Preet Bharara Fans Speculation He Was Probing Trump When He Was Fired

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There may have been much more to the termination of US attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, than meets the casual glance.

According to Reuters, which cites a law enforcement source, two days before U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was fired on Saturday, the high-profile New York prosecutor declined to take a call from President Donald Trump.  Bharara reportedly contacted the DOJ for authorization to speak to the president on Thursday - one day before the DOJ announced it had requested all Obama-era attorneys to hand in their resignations. When he apparently did not receive it, Reuters adds that he called back the woman who had contacted him to say "he did not want to talk to Trump without the approval of his superiors."

As reported previously, Bharara - in his role as chief federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York - oversaw several notable corruption and white-collar criminal cases and prosecutions of terrorism suspects. He was one of 46 Obama administration holdovers who were asked to resign by the Justice Department on Friday.

On Saturday afternoon, Bharara tweeted that he had been fired after he defied the request to resign. The move was a surprise because Bharara told reporters in November that Trump had asked him to remain in the job. 

As Reuters also notes, the DOJ would not comment on reports of Bharara's contacts with Trump representatives and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' office in the days before his firing. The White House had no comment on Sunday on any contacts with Bharara.

Among some of Bharara recent caseflow, he was most notably overseeing a probe into New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's fundraising. Bharara said his deputy, Joon Kim, would serve as his temporary replacement.

More importantly, in light of recent speculation that Trump terminated Bharara due to an alleged investigation into Trump himself, Reuters' source declined comment on whether or not the office had any active investigations related to Trump. On Wednesday, three watchdog groups asked Bharara to take steps to prevent the Trump Organization from receiving benefits from foreign governments that might enrich Trump, who has not given up ownership of the business.

Norm Eisen, a former White House ethics lawyer who leads one of the groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, questioned the timing of the firings. "I do believe that something odd happened," he said. "You don't decide to keep 46 folks on, then suddenly demand their immediate exit, without some precipitating cause or causes."


Democrat Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, said on Sunday it was the president's prerogative to fire U.S. attorneys. But he questioned why Trump had suddenly changed his mind on keeping Bharara. "I'm just curious as to why that is," Cummings said on ABC's "This Week" program. "Certainly, there's a lot of questions coming up as to whether ... President Trump is concerned about the jurisdiction of this U.S. attorney and whether that might affect his future."

In a cryptic follow up tweet on Sunday afternoon, his first since announcing his termination, Bharara said he tweeted Sunday that he now understood what the “Moreland Commission” felt like.

The tweet appears to be a jab at Trump; with many immediately hinting the reference to the commission as suggesting the president fired Bharara because he was looking into possible corruption in the administration.

As the Hill summarizes, the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption focused on investigating possible corruption activities in New York. Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, ran it until Gov. Andrew Cuomo shut down the anticorruption panel while it was investigating allegations that the Democratic governor interfered with one of its investigations.

Many belive the powerful politician dismantled the Moreland Commission for investigating him.

For now, the mystery over why Trump fired Bharara after asking him to stay on just three months ago, remains.

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eat a dick, preet. how come you're not fanning speculation you were about to bust a move on the weiner laptop/Pizzagate case? why is that, preet?!?

just how long were you planning on sitting on *that case*, PREET?!?

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You let these darkies into the country, and then they work to undermine the white men that build it.

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 ... now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like

Preet Bharara just suffered a Premature Exaggeration.


