The Conflict Within The Deep State Just Broke Into Open Warfare

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Via Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle - it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation.

When do the unlimited powers of the Intelligence/Security agencies threaten America's domestic and global national interests? The CIA and its political enablers claim the agency's essentially unlimited powers, partially revealed by Wikileak's Vault 7, pose no threat to America's interests, since they are intended to "defend" American interests.

This is the rationale presented by neocon CIA allies in both political parties: the CIA can't possibly threaten America's interests because the CIA defines America's interests.

This is the wormhole down which civil liberties and democracy have drained. It is an extraordinarily defining moment in American history when the director of the FBI publicly declares that there is no such thing as "absolute privacy" in the U.S.

In effect, privacy is now contingent on the level of interest the Security State has in the private conversation/data. If we read the U.S. Constitution, we do not find such contingencies: civil liberties are absolute. Post-1790 presidents have temporarily mooted civil liberties in time of war, and the CIA-led camp of the Deep State has justified its unlimited powers by effectively declared "a state of war is now permanent and enduring."

So what's left to defend if America has become the enemy of civil liberties and democracy, i.e. become a totalitarian state ruled by Security Services and their political henchmen and apologists?

I have long suggested that the tectonic plates of the Deep State are shifting as the ruling consensus has eroded. Some elements of the Deep State--what I call the progressive wing, which is (ironically to some) anchored in the military services-- now view the neocon-CIA (Security State)-Wall Street elements as profoundly dangerous to America's long-term interests, both domestically and globally.

Is the Deep State Fracturing into Disunity? (March 14, 2014)

I have suggested that this "rogue Deep State" quietly aided Donald Trump (by subtly undermining Hillary Clinton's campaign) as the last best chance to save the nation from the neocon's over-reach that the Establishment's Wall Street-funded leadership (Bush, Clinton, Obama, et al.) has overseen--including granting the CIA and its allies virtually unlimited powers unhindered by any effective oversight.

Does a Rogue Deep State Have Trump's Back? (January 18, 2017)

This profound split in the Deep State has now broken into open warfare. The first salvo was the absurd propaganda campaign led by Establishment mouthpieces The New York Times and The Washington Post claiming Russian agents had "hacked" the U.S. election to favor Trump.

This fact-free propaganda campaign failed--having no evidence didn't work quite as well as the NYT and Wapo expected-- and so the propaganda machine launched the second salvo, accusing Trump of being a Russian patsy.

The evidence for this claim was equally laughable, and that campaign has only made the Establishment, its propaganda mouthpieces and the neocon Deep State look desperate and foolish on the global and domestic stages.

The desperate neocon Deep State and its Democratic Party allies went to absurd lengths to undermine Trump via the "Boris ad Natasha" strategy of accusing Trump of collaborating with the Evil Russkies, even going so far as to briefly exhume former President G.W. Bush from deep-freeze to make a fool of himself, saying the Trump-Evil Russkies connection should be "investigated."

Now the rogue elements have launched a counterstrike--Vault 7. Here is one example of how quickly the CIA's over-reach has been absorbed by the body politic:

I highly recommend reading Wikileak's summary of Vault 7: Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed.

We now know that the CIA maintained a special program (UMBRAGE) to mimic Russia-based hackers and create false trails back to fictitious "Russian hackers." A number of highly experienced analysts who reviewed the supposed "Russian hacks" had suggested the "evidence" smelled of false trails-- not just bread crumbs, but bread crumbs heavy-handedly stenciled "this is Russian malware."

The body count from Vault 7 has not yet been tallied, but it wouldn't surprise me if former President Obama and his team eventually end up as political casualties. Non-partisan observers are noting all this over-reach occurred on Obama's watch, and it hasn't gone unnoticed that one of Obama's last executive orders stripped away the last shreds of oversight of what could be "shared" (or invented) between the Security Agencies.

Indeed, the entire leadership of the Democratic Party seems to have placed all their chips on the increasingly unviable claim that the CIA is the squeaky clean defender of America.

Vault 7 is not just political theater--it highlights the core questions facing the nation: what is left to defend if civil liberties and democratically elected oversight have been reduced to Potemkin-village travesties?

If there are no limits on CIA powers and surveillance, then what is left of civil liberties and democracy? Answer: nothing.

The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle--it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation. Citizens who define America's interests as civil liberties and democracy should be deeply troubled by the Establishment's surrender of these in favor of a National Security State with essentially no limits.

