American Men Are Giving Up On Jobs

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I’ve written about this before, but there are 10 million American males between the age of 24 and 64 who have literally dropped out of the workforce. It means that they have given up on finding a job or are simply not looking.

But, focusing on just one subset among those who are 24–64, we see that white working-class males’ labor force participation rate has dropped to 59%.

The Economist has created something called a Forgotten Men Index, which shows the gap between white working-class men in particular and all men in general.

I bring this data up because white working-class men have become the focus of much current political discussion. The participation numbers are similar or worse for other racial categories except for Asians.

Among the 10 million men not in the workforce—men who are not even looking for a job—57% of the Caucasian population between 21 and 55 collect disability benefits, which means they can get Medicaid benefits and cheap narcotics.

Opioid addiction has become rampant in 50-something men.

This Isn’t New

For the first time in the last 250 years of history, we are watching the probable longevity rates within a demographic segment of the population fall. That specific demographic is working men in their 50s, and the main causes of early death in this cohort are alcohol, drug abuse, and suicide.

Shrinking workforce participation is not a recent trend; I’ve written about it plenty. It has been happening since the ’60s, through every administration and every tax reform. It seems that with every major technological advance, a certain portion of the working population doesn’t find a way forward to take advantage of the next set of opportunities.

Let me pull a few random quotes from Nicholas Eberstadt’s powerful book Men Without Work. These are just a few of the almost 40 pages that I copied and made notes on from his 200-page book. I could literally write a whole letter just focusing on what I think are important quotes.


The work rate has improved since 2014, but it would be unwise to exaggerate that turnaround. As of early 2016, our adult work rate was still at its lowest level in three decades. If our nation’s work rate today were back to its start-of-the-century highs, approximately 10 million more Americans would currently have paying jobs.

Here, then, is the underlying contradiction of economic life in America’s second Gilded Age: A period of what might at best be described as indifferent economic growth has somehow produced markedly more wealth for its wealth-holders and markedly less work for its workers. This paradox may help explain a number of otherwise perplexing features of our time, such as the steep drop in popular satisfaction with the direction of the country, the increasing attraction of extremist voices in electoral politics, and why overwhelming majorities continue to tell public opinion pollsters, year after year, that our ever-richer America is still stuck in a recession….

All of these assessments draw upon data on labor market dynamics: job openings, new hires, “quit ratios,” unemployment filings and the like. And all those data are informative—as far as they go. But they miss also something, a big something: the deterioration of work rates for American men…

Between 1948 and 2015, the work rate for U.S. men twenty and older fell from 85.8 percent to 68.2 percent. Thus the proportion of American men twenty and older without paid work more than doubled, from 14 percent to almost 32 percent. Granted, the work rate for adult men in 2015 was over a percentage point higher than 2010 (its all-time low). But purportedly “near full employment” conditions notwithstanding, the work rate for the twenty-plus male was more than a fifth lower in 2015 than in 1948.

It’s Happening All Across the Board

Recent data over the last number of years have begun to show that it is not just the American male who is struggling. The participation rate of female workers is beginning to decline as well.

The trend in the workplace has not been our friend. And any reasonable analysis suggests that in the future, the rate at which jobs are being lost to new technologies is only going to double and triple.

This is one of the central problems facing society today, not just in the US but all across the developed world.

Do you think the trends will be any different in Europe, England, Japan, or China? Those countries will all have their own ways of dealing with this problem, of course, but as I’ve shared before, technology is going to put a strain on the number of jobs available to people without specific technical expertise.

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At least the Black economy is growing.

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Nigel Farage just made interesting statements about meeting Assange, Trump wiretap scandal and Deep State

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57% of the Caucasian population between 21 and 55 collect disability benefits, which means they can get Medicaid benefits and cheap narcotics.

So, if the Neocons succeed starting a war with China, Russia, or Iran, who exactly is going to fight it?


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Robots, immigrants maybe, trannies,poor urbanites. 

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Make the bitches work...phuk.

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Let's see, work a $15/hr job in shit conditions dealing with shitty people that hate you because you are White and Male, and the whole time being trampled on as if you were the one that was incompetent, or simply not look for a job and start your own business.

The choice was obvious to me.

Fuck all the non-Whites, and the women that seem to buy into this White man is the devil narrative the Jews have been pushing.


