The Real Obamacare Replacement Worry

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Presented with no comment...



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I heard the tax penalty for not getting it is even higher.  What is the deal?  I thought it was going to be repealed.  Why can't this thing just go away.  That's what we need to be screaming for.  Who called their SEnator?


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this is why you don't pass this crap. Just like the rest of taxes, there ends up being whole industries setup around whatever gets passed, and their power suprasses that of the government body that passed it in the first place.

And then everybody sits around wondering why we can't just do x, y, or z.

Take Intuit for example. Want tax reform? You'll run head first into this POS company with their POS software. Citizens united was a boon. The only way you will ever fix this is campaign finance reform. That is the only thing the people of this country should be focused on accomplishing. Fix that, and everything else will fall in line.


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kavlar (not verified) evoila Mar 10, 2017 8:12 PM

The Real WashingtonCare Replacement Worry

"I worry that not sending Billion$ and Billion$ to Apartheid IsraHell every single year could rob US Lawmakers of the bribes they need."

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Presented with (little) comment...

Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2000 

Trump focused his campaign on the issues of fair trade, eliminating the national debt, and achieving universal healthcare as outlined in the campaign companion piece The America We Deserve, released in January 2000. He named media proprietor Oprah Winfrey as his ideal running mate and said he would instantly marry his girlfriend, Melania Knauss, to make her First Lady. Critics questioned the seriousness of Trump's campaign and speculated that it was a tactic to strengthen his brand and sell books.,_2000


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Still butt hurt from backing Hillary I see.

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Everytime I see his avatar, all I hear is...

"Ow, Ow, Ow"

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I don't get the cartoon. What am I missing?


PS: Reading it the twelfth time did the trick. Does Barry hand out free spectacles or am I too late for that?

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Pretty sure I see a very large phallic symbol on the left hand side (right for the holder) of that newspaper.

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That's a hidden message telling us that we are all getting "The Big One".

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Apparently Paul Ryan mislead Trump on how likely 'Trumpcare' was likely to pass.

A repeal of Obamacare and then the passing of some sort of 'replacement' seems most likely according to Rand Paul.

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and MDB's bot is very promiscuous this morning too!

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Good Eye? Thx for the heads up ?

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Everbuddy up in heah got Obamafawons!

And Funemployment ;-)

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Free! Free! Free yourself from Job Lock!!! Write Poetry, Play with the baby-momma's kids.

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nmewn: Still butt hurt

Butt hurt will be the Americans that voted for Trump:

Donald Trump will decide whether you get extra pay and family time. Millions of workers will lose it.


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Declaring yourself to not be an American is the truest statement you've made in a while.

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Nope. If Trump does nothing but talk about grabbing pussy for the next 8 years we still win by not having Hillary soiling the oval office.

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Thats a double edged sword and one frankly I am rethinking a bit.

This cant be fixed, and I wonder if it would have been better to get to the end game quicker with Hitlery.

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"Still butt hurt from backing Hillary I see. "


There is simply no living down revealing such depths of serious ideological blindness and/or stupidity publicly.

...And I am being very very kind to poor deluded E.C. and the other Shillary fools and associated ethically challenged sub-genres of expropriationist scum.

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Yea, they ran a life long dem as "alt right" candidate.  It's hilarious.  They don't get it yet but they will soon.

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Actually, it’s worse than that because Trump is an opportunist, meaning, he doesn’t respect institutions. He just uses them. A good example of political opportunists are Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky. Anyway, I hope Trump proves me wrong.  


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He's either just a puppet to carry out another bank bailout, or he will go the route of the men you described.  I hate to be gloom and doom, and I'm actually an optimist, but I think things have to get worse before they get better.

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Not sure how your very last word is, practically speaking, possible. Now, humanly speaking, I will be very happy if doesn’t get worse. But if gets better, I will be dancing on the streets.


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"But if gets better, I will be dancing on the streets."


No you won't.  If things get better under Trump, you will busy yourself trying to make it worse again...



The last thing in the world that progressives will tolerate is any level of success from 'the other side'.  You'll commit suicide before you celebrate anything that might be attributed to DT.  I know this because DT has already served Progs the biggest favor they could've hoped for... burying the TPP.  Did Progs dance in the streets?  Of course not... such is the crippling hypocrisy that is "progressive" policy.  Blue-collar union working stiff (formerly a Dem stalwart) finally has a champion of their cause... do Progs dance in the streets?  Of course not, because the 'right' person wrote/supported TPP & the 'wrong' person flushed it.  Apparently the ends don't justify the means in Progland... the means have to be SJW/OWS sanctioned & approved before any street dancing will be tolerated...