Americans tasked with defending America's "interests" globally should be asking if a CIA/NSA et al. with unlimited power is detrimental to America's soft and hard power globally, and toxic to its influence.

The answer is obvious: a CIA with unlimited power and the backing of a corrupt Establishment and media is more than detrimental to America's soft and hard power globally--it is disastrous and potentially fatal to America's interests, standing and influence.

Those of us on the sidelines can only hope that the progressive wing of the Deep State, the rogue elements who see the terrible danger of an unlimited National Security State, will succeed in undermining the powerful political support for this toxic totalitarian regime.

*  *  *

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Collectivism Killz's picture

Great. Let them fuck over each other for once versus focusing on everyday Americans.

Arnold's picture

Not a job for Stick Man.

Cap, you are up.

Mercury's picture


chunga's picture

I like my FAKE NEWS to be about RUSSIA. Hut, Hut, HIKE!

The dUmmycrats demanded the March 20 investigation into, of all things, ELECTION TAMPERING. We know they did this right through the entire thing. Every time Burnie got moar votes in the primaries, Honest Hill'rey's LEAD GOT BIGGER.

Hill'rey got debate questions ahead of time DOH!

It got so blatant DNC boss Wasserman either quit or got fired, take your pick, then half-ass denied she would EVER tip the fake scales for Hill'rey. A couple days later she signs on DIRECTLY WITH THE HILL'REY CAMPAIGN. Whooops!

Trumps goes on Twitter and says then pResidont Barkey spied on him at Trump Tower. ALL the establishment TURDS, in unison, squeal, "that's crazy".

A couple of days later Wikileaks drops Vault 7 and we learn that, courtesy of the patriots of CEE-EYE-AY, our TVs and phones are spying on everybody and they have "Umbrage" software that can make it look like anybody did it.

James Comey asks the DOJ to confirm this is crazy by disclaiming Trump's crazy accusations and THEY DON'T.


Remember class, Comey opened Hill'rey investigation #2 after Chuck Schumer's protégé, disgraced pedo, pervert, former congrossman Anthony Weiner's laptop popped up. Then, another pervert, former pResidont $lick Willie, who himself was IMPEACHED for lying about an affair with an intern and started a BOMBING CAMPAIGN on the SAME DAY, taps Lorretta Lynch on the tarmac and POOF, Hill'rey is exonerated again.

DJT - “You can't review 650,000 emails in eight days,”

HELLO? Anybody home?

Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

Ranking member Adam Schiff is going to insist the above is all outside the scope of their fake investigation, and the majority rEpublitards will say they're opposed to this but say sorry "It's just too hard". OR, NONE of the history of this situation WILL EVEN OCCUR TO ANY OF THEM. RUSSIA!

Paging Jeff "I hate pot" Sessions.


Contact Info: HPSCI Majority Members


stizazz's picture

"The desperate neocon Deep State"

W Bush: "Dad, what's a neocon?"
HW Bush: "You want names or description?"
W: "Description."
HW: "Israel."

CheapBastard's picture

McAfee says the cia was handed unlimited money by Oabam to hack for him and the nsa, cia and fbi need total restructuring:


"The CIA Just Got Nuked!" The Legendary John McAfee on 'Vault 7' Revelation:

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

By the "deep state" you mean the Jew Bankers right?  For fucks sake.  Am I living in reality right now?

I we can't even say it how are we supposed to change it?

Mr. Universe's picture

I was thinking about all this and I'm worried that their only answer will be to take Donald out. If that were to happen would things go right back to "there is nothing to see here" press and "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" government? or have the dominos already started to fall?

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

I said it before and I will say it again.  It is going to get incredibly ugly before it gets better.  Buckle up people.  And never lose lose your resolve to fight this fight.  Well, that is, if you prefer Freedom over some government agency controlling your life.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I feel sorry for all of the people who join the military who think they are going to defend our freedoms and the constitution. They don't even realize their own government is taking those freedoms away faster than any foreign enemy could in hundreds of years. This is why people revolted and left Britain for America. Sadly there is no where else to run or hide from busy bodies who think they know what is best for everyone else.

BarkingCat's picture

Anyone who joined during Bush's last couple of years and all of Obama's term is an idiot.

I understand the patriotism after 9/11 (no matter whether you believe that it was a conspiracy or not. Only a very small percentage did not believe the official story right after it happened) .

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) BarkingCat Mar 10, 2017 1:56 PM

TRUMP is TOO QUIET about all this WikiLeaks dump. And you would expect him to feel vindicated regarding the wiretap.

