Trump EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Not "Primary Contributor To Global Warming"

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In an interview surely to get the blood of America's hyper-sensitive environmentalists boiling, which we sincerely hope doesn't result in any adverse harm to global temperatures, Trump's new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, appeared on CNBC to say that, among other things, the verdict is still out on man-made global warming.  Per CNBC:

"I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there's tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see ," he told CNBC's "Squawk Box."


"But we don't know that yet. ... We need to continue the debate and continue the review and the analysis."


Of course, Democrats and environmentalists vehemently opposed Pruitt's nomination to lead the EPA due to his past efforts to push back on the so-called 'Paris Accord' as well as other rules he viewed as over-regulation under Obama.

Pruitt also called the Paris Agreement, an international accord aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change, "a bad deal." He said it puts the United States on a different playing field than developing countries like China and India.


"I happen to think the Paris accord, the Paris treaty, or the Paris Agreement, if you will, should have been treated as a treaty, should have gone through senate confirmation. That's a concern," he said.


The Paris Agreement was negotiated by the State Department, and future adherence to U.S. commitments made under Obama will be guided by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Of course, with 'radical' ideas like the one below forming the foundation of his EPA leadership platform, we can understand the enviros' concerns...this kind of rational thought simply will not stand at the EPA.

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A single Tesla engulfed in flames generates more greenhouse gases and pollution than all ISIS’ Toyota trucks in Syria and Iraq, in a year!  ;-)


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Now if only they will get rid of emissions testing. Would be amazing lol

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The EPA like the CIA has gone outside their mandate and needs to be reigned in. Solar activity is the main driver of all temperature and climate changes.

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Why this is critical to the GOP vision is mind-boggling ... our grandchildren's kids will know Florida as a coral reef - protect your oil buddies as much as you want - Global warming exists

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Edward Scott Pruitt (born May 9, 1968) is an American lawyer and Republican politician from the state of Oklahoma


I'm sick and tired of people who don't know shit running government agencies. Cronyism reigns supreme. Why did trump put yet another career politician in charge. Not that I disagree with what he's saying, but he should always be sighting scientists and not his opinion. 

PS. If this asshole was for real he'd come out and say he's going to clean up the terrible chemtrail/contrail issue that is polluting the shit out of our skies to the point where most people don't even get to see blue through much of the summer, just a pale white hue. 

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Global warning scientists made this scientific theory political because that's what brought home the shekels. Now they and shitlibs whine because they're losing the political battle. Of course they didn't whine for the people who would have suffered most under their draconian measures.

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and remember this from 3 days ago:

wish it was much sooner lime right now.  hope it happens

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I think the appropriate sub-heading for this article is "shots fired!"

They're not just poking the hornet's nest with a stick, they're beating the ever-living shit out of it.

Yes, I AM entertained now.


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I will worry about global warming or climate change when I see Al Gore and the rest of the ultra rich enviro wack jobs living in a cardboard boxes. Until then I'm not worried about it at all.

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Pruitt and Trump also need to get NATO out of the Chemtrail business. They are poisoning us all. I get inundated almost daily from October 1 through May. I assume it moves offshore for summer because then  we just see the whiteout on most days.  Wish I could post pictures here. The flight patterns change based on wind direction. I guess we are supposed to believe that the commercial airplane flight patterns change from day to day.

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Total gases making up air: 100%

Carbon dioxide's increasing part: 0.04%

Yeah, CO2 is the rat basterd gas warming this planet.

Fuck you CO2 for making plants grow better and making food cheaper.

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You know, the thing is that it really is basic earth science. The SUN is the largest contributer to the temperature changes on earth. No sun = ICE COLD DEAD PLANET. Currently the sun is at minimum = more energy to earth surface.

The "global warming" agenda is all about WEALTH DISTRIBUTION and the NWO. That's it. "Gov'ts are using fear of natural occurrences, to extort trillions of dollars worldwide, and giving taxpayers nothing in return.  Merely a transference of wealth. Scam of the Century...?"

Two videos everyone must watch and share with everyone they can.




