Preppers Stuck In Cities: Elite Chartering "Getaway Boats In Case Of Manhattan Emergency"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

There is an inherent dilemma for most of the people living in cities.

Even those who are aware of the extremely fragile fabric of society are often stuck living urban lives. Perhaps they plan to retire to a country abode, or construct a hideaway to escape to if the need ever arises, but for now, they are stuck in the city making a living.

This is true even for the rich, but now, they have a back-up plan.

The biggest of American cities, and one of the most gridlocked, is New York City, with Manhattan and Long Island both isolated islands – trapped during emergencies from the rest of the world.

That’s why those with means, and forethought, are now chartering emergency charters to get out of the city – probably a good idea, especially if the helicopter is out of your price range.

via NY Post:

“A lot of people don’t want to wait on a line to get on a ferry, and they don’t want to worry about walking off of Manhattan, as people had to do in the past,” [Chris Dowhie, co-owner of Plan B Marine] told The Post.“They know a boat is the fastest way, and we take the worry out of maintaining and preparing and always readying your vessel,” he added.

Not only does the company promise a speedy getaway, it plans individual evacuation routes for each person, depending on their personal needs.




“You don’t have a captain. You have to drive this boat yourself,” Dowhie told The Post, adding that in a crisis, people are more concerned with helping their own families than maneuvering someone else’s escape vehicle.




The unique evacuation service costs an annual fee of $90,000 and is catered toward wealthy individuals and corporations who don’t have time to mastermind their own escape.


Clients access the boats with an individual punch-in number, and should they need to abandon it at any time, Dowhie’s company will locate it.

Interesting concept, and the fact that this has become a business model is also telling of the times.

Estimates have placed evacuation from major coastal cities at more than 24 hours:

Estimated evacuation times during major emergencies.

For Long Island, where millions of New Yorkers live, it would be 20-29 hours to get off the island – during that time, people will lose their patience, run out of gas, become hungry, be denied access to medications and drugs, need emergency services, resort to crime, etc.

The one percenters have long been serious about their prepping, for they know too well about the very real dangers being constructed, and the house of cards that is ever poised to collapse.

There has been a steady rise in the upper class investment into underground bunker communities – typically decked out with furnishings and amenities that nearly compare with above-ground living.

They have also been the high profile investors buying up getaway farms in places like New Zealand or South America, and hedging with mountain retreats and fortified safe rooms.

While the amount of money they are spending remains mostly pocket change the biggest players, it represents a serious consideration of the high risk for social disruption, chaos and mega-disasters, such as the collapse of the power grid.

The good news is that while the rich may indeed be living the high life, with escape hatches built in, there are many steps that the average, and more modest, individual can also take to increase your chances of survival during modest times.

Todd Savage, who specializes in strategic relocation, says that finding balance is key. For some, a permanent move isn’t possible because of work, medical needs or family life:

Not everyone will prepare for the same threats. It’s a personal choice. Some folks think that a nuclear exchange is imminent, others a socioeconomic collapse, maybe an EMP (solar or military), or a worldwide pandemic.


Everyone who is concerned with a potential disaster should perform a personal threat assessment. It can help you decide to either relocate permanently to a rural homestead or acquire a bug-out survival property.

(Survival Retreat Consulting)

When it comes to elite prepping, you have to always ask yourself: ‘Do they know something that I don’t know?

Considering their access to power, and their insider vision of human affairs, the chances are very good that they may.

Boats and hideaway properties can be arranged at lower prices as well, or DIY. If you’re not on an island, there are likely some back roads that can save your life, and keep you out of the major chaos. Plan your escape route, with several alternate routes, that avoid the major intersections with highways, bridges and other points at which the majority of traffic is forced to flow, at a slow, grinding and dangerous pace.

Safe rooms can been adapted to almost any space, and for relatively little money, and fortifications can be retrofitted where ever you need them. Just food for thought, better now than too late.

Something big is coming.

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SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

"Something big is coming."

Like a super, extra large, deluxe, deep dish, serving of PIZZAGATE...!?

Takeaction2's picture

I am so sick of the "Something is Coming"....It always has been like this...Always Revelation...Always Doom and Gloom if you focus on it...Always the "End of the World"....You can take any time frame and look at any war ,famine, natural disaster etc...and apply your above theme.

 Fuck it...Work hard...make a shit ton of money...figure it out...and STAY POSITIVE and have fun.

 And if Kim Jun Fat Fuck touches a nuke off...who can't do anything about it.  

The Bombs from Kim,...The Radiation from FUKUSHIMA, The Fracking Quakes Coming in Oklahoma....Planet NUBU....HAHAHAHAHAHHA  STOP. 


I am way too prepped...prepped out...and sick of it.