But no.. he's quiet... TOO QUIET.

If they got some dirt on him...just a little... bye bye MAGA.

He'll dance like a bitch for the Deep State.



1. by leaving Pence to be too LOUD (and Stupid; for fuck sake this Vice President tries to take over Trump, In Europe talked shit with NATO behind Trump's back, now this, instead of being silent and just go to women' marches ):

Pence Warns: US will use “Full Force of Law” if WikiLeaks #Vault7 Dump Contains Factual Info

2. by bending over to the Saudis and Pentagon:


WTF? Trump Resumes Arms Sales to Saudis Previously Frozen Under Obama

3. And by letting RYAN fuck Obamacare REPEAL and REPLACE promise

 Ryancare or Obamacare Lite? Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement Bill



Herd Redirection Committee's picture

CIA and Federal Reserve.  Where the FUCK did these 'agencies' come from?  Its right there in front of our faces.  How can the country even pretend to be free and democratic and representing the people, with these two agencies still FULLY ARMED & OPERATIONAL (battle stations).

Giant Meteor's picture

The handywork has been done well. The illusion has been well constructed. Over a period of many, many years. The fact is, Trump like him or hate him, has parted the curtain for ALL to see.

Some do not want to see. Perhaps the great many, do not want to see.

So, having seen, and not wanting to see, how does THAT shake out?

Epic cognitive dissonance. In spite of VAST and overwhelming evidence, that they do not exist, many many people still want their magic unicorns and happy happy talk ..

Now, my thesis is, Trump was NEVER supposed to BE POTUS. Why all the "important" mouth pieces had written off the usurper in chief. Its almost like the disdain that "old money" has for "new money." New money will never be in their particular league, no class etc. Even the friendly FOX, seemed a bit "shocked" by the election result, and were previously preparing folks for long odds on any Trump Presidency. This, was an epic fuck up. Somebody (and I mean besides Trump) blew the script.

What we witness now is blowback from an epic miscalculation. Fact is, we can be sure the election result was fair and square, because it did not go down the way it was suppose to.

I try to think, how exactly would this "deep state" war have played out, had it gone the other way (thank God it didn't.) We have NOW learned, aside from the deep state having various toys, making the hacks appear to be coming from "the Russians" to bolster their claims, while simultaneously learning recently Hillary and HER team were/are in bed with the very same Russians, as Trump stands "accused."

Holy shit!

Now put that together with, oh I don't know, 9-11, and their desired response to 9-11, ie, the NEW Pearl Harbor, so that going against 7 countries in 5 years can be done, with the tacit support and approval of the flag waving, metallic yellow ribbon sticking, going shopping, "public" and of course at the same time get the very same public used to various other control mechanisms, scanning, pat downs, free speech zones, and also ceding other rights as well (for their own good dontcha know) .. Well, it just ain't a pretty fucking picture, is it ...

My new tagline is, All Bullshit, All The Time ..

Hell, we may as well enjoy it. We're paying for it ..

goober's picture

I agree with most of your thesis. But there actually was a counter coup to make sure Hillary was not elected and it came from inside the deep state of intelligence agencies by people who were fed up with the deep state control mechanisms. and power they have amassed.  You could call them the white hats ? And they are very real as well as th deep state is very real. We dodged a major bullet by their actions and they are working with the new admin. But realize PRAVDA/MSM is very powerful, although they are fading since the election. But the war is NOT over by a long shot, and it is a war to be sure. The prior regime realize they can be prosecuted and that is why we are seeing a full court press on every front to try and undermine the Trump admin by any means possible. They are all failing and PRAVDA/MSM will be destroyed finally. It takes a while for it all to unwind but it is heading in that direction. Soon it ill gain steam and be a bit more clear to all.

jeff montanye's picture

yes to you and the meteor and to most of the original post.  but not this: "Non-partisan observers are noting all this over-reach occurred on Obama's watch."  of course precisely what overreach is meant is not clear to me (sorry) but overreach in general characterized the g.w. bush administration as well, particularly including the enormous chink in the neocon armor, 9-11.  with a proper investigation and real deposing of the low end of the totem pole with threats of murder and treason charges hanging darkly over their heads, a convincing result could be obtained.  after all they spent more money solving the mystery of the blue dress than they did the greatest attack on the continental u.s. since the war of 1812.  that in itself is one of the best tells of all.  that and why all these zionists seem to be protecting arab terrorists.

and solve it they (we) must, for this is the get out of jail free card (or go to jail and pay a lot of money, depending on which end you look at).  this changes everything.  it is the inarguable indictment of the mossad/likud zionists. their legacy media appartchiks and the leadership of the professional wrestling rep and dem national political parties.

rebuild from the smoking rubble.