Affirmative Action along with this anti-White system is what is causing this. Don't believe me? Go ask any White guy that has ever been fired for not bowing down to the Jew authority. How many jobs I have been doxxed, verbally and physically assaulted and fired from because I don't support Israel. Because I disagree with Jews and dual-citizens directing either the foreign or domestic policies within the country that my ancestors gave to me. Because I speak openly, I am the evil crazy liar that must be opposed. According to them, I am a violent delusional sociopath. They have targeted my bosses, and businesses, and even vandalized and assaulted co-workers. They have harassed my family, my child, my friends, and have attempted to intimidate me in both public, as well as in private spheres.

I'd rather rot in the gutter than capitulate to scum like this. It's so bad that even these days I go into a class on campus and deal with not only Jews, but their cucked up collaborators harassing me openly within the classes and on the campus. The admin can't touch them, because the Jew groups have bought them all out using JOOBUX.

Fuck all of these people, they need to go live in Israel. That includes the cucks that obviously want to be Jews.


I was born a German in the US. The Jews turned me into a NAZI by their own actions. I fully support Fascism if it means I get to have my fucking country back from these low lifes. They bring this upon themselves with their own behavior. They will be stopped, and they will be put in prison or executed for their crimes. Their entire illegal apparatus will be ripped down, including the Fed.

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excuse me but where do you live?

I'm in Texas and I don't even know any jews.  Maybe you should just move.  JESUS!

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Bet he'd be a fun guy to have a beer with.

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Lol. Boohoo. Awww poor baby. 

You have a real victim complex. Maybe you should look in a mirror..


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Not anyone over 30 who is not already enlisted

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HRH Feant (not verified) Stroke Mar 10, 2017 5:38 PM

The military called my veterinarian back to active duty during the second Gulf war! He was around 50, too. Was gone for a year.

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He was an officer then. Officers are the only ones that can be called up at that point other than retirees. Retirees never truly leave the serivce. They are still the responsibility of whatever branch they retired from.


Officers they will call up to be liason, or to establish a specific training regiment, depending on the MOS and skillset in particular.


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Medics and Intelligence Officers are, in practice, always liable to recall.

Funny how my Intelligence Officer course doesn't show up on my records*.

Rachel in Squadron Admin must have forgotten to update my records, probably after that very nice lunch I took her out to.

In peacetime, the most powerful weapon an Officer possesses is the Very Nice Lunch Invite. An old WW2 vet taught me that!


*Big mistake by the military there, sending someone intelligent on an Intelligence course ;)



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HRH Feant (not verified) CRM114 Mar 10, 2017 6:09 PM


HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) CRM114 Mar 10, 2017 6:08 PM

Your comment cracked me up! I was assigned to a MI unit (as a techie). It was a trip! I have never been around so many paranoid people in my life!

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I was aircrew doing Intelligence in my spare time. Since I was briefing fellow aircrew I was 100% honest and not the least paranoid. I must have broken secrecy rules three times every minute, but nobody ever squealed, so no harm (and lots of good) done.

Air Force Regulation #1. Don't Get Caught.

If you do, all the other 2242 regulations and penalties apply.

If you don't, they don't ;)

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There's no mention of women gaining in numbers in the workforce since the 60's which would contribute to a drop in male participation.

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Might be right, but look where the jobs are these days? Except for building, most jobs today require brains and flexibility, less strength. As long as men are mostly valued by their mates for their sports, driving, drinking and maybe shooting abilities, they will loose out.

You will downvote me to -infinite, but look at what traditional Jewish culture appreciates, especially for men. Bookish-ness and religious philosophy. Wimps, in the view of Real American Males. But successful wimps. Thats the real reason behind their success.

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Not really.

Their reason for success is that they put another Jew before another Goy. So when you get one Jew in your staff, more are soon to follow. We call it nepotism. Jews call it not being anti-Semitic.


Also, being able to memorize data doesn't make a person more intelligent. In fact, there is only one realistic and proven way to make someone more intelligent. Put them through hell. Make them try to survive in some harsh conditions, and over time that intelligence will either be formed, or they will be dead making the likelyhood of faulty genes making it through less likely. It's what the Spartans did, it's what the German tribes did as awell. Both groups were the leaders of their time. The Spartans lead the Greeks to autonomy and the Germans did most of the conquering for Rome. By the time a male was old enough to fight for either group, he was on the battlefield  in those old cultures.


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Bookishness just means you're well indoctrinated to the ideas of others, it doesn't mean you're more intelligent. It does however mean that your mind is less rigid, and most susceptible to suggestion and manipulation as well.

