at his word, I have to 100% oppose him on this. Make that 1000% oppose!

VD's picture

while practically anything is preferable to Obamacare, the RyanCare is a steaming pile of shit that continues to enrich insurance companies at expense of middle class, ACA tax theft repeal notwithstanding.


Trump needs to side with Rand Paul on this, & tell Ryan et al. to piss off.

EhKnowKneeMass's picture

So, first we had democrats give us Obamacare.
Now, it'll probably be replaced by GOP with American Health care.
After 4/8 years, the democrats will repeal this and give us "U S A; U S A; U S A... care"
Then, after another 4/8 years, the republicans will repeal this and give us "Uncle Sam care"
Next, democrats will give us "Star and Stripes care"
Then, republicans will give us "The land of opportunity care"
And the charade will go on...

And, in the meantime, the plebes will get fucked, get poorer and poorer and blame the red team/blue team for their woes.

Meanwhile, the politicians will walk to the bank to cash the cheques from their owners.

How wonderful!

small axe's picture

plebes will be more than fucked, we'll be dead.


CJgipper's picture

There is no ACA tax repeal.  Read it.  They said tax credits for low income.  You're still going to be paying for everyone else's life.

VD's picture

they're throwing out the $5k penalty, but then trying to add a 30% lapse penalty DIRECTLY TO INSURANCE CO = the lobbyists and insurance co's wrote this RyanCare toxic bullshit on behalf of GOP. if Trump goes with this, he is an idiot.

thunderchief's picture

It seems the Donald cannot back Rand Paul,  as he wants to do road show rallies to support this Trojan horse insurance co. Giveaway. 

I hope he gets Hillary crowds.  What a day by day sell out he is becoming. 

Stroke's picture


Try to get beyond the red team / blue team bullshit

dasein211's picture

Yes, anyone supporting either side will go deaf in their echochamber soon.

doctor10's picture

This is really a no-brainer. Simply permit the peons and peasants access to the Federal Employee Benefits Program-or make all Federal Employees subject to the law they pass.

Otherwise this only ends in ugly-America was founded upon equality

Billy the Poet's picture


Say it with me, Trumptards:




How could anyone be so stupid and evil as to blame Obama for Obamacare? Damned Nazis!

Reaper's picture

You can't make a deal with a devil, Ryan.

Nobodys Home's picture

But but...yesterday I read Trump was supporting Rand Paul's proposal.....

How about getting .gov out of the insurance racket. In the end they all just want single payer anyway.

Getting out of student loans would be a good idea as well.

bobdog54's picture

Absolutely correct on both NH!