HopefulCynical's picture

... the neocon-CIA (Security State)-Wall Street elements...

Damn. He almost calls them by name.

lil dirtball's picture

WTF is this 'deep state' propaganda meme shit?

The US either has a legitimate government - or it doesn't. If it doesn't, then there is treason and traitors to be tried and hanged, per the prescription for such in the constitution.

silvercity's picture

this 'deep state' propaganda meme exist in order to convince you that there is indeed a legitimate government. The truth is that all government is the deep state. There does not and never has existed a legitimate government. Made legitimate by whom? The people who claim to be government and the people who support them are people who believe that they have the wisdom, and the right,and a duty before God(or gods) to tell you how you can and cannot live your life. Who made that legitimate?

lil dirtball's picture

> Who made that legitimate?

The consent of the gover ... Jefferso ...

... so, no hangings, then?

goober's picture

The deep state has actually run our government for a very long time. see my comment above

jeff montanye's picture

that and silver's comment may be true but there is a strong argument that the successive assassinations of the '60's, the vietnam war (and likely korea too), the substitution of muslims for communists to keep the mic employment up and the zios happy, followed bigtime by 9-11 and the seven countries in five years plan (bipartisan, bush and obama) was a further evil turning from the pre ww2 world.  

we have them by the balls if we can only realize and act on it.


logicalman's picture

Federal Reserve came from a bankster conspiracy.

Interestingly, same year, income tax came into being.

Can't have the former without the latter.

A couple of big wars to fatten the banksters up and distract the public.

Get rid of the Gold Standard (1971 - good job Mr. Nixon)

Politicians owned by banksters set up this kind of thing to ensure their masters are hidden behind stinking piles of bullshit and lies.

Information is power. See Eye Ay harvest as much of it as they can.

That's why governments keep secrets.

Money is power, that's why the banksters keep the facts regarding fiat secret.

Governments scratch the banksters backs, and vice versa.

The productive members of society are just animals to be exploited by the 'farmers'

Until enough people realize what's going on, nothing will change.

When enough people realize what's going on, things are likely to get messy, to say the least.

Plenty of other issues flagged by Vault 7 are scary concepts.

I doubt there's a more effective way of totally destroying someone than by putting kiddy porn on their hard drive, and it's now common knowledge that this is something easily done with the tools the See Eye Ay have developed. Shit, they could even make it Russian porn.

Beware the computer controlling the vehicle you are 'driving' - you may only think you are. Imagine the possibilities with driverless cars.

Time to put the tinfoil lining back in my hat.

FUBAR doesn't even come close to where we find ourselves right now.

Drink heavily. It's the only sane thing to do.


goober's picture

And the NSA, DIA, NIA, IRS and many others you have never even heard of. All need to be reigned in or dissolved ASAP. These are the true deep state as well as the  dem  leftovers. Most of the pundits don't even know the difference and they are supposedly the smart guys ? what a fucking joke it all is.

ThanksChump's picture

I like the idea of putting recruiter offices on the top floor of VA hospitals: potential recruits have to thread the gauntlet through all the wards on the way up. It won't discourage everyone, but that decision will be a little better-informed.

Doom Porn Star's picture

That is a seriously excellent idea, TC.

I think it would be very instructive for prospective recruits see how those that serve are served.

Maybe elementary school children should be regularly taken on snap field-trips to the local VA hospitals to see all the brave and honorable people who defend their way of life once in a while.

Knowldge is power.  Teach the children.

mjury's picture

As a teacher, I would do that on Monday if I could. And then we will have a discussion on whether their brothers and sisters in the military should fight and die for corporate interests or for no reason at all except keeping arms manufacturers in the black.

mjury's picture

As a teacher, I would do that on Monday if I could. And then we will have a discussion on whether their brothers and sisters in the military should fight and die for corporate interests or for no reason at all except keeping arms manufacturers in the black.

Citxmech's picture

"War is a Racket" by Gen. Smedley Butler should cure anybody who took the blue pill.  After that, it's on them.

xythras's picture


Malleus Maleficarum's picture

I fully understand those sentiments, and largely agree with them. Some of us knew the score (9/11, police state, Zionism, etc.) and joined for one reason: the combat/weapons training and to get first-hand experience dealing with stressful, chaotic situations - all with an eye toward the time when those attributes will be direly needed! Soon, I suspect. There are many good people in the military who know the score, especially in the NCO corps.

keep the bastards honest's picture

But were you killing people defending their own country?

hxc's picture

I don't feel sorry for em. What kind of FUCKING DUMBASS thinks the US government (esp military) works for our interests these days???