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CO2 does not cause major climate shifts. Humidity (water) has much stronger effect as a greenhouse gas, and that increase is due to sun activity. Right now the magnetosphere is declining at an accelerating rate in response to declining activity of the sun. And the magnetic poles are moving at an increasing rate. This allows more solar and cosmic radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and the heavy nuclei ionize the atmosphere creating more condensation nuclei, which leads to more clouds and less sunlight for plants to photosynthesize and break up the CO2. Spraying the atmosphere with things that are toxic to humans and plant life only makes it worse. And the declining magnetosphere provides less protection should the sun send a X20+ CME in our direction. 

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 I also think global dimming by air pollution and jets is a bigger problem than any "warming" or "change" marketing BS.


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Since several of you do not  like my previous comment, I assume you agree that CO2 is the primary driver of climate change (which I do not ) and that you fully support the aerosolized chemicals and other substances added to the commercial and military jet fuel standards that NATO sets for its member countries.

Another informative video is

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Agreed, which is why I referenced a video that discusses the pollutants  added to the NATO jet fuel standards in my earlier comment.  Pullution created condensation nuclei and allows more moisture to remain in the atmosphere.  It probably contributed to the California  drought. Hopefully we don't see such a bad one for a while since the PDO has now flipped to the positive phase.  My understanding was that the previous 2 large droughts were during the negative phase as well.  Meanwhile kids were snow sledding down the sand dunes in the Sahara, people were ice skating on the Danube, the summer snow in New Zealand has damaged crops, hovering helicopters were being used to dry off the cherry crop  so it could be harbested, and restaurateurs had to pay $50 for a box of lettuce as crops in Spain were wiped out by heavy snowfall they haven't seen along the beaches in over 100 years. 

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BTW, the rest of the solar system is also experiencing unusual climate change. I suppose they expect us to believe that is because of CO2 on Earth rather than the Sun's activity.. Perhaps they think we are changing the sun because of the magnetic plasma tubes  that connect our poles to the sun's poles, also recently discovered on other planets.

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exactly... and some more scientific facts:  The earth surface is 6/7 water or about 85% of the total area.  The oceans ABSORB carbon dioxide.

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What it really comes down to is the money greased politicians have no intention of moving away from burning every last ounce of fossil fuel on the planet before they'll accept that we should be investing in deve loping alternative ways of harnessing energy, and I'm not talking about solar, wind, ect.  I'm talking about a whole new paradigm like the kind Nikola Tesla was working on.

THis would ensure american security and prosperity.

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I guess Lowrenta's policy of arresting anyone who denies climate change is a non-starter. That was one of Lowrenta's biggest accomplishments besides trashing every police department in America.

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You forget Lorreta's accomplishment of keeping the Clintons out of jail.

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You are free to invest in whatever you please. It's not our government's responsibility to invest in this shit. There responsibility is to inform us to make our own decisions, the lying pieces of shit. These bastards have destoryed our ability to believe anything they say as they have been caught in endless lies....always for our own good of course. 

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I say the government should invest in it because it is a HYUGGEEEE matter of national security. We are now dependent upon Saudi Arabia for are oil: thus, even though most of the 9/11 hijackers were irrefutably from Saudi Arabia, we attacked Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, ect. and even now won't include Saudi Arabia on the travel ban. If we were energy independent with clean natural electrical energy it would pave the way to dismantle the CIA, EPA, ect. Think about it from this perspective.

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Certainly, the EPA is a bureaucratic disaster emblematic of .gov inefficiency, but to deny human-induced/exacerbated climate change in this day and age is urtterly and absolutely RETARDED.  Too late, most likely, to do anything about it... but let us all think critically and not just be knuckle dragging anachronisms spouting age-old platitudes.  It's 2017, folks, not 1917.  The science is as real as the thermite charges used to do controlled demolition of WTC... to say "we're not sure if there's a link between human emissions and climate change" is delusional.  We can all do a little better to clean up after ourselves and be fractionally less wasteful.  My humble $0.02!

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Sorry, but science does not work 'by consensus'.

And thermite does not cause metal to disintegrate into dust, lol


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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) PenchantForHoarding Mar 9, 2017 12:38 PM

It is the current year and you are still a fucking idiot. In my humble $0.02.

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What's truly RETARDED is the number of ill-educated halfwits that don't understand the basic principle that correlation does not prove causality, what trace gasses are, the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphese by a single volcanic eruption, the number of active volcanoes in the world over the last 30 years, and the difference between a theory and reality.

Go peddle your religion in a different echo chamber, halfwit.