Belrev's picture

Meanwhile, outside of Manhattan americans are responding to Starbacks CEO's plans to hire 10000 refugees

by singing US national anthem in Starbucks stores.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Belrev Mar 10, 2017 11:46 PM

Took me one hour to go 2 miles to get out of San Francisco this week.

Close one street, its that.

I hope they all die, those who created this fake society based on fucking phones.

I know I will be home when it happens, it's karma. I never fucked anyone over, I never

voted for war in exchange for money.

One of the things I used to say to my astrology clients when we talk about the 10 house of career was.

You arrive at the Pearly Gates and you meet Saint Peter and he asks you "By the way, what did you do for a living?"

What would you like to say?

I was moved by the Unibomber manifesto, he said that technology would destroy the world and that local government  was the answer to that monster threat. Then they locked him up.

He was a hero and he invented the hoodie.

Enceladus's picture

What happens to a Capricorn when Pluto is in Capricorn?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Enceladus Mar 10, 2017 11:55 PM

Governments and long standing institutions are destroyed.

add neptune home in pisces and all secrets are earthed, which is why the news is so repulsive now.

strannick's picture

The evacuation of Saigon comes to America

Twee Surgeon's picture

"Look Ma ! here is my new boat and the Bait is deliverin it !"

nmewn's picture

The idiot, self-centered, ethically-challenged & morally depraved, semi-elite class actually think the boat captain will be at the dock waiting on them?

Chuck Todd & Maria Bartiromo are in for a very rude awakening ;-)

crazzziecanuck's picture

My thoughts exactly.  It's like these superrich building bunkers that have mini-mercenary forces in them.  If I were the captain of these forces, I would thank the rich owners shortly before I shoot them all in the head making room for my own family and the families of those in my company.

stizazz's picture

Looks like the elite (who put Trump in power) knows of Trump's war plan against Iran (back door to World War 3).

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) stizazz Mar 11, 2017 8:18 AM

Iran is a Russian ally. Can someone really say WW3?

lexxus's picture
lexxus (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 11, 2017 8:33 AM

World War 3.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Elite Chartering "Getaway Boats In Case Of Manhattan Emergency"

Does moving to the White House count as boat?


deth's picture

It must. A massive carrot would be required to take that job.

FreddieX's picture

Please consider:
During the course of an hour in July 1944, bombers fly over an unnamed German city, while down below, civilians live out their last days. ... Payback paints a savage and unflinching picture of the realities of warfare for ordinary men and women.

In this novel, Louis-Ferdinand Celine ... offers us a vivid chronicle of a desperate man's frantic flight from France in the final months of World War II.

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But the rock cried out, I can't hide you
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Don't you see I need you, rock?
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nuubee's picture

The only boat owners who are actually prepped are the owner/liveaboards. Everyone else is a refugee making it onto a boat if they're lucky.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Exactamundo..."bbbbbut we had a contract.  I paid you 90 grand for a boat ride.  I'll sue, you bastard."

RAT005's picture

For those concerned about the boat captain: the client has a pass code to the boat and there is no captain.

ExpendableOne's picture

That just means who ever gets to the boat first with a few tools wins.

lil dirtball's picture

>[do they] actually think the boat captain will be at the dock waiting on them?

From the article - that you didn't read:

“You don’t have a captain. You have to drive this boat yourself,” Dowhie told The Post...

nmewn's picture

Amended then:...does Maria Bartiromo and Chuck Todd actually think >>>the boat<<< will be at the dock waiting on them?

My comment was about semi-elite idiots and trust (and paying) for things they in fact will have no control over.


Or does the article (I did not read) go on to talk about ARMED GUARDS being supplied to secure >>>the boat<<< against marauding bands (that means kill them, snowflake) until Maria Bartiromo and Chuck Todd make their appearance at the dock in this dystopian future?

One would think that with the money Maria Bartiromo and Chuck Todd make they could buy a fucking boat, don't you think?

lil dirtball's picture

> snowflake

Sorry for rustlin' your jimmy. Sir.

nmewn's picture

If you're going to pick a fight be prepared to fight.

lil dirtball's picture

Yes, sir ... I'll remember that in the future, sir.

BarkingCat's picture

He is being way too polite...he should have said -  you fucked up. deal with it.


Bastiat's picture

Buy a boat for 100K, promise it to 5 or 10 people for $90K/yr - repeat.  Keep it for a year then let the contracts expire. 

The Gun Is Good's picture

'"You have to drive this boat yourself,” Dowhie told The Post...'

Which is even more hilarious... the panicking elite all wrecking their boats into each other, with the useless eaters trying to board (Think pirate-zombies: "Aaarrrrr... Moar Brains!!!").

Alas, most of us here know money can't buy sense. The elite have little because they have had little need of it (most parasites have ganglias at best in the neural department.); this will all change very soon.... Can't wait to hear the stories from NYC.

East Indian's picture

Dont worry; for your doubts and queries, please call our 24 x 7 call center at Bengaluru! 