BlueGreen's picture

Found myself on the inside,  at least there's someone here to flavor the tea when the freaking boiling is done

Yog Soggoth's picture

Beware the ides of March. Debt ceiling runs out.  1781: At the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina, 1,900 British troops defeat 4,400 American troops1913, March 15 became the day for filing income tax returns(changed in 55). 1892… 

In New York State, voting machines are first authorized for use in elections.    Then this  WHAT DOES ROTHSCHILD KNOW ABOUT MARCH 15TH?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

I'd guess 3/22 has more symbolism for these luciferians..

BrownCoat's picture

Granted, most people that read ZH do so for the gloom reports. Nevertheless, no one is taking out Trump. If they did, there would be revolution. (Although crybaby liberals might want revolution if they don't get their way, so I could be wrong.)

Casey Jones's picture

"Granted, most people that read ZH do so for the gloom reports"


Speak for yourself. MSM is what makes me gloomy.

AldousHuxley's picture

CIA is how America fights wars before the actual war using non-Americans in foreign soil. 


Then economic sanctions to play chicken with money ...but house (wall st.) always wins this game.


and when all else fails, then US military is deployed ...with mercenaries to hide actual #s.


Why? .....because they know you don't want half of your tax dollars going to wars. But strong military only protects the haves....the billionare class with lots of paper wealth.

NidStyles's picture

The CIA has no interest in doing things that benefit America. They actively pump poison into our communities, and you think they fight for us?


Most of the CIA was recruit from former OSS circles, which were almost exclusively communist and zionist.


So we have created an institution that works for communism and zionist as it's end goals, and turned it loose ont eh world with zero fucking oversight, and you guys think this beast is not going to advocate firmly for foreign powers at our detriment.

Giant Meteor's picture

Correct. Life has little value. The means justfies the end.

The trouble is, to what end and to whose benefit?

Hell, they don't even know, what they "think" they know.

That is why the term "blowback" was coined, by THEM ...

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Oh, it could be way worse than that, sadly.  Hell, these evil bastards offed 3,000 citizens on 9/11/2001.  Just turned 'em to dust.  They will literally stop at nothing to achieve their...what is they want again?  Total dominion?  Then what?  Like a dog chasing car...what will he do w/it once he's caught it?


Walter_Sobchak's picture

Jew bankers, jew media, jew government, jew pornographers, jew feminists, Jew artists, Jew activists, Jew lobbyists, Jew philanthropists, Jew pedophiles.

shivura's picture

i know a lot of jews...they are nice people...have you ever met one in real life? just be a nice person and try to solve problems...the problem isn't with different people, it's with greedy politicians like trump, putin, tillerson, hillary thinking they can manipulate laws to get richer (which they can). i understand why you all thought trump was different...he is even worse than the rest...I really can't wait for folks like you to turn on him..

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Turn on him? While I may lose faith in him solving the problems, that will manifest itself quietly. I won't "turn on him," per se, because I will not align myself with you people. You have acted so reprehensibly for the last eight or nine months that you have effectively shit in the well and I want nothing to do with your kind. But that's just me.

shivura's picture

we shat in the well? the person you got elected could be a russian pawn...not to mention an overt racist who doesn't seem to give a damn about ordinary people (you know we sicken him, right) and we fucking shat in the well?

do you really believe immigrants/radical muslims/the elite are the problem in this country or could it just be that capitalism is divorcing itself from human labor and the rich need less workers...

if you are going to blame today's problems entirely on the obama administration -- a. you are a fucking moron or b. you are 7 years old. i probably have to remind you that W. is the one that started (in a major way) mid-east destabilization and collapsed the economy through letting banisters be banisters...i.e. free market capitalism.

keep the bastards honest's picture

you are so funny shivura... a "russian pawn" in a chess game. Obviously you did not hear Putin's speech at the UN Oct 2015.

and too recent  How about the Balfor agreement 1917 with Rothchild to raise money for the ww1 and the price paid even now by Palestinians etc How about the russian hating jewish Bolsheviks? the destruction of  a country and 64 million dead? You angry that Russia is free of them now? looks like it.

Singelguy's picture

You must be one of the few people that keeps CNN and MSNBC in business.