50 Million Americans Brace For "Crippling Blizzard" In Northeast

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A major Nor'easter threatens to shut down travel due to heavy snow and strong winds from Washington, D.C., to New York City and Boston early this week, as weather forecasters on Sunday put the U.S. East Coast on a blizzard watch, warning some 50 million people of potential snowfall from 12 to 18 inches, coupled with wind blasts in some areas from Monday night into Wednesday. New York City issued a snow alert for Monday night, preparing its fleet of snow plows to deal with the fallout.

Bliz March 12

Washington, which often grinds to a halt with even low levels of snow, is expecting 5 inches in the city and twice that in outlying areas.


Some have gone so far as to dub the coming storm a "crippling blizzard":

The National Weather Service warns that the storm has raised the potential for dangerous travel and power outages with damaging wind gusts up to 50 mph possible across eastern Long Island and southeastern Connecticut. The likelihood of blowing snow and strong winds could lead to "whiteout" conditions with visibility as poor as a quarter mile, the service said. Sub-freezing temperatures were forecast in the upper 20s Fahrenheit, Reuters adds.

Noreaster March 11

According to Accueweather, areas from northern Virginia to northern Maryland, central and eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, central and southeastern New York state and a large part of New England will be shoveling out of 6 inches or more of snow from the storm. A widespread zone of around a foot or more of snow is expected from the western suburbs of Philadelphia to New York City, Boston and Portland, Maine.

"New York City's Central Park has not recorded more than 10 inches of snow from one storm in March since the 1993 Storm of the Century," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said. This amount of snow over such a broad, heavily populated area could bring travel to a standstill as snow clogs streets and highways and heavy snow and wind trigger airline delays and flight cancellations. Some flights have already been canceled in advance of the storm.

NE storm March 12 New snow

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced preparations for the so-called Nor'easter storm, activating the state Emergency Operations Center as of Monday night while also directing state agencies to be on heightened alert. "I encourage all New Yorkers in affected regions to plan ahead, and avoid any unnecessary travel as the storm progresses," Cuomo said in a statement, adding that commuters should expect road closures, delays and cancellations. To be sure, some more cynical observers recall the last time New York was paralyzed ahead of what was expected to be a major storm, the impact ended up being relatively minor, that said it remains unclear if this time caution not warranted.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was installing hundreds of pieces of snow equipment at the three New York area airports, including snow melters that can liquefy up to 500 tons of snow per hours and plows that can clear snow at 40 mph, Cuomo's office said. Thousands of tons of salt and sand were prepared for airport roads, parking lots, bridges and tunnels. Some flights have already been canceled in advance of the storm.

Accuweather also warns that for thousands of miles of roads in the region, this will be an unusually cold storm for the middle of March. Much of the snow that falls will accumulate on the roads. "Residents should prepare for school closures and potential cancellations of sporting events due to hazardous travel for players and fans," Pydynowski said."

Zoomed in NE March 12

All rain or a mixture of rain and snow is likely to fall on southeastern Virginia, southeastern Maryland, southern Delaware, southern New Jersey and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Should the storm track farther to the east, then heavy snow could fall in these areas. Should the storm track farther west, more rain could fall farther inland, especially to the Interstate-95 corridor. In this case, the zone for a foot or more of snow would shift westward to the I-81 and northern I-91 corridors.

"It is also possible that a band of burying snow with amounts to or past a foot rides up the central Appalachians before shifting to New England," Pydynowski said. "In this situation, there could be a break in the heavy snow over a part of the mid-Atlantic's I-95 corridor.

Making matters worse, as the storm intensifies, winds will ramp up along the coast and expand inland. Wind gusts can frequently top 40 mph at the height of the storm, which cannot only create blizzard conditions, but may break tree limbs and threaten sporadic power outages. Blowing and drifting snow can become a significant problem, not only during the middle of the storm on Tuesday, but perhaps for a couple of days in the storm's wake. During much of the storm, northeasterly winds will pull ocean water toward the coast and create rough surf from Virginia to Maine. This effect will cause tides to run 1-2 feet above normal and can result in coastal flooding at times of high tide.

Wind March 12 PM

Strong onshore winds, coastal flooding and beach erosion will diminish from south to north as the storm moves along and winds blow offshore Tuesday night and Wednesday. Only if the storm stalls would a more prolonged period of beach erosion and coastal flooding occur.

The threat of heavy snow comes toward the end of an unusually mild winter along much of the East Coast, with below-normal snowfalls in many areas, including New York City and Washington. The Northeast Regional Climate Center reported that this was the warmest February on record in nearly the entire area, with temperatures in New York last week hovering near 70 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Accuweather.com, and hit 60 degrees or higher on six days in February.

Meanwhile, in the western United States, the weather service forecast potentially record-setting heat in the four corners states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, where temperatures were expected into the 90s Fahrenheit in some places.

