Putting Global Debt Into Perspective - 13 Stunning Silver Stats

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Although gold has a bigger reputation today as a monetary metal, it was often deemed too valuable for everyday transactions throughout history.

But, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, for the most part, common people in places like Ancient Rome used silver to buy daily staples like grain or wine. As a result, silver has a strong reputation through monetary history as the “people’s money”.

Even today, silver is still much more widely accessible. With one ounce of gold being 70x more expensive than an ounce of silver, it’s difficult for someone who is just starting to accumulate wealth to own gold.

Visualizing Silver

What do savings and debt look like, using the “people’s money”?

Below is everything from the average paycheck to global sovereign debt visualized as silver cubes.

1. A median U.S. family brings in $2,355 per pay period (semi-monthly) pre-tax.

Average U.S. Paycheck as a Silver Cube

2. However, the median American family only has about $5,000 of savings.

Median U.S. Savings as a Silver Cube

3. The standard silver delivery bar holds 1,000 oz of silver.

Silver bar

4. Average household debt is $98,312, with mortgage debt being the primary component.

Average household debt as a silver cube

5. A Lamborghini worth over $400,000 needs a silver cube with 16-inch (0.4m) sides.

A Lamborghini's value as a silver cube

6. Using a silver price of about $18/oz, here’s what $1 million looks like.

$1 million as a silver cube

7. Every day, the world’s mines produce about 75 tonnes of silver, worth over $44 million.

Daily Silver Production as a silver cube

8. Silver Eagle sales have jumped considerably since the Financial Crisis.

Silver Eagle Sales as a Silver Cube

9. When the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market, they hoarded 200 million oz.

Hunt Brothers Stockpile as a Silver Cube

10. Today, almost 900 million oz of silver is mined each year.

All Silver Mined Each Year as a Silver Cube

11. JP Morgan’s market capitalization, in comparison to previous cubes.

JPMorgan's market capitalization as a silver cube

12. All silver ever mined would not compare to the Fed’s balance sheet, which is now $4.5 trillion.

All Global Debt Visualized as a Gold Cube

13. Global sovereign debt is 13X bigger than all previous cubes combined.

All Sovereign Debt Visualized as a Gold Cube

Liked our visualizations of silver cubes?

Don’t forget to check out 11 stunning visualizations of gold.

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

Silver Charts are absolutely surreal.

DEBT is OUT OF CONTROL in America and the World.

SILVER looks like it is the place to be in the coming years. 

By the way, SILVER is also a SUPER ANTIBIOTIC!!! We find it on airplane air filters as an example.


Colloidal Silver Kills More Than 650 Diseases

Colloidal Silver has been medically proven to be the best infection-fighting agent ever discovered. Colloidal Silver kills more than 650 known disease-causing organisms in 6 minutes or less. The following is a partial list of the more than 650 known diseasecausing organisms that Colloidal Silver has been used successfully against: acne, AIDS, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bladder inflammation, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, burns, cancer, candida, cholera, colitis,conjunctivitis, cystitis, dermatitis, diabetes, dysentery, eczema, fibrosis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, hepatitis, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, molds, neurasthenia,, parasitic infections, viral, fungal and bacterial pneumonia, prostate pruritus ani, psoriasis, opthalmia, rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions Of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, seborrhea, septicemia, shingles, staphylococcus, skin cancer, and streptococcus infections, stomach flu, syphillus, thyroid, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, toxemia, trachoma, all forms of virus, warts, whooping cough, yeast infection, stomach ulcer, and canine parvovirus a veterinary use, and fungal and viral attacks on plants. 



This Might Hurt's picture

PM's will replace a large portion of the bond market as the preferred safe haven asset as explained in the video below.


BigJim's picture

Within our lifetimes? Because these "too the moon" predictions haven't been playing out too well for the last 6 years.

prime american's picture
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Harlequin001's picture

This sad fuck must spend his every working minute opening accounts on Zero Hedge just so he can post this bullshit one time before being permanently barred.

Why don't you just fuck off eh?

Donate Moar's picture

As a programmer, I suspect this type of activity is automated, so there

is no "sad fuck" spending his time doing anything but the initial coding.

Computers are designed for automation, and here we have a 'fine'

example of....automation.   One that is unfortuneately annoying.

Just like robocalls.  Its a machine that dials, and will pass the line

to a human (sometimes) if a voice is detected.

ZH SHOULD be able to AUTOMATICALLY detect and delete these postings,

but they do not.  WHY???


Did you ever wonder why commercials on TV and radio are so annoying?

It is because they WORK!  

A sad statement indeed about our societal peers and IQ.


(PS: I don't know why the text is double spaced)




J S Bach's picture

Does silver also kill the parasite homo judeacus?

greenskeeper carl's picture

It could, if used in the right way, kill their fake banking system and put them out of business, which is good enough for me....

political_proxy's picture

Silver is said to kill werewolves...so why not.

PhilofOz's picture

Wikipedia slams its use from one end of this page to the other.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_uses_of_silver#Colloidal_silver

I know there are hidden motives with thousands of Wikipedia articles and they are not to be trusted but this attack on colloidal silver is nothing short of vicious! Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between both sides of the issue.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Science doesn’t have two sides, because it will be disproved by tomorrow morning.

However, folk  (naive) science anything goes.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

PhilofOz ...

Question: Who would not want Silver's use to be pervasive?

Answer: Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Why? It would make some drugs useless. We are talking about big money.