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What we need is some real men!
Lemme tell you what LBJ did for real, when real men were real men and politics was still a downright cash stuffed envelope, smoke filled back room, knuckle busting affairs instead of that Goddamned pussy wimp-pole cry baby shit goin' on in that Bohemian Grove, dressing up as women and boning little boys.  Remember that famous photo of LBJ sitting on his chaise lounge chair by the pool in the hot sun with that pitcher of whiskey on the rocks next to him?   Holdin' up his dog Elmer by his ears with it's pecker sticking out all riled up and ready to hump that possum down the lane?  And LBJ had his Hawaiian shirt hiked up way the fuck up above his six pack o' flab belly in part to hide where he'd been droolin' on hisself and was yakin' to the press men about his operation and was showin' the scar.  Ya'll remember that now, dontcha.?  Well, lemme tell ya just how that all fit together, and this was before any fancy schmancy Yomamma care, all hell, in the days of prehistoric ancient Filipino medicine man magic shows.  Well, LBJ, he got this appendix of his soooo flamed up and riled and there he is way in the far outback of Texas, surrounded by Pancho Villa's remaining army attackin' and Lady Bird, she was in the office with the wires to the radio tower makin' SOS's on the beacons, screaming, absolute hysterical.  So LBJ figures he's gotta be a real man's man and grabs old Elmer, holds his mouth right there above his rupturin' appendix and grabs Elmer's nuts in his other hand and squeezes just as hard's he can and that old Elmer, he just barks, thrashes, snarls, whines, goes crazy a bitin' and a snappin' and tears old LBJ's abdomen right open then and there and LBJ, he just squeezes harder and harder, and poor Elmer, he just keeps gnawin' away and snaps out that bloated swollen whiskey and branchwater smellin' appendix right out of his old master.
And that, muh ful-low Amuricuns, is how we became grrr-ate as a nation.  When men were men.  Hard ass men, who led this fearless country of ours.

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little indian


Everyone is dispensable, preet.

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"he was probing Trump"

Dumbfuck.  Famous last words.  Evidently never even thought that the guy would really say; "You're fired."?
But fuck it.  He's on his way to megabucks as a partner at whatever law firm represents Goldman's partners.

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You know he was a political shill because he never started an investigation into the Clinton Global charity and it's blatant criminal activity under New York State and Federal laws regarding charities.

Good riddance

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Preet thought he was "exceptional" and not just "some other" federal district attorney. What a fucking douche...and backed up by the "ethics lawyer" for the Obama administration no

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Righto, and he has no friends in India:
They don't appreciate their lady diplomats being strip searched:

and it was all to cover for a mole:

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And that shows it was another Trump bad decision and inability to think ahead.  Trump should have never even hinted he would let Obama's selection hang around.  Really stupid move by Trump.

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That ain't shit. I make $7001 a month. You Jelly?

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you know- i always liked him- but now- in retrospect-i liked him because he did his job- or at least better than others- but did he prosecute who need to be prosecuted. now trump has a to assign someone better- lets see- heres hoping

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Dewey, Cheatem and Howe LLC

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Some more than others. Particularly those who get too close to certain sacrosanct areas of American political culture. Such as high-powered ultra-orthodox lobby groups, who use their clout with poltical figures to influence policy decisions and the fates those who might upset their apple carts.

One full day into this, and the smoke being blown here is just increasing. Yes indeed... there may have been something more than meets the eye to it all...

no, it has little or nothing to do with speculation that PB may have have been investigating DT. That's why it's so amusing that the MORELAND COMMISSION gets dragged into play here as a possible connection to such a scenario - one in which another high profile politico, it is suggested, pulls the plug when heat gets too close to his own office.

Wrong again smoke blowers. The MC got too close to blowing the whistle on the network of Agudath Israel of America, a powerful Orthodox Jewish group which employs "high-powered" lobbyists to get billions of $ out of state coffers - distributed to shadowy groups that come and go - and have little visible connection to the stated "social services" work that that the money is earmarked for.

Cuomo, whose most recent trip to Israel, as Governor, just after pulling the plug on the investigation into some of those shadowy groups by said Commision, involved the typical obligatory kowtowing to the notion that the pirate state is a "nation under threat from it's neighbors" rather than a regional hegemon with designs on territorial expansion at the expense of same...

not unlike a certain POTUS with intimate ties to the same religious group known for it's aggressive pursuit of self interest with regards to the public purse, had little choice but to shut down the threat to their influence peddling factory.