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let me know if you are an optimist who would have given a better shot of getting better, Trump or Hitlery?

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gatorengineer: who would have given a better shot of getting better, Trump or Hitlery?

With Hillary we’ll never know because she lost. Now, we will things get better under Trump?

Well, you would have to describe better economically, socially, and culturally, such as in income equality, right to education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living, right to healthcare, right to science and high education.

Now, when I look at all these facts, the conservatives sucks in all of them under the current structure. Now, if you were to eliminate the state and private power, the conservatives might be proved right. However, elimination the state is not an option, because we would still stuck with private power, which is worse than the state. So, there are no options of getting better. So, believing that eliminating the state is an option is false. It’s not an option.

The best, and only option at the moment, especially if one is a liberal, such as in my case, it’s not to let the conservative make America even worse without realizing it.



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"income equality, right to education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living, right to healthcare, right to science and high education."


Is this the illegal immigrant wish list?  These aren't rights.  These are fiction.  Where are these "rights" written down & promised?  Nowhere.


You live in an alternate universe, moaning about fake rights.  If you're going to live/vote here, learn the rules and save yourself some embarrassment.


You're the guy who goes into a Shake Shack and orders lobster & oysters... and expects it to be free, too.


"income equality, right to education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living, right to healthcare, right to science and high education."


Please read the US Constitution & note that none of the above is in it.

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Republicans wrote the Obamacare. The only thing that Obama got was the 15% limit on insurance companies' profits. If Republicans repeal that and increase penalty that would be an absolute win for insurance.

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"Republicans wrote the Obamacare."


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Unknown User is absolutely correct. The problem that no one knows these it’s because the propaganda to misinformed and distract is relentless.

Democrats generally preferred a single-payer “public option” modeled on Medicare. It was only when a Democratic president began to support the mandate that Republicans decided it constituted an unprecedented assault on it.

The individual insurance mandate, which requires virtually all Americans to obtain health coverage or pay a fine, was the brainchild of conservative economists and embraced by some of the nation’s most prominent Republicans for nearly two decades.


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Politifact - "Still, some claims about Republican support for the mandate exaggerated. A Facebook post claimed that "In 1993 the Republicans embraced a health platform that proudly features an individual mandate as its main component." Actually, only some Republicans embraced it -- there was always a contingent of Republicans (particularly libertarian-leaning ones) who opposed it. And, the Republican mandate tended to kick in only if certain benchmarks for health coverage weren’t met. We rated the statement Half True."

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Escrava, you cant simply parrot "news" and try to assert that progressive republicans are conservative.  Even conservative ones arent really quite so much conservative as neokissass

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Here's the thing... Repub/Trump voters DON'T CARE who wrote the ACA.

Repub/Trump voters want the damn thing repealed... that's all.  


You think Trump voters care about which gaggle of establishment toadies dropped the turd?  LOL.


Keep playing that red vs. blue game... keep losing.

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This is brilliant idea.

We know we get dog & pony show on TV that is supposed to inform all of us about Congress and their emotions, positions, values, principals, ethos, logos, pathos...

- But, it is a Dog & Pony Show by Definition, and put on by Lawyers by Definition... it is total Psy-Ops as you point out!

- Latin America, EU, USA people think that if authorities put out info on Origin of Species, Cause of 2008 Financial Collapse, JFK Assassination, MLK Assassination, Iraqi War, Afghan War, Syrian War, Libyan War, Yemen War, ...WWI, WWII, Bolshevik Revolution, Nazi Rise to power... that all Anglos will believe this SHIT

At least 5 people in Zerohedge believe the dog and pony show of the MSM & Congress

- Republicans would want a lasting version of Health Care... even when presented by the Democrats... they would attempt to deal... just as we see Paul Ryan offering Obama Care Lite!!!! Jeezus fucking Christ

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The structures of corruption are everywhere and they will not yield. Solutions are everywhere but there is no way to impose them against the resistance of the existing, and it is not just deep state and big business. We all play a part in this. Few are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of change, and who can blame us as all we have been asked to do is sacrifice our principles in trade for cheap Chinese imports and cheap labor from illegal aliens. Society is broken.

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Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the top 50 Lobbying Spenders are in Healthcare.


Meet the new boss...  Same as the old boss.