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I am going to stick with climate change might have something to do with the giant fucking furnace we circle 24/7/365.

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Ok, ok, I'm thoroughly convinced.  Climate change has nothing to do with human presence on the planet.  You're right.  

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The stupid, it burns.

Global Warming = Central Gov't Planning = Wealth Redistribution.

Science? Here's real science.

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Both parties a loaded to the gills with dumb ass lawyers who try to make more money, and often do, being politicians and then lobbyists.  Take a look at the professions of the Members of Congress pre-1965 and post 1965.  Other than a handful of people, in the past 20 years you will find that all of the members of Congress are lawyers.  There is virtually no one that has even had to run a real business, manage within a budget, or had to hold a job that produces anything other than paper.  The same holds true for the Executive Branch appointees.  Additionally, if you look at all of the boneheaded laws and rules that have been passed and impltemented since 1964 a Harvard law school graduate has been responsible for creating and pushing almost all of them.   

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Thomas Massie is no lawyer. So there's one.

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Wait, are you trying to say that a guy who played college baseball while earning a degree in communications, who then earned a JD at the prestigious 86th ranked University of Tulsa, might not have the sort of expertise to do anything outside of baseball and contract law? I really do not understand the American fetish for electing lawyers to public office or appointing them to public office. 

And don't expect any government acknowledgement ever of climate engineering or other chemtrail admissions. They probably don't even have clearance to know about it.

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Did you know Bill Nye "the science guy" and oft cited global warming hysterical lunatic got his degree in mechanical engineering?


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I just learned that from Scott Adams (Dilbert).

So in reality he does not have any better credentials to comment on the subject than I, and my degree is in computer science.

Difference is while I seriously doubt the global warming narrative I do not think it is absoluty impossible.  He on the other hand is on the opposite side and readily dismisses any evidence contrary to his currently held OPINION.


Furthermore, these zealots are being idiotic. Vast majority of people will side with others against pollution. 

Problem for them is that pollution can be measured and so real goals can be set and achieved. 

It is much more difficult to financially milk something in perpetuity if the variables can be calculated, goals set and progress measured.

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Zealots is a good choice of words. It has become like a religion, if you discover a non-believer you shout him down as a heretic.


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Did you know Bill Nye "the science guy" and oft cited global warming hysterical lunatic got his degree in mechanical engineering?

His credentials are irrelevant...  only the content of his commentary on the subject is important.

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If it does, not for the reasons you claim. How did the democrats want to deal with CO2, the main villain here? They wanted to TAX it. Please explain how TAXING carbon dioxide reduces it. It's OK to produce it, as long as you PAY to produce it. Now that's a REAL SOLID APRROACH, isn't it? You are all for it, I'm sure.

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Taxing Carbon, is taxing all aspects of Human activity because all Human activity involves Carbon Dioxide. Its about control, nothing else.

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Climate change is nothing more than a giant wealth transfer mechanism

I personally would like to know why he hasn't shit-canned the bulk of the EPA staff yet? Especially the high ranking obozo hires.

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Because trees don't vote.They will however, have the last laugh.

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So the maples formed a union and demanded equal rights......

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We need to Rush out and make sure the Weeping Willows get access to treatment.

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If only that working man hadn't chopped down the oak.

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It's the climate.

It changes. We adapt or die.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

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No one questions that carbon dioxide levels are increasing due to burning fossil fuels. And it's well known that when carbon dioxide dissolves in water it combines with a molecule of water to make carbonic acid, and this is slowly raising the acidity of the oceans, which dissolves the calcium carbonate backbone of corals, amongst other unpleasantries. So too much carbon dioxide is not a good thing.  

Our idiot leaders are so caught up in perpetuating the petrodollar paradigm that they are unable to act on the possibility of harnessing the potential electrical energy difference between the earth and the magnetosphere, which Nikola Tesla asserted would be sufficient to provide free energy for the entire planet. Of course JP Morgan immediately ceased investing in Tesla's idea when realized that Tesla intended to use the earth itself as the energy resevoir in a way that anyone anywhere could have access to all the free energy they might require. A gated form of Tesla'a idea could provide a cleaner and cheaper form of electrical energy that would be sufficient for most purposes, and it would free countries like the US from depending upon foreign sources of fossil fuels.