Widespread AT&T Outages Reported Across The U.S.

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Two weeks after a massive Amazon cloud outage crippled numerous websites on the East Coast, this morning users of AT&T across the nation are reporting widespread outages in their cellphone service. This appears to be confirmed by the current downdetector.com data on reported problems with the cellphone carrier.

Twitter users from around the country have confirmed the interruption in service.

While some have joked that AT&T has activated the downtime to remove embedded CIA eavesdropping features, for now there has been no official statement from AT&T... or from the crack team of Kremlin-controlled spies for that matter.

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Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) Mar 11, 2017 11:18 AM

ATT, meet ELO


"Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight"

El Vaquero's picture

Blame the Russians in 3...2...1...

pods's picture

Shows how well prepared people are for a real crisis. Couple hours without something to keep you from having to think, oh my! End of the world. 

Seeing those "tweets" reinforces my decision to avoid twitter. Do those creatures know English? 


GUS100CORRINA's picture

It is called and "EMP ATTACK".

Source of disruption: The SUN

I believe this will never be disclosed, but most problably true. Just look at the geographical map!

It is NOT the RUSSIANS!!!

TwelveOhOne's picture

Perhaps they're clearing out the CIA hidden rooms?

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) TwelveOhOne Mar 11, 2017 1:42 PM

In the Rocky mtns ~ it's CLOUDY

In the Cloudy mtns ~ it's ROCKY

madmike117's picture

A solar flare that targeted only ATT towers and nothing else.

johngaltfla's picture



T errible

T elephone

service  is having service issues? Have they had that guy in Mumbai tell any of you to go fuck yourselves yet and quit whining?

AT&T makes Verizon look barely tolerable.

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prime american (not verified) johngaltfla Mar 11, 2017 1:25 PM

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Lorca's Novena's picture

Ive heard that Solar Flares are becoming racist..... Soon theyll be held responsible for the failure of a shitty IPO  (SNAP)....

Ms No's picture

The sun is deader than a doornail (see information on left side of page) and I see nothing about any flare or anything of interest last night.  As per my comment at the bottom, the sun's declining minimum activity will have an inverse relationship with cosmic radiation which is up 12% in a short period of time.  That can also affect electronics and critters.

ebworthen's picture

"...what's going on!?"  Um...AT&T sucks ass?

And yes kids, sometimes the walkie-talkie breaks.

Reminds me of the people who dial 911 as their vehicle sinks in a lake.

Dimwit's picture

Is that 'Bitcoin'?


Consuelo's picture



Hey --- that looks like a bitcoin machine...

espirit's picture


Somebody left the back door open.

BabaLooey's picture

LIGHTENING FAST.................4G!



AT&T AD - "KEEP CALM - YOUR INTERNET IS ON"https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ABBh/at-and-t-keep-calm-your-internets-on



CPL's picture

And if it is a BTC machine then it's part of the future.

The Bitcoin network is currently achieving 7059965.06 petaFLOPS of compute power. The most recent list of Top500 supercomputers 2, released in November 2015, cumulatively achieves a peak performance of 642 petaFLOPS. If you divide the Bitcoin network by the TOP500, you find that the Bitcoin network is faster by a factor of 10,996.8. 

Basically they have bows and arrows, BTC is the multi warhead nuclear option.  It's pretty awesome considering it's all been built with voluenteer efforts and a shoestring to solve a piece of math that needed some brute force to crack it.  It will make it ver easy to determine who is part of the future, it's all the people not using it and still using the old legacy system.

Currently 16 million + coins rendered, another 5 million to go to complete the 21 million piece cryptographic puzzle to make a key and provide an answer.  To finish that five million BTC, the machines to do it have yet to be invented.  In the meanwhile the ASIC processor market to drive those changes has gone hockey stick and blown the AMD/Intel paradigm out of the water.  It will give birth to the first and real functional quantum level computing and help drive the AI development to the theorectical zero point.

It will also be the end of this paradigm and all before it once it help achieves zero point in another project in an estimated 1 year and 2 months.


TheEndIsNear's picture

All of those wasted resources and computing power just to generate unique but not particularly useful strings of binary digits. It's enough to make me shed a tear. At least they could be using the computing network power to factor large numbers into primes to gain a better understanding of prime numbers, but instead it's totally wasted on nothing of any real tangible value.