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J S Bach's picture

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of New England liberals.

knukles's picture

"Let 'em freeze in the dark"
            - Joe Sixpack

American Psycho's picture

I need to consult Al Gore about this.

knukles's picture

This "Revenge Blizzard" will be blamed upon Trump in the NYT's front page banner op-ed.

stant's picture

Pepe team 6 has taken over the haarp facility in alaska. Weponized autism strikes again . All hail kek

espirit's picture

Fookin 80's deep south.

Desperately need moar Globull Cooling.

NoDecaf's picture

Airlines feeling triggered by delays...

The fight is real

Son of Loki's picture


Am I a bad person for feeling Happy?

No, make that very HAPPY.

I feel so ... Deplorable.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Perfect moment to trigger the Georgia's guidestones agenda.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

No individual snowflake ever feels itself responsible for the blizzard.

xythras's picture

While 50mil expect some chilling weather, all 320mil of us and the rest of the world are expecting the Debt Bomb go boom:

$21,714 for Every Man, Woman and Child in The World – This Global Debt Bomb is Ready to Explode




Won't be a pretty sight.

Manthong's picture

This global cooling/warming/CO2 explosion is wreaking havoc on our environment…

Oh, what’s that you say?

Yea right, like this is not TEOTWAWKI or something.

You F’n  Climate Denier / Normdrone

Oh, wait a minute..


NoDebt's picture

Al Gore can go fuck himself.

I got the big dog snow blower on the front of my ancient tractor ready to go.  Battery is charged.  Fluids are slowly dripping out of it onto my garage floor, which is a good sign because that means it's got fluids in it to drip.  I plowed my way out of 30" of snow with this antique (it's literally the same model year as my wife), it'll do 12-18" without breaking a sweat.


Dabooda's picture

Shit. Just what we need -- more snowflakes.

fleur de lis's picture

Very funny!

Actually, what are the odds that any of the two-legged snowflakes will be shoveling snow or assisting a neighbor?

To the contrary -- they will be demanding plowed streets so that they can skip their classes about micro aggression, wymynz studies, and sociology to protest about something/anything in comfort.

And free hot chocolate, designer coffee, and chai tea in case it gets too chilly while they are out screaming and obstructing traffic.

Provided by the taxpayers of course.

All of their parasitic schools should get plastered in snow.


Manthong's picture



"Battery is charged.  Fluids are slowly dripping out of it onto my garage floor"


I thought that is what Algore did as his Chackra was revived somewhere there out west.

chunga's picture

Old, small, working tractors very rarely go down in value, especially diesels. People always love to buy those because they're so handy.

Bigly's picture

300 lb snowblower so Bring It.  

People are such wimps. Last week they closed schools and the snow did not even stick to the asphalt.  It was 70 degrees the week before so it was warmer.

Our local weathermen are literally gay queens and alcoholics. 



Wait.  They just upped my area to 24" and 60 mph winds.  Ok  maybe slightly concerned.  Power outage would get me. 5 yrs ago our power was out for 10days starting around halloween.  THAT sucked and a good proxy for how pissed and cold you can get if flatfooted.  

Have gas for you generators for a couple days.  That would be  20 gallons people!!!  That was my issue.  And the pumps and stations had no power......



Montani Semper Liberi's picture

I've got my Big Buddy Heater and 4 full tanks of propane so I'm good for over a week without power. The damn thing will run you out of the room if you set it on the high 18,000 btu setting, but I'd only get 3 or 4 days use if I kept it at that level. Every home should have one that is north of the Mason-Dixon line, and no, I'm not a paid spokesman for Mr Heater.

de3de8's picture

Or not know the difference when power goes out, I have propane heat amongst other things and whole house gen set. Never know the power is out except for those few seconds at switchover.

valley chick's picture

Sounds like you are in the chester county pa area.

post turtle saver's picture

from what I hear, so can your wife...

badump *tish*

Jim Sampson's picture

It looks like a whale trying to eat Kentucky.

svayambhu108's picture

2017 started with some testing of infrastructure...

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New_Meat's picture

JFC, c'mon MDB, can't your bot be serious about this shit?  The world is going to end from Snowmageddon and your bot is emitting the same crap.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Like the last monster Snowmageddon it will not happen - mark my words, but will stall the civilians life so that the army can do their moves and staff in the area with as less as possible unauthorized eyes.

nmewn's picture

This must be the windy-cold part of the Unified Theory of Manmade Global Warming, the cold/hot/wet/dry/windy/calm part! ;-)

kill switch's picture

I'm making 40k a week pulling

my hog for two days a week.

AlaricBalth's picture

Russian Winter in the Northeast US.
Blame Putin!!!

MsCreant's picture

Putin on a Blitz.

Well the man at the back said everyone attack...


cbxer55's picture

But! But! He's probably out zipping around in his private jet, so he can do his blow hard global warming speech on a bunch of liberal suckers!

MsCreant's picture

Normally D.C. is blinded with bullshit.

Blinding snow should be a refreshing change. They are no strangers to snow jobs and coverups, but you can always hope they wash it all away.