Ergo, the damage control on display in this piece - the classic limited hangout where a bit of the truth is let out, in such a manner as to hide the bigger picture. Is PB referring to possible investigation of Trump??? Joke is on you@@! He's alluding to the strings which get pulled on politicians at all levels by the usual suspects... of course.

The real story here is still HIDING... IN PLAIN SIGHT. And the ONEMEDIA along with all it's many sock puppet minions here, is working overtime to keep it that way. All the overthetop rage against "the Darkie" on display, all the down arrows in the world, nor huff n puff about how the most compromised POTUS in modern history is going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again is gonna change that fact dopes.

The desperation is showing. The cover up has a limited shelf life. I said it before - I'll say it again... it's hilarious to see all those folks who used to scream loudest about "the banksters" now carry the can for the dual passport holders of America Lobby which those same Banksters are the executive are of.

Carry on screaming, till your time is up!


LibertarianMenace's picture

+++ although for those paying attention, their tap dancing moves are getting ever more exotic AND frenetic.

Right now the progs are like a lost, meandering torpedo searching for a new target. I suggest we give it one. Perhaps we can have the left do some actual good for once by making them stumble into an all out fist-a-cuffs with said Hexagramic pirates. ONEMEDIA would be forced to cover such protests thereby blasting the non-gentilentsia's (plain sight) cover. It would at least make their tapping go from mid-range to treble.

Chaos can't be mastered, not even by The Hexagram.

BobEore's picture

Agreed... precisely.

And we have it right here, already laid out, nought but a nudge needed to bring the snowflake to the avalanche! The real backstory to PB's dismissal is the behind scenes tug o war over hostage Reza Zarrab...

the man with enough goods to spill on the mullahs, wouldbe caliphs, cemaat, assorted 'intelligence' agencies and sundry complicit stooges, accomplices, and bought politicos,

that if the trial even happens now, it could upset just about EVERYBODY'S apple carts! Srael had dangled Reza over the heads of both the first two above mentioned... and consider him to be their Doomsday weapon over the rest of the list. But...

if Preet let the full dossier get to print - and the world learned that the iranians and the phony pasha both would have been long gone if not propped up by the very western polities who they constantly rail against[translation for those requiring such - both the mullahs and the phony pasha were the product of western deep state machinations... which in turn are controlled by talmudists... more dolls within dolls],

the full scale of Srael's control over those western satrapies would be as naked as the Emperor's new wardrobe.Your line - Chaos can't be mastered, not even by The Hexagram, reminds me of this quote from Harrel Rhome -

Careful and diligent readers already know that, at the root of this metaphysical malevolence and mayhem, and at the core of almost all New Age beliefs, is a distinct ritual occult system, rooted in Kabala...  This is not to say that the concepts are not found elsewhere and earlier, but it is in Kabala that certain themes are pinpointed and perfected. The roots of Hegelian Synthesis, Marxism, Collectivism, the group mind, mind control, evolution, and much more, are in the Zohar."

Talmudist sorcery has always been a double-edged sword. Time to turn it back on the perps, methinks.

GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD. Roots of the middle eastern nightmare revealed at last.

jimsoong25's picture

My view on this is that it's a setup by Preet.  He wanted to stay on so he tried to force Trump's hand.

1. He met with Trump and declared Trump said he could stay on.

2. Same with Sessions.  Yet, neither came forward and said Preet could stay on even though they were publically making other appointments.  That's a clue.

3. When he got notified via a leak that all remaining States Attorneys were going to be cut loose, he put forth a final attempt to force Trump's hand.  He opened an investigation of Trump (leaked it) 'knowing' that Trump wouldn't dare fire him then.

This is the guy who could have prosecuted so many others in NYC, yet didn't.  Controlled opposition by the elite.  Seen those 650K emails yet?  Ask Preet why not.


MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

Still waiting for the secrets about dirty Schumer to come out. Lots of Mafia $ behind him. Guy is almost a dirty as Billary...almost

MsCreant's picture

Pols are like girls on the play ground, aren't they? 

chunga's picture

This was so predictable. Will Schiff, McCain, and Nunes demand proof by tomorrow?

goober's picture

The next group to get fired by the people not Trump

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You be doin some gooood drugs today! I make 7 thousand dollars a day modelling pussy hats.

goober's picture

"we'll have the niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years "   Lyndon Baines Johnson

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You know I never wanted to believe the stereotype of "lazy black man" until I rented the upstairs of my home to a young couple. She was a 28 year old white girl with 4 young children who's husband left her. He was a 27 year old black guy with only 1 out of wedlock kid. So they paid the first Month rent and things seemed ok. Then I noticed he just stayed home everyday, never working once. Meanwhile she worked and tried to see her kids when possible. The 2nd Month rent was late. I was nice and they paid on the 8th. Again, he didn't work a day the entire Month. One day her 3 young boys were over and he was supposed to watch them. He just laid in bed playing PS3 while they made noise. Being nice I distracted them and fed them lunch.

Month 3 arrived and no rent, no 1/2 electric. They owe me $800+ and I'm kicking them out tomorrow. He STILL hasn't worked a day in over 2 1/2 Months while I work 3 jobs.

Today I turned off the wifi. He started bitching and moaning that he couldn't make wifi calls. I said give the internet is $60/month, so pay me $30 cash and I'll turn it back on. He tried to joke and said I was being petty, that it wouldn't "break me" to turn it back on. I explained to him that I paid the mortgage, the electric, the water, the garbage, the HOA fees, etc and had spent over $2K on various bills and yet they didn't pay me anything since the last Month. He kept trying to beg and I finally said, "be out by 3PM, goodnight". He said "or what"

The "or what" will be me calling the police and then putting all their stuff in a storage unit until the pay me the money they owe me.

Lesson here - there is a reason why so many young Black men are considered lazy n's. Even if you give them a chance, they just lay around doing jack squat.

vato poco's picture

there's a reason cliches and stereotypes come into being: because, in the main, by and large, they're accurate.

in a better world, they'd teach that hard little truth in schools, but.... hate facts, I guess.

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Damn knuks, you crazy.

Weren't no Elmer, eberybody know it be this guy

Uncertain T's picture

Valid investigations continue even if he's gone.   They are not a 'one-man-show'.  This is more 'fake news'... He is being replaced, that's all.

goober's picture

Agree, every administration brings in new people and gets rid of the last regime to some degree. PRAVDA/MSM will of course try to spin it as if Trump is doing something different and sinister, when BHO did the same thing and worse to load his crew of criminals and cronies. It is a form of fake news no doubt .

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One of my buddies originally from Oklahoma says his mommy always told him that "You give them an inch, they'll take a foot". 

dr kill's picture

I heard that DJT told the whiney little Heeb ; Preet, I'd like to nurse ya but my nipples are sore.

There's picture

Wow straight up white supramicy

oncefired's picture

The First Thing I would do is visit the Parents and Slap Them For naming You Preet! Next ..Get A Fucking Make Over - You look Like An Actor From Low Budget Horror Movie!

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Funny, they didn't seem to have any problem with the clinton foundation receiving benefits from foreign governments while she was in office.

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Preet Bharara Fans Speculation He Was Probing Obama When He Was Fired


Fixed it...

Barky Obortions rectum has to be like the Autobahn at this point...

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If he wasnt probing 0bama, I wouldve fired him.

peippe's picture

maybe fire just for using the word 'probe'.

so 1990.

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Sunday news shows are just Sunday smear shows....power off 

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Thats another reaosn why Trump needs to continue tweting as well as holding his BigRally here and there .... the message out straight from his lips to the American people.

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Ever notice how all the cocksuckers that are undermining the country are never from States where the people are well armed?