CPL's picture

Let me go grab my pillow and have a nap when the lecture on Fibonacci starts.  zzzzzz....

Otherwise if you would like to run your own heavy math crunching then all the source code and cheap ASIC processing muscle is now available or you could go look up Wieferich@Home.  Which is the distributed computing done for primes and it finished in 2012 so maybe there is something there for you.  

However BTC is a reengineering of all the lessons learned from all the other math projects in the distributed computing groups did for the @HOME projects.  I've been involved in these one way or another since school in the late 80's and early 90's.  Worked at helping people get their implementations done either through support, engineering or beta testing (early stuff was so badly done, got better though).  My volunteer resume is much thicker than my professional one.  Anycase: 

  • Seti@Home. 
  • Folding@Home. 
  • Asteroids@home. 
  • Universe@Home. 
  • DENIS@Home. 
  • Enstein@Home
  • Evolution@Home
  • Enigma@Home
  • Gerasim@Home
  • Hydrogen@home
  • LHC@Home
  • Milkyway@Home
  • NFS@Home
  • NumberFields@Home
  • QMC@Home
  • Radioactive@home
  • Ralph@home
  • Radioactive@home
  • SAT@home
  • Stardust@home
  • Wieferich@Home
  • yoyo@home

I think I got them all. 

There are other distributed computing projects but they were closed, and not open source, therefore irrelevant to the larger goals of the @Home project groups.  Even thought the lazy good for nothing cunts stole the technology from our group and didn't share findings.  It's from the @Home project that a math problem was found as a common theme from all those other @home projects, even the unrelated ones, that is what is being tried to get solved under the hood of BTC.  If trying to do it the conventional way using the old @Home client methods it would take a billion years to do.  Hence the reinvention of distributed computing.

The problem was to increase participation, make our own chips, make it faster, drive the technology curve to meet the project needs and make it all run on 99% less energy than the original projects.  Fastest way to do that was to turn the math project into 'muny'.  While the currency thing gets people's motors running and everyone something to do, it is not the primary concern of BTC.  The jacker jack toy inside the crytpographically sealed lock box of the math is what is being sought.  Again once done, the paradigm will replace all the current ones and clean out the old.  At least that's the theory, there are lots of ideas around what it might be, but no one actually knows and that's why everyone dogpiled it since it was interesting enough to get other groups to drop what they were doing and focus on this.

The math is a little more important than some muddled confusion on how to count primes and the Wolfram data sets cludged together.  At this point in time and participation, it's going to be another 100 years for people in the BitCoin project get the last bit of number crunching done and produce the key from the crypto by brute forcing it the other direction.  All done with a team of weirdos, geeks, nerds, builders, engineers and as many people as want to help out under the open source banner to figure this math problem out without offending people's delicate and pointless sensibilities around their beliefs.  Math is a universal language of sapient people and is about as agnostic as it gets.

Your welcome.  I take donations in BTC, so does everyone else involved in the project.


1980XLS's picture

Just a CIA spyware update install.

44_shooter's picture

1st world problems...

tmosley's picture

This is NOT a first world problem.

silverer's picture

Right. Can you hear me now?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

The Zombies lose their sustenance and all hell breaks lose. They should have learned Royal Navy Flag Signalling instead of Anthropology of The Homesexual Homo Erectus.

doctor10's picture

ooops. Trump must've really stepped on somebody's toes THIS week!!

Xando's picture

People still make voice calls? I thought everybody just texted anymore. Nobody calls me on voice except my parents. 

Rock On Roger's picture

My rotary dial phone on the land line works.



Urban Redneck's picture

You do realize that's only faux-rotary service... and all the actual analog switching equipment was replaced years ago to make the NSAs life easier, and your's less private. 

ItsyBitsy90's picture

I still have the princess model up at the cottage!

MemyselfandI's picture

Those Fkin Russkies!

scoutshonor's picture

I think that was one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, 


Or sumptin like that.

mofreedom's picture

ATT: At-Times-Telephone

alpha-protagonist's picture

Government testing the system? When the ATMs go down, worry!

CosmicDebris's picture

We're all gonna die. 

restelle's picture

Cell service down = Zombie outbreak in the making.

silverer's picture

Sounds like a CIA experiment to me.

max2205's picture

Baby boom in 9 months

espirit's picture

Yep, in 16yo vain snowflakes.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Cheesecake boom.


Millenial women fucking each other does not equal procreation.