Rufus Temblor's picture

That number is 1-800-YOR-FUKD.  Operators are standing by.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

There's no captain. You drive the boat yourself for just that reason.

. . . if the boat is there. It would be poetic justice if 99 of the Wall St douches who sell one virtual bar of gold to 100 bag holders showed up to the same empty slip.

The Navigator's picture

Ain't nobody going anywhere if an EMP is lit up, motor or sail - GPS will be shot and maybe 1 in 100,000 sailors still know how to use a sextant, a taffrail log and has a mechanical time piecewith to chart to a destination.

You can store some hand-held GPS units in a Faraday cage and pray they work when you're 10-20 miles out AND that the satellites still work - But I wouldn't count on Russia or China leaving our GPS sattelites alone.

Interesting - The Navy College quit teaching the use of the sextant quite a while back - but recently brought back those classes.

And don't forget your PRINTED charts -

buttmint's picture

HARSH, yet spot on...

I take it you are not a Millenial???

ACP's picture

So if they escape a coastal city, whats their destination? Another coastal city?

Good luck, retards.

flicker life's picture
flicker life (not verified) ACP Mar 11, 2017 4:34 AM

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SWRichmond's picture

So if they escape a coastal city, whats their destination? Another coastal city?

Yeah, they're gonna go over to Jersey cuz it's safe there...

Remember the revolution scene from Godfather where everyone is heading for the boats?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Hopefully, the People's Republic of New Jerkey will sink beneath the waves, and Pennsyltucky will become the new shoreline.

The Gun Is Good's picture

LOL! Half of NYC will try to go to Miami. (Ooops....)

BeansMcGreens's picture

Oh look honey, there is 

Colonel Walter E. Kurtz's Riverside Resort, lets pull in there.
JRobby's picture

Kurtz: "If I had 10 divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly"

Dugald's picture


Waul, I just drop the mooring lines and go hide in the mangroves,

Antifaschistische's picture

yah, let me see if I understand this...

....some guy with a boat says "hey, if you give me a LOT of money, I promise, if SHTF then I'll come give you a boat ride"

LOL....let me see, I have the rich guys money, I have the boat......why exactly will I come give them a ride?

Took Red Pill's picture

also a boat doesn't help much in a hurricane or tsunami

greenskeeper carl's picture

Yep. A couple hundred miles is all you get, and fuel will likely be unavailable. Not much of a plan. I know a good bit about boats. Paying 90k per year is a fuck ton of money for a promise that a boat will be there waiting for you to drive away on. People who don't know shit about boats do not need to be driving big expensive and fast ones around, especially in a panic scenario. Boats are not cars. They don't have brakes, and if the run into trouble, they sink. They are also mch easier to break than cars. 90k a year will buy you one hell of a lot of boat. Learning to drive and handle one isn't that difficult, and Ill be happy to teach any of these people how, for a small fee of course. But for that amount of money, you could be making regular payments on a nice SeaRay with R/O water system and full galley that you could live on for a while.


Me personally, I think that unless you get far enough off shore(a bad idea for the novice) the big rich-guy looking boats will just look like giant floating targets. Id take that 90k a year and buy a fast center console in the 30-35 foot range. A good used one can be had for 90k. Pay to have it stored at a marina, you know it will be waiting on you because you own it and have the keys. Two years worth of this guys fee will buy you a very nice set up. A 30 foot or so contender with 3 Merc Verados or Yamahas in the 300-350 HP range. It will easily do 60+ MPH, making it faster than anything the police or coast guard will have, and most other people as well, unless they use they are chasing you with a helo, which is unlikely. It will have a range of 250-350 miles, depending on model. Obviously less than that if you are actually going 60 mph on it. Use it to get out of the city, have a vehicle waiting at a remote area down the ICW, use it to get to your BOL.


For the person who wants to get away fast and doesn't care about money, I recommend the 7 Marine 627, a supercharged 6 ltr caddy V8 in an outboard. Listen to that blower whine:

Took Red Pill's picture

and lets not forget about pirates, which in a SHTF scenario will be everywhere

Yog Soggoth's picture

Especially in Tampa. Was a couple of cases of suspected piracy there as well as Ft. Myers and Miami. Funny thing is they usually end up as abandoned boats, repainted, or in Miami/Naples end up in the Carib. These stories get scrubbed off the internet for tourism reasons. Always pack in Florida.

The Gun Is Good's picture

Yaaaarrrr!  Yeah, boats = easy to sabotage.....

Yog Soggoth's picture

Ahelicopter would get you out fairly quick. but gyros have some advantages.  

Best of Gyrocopter - YouTube Best of Gyrocopter ... Top 10 most Luxurious & Advanced Gyrocopters in Action - Duration: 6:55. ... Sascha Sandi 135,480 views. 2:56.