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Reporting of Congressional Contributions, Campaign Funding, and Lobbying is likely ... a Lagging data point.

Hey, I guess Barack Obama no longer has to report Soros funding or Saudi Funding or EU Funding... He is off the Radar.

Eric Holder got hired by California or some County... surprised we got that info.

Loretta Lynch spoke out symbolizing she got some new funding... but also revealed she has rocks in her head and should never have been director of DOJ... DOJ... wow, a great place to start an Investigation, Criminal Investigation.

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The cartoon nails it in my case.  I pay the penalty for coverage I can't afford.

I guess I get consolation in knowing that my neighbor's driving the Cadilac I can't afford, and that I've done my part in seeing that he's not denied.

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As a recently unemployed, I got my Cobra letter the other day $2700 a month..... for family coverage....  this was for a world class shitty plan....  My comapny was self insured, so I can only imagine the book cooking that went into them telling IRS that they were dropping 33K a year for a plan with massive deductibles and only in network coverage....

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Since it only applies to Federal employees, who cares?

The Gov cannot MAKE you get health insurance. Unless you WORK for the Gov, and then they can.

Don't like it? Quit your Gov job.

ETA: Apparently a lot of Leftard .Gov types don't like the sound of that. Tough.

And if you are not, stop claiming to be something you aren't.

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you can call but nobody's home.  

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Trump already removed the tax penalty starting with this year's tax filers. It was in the news and my tax gal confirmed it.

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The penalty is a 30% increase in your premium if you choose to re-enroll.


THe real killer for those age 60 - 65 is the cap hike.  It goes from 3x what a thirty year old ppays to 5x.  That is a 67% premium increase.


Nobody seems to be reporting this.  Rather the news outlets all focus on the Medicaid cahnges.


I can tell you we won't be able to afford this shit and will be dropping coverage.


Fuck that traitorous Son of a Bitch Ryan.

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The penalty is a 30% increase in your premium if you choose to re-enroll.


THe real killer for those age 60 - 65 is the cap hike.  It goes from 3x what a thirty year old ppays to 5x.  That is a 67% increase.


Nonbody seems to be reporting this.  Rather the news outlets all focus on the Medicaid cahnges.


I can tell you we won't be able to afford this shit and will be dropping coverage.


Fuck that traitorous Son of a Bitch Ryan.

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ahahahahahaha, call your senator

bro, I'm in CT, that doesnt work, gov & electoral process 100% captured.

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"I heard the tax penalty for not getting it is even higher. What is the deal? I thought it was going to be repealed. Why can't this thing just go away. That's what we need to be screaming for. Who called their SEnator?"

Whenever the gov't gets involved in something it permanently broken. I doubt the gov't will exit from healthcare insurance, only try to micromanage even more than under Obama.

Here is what I think will happen:

1. Insurance premiums will dip a bit, but deductibles will rise to more than offset any premium declines. Basically everyone effectively loses coverage due to the very high deductibles.

2. Gov't will lower income taxes by introducing a consumption tax (ie national sales tax or VAT). Overall tax outlays will go up not down. Perhaps they will be slightly lower for the first year, but will creep up every year. You never want to support a consumption tax, since it will simply open the door for double taxation (ie get you coming = income tax, and going = sales tax) They will lie to you and tell you that they are going to replace the income tax with a consumption tax, but the income tax will never go away.

3. Payroll tax increases. Since Trump stated entitlement cuts are off the table, the only option is to increase the payroll tax. For the past decade the Gov't as been raising the SS tax cap, but they are getting diminishing returns as fewer and fewer Americans make more than the cap. for instance in 2017 the payroll cap jumped from 118K to 127K. In 2014 the cap was at $114K. In 2019 it jumps up to $136K. I think that the increases won't be enough and they will need to revert to a tax increase to support increasing outlays. Especially when the next recession hits.

FWIW: I don't believe Trump will fix anything. He isn't taking Gov't budget spending cuts seriously, as he is increasing Miltary spending by 9% and refuses to address entitlements. How possible can the gov't balance its budget by not cutting the two biggest budget items?!?

I hate to say it, but Trump is turning into Hillary "lite". By increasing the gov't size, and upping War and oversea miltary operations (ie NATO build up in Eastern Europe, Build up in Japan/Korea over north Korea). 2/3's of Trump's admin picks are Goldmanites.

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Why is there a penis with hairy balls on the guy's newspaper in the cartoon? 

Or do I need to see a counselor.