D.C., full of douches which do not refresh.

detached.amusement's picture

I do see plenty of seeds of malcontent, malformed as they are.

but nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever about a mid march blizzard.

especially since the polar vortex went funky

I just laugh because GCMs, none of that shit predicted this behavior.  All the confirmation one needs regarding whether or not the carbon catastrophe hypothesis has any long term predictive capability.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

One Phrase: POLE SHIFT

Buckle-up for the ride of your life in 2017! We have not seen anything yet.

By the way, you know that 'little' AT&T outage yesterday that hit the Eastern US? Have you seen a root cause from the authorities yet? DON'T WORRY, YOU WON'T. Let me state that problem was not caused by human or equipment error. All the evidence is pointing to an increase in solar and celestial activity that is going to influence everything from weather to services. 

espirit's picture

About fucking time,  I'm getting old.

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) espirit Mar 12, 2017 6:45 PM

I'm all for a Pole [Dancer] Shift

detached.amusement's picture

wtf are you talking about


I dont know what evidence you're looking at, but from the evidence I'm seeing with the southern hemisphere of the sun slowed and the northern just about getting on to same, it doesnt look like any sort of increase in solar activity at all.

long insulating your house.

crazzziecanuck's picture

I believe he's referring to something akin to a coronal mass ejection (CME).  They happen on a fairly regular basis but the probability our planet would intercept one during our orbit is slim.  It's effect on weather is not very long-lasting though the one in 1854 if it were to reoccur today would be literally armageddon (telegraph stations literally were set on fire).  Virtually nothing would work and why I'm so happy I'm no longer a city dweller...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

crazzziecanuck ....

You said it exactly!! But, there is more to story besides CME. The other part of the story that I have been looking into for the last 3 months has to do with Earth Polar Shift. While there is a lot of WILD stuff in cyberspace, I have listed just three short videos below that discuss the science of Earth Polar Shift. This information is sobering to say the least, but it makes sense. I hope information useful in case you have never seen it.(The only issue I heard has to do with time references because i am a young earth creationist. But everything else looks OK.)




detached.amusement's picture

I chuckle at folks who think the core is just going to spontaneously flip.....why do you think it is "so long overdue?"

GUS100CORRINA's picture

detached_amusement ... 

You know what makes me chuckle is how all of these environmentalists like Al Gore run around yelling "GLOBAL WARMING" and "CLIMATE CHANGE" is coming because of CO2. People and leaders actually believe this garbage and enact legislation that kills the economy and hurts people. The EPA is filled with career criminals.



What is the real TRUTH? Below is just one video that discuss the science behind 'Earth Polar Shift' that i think is the best of the 100s I have looked at to date. I started this journey 3 months ago trying to understand/rationalize the connection between Biblical Prophecy with Science as well as understand why all the corporations, elites and governments are building bunkers and seed vaults everywhere. Russia is rumored to be able to house 40 million people. I began to as ask: Why? Pentagon is missing 2+ Trillion dollars rumored to have been used for black operations. Where did the funds go? Something was not making sense so I dug a little deeper and stumbled upon Earth Polar Shift information. After looking at the data, everything made sense.

The TRUTH is sobering, but at least it is the TRUTH.  


detached.amusement's picture

I think its funny that some people think nothing has been done to mitigate this happening sooner or later, its just a matter of time.  Of course I am not saying nothing would be affected, but if you think all of your electronics are going to magically stop working then you dont understand their operation.

HalinCA's picture

And guess else is coming ...



A recent major discovery identified a massive liquid iron "jet stream" circling the Earth's outer core that appears to be accelerating. This comparatively fast flowing liquid iron stream is currently moving westward under Alaska and Siberia as measured by the Swarm satellites and recently published in Nature Geoscience.

The iron jet is moving at about 50 km per year, orders of magnitude faster than plates move and much faster than anything scientists knew of within Earth's interior. Traveling at 50 km per year doesn't seem rather fast compared to speeds on the surface of the Earth. However, consider the tremendous amount of energy required to push aside dense liquid metal under very high pressures across hundreds of miles. In addition, it appears that this liquid jet stream is accelerating but scientists have not determined what is causing the acceleration.

The liquid iron jet is similar to the jet stream found within our atmosphere but at 3,000 km below the surface of the Earth. The jet appears to be 420 km wide and covers half way around the planet as it travels through Earth's liquid outer core. This iron jet has likely been circling the Earth for hundreds of millions of years, yet we just discovered its existence. Despite a good understanding of the iron jet's width and length, the depth to which it extends is far from known.

The liquid jet likely aligns between two different boundaries within Earth's core. The boundary, which the research team calls a "tangent cylinder" is like a tube running along the solid inner core along Earth's rotational axis. When molten iron travels toward the cylinder it is diverted sideways and forms a jet along the theoretical tube.

SWRichmond's picture

Circulating currents baby.  You got any idea how much current is required to produce the Earth's magnetic field?  

Pure Evil's picture

Never let a Climate Change crises go to waste.