Air Filtration is one industrial application that appears to have been widely accepted.

By the way, Romans use to put a silver coin in their drinks to preserve freshness.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In Silver Glass
PhilofOz's picture

Doing a bit more research on it and I stumbled across the "Blue Man" story.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2431165/Paul-Karason-Papa-Smurf-...

I'm not sure what sort of doses he was taking but makes me think twice on trying it out!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Interesting ...

How much people take of anything is always a concern. For example, you can overdose on vitamine. In America today, people are way to dependant on a narcotic or drug to fix their problems when solution may already exist in nature like a good diet on a silver plate.

Not sure what this guy was taking, but I am certain the the benefits of silver as a super antibiotic continue to be supressed by the drug industry because it will wreck their business model. 

I just wonder how FAKE NEWS plays into shaping people's opinions of the drug industry when we see stories like this one.

BandGap's picture

One of the top suicide routes is to overdose on Tylenol (acetaminophen). Handful will poison your liver and you die.

Donate Moar's picture

"Blue Man" story...


That guy put accelerants (salts) in the water as he made is own colloidal silver.  So he made and consumed the very light sensitive chemical that was/is used on film.  When he was exposed to light, that crap reacted and gave him a blue hue, but he did not care.

Making colloidal silver is a strict process, and should only involve silver, distilled water and very low voltages.

If you can see ANYTHING in that solution, something is very wrong.  However, you CAN use a low power laser to see the sparkling silver particles during the process. 

I don't know if it cures anything, but it is interesting and simple chemistry.

green888's picture

all non distilled water liable to contain nitrates, and it is silver nitrate that turns the skin blue - siver nitrate useless as a biocide

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

In my experience a few drops of colloidal silver will cure bacterial pink eye in a couple of hours, enabling reuse of otherwise infected and useless contact lens.

My impression is it also reduces the intensity of cold virus symptoms, eg no sore throat, which is the worst symptom. I inhale colloidal silver from.a syringe (with no needle of course) into my sinus while with my head upside down. Unpleasant but it stops colds.

buttmint's picture

...use colloidal silver as a topical antiseptic---better than Neosporin

Philthy_Stacker's picture

My friend took some on my recommendation, for a 3 year pneumonia. He tried 3 different antibiotics and a booster over that time and couldn't shake it. Within 15 mins. of inhaling a mist, he coughed up a lungful of mucus and 1 week later, after daily 1oz shots, he was back to normal.

Blew both our minds ...

SimmerDown's picture

Dangerous. It accumulates in your tissue and can literally turn your skin blue. Here's a case in point from Google images [https://goo.gl/images/gZF25K]

CHoward's picture

Nice graphics but I don't get the point. 

Kefeer's picture

He sells silver and you buy silver - or not.  :)


Texas Precious Metals is the partner to the website linked at the top.

Fester's picture

The family that owns Texas Precious Metals also owns Ranch Hand Bumpers.

Bricker's picture

Visuals always freak me out, especially when it brings home the message.


Omega_Man's picture

where is the pic of how much is consumed per year?

BigJim's picture

Half of all silver produced every year is "consumed" - ie, used up in processed/products that are not economically recoverable.

So chop the "annual mined" cube in half. That's how much gets consumed.

Which means the other half is hoarded every year.

In other words - there's a lot of above-ground, refined silver; billions of ounces of it.

In other words, silverbugs - it's not scarce. And probably won't ever be.

But but but... new technologies, new uses... sure.... some of which, like graphene, are just as likely to reduce our need for silver as increase it.

Silver, like most "investments" is a gamble. But at least you can stack it at home, or at the bottom of a lake, and it's more than 50% off its highs, unlike virtually every other "investment" today.

Allen_H's picture

They use it in bombs/weapons as well, and in computer chipboards.

Omega_Man's picture

it kinda doesn't make sense to compare something real like silver to world debt...one is real and the other is just fantasy money 

razorthin's picture

And silver is consumed in the SunCell.  It's the new oil.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Not until someone figures out a way to safely store enormous amounts of energy in automobiles.

hooligan2009's picture

it will buy the same proportion of a lambourghini as it does now

that's the point - money might change - physicals are...um physical and either decay or don't

Misean's picture

Um...we already did. It's called a gas tank.

(That's about 2,250,000BTU per 18 gal ave tank size)

TripleX's picture

However contrary to oil it doesn't get burned and it gets recycled

TripleX's picture

However contrary to oil it doesn't get burned and it gets recycled

83_vf_1100_c's picture

My stack suddenly seems so lame.

TheEndIsNear's picture

It may only be large enough to buy a Lamborghini right now, but eventually it will buy you a fleet of them and a mansion to go alone with it.

newmacroman's picture

Now I know why my wife keeps telling me i have a short stack...

And here I thot it was my lack of black privilege.

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 11, 2017 7:52 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Trite, but true.  Plus, I had delivered today another 10 oz of silver.  It adds up.

Philthy_Stacker's picture

Here's a great tip for you stackers. I've been going to all the nearby Antique malls, where inevitably, there are a few coin and PM dealers. The place is usually staffed by the management, so you have to find what you want and take them to it. I have been buying lots of 'older priced' pieces, such as coins and sterling for 10-50% below spot! Bracelets usually have the most weight for the price. Rings not so much. Also silver pocket watches (broken even). If you go back regularly, you can get it before the dealers come in to raise the prices on their stock. I bought 50 CDN Dollars and halfs for about $12/oz. last week.