Pelosi: The People Deserve To Know What's In Healthcare Bill Before We Pass It

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Back in 2010, amid the furore over the Democrat's healthcare tax - soon to be nicknamed 'Obamacare' - Nancy Pelosi explained to the world, seemingly ignorant of the inaneness of what she was saying, that "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."


7 years later, we know how that ended, you lost the doctor you liked and your premiums are exploding.

So here we are, in 2017, 50 days after President Trump took office and the markups to the Obamacare Repeal and Replace actions are underway, and none other than the very same Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi has this to say (in a letter to Speaker Ryan)...

Dear Speaker Ryan,


This week, the Committees on Energy & Commerce and Ways & Means will be marking up Republicans’ long-feared bill to dismantle affordable health care.  The GOP legislation will have life or death consequences for tens of millions of families across America, and extraordinary impacts on state and federal budgets long into the future.


The American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in Committee or by the whole House.


I hope that Republicans will honor their responsibility to the American people both before the Committees vote and before the final bill goes to the House floor.

Once again proving that politicians must have their 'shame' gland removed upon taking the oath and that hypocrisy is a strategy after all.

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Here is more of this idiot on the subject recently. Makes a very good comedy though.

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The creepy crypt bitch hath spoketh.

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Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Stretch mark and rank hypocricy aside, Boris is make it fast to explain content of new Healthcare for Amerikansky. Whether is GOP statist or DEM statist, you are get same bundle of crap roll up to empower political elite while skim very life blood of citizenry through false rhetoric of collectivism. Been there, done there.



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Trump’s healthcare bill is an absolute disaster. Experts say that this is literally one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich ever seen in America. Who would have known that repealing affordable healthcare would destroy our healthcare system? </sarc> Don’t say that progressives didn’t warn you.

Dating Site Statistics Show That White Supremacy Is Alive And Well

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Hey look, MillionDollarDouche is back. Took a break from manning the Glory Hole at the local rest stop to type up some stupidity, I see.

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Logan 5 (not verified) Sofa King Mar 11, 2017 2:07 PM

With her vocal group, the crypt kicker 5...



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two words come to mind whenever i see or hear this cuntbag ...



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MDB is an icon here. Mining sarcastic gold takes moving a lot of material to get to the nuggets...

“Evidence-based” racism is the worst kind of racism, because it seeks to conflate ignorant bigoted views of the world with science and fact. Studies of this kind should be banned, and the progenitors of this study should be charged with hate crimes. 

Gold, pure gold.

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Is Nancy Pelosi molting? In the photo above I think I can see the gills in her neck.

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Yeah most of us know that. But it is what he is portraying himself to be that is open and rife for abuse. Twenty Federal Reserve Notes says that underneath the fascade is probably one of the most conservative anarchisitc people that you  would ever meet. 

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Sign and pass the bill you dumb cunt, then you will see what's in the bill....... You said it now do it clown

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She didn't become the richest member of Congress (worth some $200 million) to let something like term limits get in her way.

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Wasn't it Pelosi that talked long and hard about that during the lead up to passing this God forsaken tax? What did she call it? Redsitribution of wealth? Progressivism. Another name for communism. Tell you what, take a picture of all your worldly posessions and post them here. Put an ad on Craigslist for a house full of free shit to good home, then post pics of all your shit being carried out of your home by people with dark skin. Then and only then will it be certain that you are what you claim.

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You mean Ryancare?  There is no Trump healthcare bill.  However, I do appreciate being called "rich".  I actually felt rich for a couple of seconds after I read that.

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You need a hydrogen flouride enema, idiot. 

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Hadn't seen you in awhile Boris.


If Russia had a Fifth Column in the US, Nancy would their first choice to lead it, no?

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Yes Boris, the establishment Repugnantcans like the DemocRats flap their wings for the same dirty bird. New boss...same as the old boss. It will never end till we apply overwhelming force as a voterate and dare these whore bastards to auction off one more piece of patronage legislation to the highest bidders. Term limits, Campaign Finance, Citizens United, Corporate Citizenship,,must be burnt down. We the people have to get all up in their shit like our elites have gotten up ours. Shove their microscope up all their asses until their tonsils bleed. Bring on the Costitutional Convention, once there, the people should grab hold of it like pit bulls and never let go until the reset is done. Don't dare let the establishment to compromise us. 

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That's an insult to assholes everywhere.

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Pelosi is worse than an asshole. She is a disgrace and it is an insult to the American people that she should hold a position of power in our government.

Surely there must be some legal means of removing her from office?

Zorba&#039;s idea's picture

Minority IDIOT formerly majority IDIOT....Winning!!!

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You are use very abrasive word, perhaps is too salty for young reader… but hard to find better word for describe Nancy Pelosi, but maybe add "foul", "rank", or "leaky" aprior to your choice word.

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Far be it for me to disagree with you, Boris, but I think fucking cunt would be perfect to describe the walking colostomy bag that is Nancy Pelosi.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Problem with this choice of adjective is ambiguity of object/subject. Is Nancy object? Because that is make nauseating. If subject, then is maybe more appropriate because forceful injection of state into life of citizenry is primary operational tactice of government and more appropriate analogy to rape… but anatomical incongruency is problematic.

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Boris Alatovkrap Mar 11, 2017 1:58 PM

Eeeewwwwwww you said it is "Salty" too.

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Logan 5 (not verified) Takeaction2 Mar 11, 2017 2:31 PM

Chocolate Salty Balls

~Isaac Hayes

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

LOL! You are make it funny reconstruction of Boris' comment! Boris is refer to character of language, but you are refer to fishy like ambiance of inner crevice! Boris is see what you are do there!

Logan 5's picture


~William Munny

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"fishY'.....which reminds me of the old joke about the wood sniffer and the shit house door from a tuna boat.....a rank joke, not suitable for a family oriented forum such as this.....

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slag, gash, fly laden excrement,  intestinal effluent... i could continue

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Calling shitbag Nancy a cunt is incorrect ! Cunts are useful 28 days a month she is clearly not. When will she be swinging from a lamp post so she can be beaten by the population ?

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Well, when she hangs from the post, you get first pull on the string.

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A face only a taped up fist could love.



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Fuck tape.

I wanna feel some knuckles smashing an eye-socket.

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Now you are on to something! This is great for economy, better than extension of welfare and employment as Pelosi is claim circa 2009, because broken orbital is require staff of at least 5 medical professional in triage who is then spend wage in local economy. This is just like broken window but with cathartic benefit, yes?

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I hope her cathater doesn't fall on the sidewalk when she is helped into her van.

(Boris, where have you been--chasing moose and squirrel?)

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Very suspicious - same day Boris return to airwaves, Million Dick Bonus arrive also.  Trip together or same jail cell?

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By the way, welcome back Boris.  Million Dick Bonus...not so much.

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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is not medical expert, but whichever of syphilis is cause nose to fall off and require surgical re-attachment and skin graft, that is probably best diagnosis for Pelosi, yes?

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The best medical solution would be to replace degrading blood plasma in her circulatory system with formaldehyde, thus undertaking to kill the old bird with one stone.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

…while simultaneous improvement of smell!