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bULLSHIT! Jews have high intelligence quotients ( I.Q.) than any other ethnic group except the Asians.  that is a fact.  And I.Q. is not about memorizing facts. 

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Not ascribing to be pro, or anti Jew, but I would submit to you that there are many kinds of intelligence to consider when accessing overall intelligence, such as physical, emotional, creative, existential, linguistic, among others, along with qualities of will, leadership, empathy etc.

If your referring to books as the Bell Curve, it's a narrow few of intelligence being documented, of which, I believe the authors would be the first to acknowledge.

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Looney wrote:


So, if the Neocons succeed starting a war with China, Russia, or Iran, who exactly is going to fight it?





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Look at your tax bill and then ask yourself, is it worth it?


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Ideally, the sons and daughters and family of those who are hawking the war and then it turns into a very short war.

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LOL Jews don't even fight their own wars. Go look at Israel, not a single Orthodox Jew is ever forced to join the defense forces there. The real Jews will not allow their children to fight, not even if they were being over-ran would they let them fight. They would rather run away and go take over another country instead.


These are the people that our political parties are making deals with. This is the behavior they have adopted.

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where in hell did you get your figures.  I CALL TOTAL BULLSHIT

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don't know about the black economy, but the murder rate is up substantially.  wonder if there is a derivative or futures available for black murder rates?

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Las Vegas betting lines would be good.

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Isn't it "Economy of Color" these days? ;)

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When the global media elites, colleges, corporate America and women's rights groups bash males, dad's, fathers, and govt programs push women to the forefront of what's deemed important it's no wonder males just don't give two shits.  he'll yesterday was International Womens Day. That's who's getting college degrees and jobs.  Let them work!  Pay equality means a reduction in Males pay to subsidize women's pay. Father's are vilified on TV sitcoms as incompetent and that they have to bow to the Queen of the house. Give them what they want. Of women want 1 hour commutes, endless and pointless meetings, etc they can have it. Men have been relegated to be the scourge of society. In divorce court they lose their home, their car, their bank accounts and their kids. Then if they want to rebuild they still have to pay for a new apartment, pay everything on dates with three new gf, pay for a car while saving nothing for retirement.  it's a lost cause. No wonder they give the finger to the world or just end their life.  They are forgotten and disposed of. Society got exactly what they wanted. 

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Work is over rated...

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Donkey getting tired, wants to sit in the cart.

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If thats true, everyone is so Fuked

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I enjoy work, but I hate income taxes.  Kind of a conundrum.  Commies really messing with my head.

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Guys don't quit working, just don't do it offically.

and and honest plea from your future POTUSA,

stay off the opiods, and if you know someone who is addicted try making them get help, killing them, torturing them, beating the shit out of them, or whatever else you gotta do till they run away, die, or get off the narcotics, they are a chemical weapon being imported into our country by '''them''' to kill us. JUST LIKE THEY DID TO CHINA OPIUM WARS!


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HRH Feant (not verified) PresidentCamacho Mar 10, 2017 5:35 PM

Yep. Unless you are dying of cancer or just had open heart surgery you don't need morphine. Refuse to take that shit. If you have to take it take the smallest dose possible and discontinue that shit as quickly as possible!

The only other reason to be hopped up on morphine is if you are dying of cancer and at a hospice (or home) and living your final days.

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When you contract osteomyolitis in your spine you will change your mind.

The real problem are the synthetics handed out like cany by doctors.

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HRH Feant (not verified) Winston Churchill Mar 10, 2017 7:07 PM

My point was that opioids are serious drugs, highly addictive, and should not be taken unless you have a real medical condition and are in serious pain.

People need to learn to say "no, Doctor, I don't want that drug, pick another."

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just giving equal chance to women and blacks to find a job

Aubiekong's picture

Well when taxes (federal income, state income, property, sales tax, gasoline tax, phone tax, licenses, car tags, obamacare premiums, etc) take over 60% of your income you have to wonder if not working is a better life...

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I retired early for those reasons. Got my income tax rate down from over 30% to less than 10%, no more social security tax and medicare tax. Seeing my money being frittered away on freeloaders and illegal aliens was too much to take.

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Went Galt 3 years ago, haven't looked back.

The bet is which collapses first - me or the system.

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My new moto;

Work less, live more....stuff is not that important. Relationships are.

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We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us... where have we heard that before?

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Comrade LawsofPhysics, report immediately to the nearest Re-Education Camp for attitude adjustment.